Shinesty Review: Everyone Needs Comfortable Underwear!

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Are you looking for the best brand that offers fantastic designs, styles, and colors for different clothing, wears, and accessories? Let's see what Shinesty has to offer you.

There are too many online stores where you can buy a different kinds of items. You can agree with me that the fashion world is very wide and there are a lot of people who are investing in the fashion world today. There are a lot of people who offer different kinds of clothing from underwear, to suits, to shirts, and many more. There are different ways to identify good brands that offer great items.

You will have to check for the material used in making the items, then you need to check if there are available sizes for these items. Most times, companies do not produce a lot of sizes which might be uncomfortable if you are a plus size or you have a small stature. This review aims to introduce one of the best online marketplaces where you can shop for any kind of clothes you want.

Shinesty is an online shop where you can buy a different kinds of clothing, wears, and accessories. They are notable for their fantastic designs, colors, and styles. Are you finding it difficult to go about with this brand? Read this review to get all the necessary information about this brand. This will enable you to know if the brand is worth it or not.

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Shinesty Review

Shinesty is an online shop where you can buy different kinds of clothing, clothes, and accessories. They are notable for their fantastic designs, colors, and styles. If you are looking for a crazy or unique pattern of suits, underwear, shirts, shorts, accessories, etc. The brand has a great presence on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

However, there is not much information on the platform they have been featured on. This brand was founded by Jens Nicolaysen and Chris White in 2014. They were both students of the University of Colorado. The mission of the brand is to bring to you a wide collection of quality clothes. This review will look at the review and rating of their customers, the pros and cons, the reason why we like using this brand, promos, discounts, how to contact this brand for more information, and other important details.

Shinesty Pros

Shinesty Cons

Why We Like Shinesty

Just as this review has stated earlier, the brand offers a very wide variety of items to choose from. They offer underwear that is made of high quality, they still have different styles of swimwear, pajamas of numerous designs, pajamas, tops, shirts, suits, dresses, and many other accessories. You can go to their website to see their numerous items.

Customer Review

When this review checked on the brand’s official website for customer ratings and reviews, it was more positive. The analysis was done extensively so the review can get the actual feelings and experiences customers of this brand went through after buying from them. The review found that comments, feedback, and testimonies were satisfactory.

I made use of the official website of Shinesty. The review was very satisfactory, there is over a 4.5-star rating for this brand. With almost 90 percent of excellent remarks. The brand was judged based on the products, customer care, shipping, returns, quality, and so on. There was a little complaint about delayed shipment sometimes and delays in the processing of returns.

I bought some items which I wanted to use for my birthday anniversary. I did not get my shipment on time. It arrived the night before the anniversary. I was lucky I ordered 2 weeks apart. However, I am pleased with the quality.

Where to Buy Shinesty

To get the best deal, we advise you to go straight to their official website and do your shopping. You can still get them at good online retailers

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Is Shinesty Worth It?

This review has gotten to the part where we need to give our verdict if the brand is a legit and worth trial from intending customers. If you check out the customer review and rating, you will agree with me that the brand deserves the huge customer base they have. The brand has gotten a very high positive review from its customers which this review has found satisfactory.

The brand has gotten some backlash on their shipping delays sometimes. Some even still complain about delays in processing the returns. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy free shipping within the US, including free returns and exchanges. I will recommend this brand any day.

Shinesty Discounts

You can enjoy some promos and discounts when you buy from this brand

Shinesty Contact

You can reach out to the company if you want to inquire about information that you cannot find in this review


Q. What is the return policy of Shinesty?

When you order within the US, you will enjoy free returns and exchanges. However, you need to meet up with some requirements before your return claim will be legit. You will have to make any return within 30 days after purchase. You have to make sure the items are unworn, unwashed, and unaltered. Then you must make returns with their product tag intact. The shipping of the items can take up to 2 weeks together with the processing of the exchange. You have to pay the return fee. International returns come with a return shipping fee.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Shinesty?

The brand offers both domestic shipping which is within the US and international shipping to many countries. You can get your items domestically as fast as one day if it is processed on time. The brand offers shipping services to countries amounting to 194. you can get your shipment within 4 to 6 working days.

Q. Who can shop with Shinesty?

The brand offers clothes and other items for any kind of customer. Children, men, and women can find suitable wear on their website.


The brand offers a whole wide variety of clothing that is made of quality fabrics even at affordable prices. If you are very conscious about the value of your money or you are after ensuring you don’t wear a less quality item, then you should be shopping with Shinesty already. This review will help you make a decision.

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