Beautycounter Products Review: Is It Really Safe Skincare?

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Do you want clean beauty products with carbon-neutral and sustainable packaging to enjoy tons of perks? Then, try out the Beautycounter products. If your skin is sensitive, here is an honest brand review you can trust online.

Acknowledgment is worth considering, especially when a manufacturer considers the safety of the consumer in a particular product. Many companies are online, but few have made changes to their products. In this review, we will go through the BeautyCounter products reviews in detail so that we can disclose the presence of any of the heavy metal data on their best-selling products.

This is a perfect step; keep reading to the end to discover more about the Beautycounter brand. Heavy metals are harmful ingredients but do Beautycounter products contain them? Please find out more in our review.

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Beautycounter Products Review

When it comes to the cosmetic or skincare and makeup industry, most companies rely on toxic ingredients and synthetics while manufacturing their products. This is because every company wants to have their products always on the shelves and prolong their lives. Unfortunately, this raises concern about what you put not only on your skin but also on the body and earth while fighting to raise the beauty bar. As a result, many customers are looking for clean beauty products as their first choice online with natural ingredients.

Beautycounter is one of the beauty brands founded by Entrepreneur Gregg Renfrew in 2013. Gregg had the first successful bridal registry, The Wedding List, which was acquired from        Martha Steward  Living. Since then, the company has raised its passion for the industry, focusing on earthly friends, and now is pushing its boundaries to attain cleaner formulas by 2030. Hence, termed as the more earth-loving practice brand.

Beautycounter is based in Santa Monica, found in Carolina, and sells its products through certified consultants alone. You can only become Beautycounter's consultant if you meet their minimum qualifications and undergo the pre-training routine.

Therefore, we can sum up that Beautycounter is a cosmetic as well as a skincare company that operates on the mission to establish safe makeup products considering not only the customers but also the planet earth. The company is targeting to restrict the use of over 1800 toxic product ingredients from the formulas.

Looking t the social media platform, the brand has established a strong reputation online, such as through Instagram and Facebook accounts. Again, the brand has also managed to feature in popular publications like Forbes, Happi magazine, and Bloomberg. This is the right choice if you are looking for clean makeup items.

Read through our Beautycounter products reviews and get the rundown of their best-selling products as well as the discounts to enjoy. Then, understand the brand and boost confidence before moving ahead. for this reason, let us first go through the pros and cons of the Beautycounter brand in the next section before going into deeper details.

Beautycounter Pros:

Beautycounter Cons:

Why We Like Beautycounter Products

Inclusive Collection of the Best-selling Beautycounter Products

The brand offers the market an inclusive collection of skincare, beauty tools, makeup, and body care products. Regardless of what you want, the company aims to revolutionize the beauty industry. This is simply one thing that aims to enhance the appearance to add to the makeup.

Multiple best-selling beauty products on the market guarantee to help enhance your beauty while at the same time protecting the skin and the environment. There are:-

Beautycounter Counter+ Lotus Glow Cleansing Balm is a perfect product capable of swooping with the powerful plant moisturizer so that it can hydrate, brighten dull skin looking, and boost the glow.

Beautycounter Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer is the next best-selling product to help you shine and protect from sunlight. It is a lightweight cream made with black currant seed oil to protect you from free radicals. Beautycounter Counter+ Charcoal Facial Masu is also a good option but not your daily charcoal mask since it uses acid to slough off all the dead skin and detoxify it. It is incredibly rich in consistency and charcoal made to the paste for easy use.

Beautycounter Countertime Ultra Renewal Eye Cream relies on Bakushiola and other natural ingredients to brighten the skin and protect, hydrate, and tighten, making it a perfect anti-aging cream.

You only have to apply in the morning and night for better results.

There are multiple best-selling products here, and if we go on discussing each, the article might be too long. To list a few; Beautycounter Satin Powder Blush, Beautycounter Volumizing Mascara, Beautycounter Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30, Beautycounter Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Mist SPF 30, and Beautycounter Flawless in Five.

High-quality Beauty Products & Reputable Company

Most people go for a fragrance that is old school. Beautycounter Products are made with almost no controversial non-colorant ingredients. The product does not contain the Formaldehyde releasing toxins. It does not contain parabens, either. Instead, they are made using natural fragrance ingredients that follow European law.

Beautycounter Products also contain preservative targeting to protect them from bacterial contamination. Though preservatives are not good, they are vital for any water brand. Beautycounter brand makes it clear about the preservative but targets to remain carbon neutral by 2030. Again, the Mica mineral colorant is produced and supplied ethically, which is one of the requirements in manufacturing Beautycounter Products like makeup.

Looking at the brand in terms of production and packaging, the firm is sustainable and has a mission to attain 100% sustainability by 2025. They take care of the material origins, the sourcing, and many more.

Again, Beautycounter is one of the firms advocating for health-protective legislation. In addition, the company works with lawmakers to ensure that the products contain safe ingredients hence remaining transparent. Lastly, the company offers job opportunities to top women and gets extra income without risks linked to it.

Therefore in terms of safety, Beautycounter Products have made accessible improvements. It is strongly opinionated on how the brand impacts customers worldwide.

Customer Review

Beautycounter product review will not be complete without finding out what the customers have to say about their feedback; hence, we took time to review the online reviews to gather relevant and honest feedback to help you make an informed decision. Makeup is delicate, and you must know if the product works to have trust.

Therefore we would like to start with the official website in our reviews. There is plenty of customer feedback beneath each item. For instance, Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer has about 4.3 stars after 1219 reviews; Skin Twin Featherweight Foundation has 5 stars after 4656 reviews, etc.

Customers are happy and satisfied with these products. Among them, the Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer praises, stating:-

" This item is fantastic! It feels so moisturizing and luxurious on my skin. Even in hot weather, it stays on well. I've been utilizing this brand for a while now, and my skin looks better even when I don't wear foundation. I appreciate that this is a clean product."

There are tons of excellent ratings and reviews on the platform. In addition, there are other external platforms with customer feedback. For instance, Insider also gives the brand an excellent rating. The author concludes that the products are excellent from experience because of their transparency and clean nature.

However, on the ConsumerAffairs, the brand scores poorly, with 2.2 stars after 66 reviews. Many clients raised concerns about the harmful chemicals and no international shipping services.

On the Thingtesting website, Beautycounter scores 3.14 stars after 7 reviews, and most of the customers are amazed by these beauty products, which come with real instant results.

Again, the article's author, I READ LABELS FOR YOU, also recommends some of the best-selling products in the article and gives a clear stand on the brand. The thread also contains amazing feedback, clearly showing the company's picture.

You will also see impressive reviews of the brand and a complete breakdown of the company's best-selling products on the HAPPILY EVER ADVENTURES. Going through the Healthy Maven website, the author also gives us their persona;l experience with the product. And because of simple and pure curiosity, the author wanted to prove what other people claim to be true or false. Then, in the end, the reviews sum up everything in a statement saying:-

"Aside from my thoughts on each item, I appreciated the wrapping and shipment. Of course, I don't need gorgeous packaging, and nothing irritates me more than excessive packaging, but I expect to receive intact and well-packed products."

Other amazing reviews of the brand are found on the Byrdie, Root, and Reven sites. Generally, the company has efficient customer support and offers clean beauty, makeup, and skincare products to the market. As a result, most customers are also satisfied with the brand on the market.

Where to Buy Beautycounter Products

To this far, you must have made up your mind and looking for a place to purchase Beautycounter products.

Is Beautycounter Products Worth It?

From our reviews and online customer feedback, we think Beautycounter products are worth it. Though to someone people, this brand might seem pricey; the products are still high quality.

Again, they offer multiple products, including makeup, skincare, and beauty tools. They care for the customers as they derive their ingredients from sustainable sources. The brand is not vegan but will be sustainable by 2025 and carbon neutral before 2030. Hence, working is carbon neutrality and recyclable packaging.

However, when you are picky, especially about the ingredient, Beautycounter products are not your best choice. This is because some of the products have limited synthetic colors. This a one-stop shop for all quality, effective, and clean beauty products. Give it a try today and enjoy the high-quality services for your money.

Beautycounter Products Discounts

Online companies are fighting for the customer online and the Beautycounter brand. Therefore, like the competitors, Beautycounter also offers multiple discounts and promotions. You are close to enjoying discounts for anything you do on the website; We discovered that Beautycounter offers 20% off on the first order when you sign up for the mailing list on the platform.

After that, when you become an official member, you are entitled to the promotions such as free welcome gifts and enjoy special offers like free shipping when you make orders amounting to $100. Above/ they also offer 10% product credit but only available on the applicable orders.

Also, while writing these reviews, we discovered that the brand offered a limited edition Bright side Duo free with orders above $150.

Sign up and become a member, then enjoy all the latest deals to help you save some bucks for other purchases.

Beautycounter Products Contact

Our review article has exhausted almost everything about the Beautycounter brand. However, you might feel like there is something else we have not covered or have an urgent question that needs a relevant answer. Beautycounter offers means through which you can contact them. First, you can call the company or customer support team at 1-888-701-9899. There is also an option to fill out the contact form.

The official website also indicates they have a live chat, and all these support services are only available from Monday to Saturday from 6 am to 4 pm. Then Sunday from 6 am to 4 pm., phone support is only available from Monday through Friday.

Equally, these guys are online through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even youtube. So engage and collaborate as you seek clarification.


Q. Is Beautycounter Good For Aging Skin?

If you have aging skin issues, this brand has products for skin issues known as countertime. However, you must understand that all the brand items have skin-nourishing contents, and these products are geared towards not only brightening but also tightening and reducing aging signs.

Q. Is Beautycounter Really Clean?

Take time and go over the peeks at the brand product ingredients list. This will give you a clear picture of how Beautycounter is clean. However, other products contain synthetic and artificial colors but are not used often. The product doesn't contain many ingredients with high risk or controversy. No toxin-releasing formaldehyde; hence the reports are clean.

Q. Does Beautycounter Use Hyaluronic Acid?

Our reviews show that some Beautycounter products contain hydraulic acid, like a countermagic intense moisture serum. This product utilizes the duo yet unique moisture-sealing acid to protect as well as dehydrate the skin.

Q. Who Is Beautycounter For?

First of all, Beautycounter offers multiple cosmetic products as skin is concerned. These runs form skincare solutions, youth regenerating eye creams, and acne control serums. This runs along the skincare, makeup, gifts, bath & body, perfect for women and men.

However, in packing, the brand is more mature looking with sleek gold muted smooth color, giving it a feminine look and good for men.

Q. Where is Beautycounter made?

Beautycounter also clarifies that many of its products are manufactured in the US. However, other products are made worldwide, like Italy manufacturers Pressed powder, while the makeup brushes are made in china.

Q. What is Beautycounter’s Shipping Policy?

The company has 3 shipping options available on the platform. Standard shipping takes 5 to 14 business days costing $7-30. 2-day takes 2 -4 business days and costs between $13-40, while the next-day option delivers within 1 or 3 business days costing $20 to 45. The processing time of the company is roughly 2 days max. Immediately, they ship your beauty products and send you the confirmation and tracking link.

Q. What is Beautycounter’s Return Policy?

Definitely, Beautycounter has a return policy but only applicable within 60 days starting from the date of purchase. It is valid even if you have sud the product. Their return process is very easy, and you can refer to their website for detailed steps to drop the package at the nearest USPS location.


Beautycounter is reputable skincare and cosmetic or makeup brand that not only impresses customers but also contains small amounts of chemicals. Since everybody is different regarding the healthy journey, Beautycounter is the perfect brand to consider. It offers multiple selections of makeup and beauty or skincare products on the market at a friendly price. Besides, they also have numerous discounts perfect for saving bucks. It is just a click away, and you will start enjoying the high quality and access to anti-aging products, both for men and women.

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