Nutrafol Review: Does It Really Work for Your Hair Loss?

Ashley F. Bibbs

Nutrafol is a professional hair growth supplement company for women and men. Is it worth trying? If you're on the fence, check out our honest review.

Hair loss is a general health issue that may occur as a result of aging or due to some health condition. The process of hair loss can also be caused by heredity. Anyone can be affected by hair. However, it is more common in men. Whatever the case or cause of losing your hair maybe, the next step to take is to find a solution to the problem. If you are just noticing the hair loss, you should tackle it now before it gets worst. You might have been searching for the best hair growth but you have been unlucky with your search because they have not been effective.

Nutrafol is one of the best nutraceutical companies that help in producing hair growth supplements. Their supplements target hair loss of any degree. If you have been having difficulty in getting a quality brand that offers superior supplements to take care of your hair loss, then you have to read this review on Nutrafol, as this review aims to explain everything you need to know about this brand

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Nutrafol Review

Nutrafol is a nutraceutical supplement company that is specialized in the production of healthy hair growth for both men and women. This company is a fast-growing coming when it comes to tackling hair loss in women and men. They have millions of customers who benefit from their hair loss targeted supplements. In 2013, this brand was founded by Roland Peralta, Dr. Sophia Kogan, and Giorgos Tsetis.

This company is highly sustainable because they use premium quality ingredients that are sourced all over the world. They make use of natural resources and support sustainable growers. They make use of natural ingredients that are toxin-free and that are clean. The method they use in the production of these supplements further enhances the reduction of food waste.

This review targets the best sellers of this brand, the reason why I like using Nutrafol, what customers think about this brand, the pros, and cons of this brand. I also highlighted some discounts and promos you can enjoy while using their products and some other important factors you need to know.

Nutrafol Pros

Nutrafol Cons

Why I like using Nutrafol

Nutrafol for Women

If you are looking for what will help improve the thickness of your hair, improve the strength of your hair, and improve the growth of your hair like a woman, then you should order this and start making your progress step by step. It has a synergy complex that is patent. You can get a bottle of this supplement for $88 only.

This is a blend of 21 clinically, powerful beneficial ingredients and formulas that have been greatly shown and proven (tested and trusted) to help improve and increase hair quantity and growth. It can balance stress hormones to render help to the hair-growth circle. The marine collagen ingredients found can provide amino acid which stands as a building block to strengthen the hair.

Nutrafol for Men

The Nutrafol men supplement is an award-winning hair growth supplement that helps in the overall growth of the hair and gives your hair scalp coverage and a visible thickness. Since it is meant for men, it targets the male pattern of hair loss by rooting out the causes of hair thinning such as stress, hormones, and poor nutrition.

It tries to carry out this task without compromising sexual performance. You can get the bottle for $88 too. You need to boost your hair growth confidence by placing an order for one or signing up for a monthly subscription.

Customer Review

This review on customer thoughts about this brand is centered around what the brand stands for and the service they render. Keeping in mind that services also include customer care, shipping, and other aspects that make us a company. If a brand is lacking in one aspect, they will get a review on it, same thing goes for excellent service rendered. I analyzed the feedback of customers, so you should get ready to read the honest experience from customers that are using this brand.

I made use of a trusted review website for this review. Trust Pilot came top as my review website, there was a 2.5 rating for this brand. However, the rating has been termed poor because they were no excellent remarks, it was more of average remarks. It was a mixture of positive and negative remarks. Some complained of the inability to cancel the subscription. Some said they saw improvement but it took 3 months.

I bought the hair growth supplement, I was using it for 2 months but I was not satisfied with the improvement I saw, so I stopped using it. After a while, I decided to give it a try again. It works, you need to be patient and consistent.

Where to Buy Nutrafol

You can buy Nutrafol supplements on their official website and a few reliable online retailers too

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Is Nutrafol Worth It?

You might be very interested in knowing the verdict I will receive due to the review and rating from the review website. I will critically analyze this brand, products, service, and also the experiences customers had with the company including myself.

Sometimes, there are certain reasons why a product may not work perfectly well for you. It may be that you have not been applying the product the right way. Scientifically, no formula will generate hair growth instantly, for now, it is impossible. You may want to be a bit patient and follow the instructions the company has about the usage of the hair growth supplement.

The company gives the time frame at which you can start seeing improvement, between 3 to 6 months. This is the period for the effective performance of the formula. For the other benefits like free shipping, the products passing clinical testing and approved by the FDA are benefits. There are some other benefits too. I will recommend this brand. Before going for it, make sure you are ready to be patient and consistent.

Nutrafol Discount

As at the time of this review, I found only one discount available

Nutrafol Contact

For more information beyond the scope of the review, you can contact Nutrafol via the following means


Q. Will Nutrafol products work for my hair?

The very short answer they can give now is yes. Every hair has a shape of the follicle by which your hair grows, this determines your hair type. If you have an oval-shaped hair follicle or a flat one, it is good you know that the more circular your hair follicle is, the more straightforward it will be. Their products always have nutrients that all hair needs to keep it beautiful always.

Q. How does the Nutrafol hair growth work?

They are in a period where you don’t have to blame your parents for hair loss anymore. Other elements cause hair loss such as pollution, toxins, exposure to UV, over-styling, oxidative stress, inflammation, hormones, and cortisol. Their ingredients pass through clinical trials and are approved by the FDA. You don’t have to worry.

Q. How long will it take Nutrafol to start working?

On average, from 30 to 60 days. This is the time frame at which most customers begin to experience improvement. But for a fully effective result, you can rest assured around 90 days. They took clinical trials, and the participants who got engaged began to see progress in volume and thickness around 3 and 6 months.

Q. What is the shipping policy in Nutrafol?

If you are making an order from the US, there is free shipping for you. However, they offer international shipping to a limited number of countries. For orders from the US, it will take between 3 to 7 days. While your location determines the shipping time if you are ordering from another country.


This brand believes that when you are in control of your health and your growth, you are already growing in another aspect. You grow in inner strength, confidence, and feeling. With this, you will be empowered to help the people around you to grow too.

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