SkinMedica Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth It?

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Struggling to achieve a naturally radiant look but never got any reliable cosmetic brand online? Gain your young-looking skin with SkinMedica products. Here are some tips you need to know about the brand.

Beauty products have been popular, and you know they are one of the necessities you need. However, most customers prefer quality makeup products over a budget. As a routine,  the products are essential, and regardless of how much they spend on them, nothing matters as long as they are guaranteed results and high quality.

Therefore, many alternative brands are online today; we will base our reviews on SkinMedica. This is a perfect option for people who value quality over price. If you want your naturally radiant look, complexion, and young-looking skin, then the SkinMedica brand is promised to cater to all your needs. There is a lot you need to know as a new customer.

You must evaluate to understand if investing in these skincare products is profitable or if the products are legit. Let us look at the company history before going into details about the feedback, promotions, contacts, and brand evaluation.

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SkinMedica Review

SkinMedica is one of the favorite cosmetic brands that offer medical-grade skincare solutions. The company aims not only to help customers around the world have young-looking skin but also to achieve the goal of having naturally radiant skin. These beauty or cosmetic products are designed to address all the skin conditions linked to aging signs. SkinMedica has been in the industry for a long time.

Because of its strong online presence through social media platforms and its high-quality products, it has also been featured on popular online media outlets that are not only limited to the US weekly but also go beyond Elle, etc. Therefore, if you struggle to access the right skincare solution, cruelty-free, organic, and professionally approved, SkinMedica is here to help you.

Dr. Richard Fitzpartrick, a dermatologist, founded SkinMedica; hence is well-versed in how one can reduce aging or slow down the aging appearance. Based on the information found online and in other review articles, Dr. Richard founded this brand in 1999, aiming to help unlock potential skin conditions based on the healing form within the body.

The company has worked on various research projects to formulate these skin care products that target conditions. To date, they are trying to be creative and innovative in the field while optimizing their products to make customers comfortable and feel amazing. The founder states that his happiness is seeing the customer change their skin condition, which improves their self-esteem and happy life.

Based on their innovation and the revolution, the company also boasts of having one of the best-selling skincare products that are clinically approved in the industry. Currently, SkinMedica is owned and operated by Allergan and owns numerous skin care products. It has its headquarters located in California. Though We have not exhausted everything about the company's history, that is a perfect basis to keep us going. Let us now compare the pros and cons of this brand.

SkinMedica Pros:

SkinMedica Cons:

Why We Like SkinMedica

Among the popular beauty brands that specialize in offering skin solutions is SkinMedica. The company has experienced professionals working around the clock to develop effective science backend ingredients that rely on growth factors to review the skin and revitalize it.

Today they have a wide range of skincare products which range from peels to power backend serums as well as complexes perfect for effectively regenerating the skin with the inside-out approach. These ingredients have been proven capable of penetrating down the skin, increasing hydration, and boosting collagen while ensuring you attain a younger-looking skin appearance that lasts longer.

The Best-Selling Skinmedica Skincare Products

In this section, we will give you some of the best skincare products so that you won't waste time testing every product to find the perfect one when you are new to this brand. Even though these products cost you a high-end price, they are high quality with guaranteed fast results since skin experts have made them, scientists, as well as biologists, have to help solve your skin condition. Therefore, the products are powerful for managing dullness, sunspots, and wrinkles. While the science behind these products sounds complex, the results are guaranteed and simple.

Therefore, one of the outstanding skincare products from SkinMedica's TNS Essential Serum can combat aging signs since it lowers oil production and collagen and reduces essential fats. They combine the TNS Recovery complex with APS corrective complex to help you gain a young-looking face or skin. The product has shown awesome results in fighting to recover fine-looking lines, textures, skin tone, and wrinkles.

TNS Recovery Complex is designed to offer your body extra messenger protein, which we call the growth factor responsible for developing a perfect skin complexion. It also helps in protecting the skin from UV rays and free radicals as it sinks while plumping your skin. This TNS Eye Repair relies on the TNS complex to achieve skin tone and texture and fight wrinkles. It also does not in the Boron Nitride, which can diffuse into the light to help create a clear illusion hence a brighter eyes appearance.

The list of the products is countless and involves HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator, which gained popularity in 2004 and relies on the 5 acid types to fight and improve the smoothness of your skin and gain youthful-looking skin. It instantly helps you moisturize your skin through a mixture of plant-based extracts that boost the appearance and health of your skin.

In terms of retinol, there is a popular Retinol Complex 0.5 that help not only to reduce wrinkles but also fights the irritation people experience while utilizing the retinol; hence you have to use this product after using another powerful retinol skincare product to reduce the side effects.

We need to make these reviews concise. Thus, the first of the best-selling products from SkinMedica is Scar Recovery Gel with Centerline fighting redness while reducing scars; Vitalize Peel smoothens all the fine lines to eliminate skin roughness, thus achieving a radiant look. Lytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum is mainly perfect for targeting all dark spots and eliminating them to restore the natural barrier on your skin that is correcting pigment.

Lytera 2.0 Advanced Pigment Correcting System supplements a skincare regimen that targets managing a particular skin condition. The products are numerous, but the above are perfect for getting you started with the brand's product on your journey to restore skin and get natural radiance.

Customer Review

While we know that SkinMedica is a popular brand and claims many things to offer to customers, we also need to hear something from experienced customers who have purchased and used these skincare products in real life. This is important to have prior knowledge. In summary, much online feedback praises the company for many reasons.

Thus, there are no reviews on their official website, but you can access some reviews on Sitejabber. After 58 reviews, the company gets a 3.17-star rating, indicating that average customers are impressed with the products. These ratings are based on the return, shipping policy, quality, services, value for the money, etc. Even though there are few negative reviews on Sitejabber, there are still many compliments. One of the verified purchasers says:-

"The products are of exceptional quality. They are incredible. They irritate my skin so much. It's a good thing when manufacturers look after their clients. Thanks. Recommend this brand as well."

On, this company also gets an overall rating of 3.8 after reviewing 124 products and 482 reviews, where 68% of the customers highly recommend the brand. Again 1340 global reviews on Amazon about the SkinMedica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator of 2 OZ give the product a rating of 4.6 stars. Customers are happy with these skincare products for the guaranteed results and multiple offers.

Moving ahead to the Blue Gray Gal website, there is a detailed blog about SkinMedica products. This also applies to The Derm Review, where the author evaluates why the brand is worth your money, analyzes the ingredients, and lists the best-selling products. The review on the Instyle is shallow, but it passes on the relevant information.

However, when it comes to the Lovely Skin website, each product has reviews beneath it. For the SkInMedica advanced + serum, the product gets 1262 reviews; of these, 996 gave it 5 stars. One of the happy customers on the Lovely Skin site praises this product with the below statement:

"I love this product and would give it five stars, but the dispenser did not work appropriately in the last three consignments, resulting in uneven arrival of the creamy side. Given that I am not the only customer enduring this, it may be worthwhile to follow up with SkinMedica. This product is too expensive to deal with this problem!"

Most of the above reviews, external sites, and blogs complement SkinMedica skin care products stating different reasons. A few negative experiences on the internet have been addressed. This is the perfect company if you need high-end luxury skincare products to help you reduce aging signs and other skin conditions.

Where to Buy SkinMedica

In the research session, we noted numerous stores online where you can purchase SkinMedica products. But first of all, the most efficient, trusted, and reliable store is ordering directly from their official website at Besides their online stores, we also have the below online retailers listed to have the SkinMedica skincare products in store. This is especially a good move if the brand cannot deliver or ship to your location:-

Is SkinMedica Worth It?

SkinMedica is one of the well-known brands, and the company is worth your money regarding skincare products. Even though there are a few downsides, such as not offering international shipping, still the products are available in online retailers. Some customers also complained about high prices. When you compare the quality, the products are worth the cost.

This is because the products are not only medically graded but also took the founder years in the research to formulate through scientific innovation. To make the products more efficient and high quality with guaranteed results. SkinMedica has proven to work effectively, and comparing this with the numerous positive ratings online, makes us come to a single conclusion, go for it.

If you want to make a difference in the appearance of your skin, then this is the brand for you. Capitalize their discounts and promotions and make it worth the cost. However, few customers have highlighted the skin reaction. Thus we do not recommend the products if you have susceptible skin. But the products never showed irritation or rashes on all sensitive skin, as seen online from the feedback.

In terms of medical grading, SkinMedica skin care products aim to give customers instant results but last longer than other alternatives online, which makes the products expensive but exceptionally powerful to elevate skin elegance. To make it short, this review highly recommends this brand when you want to achieve fast skin treatment results. It is worth trying out the products.

And for the negative reaction, the company has a favorable return policy that allows you to return to the company, and you'll get a guaranteed full refund. Note that when using these products, you must follow the instructions to minimize the side effects.

SkinMedica Discounts

Grab this SkinMedica chance and enjoy the discounts as well as promotions. Our brand reviews, as always, have to go into detail about what the company has to offer the customers to reduce expenses. Therefore, SkinMedica has a lucrative loyalty program where customers can purchase and earn points they can redeem to get discounted product prices.

The other discount is free shipping and a return, only limited to US-based customers who purchase the products from their official stores. Moreover, when you purchase products from $20 and above, you will receive an instant Brighter Eye Mask. These discounts are only valid when writing this review and are subject to changes.

SkinMedica Contact

In case you need further explanation or tips. Equally, if you have urgent issues needing help, you can channel your questions to the support team. From the Skin Medica website, the brand has listed various methods to connect them to the technical team.

First, they are present on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc., where you can follow them and engage with the team. If that sounds discouraging, then worry no more. These guys have provided the phone number for support at +1-866-867-0110. You can equally send your question through email to


Q. Who Owns the SkinMedica brand?

Presently, the above review concludes that Allergan owns SkinMedica. This is an American pharmaceutical firm, but it is based in Ireland. This is important, and you need to understand the basics.

Q. Is it true that SkinMedica skincare products are medically graded?

Definitely, yes, all SkinMedica skincare products are medically graded. This is because the products were scientifically researched and clinically approved as safe after the founder spent over 20 years in the research field working on the formula.

Q. Does the FDA approve SkinMedica skin care products?

It is always good, to be frank, and from the data online, many authors and reviewers have concluded with claims that all the SkinMedica skincare products are not yet to be FDA-evaluated and hence not approved.

Q. Does SkinMedica have a shipping policy?

If you are keen, you have noticed that SkinMedica has the US and Canada websites, and to get the order shipped to your location, you must place the order from the relevant site. Therefore, all US-based customers enjoy the free 2 to 3 days shipping which applies to all orders.

Some states also can access the expedited shipping option, in which you can only see the listed states during the checkout. Any orders you make on the weekday before 3 pm are shipped the same day to your location. Then you can also track your order using the link the brand shares with you during the order confirmation stage via the email address you provided.

Q. Does SkinMedica offer a return policy to all customers?

Amazingly, all customers can return the SkinMedica products as long as they are not comfortable with them, but this has to be done within 30 days of purchase. Immediately after the return has been confirmed and approved; then customers are entitled to receive a full refund. Also, they will refund you all the shipping fees and the retail price.

The order that qualifies for the refund means that the company will refund the money to the original account used to pay for the package, which takes up to 14 days to process. To initiate the return is very simple. You can start by reaching out to the support team, then, once confirmed, package the products, attach the prepaid shipping label, and drop the package at any nearby FedEx pickup point.


SkinMedica is a reputable company offering high-quality, affordable skin care products. Even though it sells the products and ships to US and Canadian-based customers, they also have online retailers from where international clients can access the products and order.

The company is an excellent choice to elevate your skin appearance and reduce aging signs. From the article, the brand also comes with a perfect return and shipping policy, contributing to its strong reputation online and on the market. It is a no-brainer brand for our favorite beauty companies.

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