Frederick Benjamin Review: Empowering Black Men With Natural And Effective Grooming Products!

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Looking for a black-owned brand effective to offer men of color relevant grooming and skincare products? Try the Friedrick Benjamin band and evaluate if it's worth the money. Here is our detailed and honest Redrick Benjamin review.

At last, you must have got a men's grooming solution offering multiple haircare products. However, your choice might narrow down when you go beyond your preference and want to try out the black man products made with vegan ingredients. Fredrick Benjamin is one of a kind and the latest in-town brand for all your grooming and hair care products.

For all men that care about their natural oil and skincare regimen, here comes a chemical-approved product from this firm. Therefore, in this article, we will explore who Fredriick Benjamin is, their best-selling products, the discounts, contact information, and where to purchase, and then form the testimonies; we will be able to evaluate the brand in detail to make the right decision.

The review intends to give you enough reasons to count on this brand's impressive all-natural haircare products for all black men. If you want a careful and safe transition, Fredrick Benjamin might be a solution.

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Frederick Benjamin Review

Frederick Benjamin is a cosmetic brand that targets to empower all target customers through its personal care products designed for black men. The company was established by Michael James in 2015. It was founded through the market gap, which the founder wanted to meet the needs of people with common skin challenges among black men.

Today in the collection, the firm has fresh smelling and face care products that are all-natural to ensure that you look attractive and relaxed. The company has established a robust online presence and is celebrated because of its confidence in building products in the industry. Many of the brand's products have been featured on popular sites like Forbes, Marie Claire, etc.

The founder of Frederick Benjamin keenly observed that people with dark skin used to face issues resulting from razor bumps, in-grown hair as well as dark skin. With the need to find a solution, James therefore, decided to venture into the industry, and through the skills he obtained while still working at the Big brands such as L'Oreal, he designed the brand and grew it to what it is on the market.

From the founder's view, company professionals understand grooming products don't just focus on doing business for profit. Still, it also needs to aim at achieving or elevating cultural opportunities and preserving them. The company is thus here to perceive its vital vision. Heading to their homepage, Fredrick Benjamin, the site is simple to navigate, with plenty of lucrative deals and multiple collections of products designed for a particular style.

We can justify that the perfect style also needs to combine products and link them to their simplicity, accessibility, and how they are effective among men of color while achieving your grooming goal. To an extent, Frederick Benjamin also ventures into the areas such as offering customers reading equipment for the black man child as well as promoting literacy. There is just a lot about Frederick Benjamin's history. But just before sliding into the best-selling products, we also need to highlight the summary of the pros and cons.

Frederick Benjamin Pros:

Frederick Benjamin Cons:

Why We Like Frederick Benjamin

Frederick Benjamin gives us many reasons to love it. Besides the numerous bestselling products, Frederick Benjamin gives you a solution to all your hair conditions. This ranges from washing your beard to gaining the 360-degree wave; the collection has everything for the look you deserve. They will enhance not just your hair but also your skin as well. For this section, we will focus on their popular shaving as well as skincare or haircare products.

This will also go beyond the expansive kit designed for two. They still give you the monthly subscription plan on the site at a discounted price. Without wasting much time, we will break down the best-selling products to save you time and guide you to make relevant decisions based on your grooming concerns today.

The Best-Selling Frederick Benjamin Haircare Products

though men neglected their hair, not with today's technology. Frederick Benjamin is here to help you attain the right appearance. In this grooming review, we will highlight a few of the best-selling hair care products, beginning with their invigorating Shampoo to the least.

The first here is Shampoo; companies understand that you want clean and healthy hair. Therefore, with the Frederick Benjamin shampoo, you can kick the issues with this refreshing spearmint oil which guarantees your scalps a perfect and clean feeling. The product goes beyond stimulating clove oil, managing blood flow, while nettle oil helps enhance your hair longer and faster. Then it features the nourishing hemp seed oil to bring in hydration for a flake-free scalp.

Second is their famous Conditioner. Most men presume this product. Though the shampoo removes the build-up and dirt, you need a Conditioner to add the eliminated natural oil to your hair. Matching with shampoo gives you an impressively clean feeling with tangling hair.

The Curly Hair Kit is also one of the best-selling packages on the site. This kit gives you the perfect routine to gain flake-free and soft hair. It prepares your head for future success through its powerful refreshing dynamic duo, cleansing shampoo, and Conditioner, which must be followed by daily hydrator styling cream.

Then finish with the crown control forming Creme. You can then eliminate the stray hair with two dollops of cream with your finger and run through your hair to feel fresh & clean. The Creme defines the curls to make you think of butterflies and soft.

Still, the Twist & Curls Kit. With this kit, there is no reason to go to the barbershop to get your style. The kit features the brand conditioner and shampoo. On top of that, the sleek water Pomade and Daily Hydrator styling Creme give you the needed curly hair moisture. With the crown control Pomade, you can easily control your twists while adding texture.

The products under this category. We want to mention the Wave Kit, this has everything you need to keep your waves flake-free and soft. Then lastly, there is 360 Wave Brush designed using the bristling boar as well as the bamboo head. These bristles are mixed to help customers get the waves defined and in good shape. It has a perfect hair grip, so simple to pull as well as get more coverage.

The Best-Selling Frederick Benjamin Shaving Products

Shaving products are what you need to define your look. Thus, we will summarize the best-selling products in this category, from healing razors to kits.

The first one is Bump Clear which features an impressive patented complex as shifters having care products. It helps in reducing redness and managing irritation. It contains hydrating sunflower seed oils to keep you soft and smooth.

Beard Wash tar also cleans your beard while it soothes the skin underneath. While utilized on your skin, it makes you feel a clean tingle, and hemp oil helps to condition your skin.

In terms of shaving kits, there is The Bald & Beard Kit. This is a professional shaving kit that features an accessible primer, hydro glaze, bump clear, beard creme, beard wash, and the mixture of sunflower seed oil blended with aloe are responsible for making your skin soft and heal.

Before summing up the list, there is also something we love to mention here. That is The Total Experience Men's Grooming Collection – Shave + Hair Care, and this collection features 7 potent and extensive set products. Shampoo and Conditioner are primary, and the rest get you the textured waves as well as define the curls. There is easy prime, hydro glaze, bump clear, sleek water pomade, and Daily hydrator Styling Creme. Get the men's grooming experience with the above products in the stores.

Customer Review

In the above review article, we have seen that Frederick Benjamin is a famous brand that focuses on offering customers men's grooming products. Therefore, to complement this claim, we also had to take time and seek online testimonies. After thorough research, we gathered multiple sites with real customer feedback.

There is much customer feedback, starting with the official website Of the total 1196 reviews, the brand scores an impressive 4.7 stars. This is awesome as most customers are satisfied with the purchase and rate it a very effective grooming product. One of the customers stated on the site praising the brand's soothing power as below:-

"One of the best hair products I've ever applied is this lightweight hair cream." It has a mild grip and does not accumulate. The aroma is excellent and gives your scalp an overall relaxing sensation. It has converted me into a repeat purchaser of this product."

Amazon also features a fantastic rating of 4.5 stars after evaluating the 94 global rating on the Daily hydrator Natural hair styling cream for men. 71% of the customers are delighted, with only 5% raising a few challenges.

Heading to Tyler Jurelle, the author of the blog sides with the brand and praises it for offering the best hair care products targeting black men. The products effectively manage not just the dry scalp but also sensitive skin, razor bumps, and even all those long-term issues on your skin. In conclusion, the author indicates the love for these natural hair product brands and ingredients is clinically proven.

While on, the author bases on the Fredrick Benjamin grooming hair care system and ranks the brand among the favorites when you want to focus on the proper hair care. The company has everything you need to look good and gently smooth and extensive products to select from. The company has not received any review on the MakeupAlly, but we hope in the future it will be featuring many positive feedbacks.

On their Facebook Page, the firm records a 4.6-star rating with the 33 votes mentioned. The company has become popular because these products can give you the natural solution for your hair, dry scalp through hydration, softening and are grease free.

Most of the above testimonies justify that Fredrick Benjamin's products are effective. Customers compliment them for leaving their hair fresh, soft, clean, and hydrated.

Where to Buy Frederick Benjamin

Frederick Benjamin is a well-known brand, and in case you wish to own one of the products, I recommend checking out the collection on the website at Still, on the website, the brand has an impressive nearest store locator feature for the newbie to use and find closed stores, but you must have the zip code.

Our research also wanted to know if Frederick Benjamin products are available through retailers. Sure, the brand has partnered with a few online retail stores from where you can now purchase the products, whether in the US or other regions worldwide. Some of these online retails are:

Is Frederick Benjamin Worth It?

Frederick Benjamin is a simple brand; you can trust these guys by looking at their website. This is because they are dedicated to satisfying their customers and using natural ingredients in designing their products, guaranteeing the best and real results in the long run. We also credit them for developing a men-targeted, simple line in the industry. They also focus on personal care rituals.

Frederick Benjamin can help any man look good; the brand is concerned with keeping men clean. While they claim these products are effective, we also accept their pricing, which is affordable to most of us. From the above information, we have also seen that Frederick Benjamin provides customers with methods to save on budget through discounts, promotions,  and frequent sales.

On top of that, they guarantee you free shipping as a marketing approach. If you want to unlock your best look through natural methods and see extraordinary results, then Frederick Benjamin is worth giving attention to. The products are well accessible, and the founder claims that this is a movement targeting to serve and empower all men of color to get their absolute best.

In addition, they also give back to society through donations, and the brand has been black-owned since 2016. they design the formulation through the problem solution using natural ingredients. You can count on Frederick Benjamin to upgrade your personal care routine from Frederick Benjamin. The company is worth the investment.

Frederick Benjamin Discounts

From our point of view, many customers online appreciate discounts and promotions. Therefore, if you are a committed customer of the Fredrick Benjamin brand, the good news is that the company guarantees you both lifetime and seasonal promotions. Companies have given customers 30 days of risk-free trial on their products. One can become a brand ambassador or join affiliate programs to earn passive income.

Still, their site has reward programs that give you points for the relevant activity. To an extent, the company promises you free shipping when you place an order totalling $40 and above. Not forgetting the 15% off on the first order when you sign up for the mailing list or the newsletter.

Above all, they have a friend referral program on the site as well as military discounts on going. Please Keep checking the mail and follow them on the social media handles for future updates on the deals and special offers.

Frederick Benjamin Contact

You will be satisfied with our review article. If we still have one, you can address an unanswered question with the brand. Our research has found that the company is accessible through the support team, and there are different approaches. First, the team is available on the phone at +1(646) 417 8128. you can also use their toll-free phone number, +1(888) 966 0867.

If you look keenly, they also have the contact form on the website, fill in and submit for feedback through your email address. Then lastly, these guys are actively marketing products on their impressive social media accounts. These include  Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.


Q. Who is the owner of the Frederick Benjamin brand?

From the above review, we have seen that the owner of Frederick Benjamin is Michael James. He dedicated the company's name to his late grandfather to remind you.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Frederick Benjamin's company?

Like a few companies, Frederick Benjamin guarantees customers not just domestic but also offers international shipping services. From their shipping policy on their website, the details are as follows. The US-based orders are shipped through different methods. For instance, the standard shipping costs you $6, while when the order surpasses the threshold, you get free shipping which takes about 1 to 7 working days to arrive.

The TBD determines expedited pricing, and delivery takes 1 to 3 working days. For continental-based customers, you can also enjoy free 2-day shipping. Then lastly, there are APO addresses priced by the TBD, and it takes 20 to 30 days for the order to arrive. Regarding international orders, the shipping cost is calculated at the checkout, which means they depend on the destination.

Generally, the charge is often $18. Also, the company states that the customs department in your destination might hold on to the order before releasing it to you. Therefore, giving your order at least 30 days before connecting the company over your order is advisable.

Q. What is the return policy of Frederick Benjamin's company?

The company also gives customers a favorable return policy. In case of any issues with the Frederick Benjamin products, you have 30 days as a return window from the date of purchase to return to the company.

However, your order must show the original proof of payment and still be in its original packaging and condition. Unfortunately, these guys do not indicate anything about the used products. Returning such a used product might be safe if you are not satisfied with the product. However, there are three situations when the item is not eligible for return.

First, if it is a gift card, the sample products and Frederick Benjamin products are bought from online retailers. In case you purchased the products from the original website. Once you initiate the return process, you can return the order through the address Fredrick Benjamin, 28 Park Way, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458.


Frederick Benjamin is a reputable brand, primarily offering high-quality men grooming as well as hair care products targeting men of color. Their products are designed using clinically proven and natural ingredients; hence they are safe on your skin and hair. In the above review, we have seen the brand history, best-selling products, the customer feedback and evaluated to conclude that  Fredrick Benjamin is a perfect brand if you are a black man and wish to transition through natural grooming hair products. Give it a shot today.

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