StyleWe Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth Buying?

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Have you been looking for the honest StyleWe review online to gauge if the company offers you more than your favorite garments? Then rest easy, as we have you covered in our review article today. We have a comprehensive StyleWe review to help you make a decision.

Recently, there have been many online platforms emerging to offer services. Specifically, professional designers provide discounted-price services and products to their customers. And among these emerging sites comes the StyleWe company, which has independent fashion designers working together to satisfy their customers.

This is why we have taken our time to research and come up with the StyleWe review so that you can better understand the brand and get to know what the company offers. Most people ask what discounts they offer, knowing where to get the services and how they can order. If you are struggling with all these questions, then were are here to give you extra data and evaluate if this firm is legit.

Based on the multiple reviews online about StyleWe, we have broken down this review into sections for ease of understanding and to save time. And by the end of this review, you will be able to make an informed decision; you will be able to note what the company offers and the quality of the service or how to contact them in case you have a burning issue. Stay with us to the end. Let us dive into the company history first before going into other details.

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StyleWe Review

StyleWe was launched in 2014  In china as a clothes firm that was producing women's fashion twists for the customers on the market. They have a mission of distributing the work of their dedicated individual designers through their international website. Within their mission, they aim to go beyond just being an online shopping store but rather connect a colossal community that shares their design skills with their customers. This indicates that StyleWe targets linking the designers with relevant customers from around the world so that they can establish their fashion depending on the brand name.

StyleWe makes it clear that they want to ensure that quality comes first and remains affordable and accessible to all people. Today, the company provides an extensive list of items to the market. These range from numerous dresses, bottoms, women's accessories, and tops of all sizes. They even outline the best sales section, which is relevant for helping you have an easy time locating exactly what you want from their list of products.

Women's fashion is getting expensive now and then, but StyleWe is here to help combat the rising price and aim to offer you personal fashion that only costs you less than the quality product they offer. Though it provides accessories and clothing for women, they also have different varieties and designs which customers can select from, and they guarantee to ship to your doorstep.

Recently, the company also offers products through mobile apps that are simple and easy to use and make an order from any part of the world. No need to reach home before making an order. Their social media platforms are full of excited customers and have gained popularity based on their online reviews.

The question remains how much do you know about this company? The company seeks to ensure that every customer accesses high-quality designer fashions. The brand is also available on iTunes and googles play, ready to make orders. They also have a dedicated Facebook page to which you can connect and get updated with any upcoming deals.

Therefore, before getting started with detailed reviews about the brand, let us summarize some of the highlighted cons and pros in the next section.

StyleWe Pros:

StyleWe Cons:

Why We Like StyleWe

StyleWe Dresses

StyleWe company offers multiple products and among them is the women's dress. In this category, they have numerous best-selling products here. Some of these are StyleWe 3/4 Sleeve V Neck Holiday Summer Boho Dress which starts strong in our reviews and is made of lightweight polyester in six colors and 8 sizes. The options range from the natural khaki to neutral white, yellow, bold red, purple, and blue and come alongside the subtle floral designs on their sleeves and the dress hemline.

The second is StyleWe Work Crew Neck Daily Midi Dress which is currently selling at 50% and offers the best for sweet summer elegance and also fits the personal style that comes cheaply. Though it looks simple, generally it has a classic design varying colors from yellow to blue and gray while size range from small to extra large. they combine the slimming sleeveless top couple with pleated skirts suitable for a hot summer and office work.

StyleWe Casual Solid V Neck Dress sums up the list of the best-selling dress from the company, and it's both cool and casual where the size range from small to 5XL. Hence fits everyone ready to try rocking in the summer using a unique style. It has four colors on the market, all eye-catching and made from the lightweight cotton blend, with long slices that ensure you look vacation-ready.

StyleWe Tops

This is the second option this offers. They offer world-class tops with different designs displayed in luxury that enhance the look of everyone. There are multiple options; some of the best-selling items are StyleWe Elegant Stand Collar 3/4 Sleeve Blouse that can elevate your style at work.

It has a dramatic dark look, but you can select from black, red, and blue option, which are eye-catching and size ranges from small to XXL. They tend to play with a royal feel and have a straight-laced design with an asymmetrical bottom, but the direct n always pops the straight-cut collar and shirt again.

What makes StyleWe Elegant Stand Collar 3/4 Sleeve Blouse unique is the flowing sleeves of this polyester that appear like a formal dream to have in the meeting. They also have StyleWe 3/4 Sleeve Cotton V Neck Stripes Elegant Blouse on the list under the tops, and it is designed with vertical, shite, and black stripes. It is blended with cotton to offer an excellent option for work and casual duties. This means you can put it on during the fall, summer, and spring.

And nothing seems to bite StyleWe Shirt Collar Long Sleeve Vintage Shift Blouse on the market. It is more of a vintage look, and a new classic twist is available in different colors like pink, black, and white, and classic bottom down, which brings about the flair compared to the traditional ones. Their 3 button cuffs currently match the stunning silver button linings placed at the blouse's center.

StyleWe Skirts

The company also features some top-notch skirts that are tried and found to be true to their customers in different sizes. These skirts usually add some pop to your fashion regarding colors and patterns. The best-selling options are StyleWe A-Line Polyester Fibre Midi Skirt which mixes funk with a bit of the style and has beautiful geometric designs made with polyester fibers. They are available in red, black, white, and blue colors, perfect for any season.

StyleWe ​​Floral A-Line Elegant Work Midi Skirt is also an incredible option that is outstanding for the summer design or any elegant holiday. And the last design is  StyleWe Cocktail A-Line Yellow Polyester Maxi Skirt which shimmers in any light to ensure that it elevates your yellow color to royalty and promises to steal the show. They are made with six polyester options and are suitable for a fancy night out.

The company is here to compete again the many women's fashions on the ma. It has become popular because of its affordable pricing, plenty of discounts, and inclusivity of website designs that offer all products and accessories that look perfect from both ends. They have highly rated mobile applications and offer great deals online, which makes us rank it high and significantly helps the individual designers connect with the target customers.

Customer Review

We have looked into the StyleWe clothing reviews, and now you must be asking if the company is fit in the real world. Well, you will get the answer in the customer reviews. We have conducted diverse research online and came across multiple sources of customer reviews, all in the struggle to ensure that you get access to the relevant data.

Therefore, we will start off from their official website. The customers speak volumes on their website, and it seems that all are satisfied with the products in the store. For instance, in our valuation, we studied the Simple Loosen Plain Long Sleeve Woven Maxi Dress on their official website and go that it has a 4.7-star rating after 27 reviews. From the statistics, 74% of the customers were impressed and gave it 5 stars. One of the customers made it clear on the first order stating,

"My very first purchase from styleWe got it today, and I'm utterly in love with it, as well as happy with how it fits and looks on me. The size is correct. I got the small and it fits perfectly!!"

Secondly, we are moving to the Trustpilot, which also gathered some excellent reviews. And after 1238 reviews, StyleWe company collected a total of 3.9 stars. Based on the customer support response, delivery, shipping, and quality, customers are satisfied with the brand on the market. Some have appreciated their affordable pricing, high quality, different designs, and multiple colors. Here, you can attest to one of the customers' recommendations with the statement:-

"I adore the blazers I purchased from this shop; they are stylish and easy to mix and match with almost every bottom I own; they look great with jeans, maxi skirts, mini skirts, shorts, and the design makes me look sleek."

But also note that Trustpilot noted the fake reviews on the platform, as seen from the warning on their site, but they deleted them. Still, the company is growing well, indicating they offer legit and satisfying products to the market. That should not move you or make you shy away from the products. We still have you covered on other external websites. We move ahead.

The next platform with customer reviews is clothedup. The author gives different ratings from quality 4 stars, sizing 3 stars, shippuing2 stars, but overall the company scores 4 stars on the Clothedup website. In the article; Laurice, who is the author, mentions the company through an overall statement saying:- "All in all, I had a positive experience. In comparison to other resellers I've purchased from in the past, the garments were of excellent quality. They do focus more on "designer" items, which explains why you can expect higher quality than most." This statement sums up everything, and w also had many others in the series of our reviews. Maybe you are not satisfied, and here comes the next site.

In the list, we also took time to go through the Highya website on clothing and fashion. we realzied that the company ahd an opveral rating of 3 stars after 482 revewis. This is a good customer review and indicates 46% of the customers were delighted and gave it 5 stars worthily only 3% had a bad experience. Most customers comp[laiend of the cheap quality, some had payment issues, delivery challenges, incorrect clothing sizes, and many more. But still, the brand had many positive reviews. From the top-rated reviews here, customers recommend:-

"This is just one of the many wonderful platforms for purchasing for any lady. Their clothing and accessories are stunning. I recently purchased a red floral dress to go with a tote bag. Quality is what draws me to this location, with sensible prices and discounts. I will continue to visit this site."

Though the company has a poor rating on the BBB website because of customer complaints, they seem to have worked it out. Suppose you go ahead and consider the rating on the Top preview site, US Reviews, and even Denversews website. In that case, you will realize that the company offers high-quality clothing items and accessories for women who fit any occasion at an affordable price. If you want one for the summer holiday, spring, or a night out during the fall, then look at their option in the store. The brand has scored excellent customer reviews from various platforms.

When sites like Influenster can recommend clothing for affordable pricing, high quality, and easy purchase, we won't hesitate to recommend you. That is a good customer rating online from the thousands of customers.

Where to Buy StyleWe

If their reviews ahs tempted you to try looking out for the products from StyleWe, then you must be looking for a place where you can make an order. We are proud to encourage you to find the items on their official website. You can connect with real designers to get genuine dresses, tops, skirts, or women's accessories. You can even select the clothing using the mobile applications available on iTunes and the play store.

Does StyleWe sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found StyleWe stores on Amazon.

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Is StyleWe Worth It?

From the reviews above, it is clear that StyleWe offers high-quality clothing items from different designers worldwide. Therefore, rest assured of getting real and high-quality products at an affordable price shipped to your doorstep. Most of the online reviews indicate that customers have succeeded in shipping and are contented with products that come at a discounted price.

Because of the designer wear, these products may not last long but are good and come in different designs, styles, and colors that fit any occasion and office work. Therefore, if you are looking for affordable clothing for your holiday, in the summer, or for the styles at home, then w recommend ginging StyleWe a try since they are worth it.

StyleWe Discounts

As earlier mentioned, StyleWe offers plenty of discounts to help you save some money for the next deal. They have multiple sales discounts and promotions. Some of the commons are the free shipping when you place an order above $119, 10% off on the first orders from their platform, when you buy 5 items, then they offer you the 6th for free of charge, but when you buy three items, they guarantee you 50% off on the 4th item from the platform.

Again, they offer up to 50% off upon signing up on their website for the mailing service. Then above all, they offer up to 80% off when you choose their retail products from the store. These are some of the incredible deals. But not all; many others are relevant to genuine customers to save some cash. The comapny is just a clijk aways. Why not give it a try and enjoy these services?

StyleWe Contact

Maybe you might be having issues that need to be addressed, which we have not covered in our article; the company customer support team is available to help you. They offer multiple means through which you can contact them.


Q. What country is StyleWe in?

From our reviews, the StyleWe company has a distribution center based in china. However, their headquarter is currently in Hong Kong.

Q. Where is StyleWe made?

As earlier mentioned, StyleWe has its main distribution based in china; however that does not mean that their designer's ships form the same destination. Some designers are based in Europe and North America, and you can sleect the shipping from the warehouse based in your live location or country.

Q. Does StyleWe fit true to size?

Well, in a simple answer, the StyleWeclothing fits true to size. There are sizing charts together with detailed graphics directing you on how to measure and get your best fit for clothing. The sizes available are only based on the centimeter and inches.


From our review and research online, StyleWe is a women's clothing company that connects different fashion designers with customers on one international website from all corners of the world. Besides their downsides, they offer high-quality clothing with different designs and styles and come in different colors, but all fit true to size. The company also offers inexpensive oversized dresses, clothing, and other accessories.

However, shipping might be challenging since they are oversea. Still, generally, customers are satisfied by considering the quality of the design fist any occasion from the summer holiday, office and night out, and their pricing. Gets fashionable items at a friendly price shipped to your doorstep.

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