Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Review: Does It Really Work?

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Are you looking for the best natural deodorant, a vegan brand on the market? Your answer might be in Schmidt's natural deodorant. Keep reading our reviews and evaluate if it is worth it.

Many brands online advertising to offer natural deodorants. At the same time, few come with the natural formula making the results pleasing, and few stick to their promises. Among the brands that have caught our attention is Schmidt's natural deodorant. Because of its strong reputation and its level among trending brands, it made us curious to explore it in detail.

You might be asking yourself if they offer the vegan brand and if they provide what they promise online. This is why we are here to take you through various aspects of the brand and company. Read our review to find out if the brand is right for you and check on the subscriptions they offer to make your life easier. We will cover from overview of why we have selected the brand, discounts, customer reviews, where to buy, and how to contact the company for inquiry. Read along with us to the end.

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Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Review

Schmidt’s is a company founded in 2010 in portland by Jamie Schmidt. When Jamie was pregnant, finding natural deodorant was an enormous challenge where; she decided to solve it by establishing Schmidt’s. Jamie spends a lot of time perfecting the flagship formula in the kitchen. This is a natural vegan cruelty deodorant that is made using essential oils.

Hence she advanced on the product and became the frontrunner in the world of natural deodorant in the unisex antiperspirant brands. Today, the company specializes in producing vegan deodorant items that comply with the soap and oral care line. The brand is the most awarded regarding natural deodorant on the market. For instance, they won accolades like the Allure 2020 best of beauty award, cosmopolitan 2020 beauty award, GQ 2020 Grooming award, and  Ask Men 2020 Grooming award.

This brand current guarantees you multiple methods to make your pits feel and smell fresh. These deodorants are now available in the form of sticks, jars, and sharp sticks with delicious scents like sage, lime, and rose. Though the selection is limited, the varieties come from the scents. The company has thousands of active audiences on the social media platforms such as Instagram, estimated to be over 140k followers. Again, the brand is aluminum free but based on coconut oil, where solid stick relies on mineral-derived and baking soda while warding off the odor.

Also, they have fragrance-free sensitive skin get in touch with the latest release, the company has the option to subscribe to their plans. This review will introduce you to the different aspects, customer reviews, why we like it, where o get the products, and many more other metrics. Some available options are Schmidt's Charcoal & Magnesium Deodorant Stick, Schmidt's Bergamot & Lime Deodorant Stick, Schmidt's Lavender & Sage Deodorant Stick, Schmidt's Rose & Vanilla Deodorant Stick, Schmidt's Here & Now Deodorant Stick, etc. Before that, here are some of the pros and cons of Schmidt's Natural Deodorant.

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Pros:

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Cons:

Why We Like Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

Subscription Options

The brand has a subscription option that allows the customers to choose the deodorant and then pick the month frequency as 1,2, 3, and 4. though the option is only valid for US-based customers. Though the subscriptions don't offer special deals and discounts to the clients, it is still the best option and more convenient than placing orders often.

The Odor Protection

While the brand promises to offer natural odor protection sourced from the mineral-enriched formula, in reality, they provide solid protection for the low-key day in which everything gets funky in the evening. The odor wears off as time goes through; this lingering fragrance is enough to mask the funk pretty well. They also recommend staying away from tight-fitting clothes to avoid grayish stains.

Smooth and Aromatic Feel

The products, though, promise an aromatic, smooth, and luxurious feel and tend to be grittier than you expect. The product, though, does not have a fine texture; they offer a creamy and smooth line to the sensitive skin that does not come along with the baking soda.

The Top-Selling Scent

the company promises the mineral fragrance and top-selling scent, but when it comes to the genuine product, it is a bold though but fresh and unisex scent. The antiperspirants contain aluminum salts which help in preventing someone from sweating when they block the pores. However, this deodorant only promises to curb the odor by targeting the sweat bacteria. Therefore, if you want a natural deodorant, then go for this brand though it does not stop users from sweating due to the lack of aluminum in the ingredient.

Customer Review

You might be asking yourself if this Schmidt's Natural Deodorant works well. Excellent, and this is where we are now headed to. From the customer reviews is where you can deduct everything you ever wish to know about Schmidt's Natural Deodorant is concerned. Though some external sites offer mixed reactions to the products, most of the reviews are in favor.

From the research, the brand has a large, devoted fanbase. We can start from the Amazon reviews, where the brand has 24231 reviews from the global rating. The overall rating is 4.2, which is excellent, and out of all these people, 65% gave it 5 stars and recommended the products to their friends. Only 9% gave it 1 star. The review on amazon is based on the aspects like the scent, ease of spreading, sensitive skin, value for money, longevity, and comfort.

People were pleased with the scents giving it 4.1 stars. One of the clients of amazon states,

'I've used different deodorants, and I've been looking for a deodorant that has a fantastic Patchouli smell, and I believe that this is it. As soon as you apply, it feels excellent. It smells like lemon and lime, and after a while, even if you sweat, the lingering smell is patchouli. I love it and will keep buying it until it's no longer available. LOL, I can't wait to try all the other scents'

Going back to the platform on the sales section, you can as well access a few reviews praising the brand based on the e effectiveness and its pleasant scent. For instance, Agent Nateur has a 4.6 rating after 31 reviews, and one of the clients complements saying,

'I used to be a clinical strength antiperspirant fanatic who still got stinky and sweaty, and this product has been my holy grail.' It didn't even require a detox time to work. Will purchase indefinitely.'

The positive reviews on Schmidt's Natural deodorant continue to other external sites appreciating the honest practices, their approachable pricing, and the organic ingredient in the products. Every product must have well have a negative impact, especially online. Some Sitejabber and Trustpilot reviews highlight the negative side of the brand.

Though there are fewer reviews on Sitejabber, the company scores poor reviews while Trustpilotgets average of 3.5 stars out of 5 after 2 reviews. Someone complained of the poor plastic packaging, which seems like a waste but still on the same platform; one client complimented the efficient customer support and refund policy which only takes minutes over the phone.

Based on the above customer reviews, you can arguably judge and tell us if the brand is worth it all at whichever cost. If you are not yet convinced, let us proceed with other sections about the brand before you make an informed decision.

Where to Buy Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

If you want to set your hands on Schmidt's Natural Deodorant, you can first consider Schmidt's website in the sales section for the product listing. But still, these products are also available online in various stores. These include Amazon, Bed, Bath, Target, London Drugs, Ecco-Verde, Walgreens, etc. you can visit the official website to access the complete partner retail lists.

Does Schmidt sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Schmidt stores on Amazon.

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Is Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Worth It?

Based on the customer reviews, our research, and various aspects, we can agree that the brand is worth trying because it first can easily surpass its counterparts in terms of health benefits. Though you need to do some extra bucks. but, we are with a similar option that the products are worth as one of the best natural deodorants. Secondly, the conscious consumers of the products are looking for practical as well as natural items of which, which is problematic to get online. This brand works and has recorded multiple customers returning to the stores to order more products from the shelve.

Thus, they also have negative reviews online criticizing some ingredients that reach with the chemistry of some people, which is not the case with the other customers. So, we recommend that you be aware of the possible allergies if this is a new product you are trying. Hence, we conclude that Schmidt's is a vegan, natural, and cruelty-free product that has often received awards in the natural deodorants niche, specifically in eh North American region. They also accelerate their selling point due to the unisex scents, affordable pricing, and unique return policy. Please give it a go and never hesitate or wait for anything.

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Discounts

Like other brands, Schmidt's also offers discounts and promo codes. For instance, they advertise 20% off on purchases using the promotion code THEBIGGAMES20. Still, the company offers discounts like makeup and more, up to 40% off on beauty deals from favorite brands. And if you are a new Nordstrom credit user, you have an exclusive bonus of $40. There are plenty of other discounts. You only need to keep checking the sites for new deals like the anniversary sales.

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Contact

Anytime you feel you have a pressing issue that needs help, you can contact Schmidt's customer support team for guidance. You can reach out to them through the email address at or by telephone: at 855-866-9748 anytime.


Q. How long does Schmidt’s Deodorant last on the skin?

According to our review and information on their website, the deodorant keeps your body or the surroundings odor free for at least 24 hours.

Q. Is Schmidt’s Deodorant safe to use in our daily life?

First, the products are made from natural ingredients. Secondly, there is no aluminum or other artificial part in the ingredient. This only means that the brand is safe to use. However, when you have sensitive skin, it can cause rash or allergies if you are a new user,

Q. Does Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant darken armpits?

This darkening is because of the reaction on the armpits when you feel irritated, which in most cases is often seen with brands containing aluminum and baking soda. But with, Schmidt's Natural Deodorant does not contain any of the above ingredients though people are different and it can happen based on your health condition with other deodorants.


Schmidt's natural deodorants offer a variety of brands on the platform, even though the text and odor protection is not impressive. But based on the positive reviews online, responsive customer support, and experience, it is the brand worth trying. Remember, it is sensitive to heat and cold, but it is vegan and available in multiple stores with a flexible return policy.

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