Summer Fridays Review: Is It the Eco-Friendly Brand for a Sun-Kissed Glow on the Go?

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Do you experience challenges using face oil? Well, we have you covered. Read our Summer Fridays review in depth and learn what the brand has for you, its benefits, and its effective application in your daily routine.

If you experience issues while applying face oil, you must be missing out on something. You must remember things besides the benefits; you must also learn to incorporate them into your beauty routine effectively. The process is simple, but the major challenge comes when you want to select the brand online. Many cosmetic brands offer free oil and many other beauty products.

Among them is Summer Fridays. Most blogs online have explored more into this brand. The company claims to help you achieve a young-looking face, and they are taking the world by storm. There are many products that this company offers, and we are here to give you a point to kickstart your journey.

In this article, we will Explore the Summer Fridays, the best-selling products,  ingredients, contacts, discounts, and from the customer ratings, we will give our final and honest verdict. Let us get started with the company's history.

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Summer Fridays Review

Summer Fridays is a cosmetic brand that offers skincare products, which the expert claims are classic sun-kissed products to highlight your skin glow. In their collection, Summer Fridays features masks, exfoliators, creams, and routine sets to help you achieve a soft and healthy skin appearance, regardless of being low on time. The company has built its reputation by maintaining simple packaging and emphasizing the eco-friendly vision.

They have even established a solid social media presence through which they have been featured on famous media outlets like PopSugar, Allure, Refinery29, InStyle, etc. Moreso, the Summer Fridays brand was founded by Marianna Hewitt alongside the collaboration with Lauren Gores Ireland. The duo had expertise as well as beauty knowledge concerning the community.

The two also were the authors of the lifestyle blog famous as Life With Me and You & Lu. These are experienced veterans with real industry experience, and they already have done impressive tests on most beauty products. Therefore, the two founders were in the industry to establish unique beauty products with a real spark. They targeted to develop vegan skincare products, that is, clean elements with guaranteed instant selfie-with radiance. Hence, Summer Fridays was founded in 2017 through the collaboration and extensive research of the duo.

Through The help of the present professionals, they found their first skincare product, a revolutionary face mask. The mask is targeted to rejuvenate your skin even within a short time. They have developed with time and added extra products to the collection. This company ensured their products were always toxin-free, cruelty-free, and organic.

A statement on their website compliments the fact that this firm has experts who are connoisseurs, constantly battling the dullness or tiredness over the stressed-out complexion to achieve vegan, practical, and unique beauty formulation for convertible outcomes. Thus, before we start exploring the best-selling products, here is a highlight of the pros and cons of Summer Fridays.

Summer Fridays Pros:

Summer Fridays Cons:

Why We Like Summer Fridays

Summer Fridays is a famous cosmetic brand for its cruelty-free and vegan skincare products. The company also engages in recyclable packaging and hence ranks among the sustainable companies on the global market. The company has an extensive collection of beauty products, from skincare to apparel, accessories, makeup, lips, and sets or minis.

Customers can shop the product on their website based on their skin type, from sensitive to oily, dry, and combination. In addition, they have a skincare quiz and shade finder on top of the multiple reward programs. This section will help you save time and research by highlighting a few of the customer's favorite skincare products.

The Best-Selling Summer Fridays Skincare Products

Summer Fridays understands that skincare must not make your routine complicated. Therefore, these guys present carefully and naturally formulated effective and quick products. The collection is extensive, from the cleanser to the blush pink gel creams. The option depends on your preferences. The outstanding bestseller product on the site is Jet Lag Mask.

The product contains an antioxidant-rich formula that features niacinamide, vitamin C, and a blend of chestnut extract, responsible for hydrating and enhancing skin tone and exfoliation.. 10 minutes is enough to get your skin rocking again. It is ideal to have in your pocket while organizing for the jet or 15-hour travel. Super Amino Gel Cleanser is another favorite product on the website, and it ranks for reasons.

Besides cleansing the skin impurities, it also guarantees your skin replenishment. Though one-and-done products, It features elements like maris sal, sodium OPCA, Sodium lactate, Vitamin E, and 11 amino acids. The blend gives hsi cleaner power to boost skin radiance, hydrate, and calm irritation. It is recommended for use in the morning as well as evening while you go to bed. To get the best out of this cleanser, combine it with the relevant CC Me serum alongside the Jet Lag mask.

Thus, nourishing all skin types with a balanced pH is gentle. If you have frustrating acne, then here comes your perfect partner, CC Me Serum. This serum fights hyperpigmentation and dark spots; hence, it helps reduce facial imperfections in real-time. It contains botanical cocktails, peptide complexes, vitamin C, and squalane. Hence, the combination helps pump antioxidant protection, which adds up your protective barrier while combating inflammation and guaranteeing a youthful complexion.

The list is very long with Soft Reset AHA Exfoliating Solution. Save time before going to bet with this unique formulation. It gives you a smoother and more refined skin texture when you wake up the next morning. The product contains a 16% AHA solution, while other ingredients include glycolic acid, natural botanical extracts, lactic acid, and niacinamide. Thus, it is effective in brightening skin,  plumbing your fine line, and fighting the aging signs. There is always guaranteed dead skin lifting and promotion of natural cell turnover.

The other best-selling skincare products include Cloud Dew Oil-Free Gel Cream, a lightweight formula without unnecessary oils but comes with 3 essential ingredients to boost your skin moisture barriers. Also, there is a famous Lip Butter Balm, vegan in formulation, silky, and responsible for soothing cracked lips. The plant-derived butter is impressive to add to your lipstick list.

Babymoon Belly Balm features pregnancy-safe ingredients and, in general, is effective in enhancing the elasticity and suppleness of the skin, and it is 100% water-free vegan. The omega-3 fatty acid helps support natural collagen synthesis and repair skin barriers. Tube Key is one of the top-notch products on the site as well. It contains slotted holes. It is designed to help you slide the tube while pressing your luxurious skin care products to the bottom. No more wasting your product, even with a single drop.

The last package in this category comes with Self Care Club Reusable Cotton Rounds. It is crucial when you want to remove your makeup, and instead of going for the cotton wool, have these reusable items, and you are good to go. It is a set of 4 cotton pads concealed using the limited canvas pouch. The products are so many, but the above lists give you an ideal starting point on your skincare journey.

Customer Review

Summer Fridays is a famous cosmetic brand focusing on skincare products and has extensive collections of makeup and accessories on its website. Before deciding, you would also like to learn from the customers and their testimonies. Indeed, many platforms give us access to the experience and feedback from dedicated users.

Therefore, we would like to direct you first to Thing Testing; this company scores 4.25 stars based on 145 reviews. One customer has left praise on the site, claiming:-

"I'm thrilled with the Jet Lag mask." It appears beautiful on your face and is moisturizing. "This is a definite reorder item for me."

Camile Styles also analyzes the author somewhere else after purchasing and using these products for a long time. The author praises their great and summative moisturizers. Likewise, on the Frivolous Girl site, there is a detailed review of the brand, which mentions the best-selling products and gives us the ideal conclusion to encourage more purchases.

The author lists the 8 best-selling and popular products among customers on the What The Fab website. Beforehand, they give us the company history and view it differently. Jasmine Talks Beauty terms this as the Instagram brand that changed the author's lifestyle. She claims that though it seems like a meh's brand, the company is generally cute and guarantees instant results.

Another place to get honest feedback is Allure, where the author focuses on the first-ever makeup products while giving views. Save the sites, such as Lindsay Silberman, which reviews the Jet Lag Mask, while PopSugar gives an in-depth review on the Summer Fridays Sheer Skin Tint. There are other places like Beauty Crew with real, experienced customer views. Lastly, Byrdie, Even though the blog covers more about Jet Lag Mask, the brand gets a 4.2-star rating. For all your skincare and beauty needs, this company offers you many options of products to bring the SPA into your home.

There is a reason why many customers have praised and given the brand multiple positive feedbacks. Indeed, the experience was perfect regardless of skin type; Summer Fridays have something for you.

Where to Buy Summer Fridays

If you have made up your mind and wish to get targeted with the above best-selling beauty products, then there are many stores online with these Summer Fridays skincare products. We suggest redirecting you to their official stores, which are at Besides the above store with extensive collection and lucrative deals, these products are also available from online retailers. Some of these retail stores include:-

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Is Summer Fridays Worth It?

Summer Fridays is a famous brand with extensive cosmetic products on its website. If you are still wondering whether the brand is worth it, we are here to confirm that the company is worth the purchase. Besides giving access to multiple skincare products, the company also clearly specifies the efficacy of each product and the ingredients used in making it.

Customers can easily escape into the beauty industry with these cruelty-free, recyclable skincare packaging and vegan products. This is because the brand aims to help bring efficacy, simplicity, and beauty into your daily routine. The collection features the Jet Lag Mask as well as Tube Key, if not face masks, which are effective for some instances. Their popular Tube Keys are well known for enhancing the skincare products and getting the best from them.

In our review, the brand that focuses on vegan ingredients relies on non-toxic elements and impresses cruelty-free practices is simply a no-brainer on the list. Backing with the environmentally friendly design process, the boards rely on sustainable ingredients. Online, the company has gathered multiple positive feedbacks, and considering the recycling program, customers can reflect on the ecological footprint.

Hence, its target is to help reduce environmental waste through its return slips. Most of the praise surrounds the efficacy of these skincare products, the ingredients, and the shipping policy, as well as lucrative deals and the option to return when these products are not up to your standard. Hence, I recommend trying them because they are worth your attention if you want to incorporate eco-friendly skincare products into your daily routine.

Summer Fridays Discounts

In this review, we had many goals to achieve, and one of them is presenting you with the lucrative deals that Summer Fridays promise their customers. The research has indicated that the brand offers many active website offers. Navigating through the site gives you access to the  Free summer silk nourishing body lotion when you purchase products worth $75 and above. The offer is as active as the supply lasts on the site. When you are based in the US region and place an order that totals $35 and above, you get free standard shipping services.

Therefore, you can always subscribe to save more. Their referral program clarifies that when you gift your friend $10, you also enjoy the $10 on the next purchase, but this is only available through successful referral. Looking keenly, there are also reward programs on the site. Therefore, subscribe to their mailing list or newsletter for the next upcoming offers, discounts, and promotions to make things right. There are also promotions targeting health workers and other professionals through discounted pricing, though only for eligible people.

Summer Fridays Contact

Unfortunately, the above Summer Fridays review is simply an overview and summarizes all the brand has for you. If you still have a pending question not sufficiently addressed in the study, you can always connect with the Summer Fridays support team. The company has its technical team present anytime to support you. The method varies, and the choice depends on your preferences.

Therefore, you can send them an email through help @ Secondly, you can engage with the team on social media accounts. They are active on their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many more media handles, ready to address you, update you on the latest deals, and many more.


Q. Who is the founder of the Summer Fridays brand?

The above review shows that this brand was founded by the duo Laureen Gore Island in collaboration with Marianna Hewitt.

Q. Are Summer Fridays beauty products clean and safe for daily routine?

The research has ruled that Summer Fridays skincare or beauty products are clean and contain no toxic ingredients. In reality, some of the products are recommended for daily or routine application. A good example is the Super Amino Gel Cleanser That you can apply in the morning and evening.

Q. Are Summer Fridays products safe for the expectant mother?

Though not all the products are safe for the pregnant lady, there are a few that we can recommend because of the presence of pregnancy-safe ingredients. These are Babymoon Belly Balm and CC Me Serum.

Q. Can I utilize Summer Fridays products while I sleep?

We highly clarify that there are some products you can apply and sleep with—these ranges include products like Jet Lag Mask and others.

Q. Summer Fridays shipping policy

Like other brands, all the US-based customers enjoy free standard shipping. However, their orders must surpass the threshold amount. The standard shipping orders below the threshold cost you a fixed $6. There is also an Expedited shipping method, which is an ideal option but more expensive. Remember that this company utilizes mainly USPS and UPS as the major shipping carriers.

This option delivers your order within 7 to 10 working days. For customers living outside The US, they also provide international shipping to the selected countries. Refer to their website for more information and check if your region qualifies for shipping. All the worldwide shipping is done through the DHL shipping carriers. When your international order surpasses the threshold, you can enjoy free shipping.

The company takes about 1 to 2 working days to process international orders and then ship. While in transit, expect your package within 15 working days. The good news is that with the confirmation, the company will send you a tracking link to follow up on your products while in transit.

Q. What is the return policy of the Summer Fridays brand?

If you realize the products are not up to your taste or are unhappy with them upon purchase and delivery, you can return them to the company. You have up to 30 days from the date of purchase to return the order. However, the company only accepts returns if you order from the official online store. Initiating the return is very simple. Contact the support team using the above information and start the process. For the returned order to arrive in the company facility, it takes about 5 to 7 working days, which paves the way for processing the refund.


If you have been searching for effective, cost-effective, and instant-output cosmetic products and everything is in vain, Summer Fridays comes to your rescue. The company offers an extensive collection of skincare or beauty products ideal for younger skin. Though it targets young customers, the products are effective for all users.

The site features a friendly interface, and products are designed using clean, vegan, and ethically sourced ingredients, hence safe. Feel great, glow, and upgrade your beauty routine with the Summer Fridays brand today. In the review, we have explored the company from its best-selling products to its history, customer feedback, discounts, contact, and many more. Read and understand before committing to the premium products. We highly recommend the brand to gain young and healthy-looking skin.

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