FIGS Scrubs Review: *Pros and Cons* Does It Worth the Money?

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FIGS Scrub is a brand specialized in producing medical apparel. It is comfortable, durable, and affordable. But should you really buy them?  Don't worry, check out our review!

With so many challenges healthcare provider faces every day, it is just normal for them to look for what will be comfortable while they carry out their daily task. You might find it difficult in finding medical apparel that comes with class, style, and comfort at the same time. Knowing this problem and how to fix it, FIGS Scrubs aims to change the present daily medical appearance into a stylish design that is very functional and comfortable.

They aim to provide a professional outfit that will be comfortable for health workers while they care for the needs of their patients. It is not just fashionable clothes they designed, they designed attractive medical kits to help care for patients. If you have been having issues finding a complete medical apparel kit that will help you carry out your day-to-day activity with ease and style, read this review on FIGS Scrubs to know everything about this company and what they do.

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FIGS Scrubs Review

FIGS Scrubs is a company that specializes in producing medical clothing kits. They aim to change medical clothing with their innovative idea by creating apparel with classy designs, high-performance clothing with adequate comfort. This clothing fabric uses the FION Technology which makes it fashionable, durable, and comfortable.

FIGS Scrubs was founded by Heather Hasson in 2013. This brand was co-founded by Trina Spear. The goal of FIGS Scrubs is to transform the work clothing in the medical world to provide maximum comfort while caring for sick people. They are committed to the global community and suit the needs of medical professionals. They help to improve medical apparel through its designs, fabrics, comfort, price, and customer experience.

This review aims to reveal the innovations behind the FIGS Scrubs brand, and everything about the brand including the pros and cons. This will enable you to make your decision regarding how worthy this brand is.


  • They have men’s and women’s medical clothing available
  • Their price is affordable
  • The FION Technology used in the proprietary fabrics enhances durability and comfort
  • Moisturizing wick technology
  • You can order for your team from medical facilities
  • They have a great app for ordering, tracking, shopping, etc
  • Free shipping when you buy items worth $50 and above
  • They ship to some other countries such as the UK, North America, Australia, and more


  • They don’t offer worldwide shipping yet
  • They have a long delivery time and low customer service based on customer reviews

Why We Like FIGS Scrubs

The Women Scrub

If you work in the medical field, this brand has a complete women's scrub collection that includes one pocket scrub top, skinny scrub pants, the core set, and the button-up lab coat. The Catarina one-pocket scrub top has a very neat look made from FION Technology fabrics, it has a comfortable fit that is professional and a sleek V neck. It has only one chest pocket, with an anti-wrinkle feature, antimicrobial technology, etc.

The Yola skinny scrub pants are modern with fashionable lines. The buttons are shapeless and not bulky. It contains 11 pockets for multi-tasking. These pants are very soft with anti-wrinkle too. The core set is the most affordable and easiest among the FIGS Scrubs. It is available in styles for bottoms and tops. The button-up lab coat is designed knowing fully when it is meant for women. It comes with a female style and shape. It contains a four-pocket to keep the necessary things you need close to you. It is made to resist odor, stains, and liquid.

The Men Scrub

Not leaving the men behind, they have classic designs for the men too. They have the three-pocket scrub top, basic scrub pant straight leg, the front-line set, etc. You can buy the front-line set for $72. This was designed because of the courageous work doctors and nurses are doing. It was designed with the intention of donations. It has one color which is navy blue. It was created during the Pandemic so that doctors and medical personnel can change their outfits frequently.

The Pisco basic scrub pants straight leg is designed to give a tailored look with FION Technology fabrics. It has four pockets with an anti-wrinkle feature. It is available for $48 with colors ranging from, navy, ceil blue, Caribbean blue, neon red or blue, etc. The Chisel three pocket scrub top has a semi-loose fit, the pockets are kept hidden because of the smooth seam. You can get it for $38

Set for Students

If you are a student and you want to get some of these medical apparel kits and clothing, you can buy fitted ones and at the same time enjoy a discount while buying them. What you need to do as a student is register and click on the student discount link in the checkout. Then you can verify your information with and that is all. Once you are verified, your discounts will be applied.

Customer Review

This review will not be complete if customer testimonies are not added. I did my research to know the exact things customers are saying about this brand. The feedback customers gave after using the products made by FIGS Scrubs.

In my search for testimonials, Trust Pilot came out as the top website for my review on this brand. They were having a 2.1 rating, which is somehow poor. Most customers complained about the shipping time and delays, they also complained about the bad customer service experience. However, there were still good testimonies about this brand, quality, comfort, and ease of use. So, it's worth purchasing a pair of Figs scrubs.

After 6 weeks I did not receive what I ordered, I spoke to the customer service but they were slow with their response. However, when I finally received my order, it was fantastic. I enjoyed using it because it was made of good quality fabric. I have been using it ever since. It is the most comfortable scrubs I have ever worn!

Where to Buy FIGS Scrubs

FIGS Scrub products are strictly sold on the website. However, you can get a limited selection of these products at Amazon.

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Are FIGS Scrubs Worth It?

When writing this review, it will be very difficult for me to recommend this brand if it should focus on the poor customer service experience of many customers. However, the brand is beyond only customer service experience. First I will advise you to pay attention to what you want to order before checking out to avoid the mistake which will lead you to contact customer support.

In general, the aim of the brand so far is to create comfortable medical clothing that will enhance performance. They have been able to achieve this goal. They produce quality products, comfortable and durable ones, and at affordable prices. They even integrate FION Technology that enables it to last longer, enhance comfort and fashion.

Considering the two setbacks (customer service and delivery time) in comparison with the other benefits of using this brand, I can say you can stand a chance to benefit more. Free shipping when you order for $50 and above, a good return policy with a referral discount is worth it. The brand has won international recognition. With all these in check, I can recommend FIGS Scrub.

FIGS Scrubs Discounts

From this review, we found out the following discount available

FIGS Scrubs Contact

For more information about FIGS Scrubs beyond this review, you contact them via the following means


Do the clothing of FIGS Scrubs shrink?

Yes, they can shrink if not properly taken care of. To avoid shrinking, we recommend you to wash FIGS Scrubs clothing turned inside out using cold water and then dry it tumble. This will avoid the shrinking of your cloth.

What is the best size for me?

To get the best fit, you can use the size chart which is available on our official website. It comes with a combination of size, bust, waist, and hip measurements.

What is the shipping policy of FIGS scrubs?

Free shipping for items ordered worth $50 and above within the United States of America. The average delivery time is within 3-7 days.

What is their return policy?

All returns should be made within 30 days of purchase time. It should be in its new and unworn state.

What‘s our recommendation to get the best deals?

If you’d like to order some FIGS Scrubs I also recommend signing up for their email list, because they frequently send out emails with discount codes.

What are FIGS Men's Scrub Tops?

Their men’s scrubs come in several different styles, with multiple choices for both tops and bottoms: FIGS Men’s Scrub Tops: Grafton Luzon Leon Chisec FIGS Men’s Scrub Bottoms: Cape Tansen Pisco Axim Cario Yamba There are several different styles to choose from, making it easy to mix and match to create multiple uniforms for the workweek.

What are the sizing issues?

However, reviewers noted one specific sizing issue: FIGS men’s scrubs, specifically the pants, lack an ideal fit.


Taking care of patients or sick people can be stressful especially when you do it wearing an uncomfortable outfit. Many doctors find it very comfortable to use apparel that you can easily put on with all the necessary kit they need. It makes their work very easy. This review will assist you in making a great choice.

Helpful References

  • On top of that, Figs scrubs help nurses to deliver optimal patient care by reducing hospital-acquired infection through their 100% antimicrobial fabric.
  • That’s why Figs developed their Threads for Threads Initiative - helping to outfit healthcare workers in need and reduce hospital-acquired infection by 66%.
  • New scrubs help improve caregiver happiness by 100%
  • The site further states, “any orders from our 50%-off or more sales are final sale and cannot be returned.” 

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