Moon Pod Review 2023: *Read Before* Buying a Bean Bag Chair

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Does Moon Pod is worth to buy? Learn from our Moon Pod Bean Bag Chair Review

The best zero gravity chair to ease anxiety levels and reduce stress. find out how to get a quality Moon Pod with superb promo and discount.

You might want to take comfort to another level. However, you can get scared because of the extra cost that is easy and convenient. Quality and comfort can be achieved, but it is not an easy task.

Moon Pod does not only offer you the extra comfort you desire, but it also comes with affordability. If you are looking for quality and affordability, Moon Pod is a superb option.

It would be best if you read through the review we made. This will enable you to know if the Moon Pod is worth it or not.

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About Moon Pod 

Moon Pod is a zero gravity chair. This chair is designed to give ergonomic support while using it. This product is made from beads with high density. This ensures the weightless feel when sitting or lying on it. This special feature takes comfort to the next level because it has added wellness benefits. It has a long-lasting cover that is washable. This chair is designed for easy resting. Convenient and comfortable.

This company is growing fast, although it is new in the game. This Moon Pod review will take a close observation of the company and the product. It also explains Customer reviews, discounts, pros, cons, features, and other important factors about Moon Pod. These factors will help you decide if the Moon Pod is worth buying or not.

Moon Pod Pros

Moon Pod Cons

Why We Like Moon Pod Chair

Zero-Gravity Feature

The Moon Pod is a zero gravity chair. This is a known fact because it is the company's specialization. These chairs are designed to suspend your body in a posture that is neutral. This makes your feet stay in an elevated position in alignment with your chest area. When you fully recline the chair in zero gravity, there is a weightless feeling. This sensation improves your mood for relaxation and releases your tension.


Each Moon Pod chair is specifically designed for every single vertebra in your neck and back. Based on the numerous reviews and testimonies, the Moon Pod gives a weightless sensation that helps in enhancing back support, relaxation, and easing tension. You can get as comfortable as you want the more you recline your position. You recline, sit down, lay down whenever you want to relax your back with convenience.


Moon Pod chairs are made to last for a long time. These special features come with a backing of 3 to 5 years long term guarantee. With this, you can request a refund if it does not last long. Despite the fact that Moon Pod products are new to the market, they have made an impression on the durability of their products. They are made with quality material that ensures easy maintenance, like washable with a machine.

Varieties of Accessories

Moon Pod crescent, Moon Pod sleeve, Moon Pod outdoor cover, Moon Pod lunar lift bean bag are the various products produced by Moon Pod. They are comfort-enhancing products. They promote relaxation. You wear the Moon Pod crescent on your while relaxing. Moon Pod outdoor cover is water-resistant, which you can use while you go to the beach. The Moon Pod lunar lift helps your legs rest.

Customers Review

This customer's review was taken from online testimonies on their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the Moon Pod. The reviews give insight into what the products are all about and how they enhance comfort and convenience to customers.

The reviews were taken from the company's website and Trustpilot. They have a lot of positive ratings with a 3.1 star rating on Trustpilot. Most customers talked about the comfort derived from the product and their outstanding customer service. There are also customers who complain about the price.

Where to Buy Moon Pod Chair

There are different places where you can get your Moon Pod. However, since you will be buying online, here are some recommended websites that you can get them discounted.

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Is Buying a Moon Pod Worth It?

There have been a lot of positive remarks concerning Moon Pod. There is no doubt they have great products. Most people feel the Moon Pod is super comfortable by relieving pains and enhancing relaxation.

When you look at the price of the Moon Pod, you will notice it is more affordable than other similar products, with discounts, promotions, and free shipping. This will cut down your cost very well.

For the zero-gravity aspect, most customers testify for the floating experience, and they are pleased. However, you might not be able to copy the natural water floating 100%. Moon Pod is comfortable and convenient regardless of it.

Because of all these potential reasons, we think Moon Pod is a product you can buy and not regret.

Moon Pod Discount

You can get free $25 when you refer someone and purchase $99 or more. There is also a 25% off sale promo ongoing as of this review. There is free shipping too.

Moon Pod Contact

If you have a question about the brand or product, you can email


1. When will I get my order shipped?

According to their website, they will send an email to confirm the information about tracking the order. They do not ship on weekends. There is always a delivery date on it.

2. Do you normally ship overseas?

Currently, Moon Pod products are only available within the United States. They don't offer international shipping services.

3. How long will my Moon Pod last?

Moon Pod are made to be very durable. It should last for a long time. They are also required to reach out to their customer care if the reverse is true.

4. Can I use my Moon Pod for my infant or my toddler?

The Moon Pod is designed to give comfort to the users, which promotes relaxation. However, it is not appropriate for infants because there is a chance of suffocation for the baby.

5. Do you have a long-term warranty for your product?

They offer between 3 to 5 years of warranty protection on their product. You can access this through Mullberry.


Moon Pod enhances relaxation. Comfort and convenience make you relax and ease tension. The extra accessories also add to why this brand is unique. They are new to the market. However, their quality products have made them outstanding so far. The review will help make your choice to patronize the Moon Pod.

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