Obagi Skincare Review: Are They High-Quality Skincare Products?

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Does Obagi offer vegan, cruelty-free, and high-quality skincare products? Please read our reviews article and learn from experts and experienced users online. Learn what customers say about the brand and make a cohesive decision.

All beauty enthusiasts value skincare and cosmetic products in general. However, it is always recommended that you go for something that works for you. Therefore customers today are only investing in the brand which works for them well, considering price as well. Every cosmetic product is manufactured equally, though we encourage you to find high-quality skincare products.

Every customer online has different goals to achieve with these products, so you also have to make choices based on what you want to achieve. This article will take you through the Obagi skin care reviews and dive deep into best-selling beauty products and customer feedback. This way, you can gauge if the products are worth the money. Let us start with the company background.

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Obagi Skincare Review

While Obagi is a cosmetic brand, it takes a transformative approach in the industry. Instead of relying on history, the company utilizes high-quality acids, washes, and serums to help customers have a guaranteed better tomorrow. The company targets not just to heal but to ensure that they bring out the best based on the skin treatment. However, everything must be prescribed by a physician or a doctor.

Obagi skin care products are famous and have even been featured in popular publications like New You Magazines, Women's Health, etc. Recently, the company announced Priyanka Chopra as its spokesperson. Still, Obagi also, from online reviews, claimed two awards hosted by the Beauty Choice Awards on the NewBeauty publications.

Historically, Obagi is a skincare brand founded in 1988 by Dr. Zein Obagi, a dermatologist who wished to find a solution for people suffering from aging skin and tiredness. The founder then developed a prescription-based cosmetic product that helped a lot. Many things have changed since its inception, but the company still upholds its mission of helping the aging skin appearance, rooting out acne, shielding sun damage, and healing scars.

You could not guess that such a beauty product is on the market. Obagi has been a California-based long beach in the business for over 30 years. The experience gave the founder patience, and hence learned the scientific view of the importance of using paraben-free skincare products. Its sophistication has been critical to many people achieving their skincare missions worldwide.

From the webpage, the brand makes it clear that skin care is more than just preventing and correcting skin; it must also go the extra mile to unleash your skin's full potential. The clinical quality care of the company is its claim that the considerable majority customer base and appearance on numerous famous media outlets back the products.

The company has also established a robust online reputation from its two skin care practices: Obagi medical and clinical. Therefore if you want to purchase cosmetic products to help your premature aging skin or, instead, let's say, you want to get tougher hyperpigmentation as well as scarring.

The Obagi brand is where you must find the solution for such a category. Obagi skin care reviews are comprehensive and will extend up to customer feedback, promotions, and discounts. But before going into the best-sellers, let us summarise the pros and cons.

Obagi Skincare Pros:

Obagi Skincare Cons:

Why We Like Obagi SkinCare

Obagi is a brand with a massive collection of skincare products and offers the option to find a physician. They also have afterpay services on their products. Though they recommend getting prescriptions, they offer many products that do not need a doctor's prescription. This section will go through some of the best-selling skincare products.

The Best-Selling Obagi Tretinoin

In these reviews, we will list for you some of the bestselling not only serums but also peels, creams as well as systems. We will start with the tretinoin products indicating different strengths. Tretinoin is an ingredient that is used in skincare products for fine-line treatment as well as discoloration.

However, the only exception is that customers who are conceiving or have infants should avoid using these products since they contain high amounts of vitamin A. Also, remember that TretinoinTretinoin tends to increase skin sensitivity when sun exposure; hence always use sunscreen.

On the website, the brand has some of the best-selling TretinoinTretinoin. These include Obagi Tretinoin 0.1% Cream, the most potent on offer and only available by prescription but best for stubborn skin conditions and acne and smooths out the skin wrinkles. The professional advice is to use the product until you finish it in the bottle in the pea-sized amount.

The second is Obagi Tretinoin 0.05% Cream, which is suitable for customers with intense pimple issues or flare-ups but does not contain much anti-aging impact and is suitable for people with acne. Be warned that sometimes, the product causes skin irritation or flaking since it brings about skin turnover, causing dryness.

The last option is Obagi Tretinoin 0.025% Cream, which can be used by everyone and has been proven by the clinic to be effective in the age reverse effects.

The Best-Selling Obagi Vitamins

The brand also offers popular vitamin C to the market in this area. Looking at its popularity, the brand has recorded excellent sales of the vitamins like Obagi Vitamin C Serum 10%, which targets normal and dry skin. When combined with antioxidants, it counters the aging and stress effects.

The second option in this section is Obagi Vitamin C Serum 20%, a more robust version containing high-concentration serum. It contains antioxidants perfect for leaving your silky soft and healing stubborn fine lines. It also heals damage, reduces lines, and helps recover your skin with 5 to 78 drops on the face, chest, or neck immediately after applying the cleanser.

The other popular best-seller on the Obagi website is Obagi Retinol 1.0, a non-acnegenic retinol product that does not bring its pores clogging up effects. It contains high retinol concentration, thus healing uneven texture and age lines to restore the complexion.

There is also Obagi Blue Brilliance® Triple Acid Peel and highly recommended if you are already using the TretinoinTretinoin, which helps purify pores on the dead skin and must be applied at least once a week for the triple acid facial peel. Obagi Nu-Derm is Normal to oily.

This complete transformation kit contains seven skincare products: a blender, hydrate, clear, exoderm forte, sun shield, broad matte spectrum SPF 50, tonner, and foaming gel. In this line, there is also Obagi Nu-Derm – Normal to Dry, a sister version of the first. They help heal all dark spots, melasma, age appearance, and dry skin issues.

Customer Review

Obagi is a reputable company, and this is because of the customer reviews found online. Much online customer feedback is relevant in evaluating whether the brand is worth buying. Therefore, this section will dive deep into the customer rating and include a few comments.

We will start with the review on their official website. Each product has reviews on the site under it. And for this case, we will go for the best-selling skincare products. That is professional C serum 20% suited for normal to oily skin. This product scores 4.8 stars after 269 reviews. One of the happy customers praises with a comment:

"For about 13 years, I've been using Obaji brands. Nothing makes my complexion feel or look as soft and smooth as this brand. I started using professional C serum instead of # 4 about 6 years ago, and the dark spots gradually lightened, giving me an even skin tone within a few weeks of use. I'm glad you can now order products directly for Obaji because it can be difficult to find a clinic that has precisely what you require at periods."

The second place with the Obagi reviews is Sitejabber. Here, the brand scores 3.75 stars after 51 reviews, which indicates that most customers are happy with their purchase from the company. Though people have complained lately, the team has responded with clarifications. Still, there are also many positive reviews on the site, one of them as mentioned below:

"I've only been using OBAGI for about a week, but I'm already noticing incredible results. I had dozens of tiny bumps under my skin all over my face that caused breakouts, and after using these brands, the tiny bumps have vanished! I've never used anything else to treat these tiny bumps. I'm overjoyed, and I hope the good fortune continues!"

The other reviews are found on The Derm Review and Lovely Skin. At Lovely skin, the company gets a 5-star rating on most products and customers worldwide. Of the total reviews, 1031 reviewers gave it 5 stars while only 10 gave it one star, and this is a clear indication that customers on this site are pleased and satisfied with these skincare products as seen below:

"I've purchased it too many times because it's so good. Because it's a little thicker, I only use it at night with my Obagi kit. So I'll have dewy skin when I awake in the morning."

You can as well visit Realself and DermStore for convincing reviews. However, on MakeupAlley, the company managed to get 4 stars rating after 257 reviews, and 77% of the customers would return to purchase the products. The rating has highly praised the packaging and perfect price range. There are many people from different countries here, and one for the customers from the Uk mentions:

"I'm from the UK and have been using the Obagi C RX system for years now, and the number of folks I haven't met in years who come up to me and say how energetic I appear and haven't grown old at all...it."

The reviews are plenty online, but you can still supplement with others from Amazon and Sarah Scoop's websites. More Obagi skin care feedback online praises the brand products than there are critics. This is enough to help you weigh and make a choice.

Where to Buy Obagi Skincare?

Before concluding, knowing where to purchase Obagi skincare products is also a good idea. Therefore, the only reliable store is accessing the Ogabi website Obagi.com and making a request. However, that does not limit your access if the company does not ship to your location. The products are also sold by retailers but must be a professional and selected dermatologist.

Some of the popular online retailers to purchase a few of the brands' products are listed below:

But for international customers who do not reside in the contiguous US, you can go to the Obagi website and seek the listed worldwide retailers near you.

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Is Obagi Skincare Worth It?

When it comes to the beauty industry, competition has become very stiff. Thus, Obagi is still the best skincare brand provider on the market. We are here to tell you from experience that Obagi might be the king. This is because their skincare products are all proven by the clinics to be the best anti-aging ingredients.

And when you look at the reputation online, the brand has multiple positive reviews from their website to external sites, as discussed above. The company also claims that its products are paraben and cruelty-free.

This means they do not contain any harmful or artificial fragrance; hence only contain the age-defying content to work well. However, there are also some negative reviews online complaining about the texture,  defective packaging, and rashes, though rare among thousands of positive reviews.

If you are a fan and wish to order the Obagi skin care products, then capitalize on the offers from the website and enjoy the prepaid shipping label services, which enable customers to submit a return within 30 days to get a full refund.

If all you want is a beauty product to treat and prevent wrinkles, aging, and dark spots, then Obagi skin care products are worth it all. The company also supplements the customers with extra services such as loyalty programs, affiliate programs, skin analyzers, and access to the physician.

Obagi SkinCare Discounts

Obagi brand is a no-brainer regarding discounts and promotion services to customers. The brand has your back and helps you save on your budget by purchasing beauty or skincare products. Some of the promotions include:- Invite your friend to purchase from the brand; you will get $20 off on the next order. And Obagi members are also subjected to free or complementary shipping when they make orders totaling $125 and above.

Also, any Obagi purchase makes you the quality to receive a free ELASTIderm eye cream sample. The brand's other service, regarded as a promotional survey, is afterpay to order and pay later on interest-free. On the Loyalty programs, you purchase and earn points which you can later redeem to get selected products as long as you qualify.

Obagi Skincare Contact

This Obagi skincare review might not have covered everything you ought to know. But still, there is a chance to get clarification for that. If you want to reach out for help, contact the support team using the phone number 1-800-636-7546 or fax on the number 1-877-791-7096.

Then if that isn't all, you can send the inquiry to the address like Obagi 3760 Kilroy Airport Way, Suite 500, Long Beach, CA 90806. and when you go to the website, there is a contact form on the web page to which you can reach out for support. The last resort to contact the support team is through following them on social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, for the latest deals, support, and many more.


Q. Where is the Obagi brand made?

Dr. Zein Obagi, a University of Damascus graduate, founded Obagi Medical in 1972. The brand was founded by this Syrian-American root in the US upon continued research after study.

Q. Do customers need a doctor's prescription to use Obagi skin care products?

Obagi products are not prescription only. This means most foot eh products can be purchased without needing a prescription, and these include Retivance as well as Clenziderm.

Q. Are Obagi skincare products cruelty-free?

From the above article, we have seen that Obagi brands are all cruelty-free. The company does not test its products on animals before getting them ready for the market.

Q. Is Obagi's product perfect for mature skin?

Obagi skincare products are perfect for all types of skin as well as any age. Most of the mature clients, as seen from their website and online reviews sites, claim that they have got solutions and products that work well to make their skin appear younger than they are.

Q. What duration do Obagi products take to show results?

The time interval of Obagi to work shows the results differently. However, the duration depends on your skin's condition and the type of products you have purchased to make things right. For instance, severe acne gets purged in a week, while others see the results after a month.

Q. Is Obagi effective in handling wrinkles?

Most of the products from Obagi work well in fighting wrinkles. Specifically, Tretinoin is proven clinically to work in reducing wrinkles appearance as well as retinol.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Obagi company?

Before anything else, we must inform you that as long as you have placed an order on the Obagi website, the customer cannot modify or cancel it. The reason they do this is that the order as well as shipment varies but are very quick. For our care, we ordered Vitamin C serum delivered between 3 to 5 business days through the UPS carrier.

And in case you have issues with the Obagi shipping, they have made it clear that you contact the support team between 7 am to 4 pm. Most importantly, Obagi only ships to US-based customers. However, international customers are highly recommended to purchase Obagi products from online retailers.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Obagi company?

Remember that the brand only accepts returns if you have purchased the product from its official website. You can then return the product, which must remain unopened within 30 days of delivery.

However, you must connect with Obagi support and seek help with your request through eh Return merchandise authorization which will contact you within 2 business days for the prepaid shipping label to move forward with the returning package. It is then that once an item is accepted, it will take 30 days to receive a full refund to your account.


Obagi is a well-known skincare brand on the market and is based in the US. Although they have a huge collection of skincare products, they understand that different people have different needs. Thus, the brand offers high-quality products that work well for all skin conditions, from aging to acne. While some products need prescriptions, most can be used without a doctor;'s prescription.

The company has got multiple positive reviews for instant results and excellent customer support. The above article has shared detailed reviews of the Obagi skincare products, their best-selling products, and customer feedback. Learn from the above information and make an informed decision on where to start healing your skin condition.

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