Killstar Clothing Review: *Pros and Cons* Does It Worth the Money?

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Killstar is the real deal, but it's too expensive for fast fashion. So should you pay for it? You'll find out the answer in this review.

To a certain fact and state of today, Fashion is a lifestyle that cuts across every race, belief, religion, and all. If you take a good look at our society today we do have numerous styles, patterns, diverse materials, and all, but then when it comes to uniqueness, quality, style, and great creativity look no further than Killstar clothing. The name of the brand speaks for itself; it’s a brand with a difference.

It is special, it is unique. They use a combination of black rocky, punk-like features, and other accessories such as gothic designs, a touch of Flare Halloween, etc. Their fan on social media is as many as a million followers, This shows the high esteemed rate at which the brand is being held. If you don’t know how to go about these products and all other accessories such as shoes, read this review to get information about this brand. The review will explain all the essential things you need to know for you to patronize this brand.

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Killstar Clothing Review

Killstar Clothing is a brand that cuts across male and female, they sell clothes in retail made of designs inspired through Alternate rock, and Gothic items, largely all black. The company was founded in the United Kingdom in 2010. The brand has gained momentum since then till now, increasing in followership and having a large customer base. Kill star was featured in the gothic beauty magazine and it is recognized internationally.

The range at which this brand extends in terms of designs and accessories; is large, coupled with how unique or special the brand's products are. Ultimately this has helped in retaining loyal customers and constant patronage. This review on Killstar Clothing will fill you up with quality information about the brand and its different accessories, what customers think about this brand, the pros, and cons of this brand, promotions, discounts, how to contact the brand among others.

Killstar Clothing Pros

Killstar Clothing Cons

Why We Like Killstar Clothing

The Killstar Dresses

You can see most of these dresses in blood-red colors or sometimes black. You might be looking at a fashion that is contemporary witchy, then you are about to make the right pick. They have bestsellers such as Killstar Hocus Party Dress, Killstar Wild At Heart Sweater Dress, etc. You can get these dresses at an average price of $45.

The Killstar Leather Jackets

If you are looking for a bad boy or bad girl swag/style, then this is your best bet. Being a badass should be well complimented by your outfit. These jackets usually come in black color. Some best-sellers are Killstar Leather Jackets (Vegan), etc. You can buy this jacket for $130.

Customer Review

There is a fantastic customer review on this brand almost everywhere on the internet. However, this customer review will take in-depth research on everything customers are saying about this brand both negatively or positively. The review found out that customers are very pleased about the products based on the quality of the products, delivery, cost, their customer service, the company, how they have been attending to issues relating to the brand especially when it has to do with customers.

To know what customers feel about this brand, I carried out my research from Trust pilot being one of the leading review websites to get legit feedback from honest customers. On this website, there is a 4.7-star rating with over 80% excellent remarks made for this brand. This goes as far as telling you how customers are satisfied with the products of this brand. It also further explains why you have no fear of getting your products.

When I bought mine, this was the best customer experience ever. I have tried other brands before now, Killstar clothing is the best. They have superior materials with great quality and design. Very fashionable clothes.

Where to Buy Killstar Clothing

You can purchase products associated with this brand through the website

Is Killstar Clothing Worth It?

The brand has enjoyed a very high rate of favorable comments on its quality on the internet which serves as a big achievement for the brand. Then numerous feedback from customers is all positive. From customers stating their satisfaction by patronizing this brand based on having superior quality, to having good customer service, great shipping, and delivery process, and even down to the customer support team being able to solve issues on time.

They also have a great VIP program to help accumulate points for purchase. This is a form of offering rewards and promotions to the customer to buy at a discounted price. They also have a wide collection of items for you to choose from. With this, I will always recommend this brand anytime.

Killstar Clothing Discounts

As of the time of this review, there are no coupon codes for killstar to be specific. There is also a section for clearance that shows a lot of discounts for some of the brand's products. However, you can sign up to get a nice offer.

Killstar Clothing Contact

If you have questions or you require more information beyond the scope of this review, you can contact Killstar clothing on their website by


Q. What is Killstar’s return policy?

The brand offer returns and There is certain information that must be provided for a return or refund, you will have to provide your Email Address, the Item you are returning, The number you used to Order, All information must be submitted via email, you can as well send this information via the website for the brand using a form for request or you can make it as a sheet printed for return. The brand ought to be contacted as well when you intend to return labels. Kindly note that any form of exchange or reforms must be done within the range of Two weeks.

Q. Where is Killstar Clothing made?

The Designs for Killstar is made in the United States and then it is produced in Asia, Killstars websites tell more of the product, stating clearly they don’t work with producers that make use of a sweatshop(s). These products are developed and produced in New Jersey, United States.

Q. Is Killstar Ethical?

Leathers made of Vegan and Materials of Synthetic texture are used to further prove it does not harm and is environmentally accepted. It is free from harm’s way on animals.

Q. Does Killstar clothing truly fit in size?

This Brand truly fits in size from the customer review; it is made with various sizes to suit different users according to their body sizes.


Killstar Clothing is made with absolute class and materials that are not harmful to the body, It is amazing when you see the various sizes and options the brand has to offer, it is a fact that the brands aim and uniqueness is a major catalyst in having inspiring designs that are super attractive to their ever-growing customer base. This review will help you with your decision.

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