Target Baby Registry: *Pros and Cons* and How to Do It

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Your baby registry is a great way to prepare for the arrival of your newborn. You can use it to ensure you have everything you need before the baby arrives. However, coming up with your baby registry can be a tedious task. And that's why we have baby registries online, including the Target baby registry. So, what makes the perfect baby registry?

The ideal baby registry should seamlessly combine a range of products with incredible features, discounts, free shipping on low-value orders, and a lenient return policy. Besides, the registry should be customizable and feature modern designs. Does the Target baby registry meet all the requisites of the best baby registry? Here is an honest review of the Target baby registry.

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Beneficial Features of Target Baby Registry

Here are some reasons why you should consider the Target baby registry for your newborn supplies;

1. Enjoy a Welcome Kit

Create your baby registry on Target and qualify for a free Welcome Kit! This kit contains trial samples for different items like a baby bottle, baby soap samples, multiple pacifiers, and multiple coupons. It's easy to claim your welcome kit.

Walk into a nearby Target in-store, head to the guest services desk, and scan the special barcode on your registry's homepage. Alternatively, you can order the kit online and have it delivered to your home address. To enjoy free shipping, couple the kit with some orders equal to or greater than $35.

Note: The availability of the welcome kit depends on individual Target stores.

2. Enjoy a 15% Off Coupon

Target Baby Registry offers a coupon that you can use to get 15% off your registry purchase. With their exclusive 15% off coupon, you can buy all the essentials for your new bundle of joy at a discounted price.

However, the 15% off coupon is only available 8 weeks before your baby’s due date. You can only use the coupon code twice, on (online) and at any Target outlet. To receive the discount, add anything left on your registry, and your registry account must have been active 2 weeks before the delivery date.

3. Exclusive Deals Throughout the Year

Parents who choose the Target baby registry are awarded exclusive deals around the year through Target Circle. With such arrangements, you are sure to spend less on your baby's essentials, including diapers & wipes, clothing, and baby formula, as your baby reaches various milestones.

4. Enjoy a Universal Registry

Target has a wide variety of baby items and accessories. However, there might be other baby things that you may need from other stores besides Target. The Target registry allows you to add items from other online stores.

When a gift giver selects a non-Target item on your Target registry, they will be redirected to buy the gift from the store you picked it from. But remember, your registry will not auto-update the selected gift as "purchased"; you have to update it manually.

5. Group Gifting

It's a great way to get friends or family members involved in helping you prepare for your new baby.  If there is an expensive item in the registry, each gift giver will contribute a specific amount toward its purchase.

Target will then display a status bar that shows the balance needed for the gift. Once the total amount is paid, you will get a Target gift card that you can use to purchase the item. This is a brilliant way of obtaining an expensive baby accessory without burdening yourself or an individual gift giver.

6. Year-Long Return Policy

Target has a standard 90-day return policy. However, with the baby registry, you have up to one year after your due date to return gift registry items. But, for the gifts to be considered for a return, they must;

Therefore, when you receive the baby registry gifts, only wash them or remove the tags if you are sure you'll retain them.

Con of Target BabyRegistry

Limited Selection

The Target baby registry has a limited selection of items compared to other baby registries. However, if you are not into buying everything your baby needs at once, this registry is a good choice for you!

How to Create Your Target Baby Registry?

Creating a baby registry on Target is a straightforward process:

Your Target baby registry is now set!

Items not to Forget When Creating Your Target BabyRegistry

Now that you have created your baby registry, here are must-have baby products to remember;

1. Diaper and Diaper Pails

Diapers and pails should be at the top of your baby registry. You will need them to keep your baby clean and dry. The diaper pails are a convenient way to dispose of dirty diapers, so they don't get mixed up with other items in your trash can.

2. Bottle Warmer

Bottle warmers are a must-have for any new mother! Warmers help keep the milk at the correct temperature when feeding your baby. You can use it to heat both breast milk and formula on demand. Bottle warmers are available in all styles, sizes, and colors.

3. Baby Carrier

A baby carrier will help you carry your baby safely and comfortably. The best baby carriers come with adjustable straps, which allow you to wear your baby in different positions. Baby carriers are also helpful for breastfeeding mothers, who may want to carry their babies close by their bodies.

4. Sound Machine

Babies love white noise when sleeping because it creates a comfortable and womb-like environment that encourages them to sleep faster and for longer.

5. Portable Chair

A portable chair comes in handy when you need to place your baby somewhere as you attend to other house chores. You can easily carry it and put the baby in it for safekeeping. The portable chair is also ideal for travel purposes.


A Target baby registry is a must-have for any new mother. It's a great way to get the best products and experiences for your baby. Target baby registry is not just about shopping but also about finding out what products suit your baby's needs and budget.

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