Auguste The Label Review: Is This Boho Chic Clothing Brand Worth to Buy?

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Are you seeking a versatile Boho Chic clothing brand with contemporary designs? Try out the famous Auguste The Label brand for an exclusive and extensive collection of fashion-forward clothes. Here is all you need to know from experts.

Many fashion companies are emerging into the market, promoting stiff competition. However, an Australian brand, Auguste The Label, has established a  robust online reputation in women's clothing designs. Though Auguste The Label has a strong presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, we still need to determine if the company is worth the investment.

Before making a decision, it is vital that you also learn from the experts. Hence, in this AUguste The Label review, we will explore the company overview through the best sellers in every category, the current promotions, contact information, and testimonies on top of the reliable place to order. Let us start with the company overview to give a rough idea of the people behind the foundation.

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Auguste The Label Review

Auguste The Label is a fashion-forward brand that designs and sells contemporary clothing. This Australian company operates around the world to serve people of all ages, and their clothing is versatile for any occasion. Through the Popular Boho-chic, Auguste The Label has been featured in profound publications like Glamour, Yahoo, ELLE, Vogue, US  Weekly, Marie Claire, etc.

This indicates the company means seriousness when it comes to business. The Brand was founded in 2015 by the Australian native Byron Bay, Ebony Eagles. The founder had a dream that inspired the vision to design clothes not only vintage but also contemporary collections. Though inspired by pasts, she wanted to establish vintage clothing targeted to become contemporary fashion soon.

Still, in 2016, the company joined the  1% eco-conscious promise For The Planet. The global movement aims to secure a better future, and the company offers 1% of the proceeds to protect Mother Earth. They also engage with other charity organizations and campaigns to inspire women around the world. Auguste The Label has everything for you. from timeless clothing to a versatile collection.

These clothes are made with perfect and high-quality fabrics. To date, Auguste The Label has its headquarter situated in Byron Bay. The company also claims that its clothes are made overseas in countries like Indonesia and China. There is a lot more to learn as well from history. Before going further, we would also like to highlight a few comparisons of Auguste's The Label's pros and cons here below.

Auguste The Label Pros:

Auguste The Label Cons:

Why We Like Auguste The Label

We have been teasing through the Auguste the Label brand, and it is now time to go Beyond the best-selling; we highlight a few reasons we treasure the Brand. This company features an extensive selection of clothing for women and kids, from dresses to shorts, tops, etc. If you are a fashion enthusiast, this company gives you every reason to smile with its Boho chic collection.

There are multiple promotions you are guaranteed to utilize. First, they offer free express shipping when you place an order with a surprisingly particular threshold. They also have Afterpay as their alternative payment plan for customers operating under a fixed budget. Through their pledges, they also represent a healthier planet. Enjoy the swimwear, little Auguste, new arrivals, dresses, and general casual clothing under one roof.

The Best-Selling Auguste The Label Dresses

If you are looking for a dress, this company has extensive and multiple choices for you. The company has a well-established reputation for its comfort, contemporary, versatile, gorgeous, and feminine dress collection. This section will highlight a few of the best sellers for you.

The first on the list is Kirby Wrap Maxi Dress. This dress comes with functional wraps, well known as the real head-turner for many men. It also features the ideal flattering hi-lo hemline as well as short flutter sleeves. It is designed using floral satin and then finished with jacquard. It guarantees customers a silky touch with the drop. It is perfect for any body type. The style is amazing, and it is effortlessly flat. Others elevate the loop with strappy heels. At the moment, the available sizes are XXS to XXL. 

The second best-selling dress on the website is the Blye Midi Dress. The dress features a vintage-inspired celestial print with a lavender hue to highlight its beauty. Still, it comes with a v-neckline, which is a modern cut-out. In addition, you will also find a scoop-back design on top of the popular bias-cut silhouette, which has a luxurious floral Latin finish jacquard. You can complete your appearance with matching strappy sandals, but pair them with the simple mule for effortless elegance. 

The list is so long, and we would also like to mention the likes of Cora Mini Dress. This dress has an adjustable v-neckline as well as an optional tie. As an added feature, it has gold bead details on the drawstring. The other features of this dress are a simple shift shape, gathered neckline, and voluminous raglan sleeves that make every woman stand out from the crowd. It is made using textured and lightweight cotton blended with the metallic yarn accent to highlight the elegance. It matches well with your favorite pair of strappy sandals.

The other best-selling dresses in this category are the Valletta Midi Dress, Valetta Midi Dress, Irina Midi Dress, Azariah Mini Dress, Azariah Maxi Dress, and many more.

The Best-Selling Auguste The Label Clothing

Under this category, we will only pay attention to shorts, tops, and shirts. In this category, you will have the option to choose from boho vintage contemporary apparel. Although the price looks more intimidating, they are worth it based on the quality and comfort they give customers. Here are a few of the best sellers.

Starting with the tops, we have the famous Cora Blouse. Besides the optional tie, it has gained popularity because of the adjustable v-neck. At the drowsing, there is gold bead detailing. The other implant feature on the top is a gathered neckline, which is then paired with the perfect voluminous raglan sleeves. It is also made using texture and lightweight cotton mixed with metal yarn accents. It perfectly matches the Leo Denim shorts to prepare you for the summer vacation. 

The Brand also offers the bestseller Lover Classic Tee. If you want sustainable apparel, this is our option; the top is made with a sustainable blend of cotton and hemp. It comes with the crew neckline and the ideal placement gold print featured at the front, while at the back, you will get a detailed floral print. Either long or short denim pairs go well, like Sebastian's pants. 

The last bestseller in this category is Zelda Blouse. The quality is top-notch since the blouse is designed using the textured cupro, which is blended with the emerald green hue as well as a silky finish. With style, you get to enjoy the adjustable v-neckline as well, and like other tops, it features an optional tie closure with typical raglan sleeves. It perfectly matches the classic black jeans, though elevated; it is an effortless appearance.

For shorts, you can also consider the customer favorite Joe Shorts. This is the Austin print with an elasticated waistband and impressive drawcord. The short is manufactured using textured and lightweight fabric, hand feel, and soft drop. You can pair the shorts with their matching Joe shirt top to perfect the outfit on any occasion or at home. This company is inclusive. The company has clothes targeting adult women, busy moms, pregnant women, and any lady on target to get comfortable dresses or swimwear.

Customer Review

Although Auguste The Label is still new to the market, the online reviews are limited. To make it more convincing, we would go beyond to find out what customers had to say about the company.

Starting from The Iconic websites, there are plenty of testimonies. Some customers have complained about the campers' quality compared to the price tag. While on The Luxi Look , the blog's author highlights a few aspects of the line she loves about the Brand and its collection. From the impressions, she has no complaints about the company and concludes with directions on ideal places to order the dresses and other apparel. Beneath the blog, there is promising feedback. From testimonies, one customer stated:-

"Think about destiny! You were really lucky with the mail swap since this clothing was crafted just for you! I adore the floral print and ruffled front slit. What a lovely gown. I also adore all of these Australian labels! These make some incredible things, don't they? Your images are usually amazing, and I eagerly await your articles! xoxo"

Moving to Adriana, there is a detailed blog in which the author tags it as the exceptional Brand for timeless style and summer dresses. The author highlights everything about the conscious Brand: Vacation-approved, versatile, and excellent quality.

Still, when you go through Glassdoor, Auguste, The Label scores 3.3 stars from 6 reviews, which indicates that 44% of the customers highly recommended them to their friends. Though Yelp features the company section, it still does not have reviews. The Refinery29 features the C;leo Sunday Button Front MMidi Dress, which is perfect that comes with the year-round floral print.

The site offers the dress at a discounted price to the ideal customers. Lastly, we have also gone through the Glam Corner, and the honest review is based ont he recent Auguste Clothing sales focusing much on the pre-loved Dress and Gowns. From the 7 reviews, the company gets 3.3 stars, which is fantastic, and many customers praise the comfort, casual nature, flattering, and freshness.

The other sites you can get the recent testimonies are Reddit, Carousell which is as well the store offering the apparels. At the same time, their Facebook page, features 75 customer reviews, which gives the company a rating of 4.2 stars. This is impressive.

Generally, many customers treasure Auguste The Label and are extremely satisfied with the purchase. Compliments surround the perfect quality, true-to-size fitting, fast shipping, as well as guaranteed value for your money with comfort and decency aspects.

Where to Buy Auguste The Label

If you are looking for the perfect place to order the Auguste The Label clothing, we recommend the official website You can order and access other lucrative deals directly from their online stores.

Still, our research indicates that they have well-spread online outlets. Their apparels are also featured in many online retailers. some of the profound outlets include:-

Is Auguste The Label Worth It?

From the above testimonies and sellers' collections, we can collectively conclude that Auguste The Label is worth the investment. Many customers have complimented the Brand for its extensive collection of women's occasion clothing. The Brand is not only trendy but also fashionable and offers high-end apparel. Through their mission and objectives, they are socially responsible.

The number of overwhelmed customers speaks volumes. Though some customers complained about fitting and durability, generally, the quality was worth the investment. On top of that, the company guarantees customers lucrative deals and pretty sales apparel at discounted pricing. They have extensive feminine and contemporary apparel to serve women. Still, they offer international shipping services. For the next window shopping and when you want to revamp your wardrobe, try the Auguste The Label experience.

Auguste The Label Discounts

While Auguste The Label is well known for its slightly expensive pricing, the Brand also offers customers lucrative deals to save on their budget. Thus, our research wanted to find out if the company has active discounts on the platform. Auguste The Label offers customers free express shipping when their order surpasses the threshold of $150. Still, they have end-of-season sales that give you access to discounted women's clothing.

For new customers, sign up for the newsletter and email listing to grab $30 off on their first purchase from the official store. On top of that, the company has an impressive klarna, which is to order now and pay later through the installment option. Get the gift card and enjoy the easy return policy, though only within 14 days. There are many other promotions which you can enjoy. Follow these guys for future updates on the giveaway, promo codes, etc.

Auguste The Label Contact

If the above Auguste The Label review has not provided sufficient information about the brand, you can get more clarification from the customer support team. The team is available Monday through Friday from 2 pm to 9 pm PDT. The research highlights a few methods to reach the support team. Among them is through the phone call at +61 26685 6333. The website also has a live chat function for efficient and fast support.

You can also write them an email and send it to them at Besides that, the Brand has an active team on social media platforms. Thus, you can engage with them on the Facebook page, Pinterest, and Instagram. Follow them for updates and interactions.


Q. Where are Auguste the Label's manufacturing facilities situated?

The above review article shows that the company claims most of its clothing is made in factories based in Indonesia and China.

Q. Are Auguste the Label clothing run large to size?

Although the sizing is different from one dress to the other based on the customer, most of the clothing that customers recommend fits true to size. Visit their website and navigate through the size chart to get a fitting size, and rest assured before purchasing.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the famous Auguste the Label brand?

Auguste the Label has an ideal shipping policy that is not only lucrative at the front but remains business from the back. They clearly state that the company offers free shipping for orders surpassing a threshold of $150  and above. However, this is only limited to the US-based customers. Although they offer international shipping services, the charges depend on your location.

Among the available shipping services is the US, which takes 3  to 7 working days to deliver and will cost you $15 when your order does not surpass the threshold. Canada shipping costs $15; delivery takes 3 to 7 working days. Then lastly, everywhere else in the shipping, a charge varies from $10 to $30, which also takes 3 to 7 working days to deliver the package. Also, remember that immediately after the company is prepared to ship the package, they send customers the confirmation as well as tracking information through the mail.

Q. What is Auguste the Label company's return policy?

The return policy of Auguste the Label company is seamless. Whoever they state that they don't offer the exchange option. Their return policy is only available within 30 days from the date of purchase. For the item to be eligible for the return or refund, it must remain in its original condition, not used, and stored in original packaging. Also, customers must incur the return shipping charges. The company will only cover the costs if the returned item or package is incorrect or damaged.


We Have seen that Auguste the Label company is not only worth the investment but also impressive when it comes to their extensive collection of dresses for kids and adults with new arrivals. They have Klarna for customers with fixed budgets, and coupled with the fact that it engages in forest conservation,  it aims to be healthy and planet-sustainable.

Based on the testimonies, we have covered the company from the historical point to the best sellers. The company is worth your penny for its modern, chic, and stylish designs.

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