Roller Rabbit Review: Incorporate More Color Into Your Home Life!

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Are you looking for reliable pajamas, beddings, quilts, or tonics to bring colorful fashion sleepwear? Try the famous Roller Rabbit brand and integrate these vibrant collections into your routine. Keep reading to learn more about this brand from the professional.

While sleeping is vital for your health, sleepwear makes the process comfortable. You can rest perfectly at night with the colorful fashion alongside the bedding. Many companies today are venturing into the business. Besides the typical black, gray, and white style cycles of bedding and sleepwear, the brand is integrating with vibrant products from pajamas to quilts and tonic.

Among the reputable and unique companies, today is the Roller Rabbit. With an impressive audience on the social media platform, Roller Rabbit aims to bring you a vibrant and positive spin on bedding and sleepwear fashion. Besides, the company has established a strong reputation online and has been featured in many publications. Definitely, you are asking yourself if this is the perfect alternative to the typical fashion.

You are about to find the stand based on customer feedback and our experience. Thus, this review will bring you to sense and help you make an informed decision while saving you time. Without further ado, let us look at the company's history before moving to the best-seller products, ratings, and promotions they have for you.

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Roller Rabbit Review

Roller Rabbit is a fashion brand with numerous bedding and an extensive sleepwear collection to make your night more positive, spin, and colorful. It is among the famous sleepwear firms on the market that integrates the vibrant as well as the springtime theme in the bedding and sleepwear fashion design. The company's inception starts with the founder's fateful trip to India.

Specifically, Roberta Freymann noticed discarded fabric pieces thrown in the scrap pile somewhere. From her point of view, this meant something else to the founder than simply the hand-stamped artistic pattern. The fragment contained a strong narrative carrying a joyful bunny leading to happiness. The narrative inspired Freymann alongside the satisfaction and details of the pattern on the fabric.

From that point, the founder decided to come up with a unique apparel store in which she held the same motive as well as a passion for the industry. The brand was first launched to the market in 2003. Currently, they have their head office located in New York. They have an extensive collection of bedding, clothing accessories, and sleepwear.

These clothing accessories are manufactured with the color touch. Therefore, as part of the brand's mission, these guys ensure that every product embodies color, optimism, and vibrancy. To promote its reputation and collaborate with society, Roller Rabbit has partnered with numerous artists worldwide from Kenya, Portugal, India, etc., while creating these clothing accessories.

Through the design, the company targets to promote the positive and spread joy among customers around the world. The firm is lifted as it outfits the vibrant lives through this. Here are some initial pros and cons, which are vital before going into details about the Roller Rabbit's best-selling accessories or customers' feedback, which are up next.

Roller Rabbit Pros:

Roller Rabbit Cons:

Why We Like Roller Rabbit

We should not confuse you. We are not criticizing any brand here. Therefore, we accept the fact that black fashion is not only versatile but also unique and comfortable. However, when not styled correctly, it gets boring quickly with the typical shades.

So, there is nothing wrong with adding colorful shades to your bedding and sleepwear. For this reason, Roller Rabbit understands how they can spice up this fashion. Their fashion is simply one nostalgic, youthful, and whimsical design to optimize the optimism that tends to earn you a smile while sleeping. They have popular hand-block prints featured on numerous merchandise they offer for swimwear, bedding accessories, and sleepwear.

This is one of the signs that you can count on to open your closet doors. This section highlights the brand's selling point and helps you make the right decision quickly. Let us now go through the best-selling clothing from the Roller Rabbit brand.

The Best-Selling Roller Rabbit Pajamas

Pairing these pajamas with a retro movie, blanket, and hot chocolate gives you a unique ticket to comfortable sleep or relaxation. However, they have few options, but the available ones are worth it. They range from monkey-themed onesies to tree prints. Some of the best-selling Rabbit Roller Pajamas include Blue Monkey Pajamas, and if you are young, you understand that the weekend night out hits differently with the right outfits.

It can hit even uniquely with the  Blue Monkey Pajamas that come in the varying sense of kid-like with all the designs. These Pajamas have playful blue patterns involving bananas and monkeys. It involves drawstring sweats and long sleeve shirts, including a baby onesie. The Second is the Blue Monkey PJ polo set. This guarantees you a breeze fit when you have a sweltering night.

It has eye-catching patterns and is colorful, besides the indigo ape party on the banana sea/. It comes with loose shorts and a collared button-down shirt with 100% soft pima cotton. The last best-selling Pajamas here are Blue hearts Pajamas that fashion your legs, butt, and chest to add a romantic touch, especially for the rom-com watching scene or night out wine session. It involves snug sweatpants and a long sleeve button-up.

The Best-Selling Roller Rabbit Bedding

The thing is that, for you to get a comfortable and relaxing bed, then you must have 3 essential accessories. The pillows are the plush mattress leading, cozy blanket, and next up. If you have all these, the next thing you need from the Roller Rabbit is the bedding which involves the bedspreads. Therefore, this section will only feature some of the most popular blankets on the market.

Monkey Throw Blanket is one of the most famous and best-selling bedding. The blanket is perfect for keeping things around not only joyful but also airy and comes in a whimsical design. It is designed with soft terry cloth fabric, and its cover features the red monkeys' jamboree in the banana hoard. Though the print is childish, the fashion is beautiful, and if you are on a fun day out, you can effectively pair it with the beach bag. The blanket is often sold out since it is in high demand.

The Best-Selling Roller Rabbit Quilts

Roller Rabbit also features the hand-sewn or rather artisanal duvets, which embody the folky spin. These duvets range from Haitian elephants to whale-themed cover prints. We also found some of your favorite and timeless Quilts for you. The first is Monkey Quilt, a perfect and secure blanket for growing kids. The heavy comfort features the silly ape pattern in bananas and has red borders that are intricately made.

On the other side, the quilt has pinstripe prints. It is made using breathable cotton voile; hence it is seasonless. Coming second is Amanda Quilt, preferred when you marry that cottage core consisting of fairy tales. It is an excellent addition to your natural theme bedroom. It is versatile for any season because of its soft nature and lightweight.

You can choose between the color red or blue in the inventory. Lastly, we have a Jemina Quilt, which is a good option for presenting a competition on the bohemian theme in the room. Though made with an opulent pattern with curved motifs, it is considered regal in print. The beauty of the pinstripes and white underlay adds an extra exotic spin to the couch and bedspread.

The Best-Selling Roller Rabbit Tunics

These are bodywear that people prefer in the summer. The tunics keep you comfortable, easy, and breezy during the summer. They come in numerous prints as well as shades. The two-customer favorite Tunics include Serafina Tunic, a good beach cover-up. It is designed lightweight, hence perfect for the humid afternoon in July. Though it is loose in cut and shear, it has intricate patterns of flowers on cuffs, arms, and shoulders.

It also consists of decorative tassels to ensure there is a playful finish that people love. They match perfectly with suitable bracelets, summer shorts, and gladiator sandals. The second Tunic is  Semara Serafina Tunic, which integrates the breezy summer color top. It also features the Boho-themed number and loose silhouette, pastel flower flurry, pink tassel, artistic finish, etc. It is manufactured using delicate cotton and is perfect even at 30 degrees. You can transform it into a gown with a dress under it. Make it an even more perfect look with the dangling earrings.

The Best-Selling Roller Rabbit Masks

Due to the looming threats due to the covid-19, masks have become popular, and so are sanitizers. These two have become a necessity in your backpack. However, with the Roller Rabbit, there is a perfect alternative to typical masks, which are fashionable and hospital-grade.

Just as mentioned here and there, the best-selling masks from this brand are Hearts mask sets that add a friendly twinkle to your facial expression—made with 100% Pima cotton alongside the elastic bands. This mask is not considered medical grade in the field, but you can select between blue and red colors on the shelf.

Therefore, most Roller Rabbit products use 100% Pima cotton for extra comfort, breathability, and softness. But to keep the quality intact, you only have to line dry them though you can do laundry using mild detergent and gentle cycle.

Otherwise, if you are a fan of bright colors, aesthetics, and embellishments in fashion design apparel, Roller Rabbit has you covered with all sorts of bedding, sleepwear, or bodywear for all seasons. Their clothing features unique and vivid patterns with prints. They are available for all ages and all genders. They have all your dream bedding, summer bodywear, or sleepwear needs.

Customer Review

Making decisions on critical issues is more important and demanding than you can imagine. Therefore, we also need to seek experienced experts regarding fashion brands. This thus leads us to conclude our Roller Rabbit review after checking what the customer said about their products.

The reviews online are limited on these products, but with the existing few, they are enough to guide us in making this critical decision. Therefore, we prefer to start with the Yelp platform today. On the site, the company gets an overall rating of 2.5 stars which is arrived at after 22 reviews. While there are few critics of the clothing, many people are still happy with the purchase. For instance, we can see a customer mentioned:

"I've always admired Roller Rabbit's trends and designs. Their attractively presented pretty comforters enticed me to walk through this location's front door. The staff made everyone feel pleasant. Undoubtedly, and with their wonderful fluffy comforters and mix-and-matching sheets in mind. I looked into their breezy dresses and tops further. However, it is impossible to leave this store without feeling, smiling, treating yourself, or purchasing a gift of their cozy and gentle PJs!"

On Sitejabber, the brand gets only one star of one review. There are not enough reviews here to give us a conclusion. but when you go to the Amazon site, you can see the real deal. With 193 global ratings, Roller Rabbit Monkey PJs scores 4.7 stars. And on Zappos, the brand scores 5 stars after getting 3 reviews, keeping in mind aspects like comfort and style. The Same also applies to Shopbop; there are numerous positive reviews here. One of the customers praises with a statement:

"Extremely high quality. Print is cute and trendy. Roller Rabbit has grown in popularity between some of my daughters and their mates, and for a legitimate reason! I bought several for them as well as for myself. I don't usually write reviews, but I had to for this one! ShopBop, thank you for being so responsive and stocking up on these when my Assistant contacted you."

The brand has everything you need in one store: sleepwear, bodywear, etc. Customer feedback online is incredible.

Where to Buy Roller Rabbit

Therefore, this is the right section when you are considering purchasing the Roller Rabbit clothing or accessories but are unaware of which store to start with. There are numerous retailers where you can buy these products with ease.

However, for the first one and based on various factors, we recommend visiting their official website at and placing the order. They have a massive collection in the inventory. Besides their store, they have partnered with multiple online retailers offering their products. This research noted few though it is not limited to these alone. They include:-

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Is Roller Rabbit Worth It?

Roller Rabbit is here for you if you have a specific aesthetic issue. It helps cater to all particular aesthetics. Therefore, in its vast collection of products, the brand has unique design emblems from pictures to cartoon characters. Roller Rabbit is here to help you enjoy the colorful night and vibrant bedding or sleepwear with unique colors. These guys are not afraid of color, as most products feature loud print.

Therefore, assuming you are among the minimalists around the world, the collection has a vast, vivid, and boiled selection. However, accepting that the  Roller Rabbit accessories are costly would be best. Compared with the alternative, their sleepwear is much more expensive but high quality, long-lasting, and generally perfect and worth adding to your wardrobe in your home. We wholeheartedly recommend the  Roller Rabbit bedding, sleepwear, and other accessories without any doubt.

Roller Rabbit Discounts

While writing this review, we also had the next task to go research the possible discounts and promotions that Roller Rabbit offers their customers. All customers love lucrative deals that enable them to save bucks. Therefore, we were pleased to note that the brand also provides you with many promotions. First, when you sign up on the platform, these people offer you 15% off on your first order.

Also, when you place an order totaling $150 and above, you qualify for free standard shipping. Their website has unlimited frequent sales but only on the multiple featured products. Besides the above, the brand allows you to join the reward program. Once you are a member, any purchase you make, you earn points which you can later redeem to get discounted products from their store. The only way to stay updated with these lucrative deals is by subscribing to the Roller Rabbit newsletter for all updates.

Roller Rabbit Contact

While we are about to conclude our stand on the Roller Rabbit brand, we may not have addressed everything about the company because of time and other limiting factors. Otherwise, you can proceed with the next step.

In case of any questions, reach out to the support team. The company has a strong presence online on social media platforms. You can follow them and engage on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc., for more clarification. Besides social media, you can also contact them at (877) 695-7655 or mail them via


Q. Where is Roller Rabbit based?

From the above information, the article outlined that the brand has headquarters located in New York City.

Q. Where are the Roller Rabbit manufacturing facilities located?

The company clarifies that its products are made and designed by various artists who are well-distributed worldwide. The major countries where these artists are located are Portugal, Peru as well as India.

Q. Do the Roller Rabbit products fit true to size?

Based on the customers' feedback on multiple sites, the customers have concluded that the Roller Rabbit products tend to run too small or big. Therefore, before you go to get the items, consider visiting the size charts and comparing these measurements to obtain the fitting products.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Roller Rabbit brand?

First of all, Roller Rabbit has one of the favorable shipping policies. The company offers customers free standard shipping on condition that they place an order totaling $75 and above. However, when your order falls below the above threshold, you must pay a flat shipping charge of $8.

Otherwise, as long as the brand dispatches the order, they send you the confirmation alongside the tracking link to your email. You can keep checking the order from the official store to the pick-up point. But remember that lately, the data on the site does not clearly classify if they offer international shipping other than delivering orders in the US territories.

Q. What is the Return policy of the Roller Rabbit?

Other than a favorable shipping policy, the Roller Rabbit also offers customers a window of 30 days from the date of purchase option to return the product to the store. However, for these products to be accepted or quality for return, they must still be in the original condition.

And keep in mind that the final sales or products falling under the final sales are not eligible for return or refund. Like other brands we have previously reviewed, initiating the return process is very simple. You only need to contact the Roller Rabbit staff and get the go-ahead with the next step.


Roller Rabbit offers bedding and reliable, high-quality, and long-lasting sleepwear to customers in the US territories. Besides the brand not being open to international shipping, their products are available through online retailers. This is the perfect fashion brand if you want a colorful night with a more positive spin.

They have integrated the market with the vibrant theme of sleepwear and beddings through their unique design hence numerous positive customer feedback online. Grab a chance, make your night colorful, and enjoy the deals to save on the next order.

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