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Activewear is not only for people who love sports, but also a great choice for people to wear in their leisure time. RBX Active provides you with complete sports equipment that can be used by your whole family, such as your lover, children.

If you are looking for the best brand to get any kind of activewear wholesale, then you are making the best decision by reading this review. This review aims to bring to you the very best brand that will supply you with any kind of activewear you want. You should not be worried about the quality of the items because the brand ensures quality when dealing with their products. If you are looking for different types of apparel for your family, then this is your best plug.

Most of the time, people are faced with the challenge of finding the best wear. However, this review has taken care of that problem. RBX Active is a brand that deals in sales of high-quality active apparel for women, men, and even children. If you don’t know how to go about with this brand, you can get all the right information you need to know about them by reading this review. This review will also give you the insight to know if the brand is worth it or not.

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RBX Active Review

RBX Active is a brand that deals in sales of high-quality active apparel for women, men, and even children. These apparel and wear are okay for active exercise daily and very health conscious. If you are looking at going for yoga classes in comfortable activewear or going to the gym, then RBX Active is the best plug. Their apparel meets all kinds of needs.

There is not much information about their social media presence or publications where they were featured. The brand is owned by Eli Yedid. He purchase this brand in 2015. this review was not able to find information about the founder of this brand or when it was founded. With the taking over of the company by Eli, the brand has experienced a tremendous turnaround.

Positive growth and development for more than 6 years now. This review will take a look at the customer review, feedback, and rating, the pros, and cons of this brand, the reason why we like using this brand, some frequently asked questions. We will also try to give our verdict if the brand is legit or worth your investment.

RBX Active Pros

RBX Active Cons

Why We Like RBX Active

You might be thinking about why we like this brand so much. You can find a very wide collection of apparel for women, children, and men. If you are looking at going for daily exercise, then this brand offers apparel for that purpose and more.

Even if you are health conscious, the brand has the best options for you too. The designs, colors, and styles are admirable. A lot of customers always find time to shop with the brand. The price tags for their apparel are just average. Not too expensive for the kind of quality they offer and not too cheap.

Customer Review

you can agree with me that exercise or other active sports or activities have taken a different dimension due to the increase in technology. This has led to the need for more advanced wear for this purpose. This customer review aims to know what customers of this brand are saying about their activewear. We want to know if the brand has been able to supply tangible or quality apparel that is useful for any kind of athletic purpose, yoga, exercise, sports, gym, etc.

This review found out that the brand has been highly praised by customers because of what they offer. The common comments you can find on the internet are the quality of the wear, how the apparel fits customers, and you can easily get any size you want. The material or fabrics used in producing them are good, elastic, and can fit in your size perfectly.

I made use of RBX Active's official website to carry out this customer review analysis. What you can find on their website is nothing but different praise being showered on their wears and apparel. Some even are seeking the expansion of the brand, some customers talked about the price of their items being fair. This is because you don’t expect the quality item to be overly cheap.

Last year, before I started my yoga classes again I had abandoned the yoga session because I was not too comfortable in my yoga pants and top. I got a great one from this brand and I am enjoying the apparel and yoga altogether, it feels good.

Where to Buy RBX Active

You can only get the apparel and wear of this brand on their official online platform

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Is RBX Active Worth It?

The brand has done so well to be able to meet up with the expectation and even prove further that its apparel is the best when it comes to active activities. There is a very high positive review as a result of this. This is to tell you that the brand is doing so well to ensure customers are satisfied. I am going to recommend this brand not only because of what customers are saying about this brand and positive reviews but also because the brand is legit and worth a trial.

RBX Active Discounts

With this brand, you can become a member and start to shop with them to enjoy some benefits in form of discounts and promos

RBX Active Contact

You cannot find much information on their website and this review has tried to gather useful information. However, if you want to know more you can contact the brand


Q. What is the return policy of RBX Active?

The brand offers a return policy where you can make a return within 14 days after you receive your purchase. Before you can qualify for a return, you must make sure the products are in their original form, unwashed, unworn, and unopened. You cannot start a return offline. To do so, go on the website and begin your return process.

Q. What is the shipping policy of RBX Active?

When you check their website, there is not much information about their shipping policy. This brand offers free shipping when you order large items and when you are a member. Additional shipping charges may arise as a result of the weight and bulkiness of the order once it surpasses their free shipping offer.

You can get your shipment within 3 to 10 days in the US. They don’t offer international shipping. They offer delivery to Canada which the company still regards as domestic shipping. You can get your Canada shipment within 10 to 14 days.

Q. What is made of the design and material of RBX Active?

There is not much information about this brand. However, this review found out that materials used in producing these apparels include spandex and polyester, sometimes rayon.


What these brands offer are not your regular apparel, they are active apparel that makes you carry out active exercise comfortably and with a lot of conveniences such as yoga, gym, and various exercises. You are certain that you will get high-quality items even at an affordable price. This review will help you make a good decision.

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