OSEA Skincare Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth Your Money?

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Do you want to try the bestselling natural gluten-free and sustainable skincare products from a reputable company that has been operating for years? Then we dare you to try the trending OSEA skincare products before considering other alternatives. Please read our review article and understand the brand thoroughly before clicking that buy button.

People are indeed looking for more skincare product alternatives online. Well, why can't you settle with one brand and enjoy the discounts as well as other services? We will not need your answer now, but we are sure that maybe you are not satisfied with the brand as they do not offer what they promise for one or two things.

Regardless of the reasons, there are many skincare brands online, and you must decide which meets your needs and falls within your budget. In line with our reviews, today we will take you through a famous company OSEA and highlight some of the top-selling skincare products to find out if it is worth your money. You have heard about the company if you are a pro in this niche. But sure, you don't know about background.

There are other things the company offers. To help you make the right decision, let us go through the company and have a general idea before diving into the products section. We will also consider the customer reviews to evaluate if it is worth it. Please keep reading and find out more from our OSEA skincare reviews.

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OSEA Skincare Review

OSEA is a company founded by two great friends, Melissa, and Jenefer Palmer, who are the mother and daughter duos and were inspired by the sea power to introduce their brand to the market. Historically, Jenefer had a great grandmother that previously suffered a very nasty fall which then, by miracle, was healed once she began to learn to swim in the sea.

Therefore the two founders derived their inspiration from the effect of combining seaweed with salt water to heal people naturally. OSEA brand was first launched in 1996 to help nurture the well-being of the Jenefer kitchen using naturally derived ingredients; after that, the product was manifested to become a lucrative business of the skin care real luxury brand among many people.

From their mission which clearly states what they are doing " "to ensure products are "free of chemicals that are known or strongly suspected of causing cancer, mutation or congenital disabilities," one can equally learn a lot. Again, OSEA company was among the first firms that signed the Environmental working group compact for the safe cosmetic pledge. Therefore, they manufacture their skin care products in California in the USA.

Today, they have many skincare products on the market. Some of their best-selling brands range from body oil, cleansers, creams, and mists. Multiple products aim to address the issues of the skincare challenges. The popular products include the Ocean Lotion, Red Algae mask, Vitamin sea serum, and Hydraulic sea serum. If we go deeper into detail, we would also be glad to mention that OSEA simply stands for the Ocean, sea, earth, and atmosphere.

Therefore, their products are mainly skincare that helps replenish as well as protect the skin through the bioavailable ingredients and potent ingredients. Besides the skincare solutions, they also have other accessories, tools, bath products, and gifts that people seek to pamper the home spa. The company has everything, at least for anyone from any part o the world. OSEA has a large audience on social media platforms and has featured in reputable publications like Domino and  Elle.

Additionally, the OSEA skincare products are clean, organic, based on seaweed, biodegradable and gluten-free. The company blends the proprietary nutrient-rich natural seaweeds concentrate mixing with vegan ingredients to obtain awesome formulas compatible with your sensitive skin. It has also managed to rack up multiple beauty awards for many years.

The founder believes that anyone can restore health, well-being, and beauty through ocean energy with healing powers. She also has a piece of knowledge in the field since Jenefer has studied the polarity and bio-dynamic cranial therapy, which she combines with other healing modalities. The products are USDA certified organic and sustainable with ecologically hand harvested in Patagonia. That is a lot about OSEA skincare company. And before we delve into other details, it is also good to compare the pros and cons of this company and its products to find the right balance. This leads us to the next section.

OSEA Skincare Pros:

OSEA Skincare Cons:

Why We Like OSEA Skincare

First of all, we are pleased to mention that OSEA is one of the most preferred brands regarding skincare products on the market. Their products are awesome not on the skincare cosmetic but also offer other related accessories and tools. And if you are looking for hydrated and radiant skin, then we dare you this company.

Their products are made from naturally sourced ingredients which means they are not GMO, are gluten-free, and do not contain parabens. This alone places the company beyond the competitors, which is why we prefer our clients to go for such products. Another thing is that the company packages the products using Bioavailable and biodegradable materials, which indicates that they are also conserving our environment.

This is a plus when you couple it with many other advantages. Though sourced naturally to heal the skin, the products also last longer than you can expect in the store and still looks clan healthy and improve your well-being. Never get intimidated by the product's price but look at its high quality. Also, the customer's volume speaks a lot, as we will find out in the next section.

They also have multiple outlets and online retailers, meaning you can purchase their products regardless of where you are. Besides that, they offer USPS shipping which is fast and also comes along with international shipping services on their website. They are fragrance-free, and even if you have sensitive skin, this is your great option to move with today.

It gives you value for your money. When you buy their products, they offer free samples to go and experiment with first. What amazes us most is that the products are vegan, and if you navigate through their website, they provide detailed information on how to use them.

Customer Review

It will not impress if our review ends here without mentioning the customer's expression about the brand. When you even google online about the OSEA skincare reviews, you will see multiple reviews, ratings, and even external websites reviewing the brand. Therefore, there are many of online feedback concerning this company's products. First of all, we would start off with their Facebook page.

They have a dedicated Facebook page that has to date, recorded 132 reviews and scores 4.6 stars, indicating that most customers are pleased with the brand on the market. And among the reviews were impressed with the client who stated: 

"They make their skincare line using the best of what nature has to offer. They use various seaweeds that are packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, making them ideal for anti-aging and moisturizers! No more synthetic fragrances, dyes, or condiments! From now on, take care of my skin with ONLY clean ingredients!"

Their Facebook page has over 57k happy followers, which impresses many worldwide. If we move to Urbanette Magazine, you would realize that the author had time to interview the founder Jenefer Palmer who also impressed them. And in the article, the author makes it clear that they like the products from the OSEA skincare company. Here is what Genevive; the author, had to say about the products:

"We're also obsessed with OSEA's Anti-Aging Body Balm's luxuriously smooth texture and subtle glow. The marine extract Alaria Esculenta improves skin elasticity, and Macrocystis algae are high in iodine, vitamins, and minerals, which help heal sun-damaged skin and reduce wrinkles. Botanical Coconut and Babassu oils absorb quickly and reinvigorate dry, flaky skin, leaving a tropical scent behind.

We love that all of their products are packaged in glass, which prevents toxic chemicals from leaking into the item. Women can be confident that their skin will be healthy and free of impurities and nasty chemicals when using OSEA. They'll also know that their skincare is vegan, gluten-free, biodegradable, and natural."

Moving forward, you can also find that the OSEA products were listed on the Organic Beauty Lover website. The author provides detailed reports on every best-selling product and evaluates its awesome features on the market. For instance, considering the OSEA anti-aging body Balm, the author concludes.

"The luxurious OSEA Body Balm has a salve uniformity that you will either love or despise. Because most people are used to using body lotion or body oil, a body balm may not be appealing to everybody. However, if you have dry skin and need something heavier than a body lotion but don't want to use full-on body oil, the OSEA Body Balm is a good compromise. It has a refreshing citrus scent that isn't overpowering and sinks best on wet skin right after a shower."

The statement speaks every word for the company and clearly indicates the exclusion conditions.

There are many other external websites where when we start listing them all for you to see the impressive reviews, we won't make it today, and you will be tired of reading them all. Such sites include The Derm Reviewswitwhimsy, Gurl Gone Green, Omventure, and Reviewed. If you visit these sites, you will realize that customers and reviewers are even pleased with the OSEA skincare products.

Many have complimented the products for many things. However, a few critics do not interfere with the reputation. Some have eveSomeen addressed. Otherwise, we would state that customer reviews on OSEA skincare products are excellent considering the publication, scent, formulae,  reliability, conscious creation, and texture.

Where to Buy OSEA Skincare

If you got interested, you must be looking for a place to purchase the OSEA products. Therefore, the first place we would recommend is their official website. Still, other online retailers offer OSEA skincare products. These in-store retailers are:

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Is OSEA Skincare Worth It?

Are you not yet convinced and still asking if the products are worth it? From our research and combining with the customers' reviews as discussed in the above section, we can arguably state that OSEA skincare products are simply unique brands in the skincare line. They are worth trying for reasons well known. as earlier stated, the company packages their products in bio-digestible materials which m, which means it is environmentally sustainable.

Secondly, they also offer naturally made products where they obtain the material, which reputable firms approve of causing no harm to the health of humans; instead, they are meant to heal the skin. They do not contain any chemicals and are plant-based, vegan from the seaweed. You can never find this in any average skincare product on the market.

Then if you are well aware of this, why not shoot your shot today? The company reflects its dedication to environmental sustainability in the packaging, and the customers from multiple reviews online seem impressed and convinced with the services since they are clean and meet their needs. Even though they are expensive, they are worth it when you want to change your overall skin. Look at their loyal fanbase.

They are spitting the Solomonic wisdom about the brand on the Facebook page. However, some clients claimed that the products caused a skin-burning effect. For this case, the company offers a free sample to test before getting your preferred package. They also have a generous return policy where customers can return the product within 30 days if it does not satisfy their needs.

Though, it would be best if you were 60% unused to get a refund. The company also offers discounts and promotions, but we are about to cover this in detail in the next section. However, this is still one of the selling factors of the brand, as it helps customers save money for purchasing other products. If you are not sure, kindly consider this brand as it is worth your time and money for a sustainable environment, improved well-being, and reliable skincare products that are natural, clean, and plant-based.

OSEA Skincare Discounts

Just like the other companies offering skincare products to the market, OSEA also has special discounts, coupons, and other services meant to help customers save. For instance, they have a free shipping policy when you order over $50. They also have something good for you when you subscribe to their newsletter. This is because they always share their promotions first with loyal customers before it reaches new people on the platform.

Again, when you convince a friend and refer them to purchase their products, Then OSEA promises to offer you $20 on your next purchase as long as the friend meets the minimal threshold expenditure of $80 on the orders they place. The same is also given to the friend you referred to the site. Then lastly, the company offers free samples for every product you buy from their stores. When writing this article, there were no active coupon codes or other discounts on the same. However, keep checking as they often avail them anytime.

OSEA Skincare Contact

As always, you might have a burning issue and still wonder how to contact OSEA customer care. Well, the company has different methods through which you can seek support. First, you can fill in the available form on their website. If you do not like them but are a social media enthusiast, then you contact them via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter. They might seem to be taking too long to respond. For that case, you can reach out to them via the phone number at (310)361-0547


Q. Who is the owner of OSEA Malibu or Skincare?

OSEA company is family-owned skincare and cosmetic business. It is managed by the mother and daughter, Jenefer and Mellisa palmer.

Q. Where is OSEA skincare made?

From the information in the above article, all the OSEA products are manufactured in California in the USA.

Q. Is OSEA a vegan brand?

The right answer is yes. They clearly state that their products are not only cruelty-free but also vegan since materials are plant-based and obtained from seaweed.

Q. Is OSEA clean?

OSEA brand does not contain harmful chemicals, and considering the above article, the products are clean. OSEA is the first company in line to sign the Environmental Working Group's compact for safe cosmetic agreement.

Q. Is OSEA product Organic?

OSEA products are made from plant-based seaweed material and contain organic ingredients. And most of their ingredients are certified by the USDA.


OSEA is one of the old skincare and cosmetic-oriented companies committed to satisfying the customers' needs, conserving the environment, and improving the well-being of people around the world. They offer high-quality skincare products which come with favorable shipping and return policies. They also offer plenty of discounts which has earned it a robust reputation online from customer reviews. If you are looking for the best anti-aging balm or want a skincare product that is perfect for sensitive skin, consider the OSEA skincare brand.

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