Sally Beauty Supply Review: Can They Truly Stand Out in the Competitive Beauty Market?

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Are you struggling to locate the leading omnichannel hair color retailer consisting of extensive professional and vibrant bright shades? Try this Sally Beauty supply to root-touch your hair shade today. Read our unbiased review and make relevant decisions.

Most people want to replicate those little captivating and frizzy scents when they go to the salon. That makes you feel not just bounce with your curls, but also it is satisfying. There are many brands online offering shampoo and other cosmetic products online. However, locating the best among the best is hard, which might raise your hair concerns. You are lucky enough to know the Sally Beauty brand.

The company claims to offer customers high-end and satisfying beauty products, from the at-home dying kits to the single curing tool product. Therefore, if you're searching for the perfect method to express yourself, Sally Beauty is here as an alternative company.

This article will divide the review into subsections for easy understanding. We will explore the company's background, their best-selling beauty supplies, contact, and discounts and deducing from the testimonies; we will be able to gauge and give you an honest conclusion.

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Sally Beauty Supply Review

Sally Beauty is an international cosmetic brand or retailer focusing on beauty products. The retailer contains products from different cosmetic companies, meaning they serve both men and women, not forgetting children of all occasions. The company features a reputation and active social media accounts with an extensive audience base. This is among the largest marketplace for beauty care products as well as supplies.

Social media platforms have become their central marketing option, making the firm viral and the largest distributor. With this retailer, you can access multiple cosmetic brands under one f]roof. This is overwhelming, especially for the newbie looking to try out ideal and unique beauty products. Ideally, Sally Beauty was established in 1964, and the company has its first store launched in New Orleans, which has expanded and developed its operations worldwide.

In fact, by the late 90s, this firm was already popular, and products were booming, which made it so simple to acquire multiple worldwide stores. Through the business store acquisition as well as steady trajectory models, Sally Beauty now contains over 8k skincare, beauty, nail and hair care products in their stores. In the store, the retail houses numerous popular brands like Conair and OPI.

However, the company has been facing stiff competition in this overflowing market. This results in failed deliveries sometimes that make them miss the mark. Therefore, this review will base on th4 shopping experience and customer testimonials and justify what the company promises to deliver. Therefore, before we explore the best-selling products, here is a comparison of the pros and cons.

Sally Beauty Supply Pros:

Sally Beauty Supply Cons:

Why We Like Sally Beauty Supply

Sally Beauty cosmetic brand offers numerous products, which is extremely challenging, especially if you are a nail and hair industry newbie. Still, the firm has everything you need for all your hair dye needs. On top of the above pros, there are still many reasons why you can trust this brand.

The products are high-end, with extensive collections of hair shades, extensions and nail products, and in fact, the company has a strong online reputation. In this section, we will highlight some of the best seller products under the categories such as hair color, hair extension and nail care products.

The Best-Selling Sally Beauty Hair Color Products

Sally Beauty is the market leader for all appearance sprucing needs. With the standard procedure, their at-home hair color products are top-notch and serve all gender around the world. Though locating the effective and impressive dye when this is your first time dipping into the toes is tricky, we will guide you by exploring some of the best-selling hair colors.

Among the four best-selling products in this category is HiColor Red HiLights Permanent Creme Hair Color. You might be that person who visits the salon in the middle of the week to glow your hair with these products. You are guaranteed permanent hair treatment from L' Oreal. This cream color is available in-store in the shades such as red, copper tone and magenta, while the brunettes can liven up your dimension that you will never regret. No need for the pre-lightening treatment but with only 30 minutes, you will be done with your self-care routine.

Second here is Permanent Creme Hair Color. The first products target the customer with the ebony tresses, but this one is designed for all the blondes or, rather, the redheads out on the market. This Ion treatment is a top-notch inclusive product with up to 36 shades in-store. Moreso, the hair color is cruelty-free and vegan and is delivered with a green label. Hence, it features effective ingredients like hyaluronic acid, pequi and argan oil to nourish as well as boost your hair moisture.

There is also a Semi-Permanent Hair Color. However, this formula is not vegan, as it features 50% grey coverage. If you want to get the silver fox vibe with only targeting to treat your hair once every two weeks, this is the dye for you. This is a perfect product to try before the competition to the permanent after evaluating the general appearance. It also comes with an impressive conditioning effect.

Lastly, we have Brights Semi-Permanent Hair Color. Regarding the shade options, this hair color is slightly eccentric. Thus, it is perfect for making you fun and more vibrant. You can count on these products for the locking that luminous shines. Transform yourself into that radiant orchid or shaman with intensive effect. We recommend giving it a range of 20 to 40 minutes before applying again to obtain the best results. They are available in 27 unique shades to select from.

The Best-Selling Sally Beauty Hair Extensions

The Sally beauty hair extensions rescue customers who believe more volume will add a punch to their appearance. Therefore, we encourage you to try these blondes and brunettes Sally Beauty hair extensions if natural hair has issues. To help you save time, we have gathered a few of these hair extensions for you.

3-in-1 Hair Wrap Blonde Frost leads the line. It is a multipurpose product that all people love. 3-in-1 Hair Wrap Blonde Frost is here to transform your lifestyle by increasing the volume, switching the brunettes and altering the length by bringing in extra contracting shades. Though one piece, it comes with an adjustable clip as well as rows to match the length of your natural hair is suitable.

The second hair extension is Kanekalon Jumbo Braid. This is also the last on the best-selling list, giving you protective hairstyles for complex black hair among women. You can tuck it and then keep everything safe. Here, selecting the right wig and extension is vital because these afros are very sensitive to the environment. This Kanekalon Jumbo Braid is reasonably long and extends up to 48 inches. Therefore, if you want to try a shorter one, you can trim it, and you are good to go. You can select from the site in about 7 unique shades.

The Best-Selling Sally Beauty Nails Products

On top of the above beauty sup[plies, the Sally Beauty brand also extends its supply to cover nails and accessories. If polished nails are the best way to express your personality, then count on this brand for unique options to look different. The company has everything from removers to gel nails, tools, and old-fashioned polish.

We have some of your favorites tried and approved nail products for you from the company. The first is Nail Bliss Nails to Go. It is one of the essential products if you carry one bag as the dashing diva. They are strong and durable nail extensions that remain intact without breaking easily. You can choose from the collection regarding the stiletto, square styles and coffin. For application, kindly order the relevant adhesive.

The second nail product is Soak-Off Gel Polish, a durable and flawless coat applied under UV or LED lamp lighting. The nail will look professionally done, but you can remove it using the acetone dab. The pricing varies based on the texture as well as the color of the nail. The nail will always last at least for the next two weeks.

Lastly is the Nail Color. This nail polish is a perfect alternative to the gel option. Nail Color is available in 36 unique shades and textures and guarantees high-quality shine, ready to liven up those claws instantly. With their brush, no more spillage, but it enjoys a precise application.

Generally, Sally Beauty has cosmetic products for all customers interested in enhancing or elevating their appearance. Towards women the company has an uneven distribution of products. Here, The pricing is affordable because it houses multiple drugstore brands. Get your perfect skincare, hair care as well as nail accessories at the comfort of one roof.

Customer Review

Even though Sally Beauty Supply's website, doesn't feature any reviews, we wanted to dive deeper and evaluate the testimonies from the external sites. There are many more positive than negative reviews online. It is so embarrassing to conclude the article without checking out the feedback.

Therefore, though the company gets a 1-star rating on the BBB website based on 28 reviews, there are still reasons from other sites to smile. Trustpilot has a 2.1 stars rating, though poor; they are deduced from 354 reviews. Of the total, 16% gave it 5 stars, while 73 raised complaints. Among the customer, there are compliments like:-

"Sally Beauty Supply continues to thrive by offering a vast selection of high-quality cosmetics at reasonable costs to both experts and consumers. They provide a wide range of salon, elegance, and hair care products from renowned manufacturers, including Paul Mitchell, Wella, and OPI."

The same applies to Sitejabber, whose brand scores 2.29 stars from the 201 reviews. Although most people are not satisfied, some have praised the company. But regarding the Consumer Affairs website, this brand scores awesomely, a rating of 3.8 is good, with a 20% 5-star rating considering 274 feedback. Indeed also presents us with 3.2 stars from 5649 customer testimonies which are pretty great.

To sum up, Yelp features a 2.2-star rating with 27 customers' feedback. At the same time, at Glassdoor, there are over 3100 customer reviews and from the status, the brand gets a CEO-approved ring of 3.1 stars, where 44% of the customers highly recommend the company.

We would never hesitate to recommend this brand to you because there is seeable positive feedback online that confirms the extreme experience of the customers. Although there are a few drawbacks, we hope they will work on it soonest.

Where to Buy Sally Beauty Supply

Sally Beauty brand offers you multiple coupon codes through affiliates. Therefore, if you have one and want to order, you must look for a reliable place to purchase these products. Therefore, we recommend heading to the official store at and selecting based on your preference from the extensive collection. In the collection, they have numerous unique drugstore brands under one roof. That means their products are also available through online vendors and suppliers.

Does Sally Beauty sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Sally Beauty stores on Amazon.

Is Sally Beauty Supply Worth It?

From the above Sally Beauty Supply review, it is clear that the company offers customers high-quality and effective beauty products. Therefore, if you are in the industry and wish to elevate your appearance, then Sally Beauty Supply is worth your penny. Though these cosmetic products are unevenly distributed for women, the available varieties are approved as safe and practically effective.

The marketplace features products from multiple drugstore brands; whatever you are looking for, Sally Beauty has an affordable solution. Sally Beauty Supply carries everything you need, from skincare to haircare, nail tools as well as equipment, all targeted at elevating your skin and general appearance regardless of age and gender.

This retailer also features semi-permanent dye for newbie kids alongside other funny tools. On top of that, the company offers customers lucrative deals to save on their budget, hence ideal for the average beauty enthusiast. The company is worth considering as an answer to your beauty needs.

Sally Beauty Supply Discounts

We are here to solve your concerns if you struggle to locate the Sally Beauty Supply discount and other deals. When writing this review, we found that the company gives you a promotion that you get one free, 50% off when you purchase one. Still, when you purchase online and pick it up in the store, you are entitled to 15% off. The product has multiple frequent sales, which accounts for up to 25% off.

Moreso, there is 30% off a month on the 10 conditioning collection, which is impressive. When you sign up for the text updates, you enjoy 15% off. Besides the discounted shipping, there are overall free shipping services when you place orders totaling $40 and above. There is an active promotion for the credit card lower. When you apply and order a $50 and above purchase, you get $20 off. The deals are so many and include rewards programs and affiliate plans.

Sally Beauty Supply Contact

If you have any issue not covered in our article and need clarification, contact the Sally Beauty technical support team. Before proceeding with the contact details, skip to the FAQ  section. Otherwise, you can contact the team through their phone number, 1-866-234-9442.

You can also contact their team on their website using the email forum, making everything simple. On top of that, they also have active social media platforms. Try engaging with the team on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., anytime.


Q. Who is the founder of Sally Beauty company?

This cosmetic brand was founded by C Ray Farber in 1964 and is based in New Orleans. However, still the same year, this company was later acquired by someone known as Alberto Culver.

Q. Where are the Sally Beauty manufacturing facilities situated?

From the above review article, we have seen that the company is based in Denton, Texas. However, they have established multiple warehouses worldwide from where they ship their products to the customers. Still, they also have built physical brick-and-mortar stores.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Sally Beauty brand?

Just like other brands, Sally Beauty offers free standard shipping to the customer based in the US on the condition that they place orders that surpass the set threshold, which changes from time to time.. the orders are estimated to be delivered to customers in an arranged od 3 to 5 working days. That is not all. The company also has a second option, which is expedited shipping but only available to customers based in the areas like Hawaii and Alaska.

The cost of shipping is calculated during the checkout process. Ground shipping doesn't include products like furniture or salon equipment. Therefore, you must first connect with the support team to receive the order using a particular shipment method. For other regions and countries, the company has a specific shipping policy though such orders are not entitled to the shipping methods like overnight and express.

Q. Sally Beauty's return policy

From the Sally Beauty return policy, we have seen that the brand gives customers 30 days to return their products in case anything unsatisfying and requests an exchange or, rather, a refund. However, their website claims that their frequent sales items are final, which mostly cover razors, scissors and hair clippers. To be eligible, you must return your product in its original condition and packaging.

Also, include all the extra papers, such as the manuals and instructions, in the package. The company also clearly states that they only accept the items for refund if your order is defective or contains damaged products. It can also accept your return if the order received is the wrong product. Browse through their return shipping policy on the website for more details.


Sally Beauty is a reputable retail firm specializing in high-end beauty products. In the above review, we have also seen that the company goes beyond providing haircare and body care products and items under one roof.

We have reviewed the company from the background, highlighted their best-selling cosmetic products, seen the discounts and promotions, contact details, and explored the customer testimonials online as our guiding principle in making decisions. The Sally Beauty is a hype for all your beauty routine needs. Unhappy with their products, pack them and return them to the store for a refund or exchange.

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