AQUIS Hair Towel Review: High-Quality Microfiber Towels for Efficient Hair Drying

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Are AQUIS hair towels a good option and worth the money? If you want a legit customer review about this reputable brand, read our review and find out if they offer high-quality microfiber towels to pull excess water from your hair without issues.

You are searching for a hair towel for your reasons and preferences. In most cases, customers have justified the vital reason to help their daughters or kids remove excess water from their hair after a shower. Therefore, if you don't want to engage in blow drying tasks, you can opt for this option but ensure you utilize the towel before bed to avoid wetting beds through wavy hair.

Equally, it does come with changes if you leave your hair wet over a long period. Consequences are worse than prevention. This is because when you leave your wet hair overnight, they tend to attract bacterial growth.

Through the search for a solution, we encountered AQUIS hair towels, and we wanted to know more about this company. Before going into finer details involving bestselling hair towels, where to order from, discounts, and if they are worth it, we should start with the company overview in the next section.

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AQUIS Hair Towel Review

AQUIS is a firm that has ventured into the industry and specializes in designing and offering creative hair care devices and products. These are the likes of turbans, fast-drying towels, as well as many restorative products on the market. The company works alongside hair biology specialists to help you rebuild your beauty, hair vitality, and strength. And serving from the dry to pre-wash, the devices are dedicated to serving you efficiently.

Because of their dedication, the company has been featured in popular magazines like Business Insider and New York Magazine. Today, they have taken over the industry, ranking their products as essential. Looking at the poosh partnership, the company works hard to serve people worldwide, ranging from the celeb to typical citizens.

This review aims to bring you clear insights for the next step. Otherwise, the company was founded by Britta Cox. The founder spends a lot of time taming hair, smoothing it, strengthening it, and volumizing it to ensure it dries without issues. Through her research on the ski sector, the founder discovered the power of high-performance fabrics, which can wick moisture in the shortest time possible.

To expound on her understanding, she traveled to Japan and collaborated with the professionals utilizing the fabric material through athletic products. After that, she fashioned the first AQUIS hair towel in 1990. There were the out-of-control locks featuring luxury drying power. It was the first time Cox established hand free as well as after-drying products on the market.

These hair towels do not have any clangs like friction and excess heat to the user. Her husband, Cox, and Suveen Sahib decided to expand and develop the business in 2018, which now caters to hair care products. In the same year, they launched their perfect prime hair care system. Remember that, during this phase, there was nothing like AQUIS cosmetics.

However, these products offered customers multiple healthy and hair benefits. Besides the benefit, AQUIS also recorded a few criticisms from customers. Before jumping into the top-selling products, here is a clear comparison of these benefits and weaknesses to help you get a fine overview.

AQUIS Hair Turban Pros:

AQUIS Hair Turban Cons:

Why We Like AQUIS Hair Towel

AQUIS Towels and other skincare products have become popular among beauty enthusiasts. On top of the above benefits and comparison with a few drawbacks, there are still many other reasons you should trust this brand. We also take you through the best-selling products in line with our review guidelines. This will give you a clear picture of the company and how or where to start.

The Best-Selling Aquis Towels And Turbans Products

When you hear AQUIS, a hair towel comes to your mind. Still, the company has established a patented turban shape with a button closure with matching unique microfiber. Aquitex is their basic proprietary fabric that consists of 20% nylon. At the same time, the rest is polyester, and in reality, the founders were inspired to design this soft and absorbent workout material.

We now intend to highlight some of the best-selling Hair towels and Turbans, covering their unique features, shades, and design. Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Turban is opening up a list considered a pioneer. It offers gentle hair-drying power to use as a bath towel. It is perfect for straight, curly, fine, and wavy hair types but cuts across all lengths.

Take away the pair from hair drying using this Turban, and you can select from unique shades in-store. Up next is Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Towel, a sister to the first Turban, as it was designed to offer you the post-shower time tasks to get a perfect experience. You don't have to turn your head upside down when you have this hair towel. Its extra absorbent power dries your hair without breakage, split, and frizz.

But it is recommended for medium and short hair alone. The second Turban on the list is Rapid Dry Double Layer Hair Turban which is ideal for people that shower before bedtime. While it is a reversible item, it features two ultra-fine ingredients: silk charmeuse as well as Aquitex Microfiber. With these materials, it can soak moisture, and silk minimizes friction at night on top of managing tangles and a bedhead.

Last in this section is Rapid Dry Waffle Hair Turban. You need this if you have thick and long hair, as it is designed to withstand any long operation. While it comes in a unique design, the hair towel waffle features raised patterns making it effective in drying hair and absorbing moisture. If you have to trip tresses, turn them back using this Turban without causing inconvenience.

The Best-Selling Aquis Hair Products

We have covered the hair care towels and Turban. The company also delved into shower companions, which includes hair care products from serum to conditioners. This means the brand tries to give you a solution inside and outside to keep your hair strong, manageable, and healthy. On the US website, AQUIS does not feature towels as well as Turban but mostly; you can access the hair care products.

Therefore, we have gathered 4 top-selling hair treatment products from AQUIS. Prime Restorative Leave-In Serum is a popular hair product and targets taming manes wildest. The serum has a nourishing power due to the avocado oil, Cysteine amino acid, not forgetting Keratin. Hence, it moisturizes alongside soothing your hair to restore its pH.

This weightless formula is designed for damp hair to reach infected places. Second, Prime Water Defense PreWash and the treatment products ensure your hair is safe and does not lose moisture while cleansing. It is ideal for any hair type, and the result is amazing dried and standby to style. The application is simple and guarantees instant results.

In addition, it doesn't contain any toxic ingredients but is made with natural elements sourced from plants. There is also a Rebalancing Hair Wash. This one is made to help you balance the pH of your hair after years of harsh treatment. It uses a blend of amino acids and Botanical extracts to bring about elasticity and improved texture. It also has dehydrating power because it features aloe vera, green tea, and Keratin.

It works well on colored hair but also offers results on any hair condition. The last hair care product from AQUIS is Detoxifying Hair & Scalp Wash. It is simply a detoxifying hair treatment product that features salicylic acids, witch Hazel, and activated charcoal, which fights air pollution and other impurities. Many other products exist, but this is a perfect starting for you today if you so wish.

Customer Review

This review also went far into the online testimonials, and here now, we present well-researched and analyzed findings. We were pleased with the impression online, and we gathered multiple sites though we will feature some of them.

Amazon has a perfect approach when you are looking for reviews. Microfiber hair towel scores 4.5 stars and has a 2598 global rating. While on The Cut, we can see the blog analyzing how these towels can make your hair curly, and the author gives you other alternatives on the market.

Refinery29 is another place to be proud of over the customer testimonials. Therefore, the author compliments the brand because they make it happen, and you are guaranteed shiny and smoother hair with these products. The editor comes out clearly to mentions:-

"Another perk I like is that it's woven with patent antimicrobial technological advances, which preserves your towel feel (and smell) fresh for a longer time — though I'm adamant about washing mine at least every two weeks as it is."

We cannot hesitate to swallow the impression of Byrdie. The editor of the blog rates this brand with 4.5 stars and trusts from experience in the power of these Turban and other products in drying and caring for your hair. After comparing the pros and cons, the author gives a bottom-line conclusion:-

"The Aquis Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Turban reduced my drying time substantially, leading to plopped spirals." However, it may not be suitable for all curl styles."

The Healthy is the next blog, and the author gives us testimonials from real experiences on using microfibre hair towels to attain healthier hair. She outlines a simple analysis of the company to the benefits you expect from these products. The Reviewed sums up everything, and the author names the company as offering luxury haircare devices and products to dry hair and save time. She accepts that these products revolutionized the post-shower routine and are now on a top-notch level.

Though pricing might be an issue, many people have complimented the quality of the products and devices, collections, styles, shades, instant results with the right procedure, and many more. We side with this brand to help many attain healthy and softer hair.

Where to Buy AQUIS Hair Towel

We will start by mentioning that the only reliable and accessible store to acquire the AQUIS hair towel is their official website, Besides, the research has also singled out a few online retail stores from which we can access the products. Among the results includes through not limited to:-

Otherwise, you can use the store locator feature from their website and access any nearest retailers based on your location.

Is AQUIS Hair Towel Worth It?

You may be wondering if AQUIS Hair Towel is worth the money. We are here to clear your doubts. From the multiple positive customer feedback online, most customers recommend these hair towels, Turbans, and other accessories for this company. Very few clients were unsatisfied with their purchase, which is not evident enough to change our stand.

Though These AQUIS Hair Towels are expensive considering the alternative options, they are high-end products, luxury, and durable because they are made using high-quality material. This is rated based on many aspects. We give our conclusion based on the ethical products company follows, the quality which gives customers value for their money, and the convenience these products have brought.

AQUIS Hair Towel comes in unique designs and multiple sizes to select from. The choice depends on the customers' preferences, length, and type. Dermatologists test all the products and the brand claims they are cruelty-free, which we can also justify from our experience.

Besides being safe, they also leave customers confident. While it has a favorable return policy for US-based customers, it doesn't cover the international fanbase. From our experience, these products are worth your extra bucks. Although cheaper options exist, AQUIS remains a beast in this industry and is worth your attention.

AQUIS Hair Towel Discounts

Compared to other hair care brands, AQUIS is limited regarding other discounts. The research has managed to access a few of the deals running. We hope in the future they get concerned with the expenditure of their customers and more ways to save. Otherwise, the company provides free shipping services when your order exceeds $50. when you are a new customer, register an account and access the 10% off on the first purchase from the site.

This company sends you the promo code to use at the checkout in the email address. If you are not following them on the social media handles, then subscribe to the newsletter and mailing list to get more future updates, giveaways, and promotions immediately after they launch.

AQUIS Hair Towel Contact

If you still have a question and are seeking clarification, we have a detailed FAQ page; skip to that section. Still, you can consult its technical team for more detailed information about this company and its collection. This review might limit you, but we have highlighted some approaches to contact the team.

First, you can write to them by filling out the contact form on their website and submitting a reply. Still, you can reach out through the phone call at 1-800-466-7379 x107. However, these services are only operational at a specific time of the day.

The team is available for faster response during the weekdays, starting at 9 am through 5 pm PST time zone. If that is not enough, try their social media platforms. The marketing team is available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., with updates, lucrative deals, and engagement. Reach out to them and have a word together.


Q. What does AQUIS offer to customers?

This firm designs and sells hair care products, towels, and turbans.

Q. How do I use the AQUIS devices and products for hair care?

To efficiently use these devices and products, the brand has outlined simple procedures each must follow. While applying or using towels, you must tilt your head and ensure the button is at the back of your neck. Then start twisting to snug the Turban comfortably. Lastly, flip the button end and secure it while you want your hair to dry.

Q. How long does a professional recommend that our hair towel dry the hair?

It is recommended that users leave the towel on their hair for a few minutes as they get dressed. Still, you can have it overnight if you have tangle-free locks. Otherwise, the time taken to dry your hair depends on the length as well as thickness.

Q. Can someone sleep with AQUIS Turban working?

The short answer here is definitely yes. While someone can sleep with the towels, we recommend having the Rapid Double Layer Hair turban overnight because it is ideal for work. Preferably the reversible silk sleeve turbans.

Q. Can I wash AQUIS's hair towel?

Yes, customers are recommended to wash the towel but follow laid-out procedures. Taking care of the towel is crucial. And here, you can use a machine with warm water to evade bleaching and never use the fabric softener. Then you can also dry using a device but at a lower heat and hand before using it to completely dry. It is also encouraged that super washes these towels at least every 3 or 5 uses.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the AQUIS brand?

From the online data, it is clear that AQUIS guarantees customers free standard shipping when their order surpasses the threshold of $50, but it is applicable within the continental US. If you are based in the UK, you can shop from the UK stores or websites. International shipping time varies, and everything here depends on the distribution center and order where they are shipping from concerning your destination. This doesn't include the UK orders. Other rates and shipping charges are only accessible at the checkout point.

Q. What is the return policy of AQUIS company?

AQUIS has a favorable return policy if you are based in the US. The customer has a return window of 90 days from the date of purchase to return the order in case of anything. It simply initiates the return process from the website under the return and exchange. From there, fill in the required data, and you will get the prepaid return shipping label to take the next step.

However, the company takes about 2 weeks to process your returned order. Something surprising is that all international orders are considered final sales. Hence, they are not subjected to the refund and exchange here.


AQUIS is a famous hair care brand that offers an extensive collection of hair towels, turbans, and other hair care products to customers on the market. Though they offer international shipping services, orders are considered final sales. If you are tired of visiting blow-dry salons and want to try out the home rituals to keep your hair dry and healthy, try the AQUIS products. These towels don't have side effects but are easily accessible and machine washable. Get the best results in a minute.

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