Lucy and Co. Review: Give Your Puppy the Perfect Gear!

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You want to treat your pup with healthy food, gear, and other accessories from top brands? Explore Lucy & Co. and discover if the company can spoil that furry pal with the package delivered to your doorstep.

If you have furry friends, you have heard about Lucy & Co while researching. Well, your pup needs care and many other basic accessories. It would be best if you had not only collars but also stylish harnesses as well as jackets and all sorts of bandanas, goodies, and apparel for that furry. Therefore, Lucy & Co is one of the companies where you can easily access all your Furry friend's needs. With its strong online presence, the company has huge social media followers.

This gives you a clue of what customers worldwide love about this company, but we also need to verify the facts if not a scam. Anytime you want to give your canine the perfect gear, then the good thing is that Lucy & Co always has you covered. You are lucky to have reached this place. We will go deep into the brand and give you its best products.

We will highlight the deals, contact details, and customer feedback and then evaluate if these guys from Lucy & Co are worth your furry friend. Let us have a basic understanding of this brand in the first place.

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Lucy & Co Review

Lucy & Co is an online accessories store that produces and sells apparel, goodies, and bandanas for your pup or furry friend. The company was founded by two duos, El Shourbagy, and Ashley Paguyo, in 2014. Historically, the founders began by creating an Instagram page, from which they expanded to launch a unique startup business from which they got inspiration from their pet, Lucy. by then, she was a Boston Terrier mix and the senior pug.

It was hard for the founders to access Lucy's accessories because the products on the markets had some home-cheesy taste. From their savings, the two opened up a store online, and their first collection involving hoodies had good reception on the market, and within no time, they were out of stock. This Minnesota brand believes in its core value that all dogs and our furry friends also need a home and to feel loved.

So, the two established this company with the aim that pets are also deserving. Therefore, they launched their first bandanas as well as animal shelter lashes that dominated the market in 2019. These accessories came at the right time to rescue the much-needed products. From the mission, the company is trying its best to offer everything to customers and advance even more in the future.

They also engage in charity programs from which they pick one of the non-profit animal firms and offer them 100% profits during special occasions like National dog day. Looking at their online presence, the company has a huge audience base which is the same as people behind the @dogsofinstagram with over 5 million followers. That is all about the background of this firm, and here, we go through the pros and cons of the company in summary.

Lucy & Co Pros:

Lucy & Co Cons:

Why We Like Lucy & Co

Lucy & Co is a fashion brand that designs and sells pet clothing to make your furry friend happy and appear supper dapper. Therefore, if you need pet clothing accessories, turn to Lucy & Co for a massive collection of compostable poop bags, human merch, harnesses, and collars. We have taken our time from this vast collection to help break it down and give you something digestible by highlighting the best-selling items from the clothing onwards.

The Best-Selling Lucy & Co Dog Clothing

Pets also need protection, just like humans, from external elements. Therefore, your pet must be kept cozy and comfortable in clothing. Therefore, Lucy & Co offers you different clothing options to select from. But for this case, we have best-selling clothing that you can try and never regret. The company has a reputable Shark Attack Reversible Raincoat capable of protecting your furry friend from all the rain and chilly wind gusts.

The cloth uses a tight zipper alongside the water-repellant fabric for guaranteed warmth. Your dog will also feel comfortable since the clothes are lightweight. You can reverse the coat to get a fun shark pattern to change the color to bright yellow and have a flap that keeps water away.

The last is Petal Power Reversible Puffer Vest, which gives your dog an extra protection layer to feel toasty. It is perfect, especially when there's ice, and like the first one, this option is also reversible and contains cellucotton fillings for extra warmth with water-repellant material.

The Best-Selling Dog Harnesses

Besides the vest and dog coat, you can also accompany the clothing with a harness. The products come in unique designs but are perfect for the daily dog routine. On the website, customers also have features of some of their favorite picks. These include Posy Pink Reversible Harness. This is popular, and we can't just ignore it. A single harness gives you 23 unique styles of floral and animal print sides, making it adorable and functional.

It goes perfectly when you pair it with the petal power puffer vest and chest straps. The second and last Harness product is Shark Attack Reversible Harness which is a perfect match with the above coat and has long-lasting features. What differentiates it is its aquatic pattern twist. The company also has a leash you can match for outdoor gear. They are always lightweight and flexible.

The Best-Selling Lucy & Co Dog Collars

well, you know that when you get the fabric collars, expect more dirt, hence hard cleaning them. But the good news is that this fashion brand has a huge collection of dog collars with advanced features like waterproof PVC material and mess-proof elements.

The popular option on their website is Everyday PVC Collar, and it is simple to clean by wiping and can withstand any challenging condition. Washing this collar at home is just a cinch; in reality, it is aesthetically pleasing. You can pick your preference from their 3 unique colors, terracotta brown, dark green, and pale pink.

The Best-Selling Lucy & Co Dog Bandanas

Although these are accessories, it remains adorable on your dog. With these bandanas, your friend is also cute and on standby for any snap. Some of the famous categories in the store are Iris Bandanas, which are charming and colorful for the rainbow lover. It's fashionable without any function besides complimenting the fashion. They are hand sewn using 100% cotton in the US; hence you can wash them using a machine.

The second option is the Ophie Bandana, which is good at highlighting a passing warm breeze, if not the picnic of your dream. The bandana is covered with popsicles, and ice cream moist made with cones, hence suitable accessories during the summer. The scarp is lightweight and compatible with any dog worldwide, making your furry friend comfortable.

With the above best-selling Lucy & Co dog clothing and accessories, we are pleased to conclude that the company focuses on offering services to the millennial per parent demographic. These guys relate to older generations' views and beliefs and consider that they can never go for such fashion. Lucy & Co have counted on their social media presence growth to conquer the market and develop the businesses. Though expensive, the clothing is perfect for any favorable occasion from winter to summer.

Customer Review

Customer feedback is the next exciting section of this review article. Thus, we must consider what customers say online about the Lucy & Co fashion for your dog. While researching, we discovered the company's products or clothing has numerous external sites with good ratings.

The first place is their official website at Here, out of the unimaginable figure of 11375 reviews, the company still gets a rating of 4.9 stars; out of this, 98% highly recommend the fashion brand for dog clothing. People love their purchases, as seen below from one client:-

"I adore everything I've ever bought from Lucy & Co. This leash is no different. It's beautifully crafted and delightful. I really like the clasp's lock choice. It's something I'd strongly advise!"

Though Sitejabber only has 5 stars rating review, there are also a good number of feedback on the Trustpilot. Trustpilot presents great feedback of 4.1 stars after 173 reviews, and over 80% highly recommend the brand. The single review of Sitejabber compliments this company with a single statement below:-

"They have the cutest dog clothing and accessories here. I purchased here a reversible dog harness. The trend is fantastic! I also like how it looks, but I was surprised that the neck part slides over the head rather than buckling. When strolling with a leash may put a strain on the dog's neck. We have yet to take it for a walk. Shipment was quick and adequate."

On Amazon, Lucy & Co Cute Reversible Dog Harness scored amazing 4.4 stars after 35 global reviews. But on Healthy Spot, the blog's author highlights the products' features, from size to detail. Many satisfied customers are online with the Lucy & Co clothing products and accessories.

You can also revisit Faire and Ginger and Bear sites to get more detailed blogs and feedback about these dog clothing. Based on numerous positive feedbacks, Lucy & Co seem outstanding for offering high quality, lasting, and comfortable clothing for your furry friends. Keep your pet protected and make your day happy while you take snaps together.

Where to Buy Lucy & Co

You must be looking for a perfect store from where you can purchase Lucy & Co clothing and accessories for your furry friend. We highly recommend placing orders on the Lucy & Co products through their official website at Our research also noted the online retailers with Lucy & Co products. These includes:

Is Lucy & Co Worth It?

Many customers online appreciate spoiling their furry friend with numerous products as they claim to be one of the sources of their joy besides companionship. If you are a pet owner and want to establish a strong friendship with your pet, Lucy & Co is a perfect brand with all sorts of clothing and accessories. Increase the bondage with your pub with the high-quality lashes, clothing, and reversible harnesses this company guarantees will add more fun.

Customer feedback on the products and company is enough evidence to indicate that Lucy & Co is a beast on the market. They have cute dog clothing and accessories in store and high quality, long-lasting and functional apparel to help you get that pup to feel dapper. Most people have praised the coat, which can protect the furry friend from the rain or other situations.

While there are limited external reviews, the few that exist seem perfect. The support team has proved efficient and responsive on any issues raised or responding to negative feedback. With that all said, Lucy & Co is worth it and remain on top of our favorite pet fashion brand for clothing and accessories.

Lucy & Co Discounts

Besides affordable pricing on their products, we also had to go deeper and identify a few documents that Lucy & Co has for the customers. Our research gathered a few options, which are enough to save bucks for the next order. So,  they currently offer the customer's favorite product, which many clients enjoy, upto a maximum of 50% off discounted price.

You can also receive a free bandana for your pup when you meet particular conditions. With the referral program, you can invite a friend and sign up, and both of you will receive $5 once the friend places the first order. On top of this, all new customers are entitled to receive the 10% off on their first orders as long as they sign up for the mailing list.

This way, you can easily access all the lucrative deals, giveaways, new arrivals, etc. The company also offers different membership plans, each with particular promotions. If you join VIP and place an order totaling $150 within the last 12 months, you are qualified to get 500 points, equivalent to the $5  representing 15% off. On the best friends VIP, you can get 1000 points that are 20% off on the next order when you spend $300 and above within one year. Subscribe for updates to get more deals.

Lucy & Co Contact

In case you have a question related to the pet fashion brand, then you can get in touch with the support team. The research has compiled a few means to connect the Lucy & Co support team. The first method is to contact them through email at

Secondly, they have also given you access to the online contact form, which you can fill out and wait for help through the mail. If the above does not make you a perfect move, consider accessing our FAQ page for extra information. Otherwise, they are also active on social media platforms. Contact them after following their accounts on Facebook, Instagram, etc.


Q. Where do Lucy & Co manufacture their clothing and pet accessories?

In the information provided online and on their website, the company states that their collection of bandanas is hand-sewn within facilities in the united states. But the company doesn't inform us where they are manufactured for other Lucy & Co products.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Lucy & Co?

If you are a US-based customer and order from $34 and above, Lucy & Co guarantees free standard shipping. They dispatch their orders within 3 business days using FedEx and USPS. Still, this company advises that their truck will take a maximum of 4 business days to deliver to your pick-up point. Lucy & Co also offers international shipping.

But, the company ships to the targeted country and leaves the rest to the local carrier within your country. Therefore, all the customs charges are determined by the location or country of delivery. In addition to the reviews, we learned that the company is sustainable and relies on 100% recyclable packaging.

Q. Do Lucy & Co accept return orders?

Lucy & Co offer all customers a 30-day window to return their orders if they are unsatisfied or if there was a delivery error. Still, the company is responsible for all the return shipping charges, but they must be unused for the products to be eligible. But if a customer gets the wrong size, you can exchange it for other products in the inventory. To initiate the return, head to the customer portal, and the two must-have data is the zip code alongside the order number to start the process.


With a favorable return and shipping policy, Lucy & Co is a famous fashion brand that offers a vast collection of pet clothing, kits, and hand-sewn bandanas. Despite a few criticisms, the company has countless positive customer feedback, and in addition, they are sustainable by using 100% recyclable packaging. The company goes back to society through charity programs. Make your furry friend happy with the Lucy & Co products and let them feel at home and protected.

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