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What is Amazon’s target market in 2022?

Simply put, it is a statistical analysis of the company’s marketing strategy for the year 2022. The statistics give an in-depth analysis of the consumer’s needs. The targeted consumers can be segmented into geographical, behavioral, demographical, or psychographic groups. The demographic segmentation, for example, contains relevant information on the targeted gender, age, salary, education, and ethnic groups. Below is everything you need to know about Amazon's marketing strategy for 2022.

Many companies would relish the idea of being successful as Amazon. Amazon is the most profitable e-commerce platform in the world today. Amazon’s target market in 2022 provides a clear blueprint on which direction the company is heading. The company targets to have more than 60% of its clientele base coming from the United States. Statistics show that the e-commerce company targets to expand its market reach. There are more than 6.3 million Amazon vendors worldwide. 

What age group does Amazon target?

Amazon operates as an e-commerce shopping platform. The company depends on the internet as a networking medium between potential customers and the vendor. Young people are the ones who are actively engaged in using the internet for their daily activities. The e-commerce conglomerate targets young people between the ages of 35 and 44 and with a somewhat stable income source. Having a disposable income makes this age group the likely target for premium services like Amazon Prime.

Where is Amazon's target market located?

Amazon's target market extends beyond the geographical borders of the US. However, close to 60% of the company’s clientele reside within the U.S. Amazon has an international presence because the internet stretches wide and far. The company offers services to other strategic continents like Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, and Australia. US-based residents prefer to shop on Amazon because it can offer them a tailor-made user experience.

Amazon customer demographics in 2022

Amazon collects data from online shoppers and past customers. The company uses the data to generate feasible customer demographics that influence the marketing strategy. Age, gender, location, family status, education level, income, and personality are some of the data used to target potential consumers.

Amazon market segmentation targeting and positioning

Amazon uses market segmentation to divide targeted consumers into small groups. The company divides consumers based on their shared interests and preferences. Amazon employs a multi-segment positioning strategy to provide customers with a list of products and services. Adaptive positioning is used later to monitor changes in the marketplace and adjust the marketing strategy. Amazon deploys anticipatory positioning to predict the shopping behavior of its customers.

Which countries have the largest number of Amazon Shoppers?

You can look at the net sales of Amazon to identify the countries with the largest number of shoppers. The leading countries with the highest net sales in 2020 are the US ($ 263.52 billion), Germany ($ 92.57 billion), the UK ($ 26.48 billion), and Japan ($ 20.46 billion).

What is the salary bracket of shoppers in the Amazon target market?

The ideal target group for Amazon is individuals earning a salary of $51 K. This group of earners is considered upper and middle-class. The group consists of young people with a typical 9 AM to 5 PM work schedule. The group prefers to shop online because of the relative ease and time-saving advantage.

What gender shops at Amazon the most?

Statistics show that the gender balance is almost at the 50-50 percent mark. Amazon has an extensive product listing that appeals to all genders.

What is Amazon’s target market strategy?

Amazon's target market strategy is to appeal to the young upper and middle-class groups. The company targets this group of consumers by using advertisements and SEO marketing strategies. Amazon’s marketing strategy aims to convert internet users with smartphones and PCs into consumers.

How often do Amazon customers shop?

Relevant data indicate that close to 65% of consumers shop on Amazon more than twice a week. Amazon’s multi-segmentation targeting also shows that the identified group of shoppers were between the ages of 33 to 40.

What is Amazon Fresh’s target market?

Amazon Fresh's target market includes geographical locations with medium-income earners. This group of residents shops frequently and prefer to get fresh produce without wasting time in a grocery shop.

What is Amazon Go’s target market?

60% of Amazon Go’s target market resides in the US. Their ideal target groups are shoppers with an upper or middle-class pay scale. Amazon Go’s marketing strategy targets young consumers, between the ages of 18 to 44.

What is Amazon Prime’s target market?

The target market for Amazon Prime users is consumers belonging to the upper or middle-class financial bracket. The ideal target age for Amazon Prime users is customers between the ages of 18-34. This segment of shoppers prefers premium-quality services and products.

Amazon Prime Video’s target market?

Amazon Prime Video targets consumers belonging to the 18-34 age demographic. This class of consumers is fond of binge-watching movies and v-series. Amazon uses television advertisements during prime-time to target the 35 years and above demographic.

What is Amazon’s Web Service target market?

Amazon Web Service targets individuals between the ages of 18 to 44. This demographic of people are either upper or middle-class earners. Both male and female consumers are targeted on Amazon’s Web Service. Americans comprise close to 60 percent of the total Amazon Web Service users.

What is Amazon Prime Air's target market?

Amazon Prime Air is a drone delivery service. The air delivery service is still in the development stage but promises considerable potential once complete. Amazon targets individuals between the ages of 18-44 demographic as the most likely consumers. Over 60% of the targeted demographic are US-based consumers.

How does Amazon cater to its target market?

Amazon is a global brand with more than 120 million different items on its e-commerce platform. Amazon caters to its target market by offering consumers a broad range of products. Consumers can select items that appeal to their demographic preferences. Amazon uses advertisements and flash sales to get its products imploring consumers.

What kind of lifestyle do most Amazon customers have?

Amazon targets consumers who have internet and technology experience. These skills are crucial to navigating e-commerce platforms. Amazon targets consumers with an urban, modern, and busy lifestyle. These are the consumers who like quick and easy solutions like shopping online.

How many people shop at Amazon?

Amazon currently hosts more than 300 million active users on its online servers. Of the 300 million active users, close to 197 million users visit Amazon's e-commerce website every month. There are over 95 million subscribers with an Amazon Prime membership. Amazon servers act as the virtual host to one of the largest online shopping communities in the world.

How do Amazon customers feel about the company?

More than half of Amazon’s consumers base report that its online shopping experience is exceptional. The company’s approval rating has increased by a 14% margin since COVID-19 broke out. Amazon played an instrumental part in making sure that consumers get what they need. Overall, the company has a positive rating because of its first-class customer service.


Target marketing strategies are beneficial to businesses and consumers. Companies can use it to streamline their marketing strategies. It is an important tool for companies to use when trying to build brand awareness for their products or customer loyalty in service-based companies. Understanding your target audience can enable you to offer better services to consumers. Target marketing strategy accelerates product and service delivery.

This means that you can use it to cut back wasted time by placing your product or services in front of the right audience. You lose a lot of your time and resources when you place your product in front of the wrong audience. Amazon’s success is attributed to its ingenious target marketing strategy and online campaigns. We can start seeing the progress of Amazon’s target marketing strategy as early as the first quarter in 2022.

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