Beauty Bay Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth Buying?

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Are the Beauty Bay skincare products a hit or a miss? You are yet to know about the brand. Please read our article and learn from the customer feedback before you give it a shot.

Cosmetics and skincare products have gained popularity among different people. Most businesses are trying to increase their revenue through online marketing. While a brand might become popular through marketing, the quality of the product matters. You must learn and prepare before purchasing a particular skincare product online. Beauty Bay is one of the companies that offers skincare products online.

However, during the pandemic's inception, the brand had issues restocking its products, which took them a long before they returned to the business. Nevertheless, from the online feedback, many people are amazed at their products. For this reason, we decided today to bring you the Beauty Bay reviews and cover everything you need to know about this brand. So please keep reading to the end before moving into it; we an order. We will start with the company overview.

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Beauty Bay Review

Beauty Bay is a beauty, wellness, and skincare brand based in the UK. The two brothers founded the company Arron and Daniel Gabbie founded the company in 1999. formerly, the company was well known as  Fragrance Bay. However, it rebranded the name once it realized that customers were eagerly waiting for the beauty products on the market. Beauty Bay operates on a mission to share its beauty obsession with customers worldwide.

It can also be translated that the company sources hard-to-find or equally unique cosmetic or beauty firms and then introduces them to the market. This collection of the hard to find and unique products, as well as makeup and care products, consists of over 7000 products with over 200 brands online.

This is an online platform that has gained popularity through its signature label. As a result, the company has become the leading firm providing unique beauty brands even though they operate solely online. Beauty Bay has its headquarters as well as a warehouse found in Manchester,  United kingdom though it ships its products around the world.

To date, Beauty Bay has been on the market for over 20 years, indicating its success on the market and still counts with high-quality products. It has not only managed to create a large customer base on social media platforms but also has been featured in famous publications online. Keep reading our article as we dig deep into this UK-Based beauty brand.

This article will take you through the latest deals, best-selling products, contact details, and many more. But, before that lineup, let us also consider the pros and cons of the company.

Beauty Bay Pros:

Beauty Bay Cons:

Why We Like Beauty Bay

If you are looking for a modern variety of beauty and skincare products, Beauty is where you need to be. The company allows customers to select their preferred products from the brand rosters branded with its signature line. Therefore, you can create a custom look that is unique and meant for you. Unfortunately, while there are plenty of reasons why we are for the option that you need to purchase these products, we have only compiled a few to resonate with.

Numerous Best-selling Products

The company offers multiple best-selling products on the market. These range from high-quality vitamins to makeup, skincare, and palettes. You will find price and quality on this site. Some of the best-selling products are Beauty Bay Palettes which are themed palettes and make fun shapes or expressive collections. The best-selling items under this category include Beauty Bay Blood Lust Palette and Beauty Bay Alien Palette.

The next best-selling brand is Beauty Bay Makeup, which sells fast as opposed to other products. Some of the outstanding products in this brand are Beauty Bay Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara and Beauty Bay Shine Loud High Shine Lip Colour. Both are tested and affordable, with guaranteed results within 24 hours. Beauty Bay Skincare is another brand with best-selling products. It guarantees customers flawless skin for smooth base makeup.

The popular products in the category are Beauty Bay Azelaic Acid Suspension 10% and Beauty Bay Drying Lotion. The last best-selling brand in this company is Beauty Bay Vitamins. These guys believe that Beauty starts from within, and these vitamins are vital for exfoliation, tightening, and cleansing. The potent vitamins from this brand are Beauty Bay Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies and Beauty Bay Advanced Formula Hair Vitamins.

Offers Products for Everyone

The brand provides beauty products from skincare, accessories, makeup, haircare, wellness, fragrance, and gifting options. These products cut across all ages and gender. So regardless of the skin condition, skin colour, and preferences, the brand has you covered. For makeup, the company offers modern beauty products for women who don't dare to play around with the general look.

They also have a glow-up. Still, it has a younger feel, making it perfect for teens. The brand offers an extensive collection of products with many options hence eye-catching.

Customer Review

The brand has a successful marketing team. However, everything and reputation online depend on the quality of the product. Therefore, without wasting time on this, we also researched the customer feedback about the brand. As a result, the brand has received stellar customer ratings based on its excellent customer support, free return and favourable policy, shipping, and reliability. In our research, we discovered a lot about this product.

This is vital as it can help you make decisions while shopping online. The very first place to start with is the brand website There are plenty of reviews on the products. You can sort it based on your preference. For instance,  the pressed pigment palette has a 4.64 stars rating after 759 reviews, while the Bright 42 Color palette has a 5 stars rating after 1910 reviews.

One of the happy customers on the pressed pigment palette complements by saying:

"The palette is amazingly beautiful. The colors are vibrant, and the shimmers are stunning! There is some fallout with the matte shades, but that is to be anticipated with such melanin tints."

The next reliable place to get reviews on the brand is Trustpilot. You can get the feel of the product from the website. Trustpilot has got 144589 reviews about the brand. Out of these, it scored 3.6 average stars. Still, out of the fraction, 73% of the customers are amazed at the quality and value for their money. Many have complimented the affordability and shipping as well as the customer support.

Still, many complaints about the products were raised, and the company responded with the next step. Otherwise, many customers are amazed by the company's product. One of them says:

" Alerts throughout informing me of the status of my order, and item arrived within 2 days of placing it, didn't need to worry about the negative reviews, had a positive experience and would use again, appreciate you!"

There are plenty of reviews on multiple external websites online. However, most of the critics come from Sitejabber and product review sites. For instance, on the product review site, the brand scores 2 stars after 261 reviews, and most complaints on Sitejabber come from the quality of the products and the long-time shipping. While on Sitejabber, most customers are unsatisfied with the brand's return policy and scored 1.43 stars after 214 reviews.

However, the brand has established a good reputation on the site and the Reseller rating platform. This also includes platforms like Jasmine Talks beauty. If not, you can as well watch the youtube video reviews on the brand here. Therefore, based on the customer feedback, Beauty Bay products are fantastic.

The company is worth it all due to the high-quality brands with favorable shipping policies and plenty of options. Most customers are satisfied with the products on the market hence sounds reliable when it comes to quality. The complaints raised are minor and seem to have been attended to.

Where to Buy Beauty Bay?

Beauty Bay is an online retailer. Therefore, when you want to purchase a product from this brand, you only have to head to their official website and place an order at After that, you only have the option to shop directly from the company.

Does Beauty Bay sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Beauty Bay stores on Amazon.

Is Beauty Bay Worth It?

Well, Beauty Bay products are excellent. The brand has been in business for a long time and thus has gained a robust online reputation from its dedicated custio=oimers. This is one of the reasons why the company is worth it. Again, it offers a vast collection of products with affordable pricing plans. Customer feedback also attests to the same.

There are some concerns raised about the products; it is minor compared to the compliments. However, there are plenty of offers and deals you can enjoy shoppi9ng with this brand directly. Besides, it also offers free products through what they call the TRIBE rewards program.

They also have the brand signature line on their products to indicate the originality of the products. Other than testing the product for quality, they are also cruelty-free. So why not give it a shot? The products are worth it, with guaranteed value for your money and 24 hours results, be it Beauty, haircare, skincare, or other accessories.

Beauty Bay Discounts

Our reviews about the Beauty Bay brand are only meant to help targeted customers buy the products with some confidence. Everyone is well aware that online shopping is excellent. Then the brand has great deals for the customers. Therefore, we searched for Beauty Bay discounts and deals before we rounded up the research work. Therefore, there are good discounts you can enjoy on the platform.

First of all, they offer free shipping with orders above $50. They also offer free products through the TRIBE reward program. Enjoy these exclusive perks as well. In the sales section, there are plenty of deals, and many products are going at a discounted price. From the homepage, the brand offers free delivery when you spend $25 and above.

Still, when you checkout using Clearpay, you are guaranteed 10% off with the promo code CLEAR10. All students also enjoy 20% off when they spend $40 and above on these products. While writing this article, the brand offers 15% off when you spend $50 and above with the promo code BB10. The other best offers include 20% off on orders from $40+ with UNIDAYS. And over 70% off when you purchase the beauty Bay selected products. Subscribe to their newsletter and get updated on all the offers and great deals.

Beauty Bay Contact

If you have other issues not related to our reviews and must contact the    Beauty Bay customer support staff, then the good news is that the company gives you the option to contact them. Feel free to contact them using snail mail at Beauty Bay Ltd, p.o box 518, M5 0BN, United Kingdom, or email them at

You can also fill out the contact form on their website. They guarantee that their operational hours to engage with them are from Monday to Sunday, from 7 am to 9 pm GMT. Still, these guys are available on social media platforms. So you can engage with them and seek any issues you want to be addressed. Find them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Twitter.


Q. Where is Beauty Bay located?

First of all, in our article, it is clear that the Beauty Bay brand is only an online retailer. The company has headquarters in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Q. Who owns Beauty Bay?

The brand was founded by the two dues, brothers David and Arron Gabbie. The online reviews also look like the two dues still own the company.

Q. Where is Beauty Bay made?

Beauty Bay sells vast collections of products ranging from haircare, Beauty, makeup, and skincare. Therefore, their products are manufactured around the world. The beauty signature line does not specify which country the product is made from but confirms the test results for the quality.

Q. Is Beauty Bay vegan and cruelty-free?

Not really; however, the Beauty Bay product's signature line is vegan and cruelty-free. Still, the company also carries some products that do not have the signature line, indicating they need to meet the needed quality per the brand.

Q. What is Beauty Bay’s Shipping Policy?

You must understand that the brand ships worldwide. However, if you are a US-based customer, the shipping takes between 4 to 8 business days to be delivered for about $7. Beauty Bay only has one shipping option. However, the company offers free shipping and tracking when you place an order that totals $50 and above.

Q. What is Beauty Bay’s Return Policy?

If the product does not meet your preferences or anything happens to your order, the company has an option that enables you to return the product. But, for it to be eligible for a refund, you must get in touch with the customer support team within 14 days once you receive the order. There are simple steps you need to follow while making a return. First, you must have the order number, the reason for the return, and the name, then send it through their email address. After that, you will receive the authorization number. Finally, the item must be in its original package and condition. The company will take care of the return shipping charges once you drop them off at the post office.


Beauty Bay is a brand that offers a vast collection of cosmetic and skincare products. While this is online retail, it ships the products worldwide. The company has been around for a long time and has gained a strong reputation among customers of all genders and ages around the world. Our reviews covered almost everything about the Beauty Bay brand, from the company overviews to the customers' feedback and best-selling products. The brand is worth your money because it sells items tested for quality with the vegan signature line.

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