Tecovas Boots Review: *Pros and Cons* Does It Worth the Money?

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Tecovas is a footwear brand with a high profile which is specialized in the production of handcrafted cowboy boots. Read more to learn about this brand.

There are different types of shoes you can find across the world. Shoe fashion has grown to be a very wide type of fashion that involves different varieties of footwear such as flats, sneakers, cowboy shoes, sandals, etc. However, you might be interested in only one kind of footwear at the moment. In this review, I will focus on the famous cowboy shoe. It is not very common to see people wearing cowboy shoes in the street. This is why you need to pay extra attention when shopping.

Tecovas is a high-profile company that is specialized in footwear production. They offer handmade cowboy boots of different designs, styles, and sizes. Their cowboy boots are of great quality, handcrafted, and produced with premium fabrics. You might be thinking about how to go about shopping for one of the best cowboy boots to buy. It is quite difficult to go about it because most people are not experienced with cowboy boots. Read this review to know all about Tecovas brand and the best sellers cowboy boots they offer.

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Tecovas Handmade Boots Review

Tecovas is a footwear brand with a high profile which is specialized in the production of handcrafted cowboy boots. They offer handmade cowboy boots of different styles designs, and sizes. The company has an objective of delivering on time, producing quality material, and handcrafted boots that will last for a long time. Tecovas was founded by Paul Hedrick in 2015. For him to set up this company he had to quit his cushy job. This sacrifice brought about the birth of this brand.

There is some special material that this brand used to make their shoes. These are; Smooth Calfskin, Suede, Ostrich, Lizard, Caiman Belly, Alligator, and Python. This brand tries to create a classic western design for these boots. These western designs are modernized to make it trendy thereby making it stay on top of the game in the world of footwear.

This review will break down everything you need to know about this brand, the pros and cons of this brand, and what customers are saying about this brand. The review will also dive into the reason why I like using the brand, how to contact them, frequently asked questions, and much other relevant information.

Tecovas Boots Pros

Tecovas Boots Cons

Why We Like Tecovas Boots

The Tecovas Dean

If you are looking to wear your cowboy boots with your trousers or pant pulled over, then the dean is definitely what you should be going for. These boots cost around $325. it is a must-have for the men. It is made from calfskin leather which helps to deliver high-level comfort while wearing it. It also helps in molding into your feet perfectly. There are a lot of praises for these boots. People are saying it is nice because it is good-looking, has shapes, has traditional design integrated into modern fashion.

The Tecovas Townes

If you have been looking for wild material cowboy boots, you can go for this type. It is one of their best sellers. It is made from the American Alligator belly. It has just a simple or ordinary design. It gives it a look that makes it stand out which can be used for formal and casual attire. You can get the Tecovas Townes cowboy boots for about $685.

Based on the review, it is comfortable, it is very easy to wear, and highly durable because of the material used in the production of the handmade boots. One good thing about these boots is that they can go with any color of outfit. Just rock and enjoy.

Customer Review

When it comes to fashion, there is always a high percentage of reviews available on the internet to carry out your research. However, Tecovas is not just a general footwear brand, it is a brand that specializes in only cowboy boots. I had to make a proper analysis of the exact thoughts of different customers. There were numerous impressive reviews or feedback about this brand. These boots are handmade which gives them an edge. The designs used in making these boots are done in a way that is integrated into modern fashion.

In my search for customer review, I made use of Trust pilot because it came out as my top website for this review. On the website, there is a 3.8-star rating with only excellent which is 100%. This rating sends a message that the brand has done so well to protect its image. The average comment about the brand is a cheaper price with premium quality, a nice selection of handcrafted material, good customer service among others.

I bought my men’s Tecovas cowboy boots. I love the fact that it is handmade. I have been wearing my boots for a long time now. They are nice with good design. Looks modern.

Where to Buy Tecovas

This brand has a limited store where to buy it physically. You can only shop on their official website to enjoy any discount available

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Is Tecovas Worth It?

The next question that you might be asking yourself is if you should patronize this brand. You have nothing to fear or even lose knowing the fact that this company has no single negative remark. From this review, I found out that they had a 100% excellent remark. This means that all their customers who made a review on that website love the brand and were satisfied after purchasing from them.

These boots are made from premium materials such as Smooth Calfskin, Suede, Ostrich, Lizard, Caiman Belly, Alligator, and Python. These skins are known for durability, great texture, and premium quality. The brand makes sure every one of its boots is handmade. Another angle you should look at this brand is, they are into making shoes these shoes fit into modern fashion.

They offer free shipping, free exchange, and even free returns. These policies are really rare. You should ask yourself, why are these policies free? Because they trust the products they make. I will always recommend this brand. You should go ahead and buy from them.

Tecovas Discount

There are some promotions you can enjoy

Tecovas Contact

For more information about this brand that is beyond this review, you can contact them through the following.


Q. What is the shipping policy of Tecovas?

For now, they only ship within US territory. However, changes for fees, requests, and processes can be changed depending on the location you want to ship to. The location from where all shipments are shipped is Austin Texas. All standard shipping is free but you can get an express delivery using FedEx or USPS. This takes around 3-6 days. Please note that they don’t ship internationally.

Q. What is the return and exchange policy of Tecovas?

In Tecovas, they offer a full exchange and return a very flexible policy. Within 30 days of the receipt of your purchase, you can request a full return once it is within the time frame. On every of the products of Tecovas, there is a pill-off instruction that explains the processes of returns and exchange. This label comes during the shipping time too.

Q. What method of payment does Tecovas accept?

Tecovas receive payment from major credit cards (Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express), PayPal, and Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX gift cards through their very safe purchase checkout system. They also accept After Pay, Amazon Pay, and Apple Pay.

Q. Where is Tecovas company based currently?

They are based in Austin, Texas which is in the United States.


This review has found that it takes around 200 steps to complete one boot. This is a result of how it is made since it is handmade. What makes these boots so unique is the special feeling you get when you wear these boots. There is a feeling of comfort and confidence. This review will help make your choice.

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