Sand Cloud Review: *Pros and Cons* Does It Worth to Buy?

Nicole J. Holstein

Do we have to pay more for Sand Cloud, which specializes in environmentally friendly and well-designed towels, clothing, swimwear, and accessories, than its peers?

If you are the type that likes the outdoors, you will be familiar with beach towels and other accessories. Generally, everyone buys swimwear, towels of any kind, clothing for swimming and beach, and other important accessories. Getting this wear from a trusted brand can become an issue because different brands claim to produce quality material but at the end of the day, they don’t meet up the standard of what you want. If you are looking for towels, swimwear, different outdoor clothing, and accessories for yourself, then you need to closely look at the material used in producing these products.

Sand Cloud is a company that deals with the production of thoughtful and eco-friendly towels, swimwear, clothes, and other items which are made from sustainable material. This brand is known for the towel as one of the first products they started producing. If you are confused about how to go about getting the necessary clothing, towel, or accessories from this brand, then you should read this review to know everything about this company.

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Sand Cloud Review

Sand Cloud is a company that offers thoughtfully-designed and eco-friendly towels, swimwear, clothing, and accessories. However, the towel was their first product that draw the attention of other investors. Since the time of the deal on investment, this brand has been named a fast-growing company. This brand was founded by Brandon Leibel, Bruno Aschidamini, and Steven Ford in San Diego, CA. It was officially founded in 2014.

They had a major investor who helped in boosting the company. It was termed the Shark Tank Sand Cloud investment. This investment made Sand Cloud's net worth amount to millions of dollars. This review aims to discuss the company, why I like Sand Cloud, what customers are thinking about this brand, the pros and cons of Sand Cloud, and many more. It will help you know if this brand is worth it or not.

Sand Cloud Pros

  • The apparel, towels, and accessories are made with the use of sustainable materials
  • They are an option of afterpay method of payment
  • There is a hundred percent happiness guarantee
  • The towels are resistant to sand, pack-able, and dry quickly
  • 10% of the profit they make is being donated to marine life conservation charities
  • When you sign up for their newsletter, you get free shipping, 15% off, or 5% off

Sand Cloud Cons

  • Their towels are more expensive compared to regular beach towels

Why We Like Sand cloud

Sand Cloud Towels

The famous Sand Cloud towels are Turquoise Turtle Seagrass Large towel which has a double side and Wanderlust XL towel which is dyed with the hand. These towels have good features that make them stand out. Made from 100% cotton which makes it to be highly absorbent. However, they are made to dry up quickly. You can get them for $68 each.

Sand Cloud Bundles

This bundle aims to provide beach towels that are not like regular beach towels. You can get bath apparel, towels, bedroom linens, and even water bottles which make up total fun while at the beach. The few bundles are Sand Cloud Gray Bath Bundle, Sand Cloud Rip Current Bundle, and Sand Cloud Ocean Friendly Bundle. Cost around $73 to $135. The prices also depend if there is a discount or not.

Customer Review

This review on Sand Cloud will take a close at the various experiences customers share. I have carried out the analysis and checked reliable review websites to know what customers are saying about this brand. In my research, I found out that more customers gave remarks on their towels compared to other products they offer. The average experience with the towel is that features the towel possesses is exactly what the customers made positive remarks on.

I made use of the Trust pilot for this review. On this website, the brand has a 3.6-star rating with 62% excellent feedback from a customer who was satisfied with the products. Just 24% complained about the price and some other minor aspects. Customers remarked on the good customer service, superb shipping services, and how comfortable and warm their apparel is.

I bought this towel when there was a lot of humidity. I noticed that the other towels were all wet except the Sand Cloud towel. I was happy because it saved the day. People complain of the high price but for me, it is worth it. Premium quality.

Where to Buy Sand Cloud

To get access to the best selection and best deals, you can shop on their official website.

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Is the Sand Cloud Worth It?

Unlike other regular beach towels, the Sand cloud towels are more expensive. However, the company backs up its price with the fact that its towels are of more quality than other regular beach towels. The materials used in producing this towel are sustainable, made with great fabric, dry quickly, and so on. Not only did the brand try to justify their price, but customers also.

Our review of the thoughts of customers on this product found that most of them are satisfied with the price because of what they stand to achieve. Most times, customers are after comfort even before premium quality.

There are some other benefits like getting free shipping, 5% off, or 15% off when you register for their newsletter. You can also pay installments if you do not have enough money at the moment. You can also enjoy the happiness guarantee. With all these to enjoy you can see why it will be very unfair for me not to recommend this brand. They even give 10% profits to a charity organization. This company is worth your trial.

Sand Cloud Discount

You can enjoy the following when you shop for the products of Sand Cloud.

Sand Cloud Contact

For more information about this brand beyond this review, you can reach them using the following means


How much does Sand Cloud charge for their shipping?

If you are buying Sand Cloud products from the US, you will enjoy free shipping if the order is above $100. for any other kind of shipping, at the checkout, the cost of the shipping will be calculated.

Do Sand Cloud have absorbent towels?

Sand Cloud uses almost half of the regular beach towel fabric while producing its towels. Still, it is very absorbent which is why their towels are premium. In addition to that, it is very quick to dry.

What is the shipping policy of Sand Cloud?

If you are ordering from the United States of America, you are expected to get your package within 4 to 7 working days. However, during days where there is a high volume of shipments or unforeseen circumstances, it can take between 7 to 10 working days. If you are ordering internationally, you are expected to get your shipment within 15 to 21 working days. However, during days where there is a high volume of shipments, it can take between 18 to 25 working days.

Do you know the worth of this brand?

Sand Cloud has been doing well in terms of revenue. The brand is worth more than $10 million.

What is the Sand Cloud Bath Bundle?

The Sand Cloud bath bundle includes two bath towels and two hand towels made from soft, organic cotton.

How do I wash the towels?

The washing instructions state to machine wash the towels in cold water.

What is Sand Cloud's mission?

With a mission to "save marine life," Sand Cloud donates 10% of profits to non-profit partner organizations like the Marine Conservation Institute, Surfr.


If you are looking for a towel that has been produced using sustainable material, then your best choice should be Sand cloud. They have durable towels that are water absorbent, it dries very fast. This review will help you make your decision.


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  • packable Get 5% off, 15% off, or free shipping when signing up for their newsletter Afterpay payment options

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