Filippo Loreti Watches Review: Why Are They Considered Affordable Luxury?

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Is Filippo Loreti watches a reliable brand? If you are a watch enthusiast, you might have asked yourself such a question. The answer is in this Filippo Loreti watch review. Read before purchasing these affordable and luxury watches.

You must have been struggling for a long time looking for honest Filippo Loreti watches reviews online. You are here for a reason, and a good guess is that you have seen the Filippo Loreti watch ads. If you want to know the brand and what it offers the customers, then this is the right place. By the end of this review, you will be able to evaluate if the company products are worth your money.

We will cover everything from customer ratings, the promotions services, and where to purchase the watches. However, before we get started with the impression, we consider history more important. This leads us to the background of the Filippo Loreti watches.

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Filippo Loreti Watches Review

First of all, Filippo Loreti is simply a luxury brand selling watches; the brand claims to have handcrafted the timepiece designed to meet the needs of both men as well as women. The company got the inspiration to come up with the brand from Italian history and culture; hence, up to today, they pay Roman Empire as an icon homage. Therefore, if you want to go the extra mile and add luxury and a vintage-style watch to the collection, then Filippo Loreti has all you need.

The company grew popular and has been featured in famous publications not limited to Business Insider etc. Filippo Loreti watches are a timepiece brand to watch. Historically, the company was founded in 2015 through the launch of a campaign aimed at crowdfunding. This company went on for the next two years but grew popular and managed to unite over 30 thousand audience members who, in reality, contributed a sum of 10 million US Dollars. The struggle is what brought life to the company.

The brand was invented for the ambitious goal and the religious spirit, whose mission is to offer designer timepieces and other accessories at a flexible price. Although the products are manufactured in well-established Hong Kong facilities, materials and other components are sourced from Italy and Japan. This company also targets all customers who have a feeling of the designer as well as a designer look without adding makeup.

In these reviews, we have divided the article into various sections for ease of understanding. With that in mind, we now head to the pros and cons of the brand before stepping higher into the best-selling products on the market.

Filippo Loreti Watches Pros:

Filippo Loreti Watches Cons:

Why We Like Filippo Loreti Watches?

Filippo Loreti is a famous brand with its trendy and high-quality timepieces. The prices match the quality, styles, and designs. Besides the positive reviews online, the brand has one of the most popular selling watches in two categories: men's and women's watches.

The Best-Selling Filippo Loreti Men's Watches

For the men's collection, Filippo Loreti offers numerous collections and unique colors for men to select from. The watches range from emerald and ocean blue to black and silver. All men's watch also contains straps in rubber, link, and mesh alongside other designs with the sophistical]ted casuals.

In the best-seller list, we would rank Okeanos Green Steel Link Watch, named after the Titan god Oceanus, which is saltwater personification. It has a thoughtful homage theme that tends to an intricate engraving of the trident of Oceanus at the crown and case back. Made with stainless steel and glass made with sapphire-coated glass. Its movement is Miyota 2025, and from experience, the timepiece is water-resistant up to 100m. It also features luminescent hour marks and hand marks for easy reading time.

The second is Ascari Grand Prix GP 1951 Watch. It is inspired by Alberto, an Italian racing icon, and made with the precision of the racers and manufacturer with fine judgment and accuracy. It is also made with stainless steel and sapphire-coated mineral glass as a cover; though water resistant, it only applies to 100m. Ascari Grand Prix GP 1952 Watch also has the same emblem, but it is swapped out of the sensible and comfortable rubber strap hence more casual, and features Seiko VD54 movement without a date display option.

There are many best-selling, but Odyssey Steel Link 2020 Edition Watch closes our list under the men's watches option. This watch has a classic look and contains a silver monochrome style and artful engravings. It also has an illuminated hand and mark wand made with durable stainless steel.

The Best-Selling Filippo Loreti Women's Watches

Other than accessing men's watches from this brand, they also offer women's watches that come in unique styles and numerous colors, making them perfect for formal and casual occasions.

There are multiple feminine trends and designs and classics for minimalists. The Asea Silver White Pearl Watch for the stunning mother-of-the-pearl face is the first popular on the list. The jewelry watches are perfect when worn in the office or on a date. It is made with PVD-coated stainless steel and has a Miyota 2025 movement to ensure precise and accurate time reading.

The Second is the Asea Two Tone Cream Gold Watch, which has a different color palette. In addition, they also come in a combination of cream, gold, and silver, which tends to evoke vintage feelings. The same uses the Miyota 2025 movement system.

There are multiple options here. And in summary, there are the likes of Marble Gold Mesh Watch and Marble Silver Mesh Watch that look not only modern but also elegant thigh inherently femininity designs that complement simplicity the best.

Customer Review

Customer feedback is vital, especially for new customers who want to try out the unique brand they come across on the internet. And this also leads us to this section. We have done meticulous research and collected a lot of customer feedback online.

First, the company scored 4.1 stars on the Trustpilot after the 7186 reviews. This is an excellent rating, and it depicts that most customers are satisfied with the quality and the value for their money, the shipping, and the return policy. 67% of the customers rate the brand 5 stars. One of the verified buyers on Trustpilot components said:

"Fantastic merchandise, fantastic offers, fantastic customer service, fantastic experience!!! I keep buying Filippo Loreti watches because the company is excellent." Numerous others have praised the support staff and been impressed with the quality and ease of use."

The next place is the Ben's Watch Club, the author of the article outlines the back overviews and dives deep into the investigation of the marketing, quality, and list of a few outstanding watches. However, on The Adult Man website, the author outlines the brand and its products in detail.

At the end of the reviews, he gives the stands a 4-star rating based on the design, quality, customer support, craftsmanship, and value for your money. The design is elegant, and he compliments the bottom line stating:

"The Filippo Loreti Venice moon phase watch is a great way to get started in outfit timepieces. I wouldn't call it a luxury timepiece, as the label implies, but it's attractive, one-of-a-kind, and modestly priced."

Moving forward, we have external sites like Romeos Watches that raise concerns about the brand, such as quality control and fake Italian heritage but praise styling, reliable movement, and perfect bracelets and case backs. The other place with impressions of the products is the Basically Watches and Youtube video.

But when it comes to Product Review, the company has numerous negative reviews, and many customers complain about products. They responded with the solution, and still, many are pleased with the quality.

The last option to get a real review is their final website at Here, the brand got 4.8-star reviews after over 11000 reviews. Many customers on the website are smiling and happily in love with the watches. One of them concludes the products in a statement:

"Incredibly beautiful design! I like how the back of the case is clear so you can see the mechanism inside!"

The above reviews indicate that customers are in love and satisfied with the quality of the watches they purchase from this brand. The positive feedback outweighs the few raised concerns online.

Where to Buy Filippo Loreti Watches?

If the online feedback is convincing, you must purchase the brand products. The first place to get the Filippo Loreti watch is on their website at However, in our research, we also discovered that online retailers also sell these watches. these include:

Is Filippo Loreti Watches Worth It?

From my research,  I encourage you to purchase the products. This is especially when you need a perfect timepiece with the trend, affordability, and style or design in mind. They have a huge collection of watches for men. However, it is worth it to invest in expensive watches when you have the budget taken care of. Looking at the Filippo Loreti watches, their brand is fashionable, fun, affordable, and stylish.

Choosing the timepiece from this brand is one step to ensuring that you have upgraded your outfit game even if you do not have enough money to spend on expensive watches. Comparing the watches of the same price, Filippo Loreto watches have high quality on the market. The first impression you would come across is aesthetic and solid perfect looking.

The company has a large collection, from the two-tone pusher to the gold crown and two gold bezels. The products feel nice to have, though heavier to some extent. The timepiece also comes with excellent artwork at the back. The company is worth giving a try.

Filippo Loreti Watches Discounts

As part of our review routine, we also had to go online to search for brand promotions and discounts for customers. When writing this review, we got the company offering lucrative deals. First of all, they have a special winter offer or sale where when you purchase two timepieces, you get two at the price of one.

In addition to the one extra watch, they also have a free mystery gift. However, the discounts are limited; you can subscribe to their newsletter for the latest deals, special offers, once-in-a-lifetime deals, and free giveaways.

Filippo Loreti Watches Contact

Our brand review above might have addressed all your concerns as the Filippo Loreti watches are concerned. Therefore, in this case, you can contact the company for clarification. They have listed multiple means through which you can contact them. To start with, they have a phone call through +1 (844)534-1121.

You can also contact them by filling out the contact form on their website. If not, they have also listed the email address to which you can send your request at You can also engage with them on their social media handles if that is not enough or unavailable. That is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Q. Where are Filippo Loreti products manufactured?

First of all, the company was founded by two duo Lithuanian brothers. Their website concludes that the watches are assembled based on the exacting standard of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the global technology hub, Shenzhen, Hong Kong.

However, as claimed, Shenzhen is found in China, not Hong Kong. The truth is that the company's DNA is traced to Italian. Still, the firm is not listed in the Italian business register but rather found in the Lithuanian registry.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Filippo Loreti?

From the above review article, we found that the company ships internationally. In addition, all standard shipping is free of charge, but there is an option for customers who want to pay for expedited delivery choices based on their needs. All the dispatch and shipment are organized in Europe or the US warehouses, but the choice depends on the supply.

Once the order is dispatched, the customer receives the confirmation and a tracking code to trace the parcel's location. The company shipment takes 3 to 5 business days from the stock when using the express method, but sometimes it takes longer than when you use the free standard shipping. Also, the made-to-order and pre-order watches take a long time to deliver. And when you are a customer located outside the EU, import duties and taxes will be passed to you.

Q. What is the Filippo Loreti return policy?

If you purchase the Filippo Loreti watch and realize it has issues or doesn't meet your requirements, you have 90 days to return the product to the company or request the exchange. However, to be regarded for exchange or refund, the product must be unused and still in its mint condition.

You only have to fill out the form and initiate the refund or exchange. The support staff will contact you to tell you what to do next. However, customers outside the EU will have to pay shipping charges to send the item back to the company. And this is pricey.


Filippo Loreti is a reputable company well-known for high-quality watches. The company has received multiple positive reviews not only for the quality of its products but also for having a favorable shipping and return policy.

In the above article, we have exhausted everything you need to know about Filippo Loteri watches, from the company overviews to the best-sellers, customer feedback, promotions, and where to purchase the products. Filippo Loreti is worth the money if you need a quality timepiece.

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