LuisaViaRoma Review: Premier Luxury Fashion Marketplace with Affordable Options & Exclusive Deals

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Is Luisaviaroma a legit marketplace for luxury designer items? Based on the customer feedback and company claims, here is everything you need to know from our experience. Read to the end and discover if this online retailer is worth the investment.

If you are in the fashion industry and rank in fashion and lifestyle, you must have encountered multiple companies. Most firms online focus on luxury fashion with exquisite collections and accessories. One thing for you: you must have heard about LuisaViaRoma, among the famous luxury fashion online retailers. In this article, we intend to give you a clear point of view about the opulent universe of LuisaViaRoma and unveil everything to make the right decision.

We are here to serve you and guide you through. Though the company claims to be a beacon in luxury fashion, we need to verify if it is a hype on the market. You can analyze and agree with our verdict from the overview through testimonies, discounts, contacts, and bestsellers. Let us proceed to the next section of the history of the company.

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LuisaViaRoma Review

LuisaViaRoma is a well-known online retailer offering extensive clothing and accessories targeting men, women, and kids. The collection also features decor and home furniture to select from. From The information and online reputation, the online retail has been featured on famous media outlets, including Vogue, InStyle, WWD, etc., with notable social media followers and strong presence, and they have also won the Drapers Award because of their engagement.

LuisaViaRoma has also established its reputation because they are engaged with celebs as well as famous influencers like Caro Daur. Tracing the history of his brand is inspired by her humble background. This family business began when the founder, Luisa Jaquin, launched a hat store based in Paris, which is traced to be in the late 1800s.

From there, Olga, her daughter, shifted and relocated to Florence. Olga, alongside her husband, Lido Panconesi, decided to establish a popular Luisa boutique. Indeed, this company started to expand the collection and reach immediately after Luisa's grandson, Andrea Panconesi, took off the business in 1969.

Then, through the leadership and dedication to build the business, LuisaViaRoma started rubbing elbows and grew compared to the likes of Saint Laurent, Balmain, Givenchy, and Balenciaga, fashionable firms. Through the development phase, LuisaViaRoma has grown and established a strong reputation. It is now among the leaders in fashion retailers online around the world.

They partnered with UNICEF and the Naked Heart Foundation to share their wealth. LuisaViaRoma has remained transparent and well-rooted in the background, where their headquarters are in Paris, Italy. This is the same place where these guys process and ship the orders form.

Their products or items are made with different brands traced worldwide. We wanted to head directly and dive into the impressive offering and best leers. However, due to the customer's needs, we also want to give you a glimpse of the pros and cons.

LuisaViaRoma Pros:

LuisaViaRoma Cons:

Why We Like LuisaViaRoma

LuisaViaRoma is a fan-favorite online retailer with an extensive collection of clothing and accessories sourced from multiple brands. The company is serving both men as well as women, and they have everything you need. They are extending their collection to feature home furniture and decor equipment.

Many people have had the opportunity to shop from the platform, and their delivery is impressive. Therefore, to save time, we highlight some of their best-selling products for you to make an informed decision. We will give you a reason to love this online retail platform without wasting time.

The Best-Selling Luisaviaroma Products

The company is well known for offering customers with numerous products. These include fashionable, trendy, and products obtained from luxury brands. Equally, they also feature products from less-known brands to have the first experience.

If you are searching for the perfect place to order the latest Gucci, Nike, or Spaghetti Boys sales, then LuisaViaRoma is all you need on the list. There are many customer-favorite products, from clothing to accessories. Through its Affirm payment method, the company has made its products more affordable to access luxury items.

The first product among the best sellers is Nike Satin Shorts. These shorts are ideal for many routines, from running to workouts; they go for guaranteed comfort. The shorts feature an elastic waistband alongside the drawstring, which makes these shorts ideal for active movement. There is still a Nike logo detail print, and generally, they are made using 92% polyester while 8% is elastane.

Balmain Cotton Denim Crop Top is the next fashionable piece of clothing that is a put-together alternative. You can order them alongside the matching pants to make it more fun for the Balmain. Though they are available in yellow, the crop top has a contrasting shade of stitch, which is white. It also features wide and thick shoulder straps to give you support, comfort, and highlight style. It is easy to wear because of a back zip and cropped unlined body closure. They are made in Italy using 98% cotton while the rest is elastane.

Third on the best-selling products comes the Alexander McQueen Blazer Jacket. Alexander Mc Queen makes this stunning design. The blazer is a classic but flattering feminine cut featuring a padded shoulder with a form-fitting design to highlight the figure of a lady. To bring out the shark appearance, there are peaked lapels as well as impressive two side pockets and single breast pockets. Hence, the blazer is fashionable as well as functional. It comes with the front button and button cuffs. The suit is designed in Italy, where the lining is made using 100% cupro, and the rest contains a blend of acetate and 58% viscose.

If you are looking for trendy track pants, try these famous and popular Off-White Nylon Track Pants. Though black, these track pants are comfortable and come with an elastic waistband, an elastic cuff found at the hem, and an internal drawstring. On the right side, you will get the logo band featuring a blend of red and yellow detailing. On top of the two side slit pockets, they also have a concealed back zipper pocket. They are made using 100% polyamide in Italy.

As one of our favorites, we also found the Gucci Bucket Hat as a bestseller accessory that often dominates fashion. They are available in the classic beige Gucci print. You can select from numerous sizes, and they are made with canvas blended with cotton, hence featuring the leather detail and metal logoi. It also has a twill lining made of cotton. The hat itself is made with polyester and 71% cotton.

This company also has sneakers, and in the collection, Nike RYZ 365 Sneakers run among the best sellers. Although the available shades of these ultra-fashionable sneakers are limited, you can select from the sail, black or white, and the logo detailing comes with the unique TPU rubber sole.

It has a back pull loop to make wearing easy. However, it is recommended that you purchase one size larger than regular sneakers because their fitting is sometimes snug. It is designed using polyester and 60% calf material.

Before we sum up, we would also like to mention this unique Gucci Ghost Ring,  and for a fashionable man, this is a perfect git among the gucciGhost collection. They are available in sterling silver, fun skull designs engraved with the GG motif featuring a width of 9mm according to the Graffiti artists -Trouble Andrew collaboration.

The last product is Gucci Flora Printed Wallpaper. This wallpaper is available in one shade featuring a pink-based pattern. They also contain flowers in different colors and accents. This wallpaper is ideal in your powder room and perfect for the mellow TikTok or Fleetwood Mac. Their pattern was inspired by the Gucci floral print, designed in Italy, while the non-woven wallpaper is made in France using polyvinyl chloride with papers. To this far, now it is your choice to get started. Otherwise, let us listen to the customer testimonials.

Customer Review

Although we have seen that LuisaViaRoma is a famous company with all fashionable and trendy clothing and accessories, we cannot justify that alone with the collection. Thus, to bring a more comprehensive picture, we also need to look at the customer feedback so that you make the right choice from a complete review.

Therefore, we sourced these ratings from different external sites. The first is Sitejabber, and considering the services, values, shipping, return, and costs, the company scored 2.24 stars with 41 reviews left. So most customers raised their issues, but 1 is extremely satisfied.

But the overall reputation and feedback are excellent when we look at the Trustpilot. From the whooping 10931 reviews, the company has reserved 4.1 stars, and 76% of the customers left five stars. Customers here praise their luxury item collection, the support team, efficient shipping and return policy. One of them testifies:-

"I've been quite pleased with every transaction I've done with luisaviaroma. They provide swift delivery and simple returns. I'm always certain that my expensive things will arrive in excellent shape. If you have any questions, their customer service is also extremely helpful. I wholeheartedly suggest it! Purchase with assurance."

On Have Clothes Will Travel website, we also find a detailed blog that evaluates the company, goes through their collections, and then the author gives an honest verdict. The company has an extensive clothing, luxury items, and accessories collection. Also, on Yes Missy, the author gives us her experience shopping from this site. From her curiosity, she gives us everything from the overview to the ordering process of the best sellers and sums up her elevated shopping experience on the site.

"The purchasing experiences at Luisaviaroma are elegant & elevated, with a carefully curated selection of designer fashion and accessories." Their range is vast and ever-changing, from luxurious names to new designers. The website is simple to use and enjoyable to browse. Furthermore, frequent sales and promotions make it possible to obtain designer pieces at a lower cost! Luisaviaroma is a go-to place for fashion-forward buyers seeking one-of-a-kind, excellent products that will last."

There are also other reviews on Yelp where the company has 22 reviews which it scores 3.5 stars, while on Tripadvisor there are 5 reviews and leaves the company with a surprising 2.5 stars. Then lastly, a Pinterest thread gives us an overview of the company and from the point of view, these guys are legit and offer high-quality apparels and luxury accessories. In general, most of the customers recommend the company.

Where to Buy LuisaViaRoma

LuisaViaRoma is an online retailer featuring different products from other brands worldwide. Therefore, their official website is the only place to order the LuisaViaRoma. Navigate to and place your order.

They have an extensive collection to select from. Our research never established any partnership between this online retailer and other retail stores, as it is a marketplace full of luxury brands.

Is LuisaViaRoma Worth It?

After comparing the pros and cons, we have concluded that the LuisaViaRoma marketplace is worth attention to. The company has recorded impressive positive customer feedback and features luxury products, fashionable brands, and affordable purchase options. If these guys have everything for everyone and if you are operating on a fixed budget, then there are Affirm payment options as alternative methods.

LuisaViaRoma is worth the investment for many reasons. Many customers have given testimonies praising their ideal shopping experience with top-notch shipping services and highlighting their perfect customer support team. We have also witnessed that LuisaViaRoma company has displayed attractive order packaging, which, to an extent, customers feel the company is luxurious.

The price is indeed affordable when you compare the quality and collection and the lucrative deals they offer you. Therefore, if you want to purchase trendy and classic pieces of clothing, LuisaViaRoma is an ideal place to be. They feature multiple reputable and less-known brands. Order and enjoy special offers from these guys today.

LuisaViaRoma Discounts

LuisaViaRoma also gives customers the best approaches to save on the pricing. Since this is one of your areas of interest, we also wanted to dig deep into the available lucrative deals. Therefore, when you purchase the total priced items from the store, you qualify for the 20% off at the checkout. Their overall pricing includes the import fees.

Check out the website for job listings and virtual gift cards, and download the marketplace mobile application with a click. Though we have not seen any promo code, we hope you keep checking for future updates]. Or you can subscribe to the newsletters to get the updates and deals. Otherwise, check out the platform for discounted pricing and many more.

LuisaViaRoma Contact

Like other brand reviews, through our LuisaViaRoma review, we also intend to give you multiple ways to contact the company if we have not answered your questions. When writing this review, there were only  4 methods to contact the LuisaViaRoma support team. First, you can engage with the team using social media platforms. That is through Facebook page, Instagram, x, etc.

Still, you can consult them over Skype using the username luisaviaroma. Equally, they are clear that customers can write an email and address it to And if your query is urgent, consider contacting them via phone at +39 055 093 60.54.


Q. Who is the founder and owner of LuisaViaRoma company?

From the information provided in the above LuisaViaRoma review, the company is a family-owned property. The Panconesi family owns that.

Q. Where is LuisaViaRoma company headquartered?

Our information indicates that the company is based in Italy, though their headquarters offices are in Florence. This headquarters has been established in this region for so long.

Q. What apparel sizes does LuisaViaRoma company offer customers?

The company is an online retailer and features multiple brands. Thus, with every brand collection, there are different sizes. The access to the sizes in the collection is also determined by the region as well as the stock you want to purchase from. Thus, check out the items and specifications page. Consult the sizing guides available on the site for the public to explore.

Q. LuisaViaRoma shipping policy

The shipping policy of LuisaViaRoma company is simple. Otherwise, the firm offers worldwide shipping services; their leading delivery carriers are UPS and DHL. For the customer based in the US, all the shipping charges consist of the import fees and duties. If you prefer to receive your order faster, you can pay $25 for the express shipping services. LuisaViaRoma has a warehouse in Florence, Italy; from there, they ship your orders to the designated location.

Q. What is the return policy of LuisaViaRoma company?

If you find that the LuisaViaRoma apparel or items are not satisfying, you can return them to their store. However, you must initiate the return process within 28 days from arrival. For it to be eligible, the order must still have the security tag.

Hence, the return shipping is free of charge. Therefore, initiating the return process is ever easy. Head to my area, sign in to your portal and ensure you have an order number and an official email. Then, choose the item you want to return, and the company will send you a confirmation mail alongside the printable shipping label. You will also get guidance on the next step to return the package.


LuisaViaRoma is a well-known marketplace that offers high-end luxury clothing and features trendy home decor and other accessories sourced from different brands worldwide. In the above article, We have covered this company, explored the bestselling items, discounts, contact, and FAQ section, and formed the testimonies. LuisaViaRoma has a simple user interface to navigate, and with the impressive customer experience, the company is worth your penny regardless of where you are based.

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