Carve Designs Review: Sustainable Swimwear Meets Fashion!

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Do you want to explore the styles, sustainability, and collection of the Carve Designs for the next outdoor wardrobe addition? Here is a detailed Carve Designs review for you. Grab one for your adventure needs and matching active lifestyle wear.

While preparing for outdoor activities, you are not expected to overpack your bag. Even with your family, lessening the quantity of clothing is one of the strides one can make in the fashion industry. Your suitcase is everything, but what you carry matters as well. Therefore, if you are searching for the ideal casual swimwear and cool styles to match your preferences, multiple fashion brands promise you heaven to kick in the sand.

We recommend opting for the company which combines the fashion as well as functionality in the clothing styles. In our list, we were amazed by the Carve Designs collection. If you are curious to learn more about the company, please keep reading and exploring the company in depth. We will start with history through the bestsellers, discounts, and contacts and derive our verdict from the testimonies. Without wasting time, here's the thing.

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Carve Designs Review

Carve Designs is a fashion brand here to stay and serves customers with unique activewear and swimwear clothing for apparel. The brand has been known for its ability to crack the code when blending functionality with fashion. The brand claims to design swimwear targeting women while highlighting their passion and real body ready for the adventure. Among the missions of the Carve Designs company is the sustainability statement.

Therefore, they utilize recycled and sustainable, high-quality materials through their manufacturing process. Therefore, swimwear features 100% sustainable materials, while the entire product line, including the packaging, claims to use 85% eco-friendly materials. The packaging is incredibly indigestible, as well as plant-based materials.

Because Carve Designs bases its operation on matching practicality, sustainability, and stylishness, they have established a strong reputation, allowing it to feature on multiple famous media outlets. Some of these outlets include Vogue, Shape, InStyle, etc. This is a woman-owned brand with a significant social media presence or audience. If you are curious about the foundation of this company, then keep reading to the end. Carve Designs was founded by two duos, Thayer Sylvester and Jennifer Hinton, in 2003.

The founders are well-known surfing enthusiasts. These people have a simple mission: to establish impressive women's surf apparel and swimwear that are not only cute but also practical and comfortable in the long run. The company is still operating in Northern Carolina, specifically Mill Valley. They started by offering customers surfing-rated products such as the Boardshorts.

Though they had a humble start, they have expanded, gradually developing their reach, and today, Carve Designs has become the talk of the day on the market. They feature extensive styles of accessories, activewear as well as swimwear collections.

That is all about highlights of the Carve Designs establishment and background history. We cannot proceed to dig into the details of this beachy brand before we kick things into the next section. We would also like to give you a round-up on the pros and cons of Carve Designs. This is a notable aspect; comparison helps you make the right choice.

Carve Designs Pros:

Carve Designs Cons:

Why We Like Carve Designs

Carve Designs is a fashion brand that allows you to enjoy your adventure while on vacation. The company offers access to high-quality, unique, trendy apparel, swimwear, and activewear to rock the experience. There is a lot the company has to offer on the market beyond the clothing.

Therefore, we will highlight the best-selling apparel in each category to simplify things. This will hint at making the most straightforward move based on your preferences. Their extensive collection includes shorts, swimsuits, activewear, and lifestyle designs to match your needs.

The Best-Selling Carve Designs Shorts

During the summer or warm months, one of the must-have apparel is short. Add them to your swimsuit and prepare for the top-notch beach experience. Most of the shorts are easily transformed into daily streetwear while going for patio meet-up occasions. Therefore, from Carve Designs, we have explored some of the best sellers.

The first is Maui Short Favorite Fade. This short gives you impressive cut-offs to ensure an ideal fusion of your cuteness and comfort with a single purchase. This short gives you the next-level summertime beach staple. They are designed using stretch denim to provide a casual beach vibe. They also feature a delicate frayed hem as well as the mid-thigh hit. They match any hoodie as well as a bikini top at the beach.

Second, we have Oahu 4″ Short Dark Coral. These shorts are dark and guarantee you an undisputed classic appearance while you are in the sand. They give you a perfect late summer vacation experience because they are slightly faded red hues that enhance the falling autumn leaves. Still, it is also designed with the stretching corduroy through comfort; they are loose and ideal for the weekend.

The Best-Selling Carve Designs Swimwear

Besides the shorts, the company also offers a line of swimwear apparel. Therefore, if you prefer using modest swim shorts, tankinis, or bikinis, this is one of the fashion brands you need to trust. They have extensive collections to serve each lifestyle preference. And here are some of the best sellers of swimwear from this company.

The brand has outstanding Dahlia Top Charm. There are a lot of flattering spaces this swimwear brings you. The cloth gives you the perfect balance between the attractive as well as modest. Though a halter-style bikini top, it tends to top when considering the extra support from the front. It also features a beautiful criss-cross design at the back. It comes with a soft-toned charm floral pattern, matching numerous bottoms. You can also select 12 unique patterns from their collection to meet your preferences.

The last option in this category, we would like to list Dahlia One Piece Charm Aqua Regatta. This is an adorable and modest swimwear you can add to your backpack. It is v-necked and comes with the nifty tri-pattern design that always starts with that floral motif and then proceeds with the impressive light blue band at the solar plexus. It also features the horizontal stripes that are muted white. Customers can select from the six color schemes in the store that fall under this style.

The Best-Selling Carve Designs Dresses

The last category we would love to mention is the Carve Designs dresses. Besides beachwear and activewear, this brand goes the extra mile to give you extra fashion clothing. Their dresses collection guarantees customers a flirty as well as fun experience and access to functional styles for any sidewalk events. Here are some of the best sellers in this category.

First, they have the famous Aida Dress Red Rock Stripe. This is a favorite flannel dress one can hang with while at home. The shirts guarantee the final feeling for your daily home routine, and you can also walk. It is an adorable dress and novel form. The button-up dress is impressive and remains above the knee, and you can add a perfect ascent with the thin tie. They match any knee-high boots for the afternoon outing. You can also purchase the blue stripe design.

The last move in this category is Del Mar Dress Navy. It is a fabulous dress to wear for a tropical vacation. It is sleeveless, ranked among the breathable dresses, and gives you that natural rumped appearance. This is because it is designed with organic cotton; thus, it is a simple roll and pack with no wrinkling issues. This dress features a removable belt through thin for the accentuating waistline. You can still go for the light pink option from the store.

These Carve Designs clothing are simple to wear and designed for summertime style occasions. This is because the fashion is comfortable, conducive, and attractive, ready for surf-based events. The company pays much attention to blending comfort with functionality. They also target casual chic women who don't want to sacrifice their style for comfort.

At the forefront of the agenda, Carve Designs remains sustainable through its manufacturing and operation activities. They utilize 100% recyclable fabrics to make their activewear collection.

Customer Review

To complete this Carve Designs review, our readers also requested to compare the testimonies as the point of reference in making decisions. Therefore, as usual, we explored the internet and found honest customer feedback, including the ugly truth.

The research started with the official website The site does not have much customer feedback, but the available looks promising, with many compliments mentioning the versatility of these apparel, high quality, and extensive collection to select from. REI also features a review focusing on the Erin Reversible Swimsuit Bottoms for women. The item scores 4.5 stars from 15 reviews, indicating customers are happy.

When you navigate through the Geography. The author analyzes the brand and bases it on the Carson Jeans. The article explores the jeans using aspects like the designs and aesthetics, durability, value, and functionality and, in the end, gives it 4.5 stars excellent. In summary, the verdict states:-

"I had no idea jeans could be so motivating." "However, with Carve Designs' perfect blend of ease, elegance, & edge, you can't help but march with a spring in your step."

Have Clothes also proceed with the review, and the blog highlights the best-selling swimwear, jeans, and tops for the collection. Each style author gives an honest review of the experience and claims on the website. Heading to Amazon, there is also a good rating of 4.5 stars deduced from the 70 global ratings, and this covers the Sanitas Reversible Top for women. This is amazing, and customers are satisfied with their orders.

The other notable attractive and convincing feedback is also on Zappos. Explore them keenly and evaluate them according to the brand's claims, then determine if the company is worth investing in. Yelp features two reviews, which only account for one-star ratings.

Still, on the Travel and Leisure, the blog also bases the review of the Clever Reversible swimsuits, and the author ranks it as the game changer for packing at an affordable price. The above feedback speaks volumes, and this brand, Carve Design, is a customer favorite for activewear, swimsuits, and other accessories needs.

Where to Buy Carve Designs

If you have decided to try out the Carve Designs collection, you must be struggling to locate alternative places to order these apparel, activewear, and swimwear collections. We recommend ordering from their official website,

You will have a complete original clothing collection and enjoy lucrative deals. The research also indicates that these Carve Designs clothing are available through online retailers. The brand has partnered with multiple retailers online. Some of these reputable stores include:-

Is Carve Designs Worth It?

We have seen that Carve Designs gives you high-quality and sustainable activewear, swimwear, and accessories or apparel collections for beach vacations and other adventure experiences. We are happy to report that the company is worth giving attention to for many reasons. First, there are countless positive customer feedback online praising the company for its extensive clothing collection.

The brand utilizes eco-friendly materials through the design and packaging as well. Carve Designs also gives you great options for the styles and shades to select from. Therefore, customers can easily mix and match based on their preferences. They have everything ranging from swimwear tops to bottoms and one-piece for the more versatile styles on the market.

These clothing are designed to give you support and guarantee customers the maximum comfort. They understand that women are more than going for the things that only lounge on the beach while on vacation. Carve Designs also goes beyond comfort and tries to match the extensive activewear collection to emphasize functionality. They have everything for the casual chic design targeting the daily routine apparel needs.

Therefore, Carve Designs is worth the investment if you aim to purchase a more reasonably priced and easygoing vibe for the beach vacation. Check out the collection and make your first purchase of the upcoming outdoor activities.

Does Carve Designs Offer A Return Policy?

Like other fashion brands, Carve Designs has a friendly return policy. From the date of purchase, the customer has up to 30 days as the return window just in case the delivered items have issues or it is a wrong package. For a thing to be considered eligible and approved, it must be in its original condition, packaged, and have a sales tag attached. Refund is only available for the items that are not washed or worn.

Those items received after the return window are only entitled to the store credit, which comes in gift cards. Also, note that the company charges you a return shipping fee of $7. This is deducted from the refund total. The company takes at least 2 to 3 weeks to process and refund your account. Initiating a return is very simple.

Head to the portal and ensure you have access to your original order number as well as the zip code. They also offer exchange when you seek different size items, though they must be the same shade and style. This is available at the center through the exchange method and follows the relevant procedure. The Canadian orders are only returnable through the indicated address on the return form. The form is attached to the items delivered. The Canadian orders are not delivered with the prepaid shipping labels.

Carve Designs Discounts

When writing this review, we noted that Carve Designs allows you to score savings on your purchase. Indeed, there are multiple offers and lucrative deals you can also get on other brands online. The finding indicates that Carve Designs gives you 10% off on the first order when you surpass the threshold of $70. This is only for the newbies who sign up for the newsletter. Free standard shipping for all orders totalling $90 and above is also free.

Carve Designs also provides access to wholesale service; the website has countless careers and lucrative reward programs. On top of the brand aiming to keep the earth healthy, they also aim to keep you happy. You can subscribe to the newsletter for future updates and offers. There are numerous sales on the clothes, deep discount services on swimwear, and a dedicated best-of-sales service on the website. Check out for more updates and promo codes.

Carve Designs Contact

The brand has an active customer support team if you need more clarification about the Carve Designs review. We also wanted to guide you in different approaches to contact the team. The research indicates that the company support team is reachable through email at You can also write them an email at and await their reply.

The second option is to give them a call. You can call the support team through the number 855-585-2278. But this number is only operational Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm PST. If the above options are not your ideal approach, then utilize the live chat icon on the website for instant response.

In addition, you can also engage with the team to grow their social media accounts. Follow them anytime on their X(Twitter), Instagram account, or Facebook page. The team is always active for updates and attending to any concerns.


Q. Who is the founder of the Carve Designs brand?

The above review shows that duo Thayer Sylvester and Jennifer Hinton founded the Carve Designs company. The same people own the brand but received a significant capital investment in 2016 from the Kanders & Company firm. This means the company became under Warren Kander as the chairperson, which means Sylvester serves on the board as the CEO.

Q. Does Carve Designs company offer worldwide shipping services?

Currently, the company does not offer international shipping from their platform. The coverage area is only in the US as well as Canada but promises to extend worldwide with time.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Carve Designs?

The company has a lucrative shipping policy. US-based customers can qualify for free ground shipping when their order surpasses the threshold. But when you order below the point, you must incur the shipping charges, which are only accessible at the checkout. For the orders shipped through the ground, the company promises to deliver within 3 to 14 working days.

The other shipping methods available on the website are overnight and two-day shipping. But these come at a premium cost, though much faster. Regarding Canada-based customers, you must incur a fixed shipping charge of $30. This also includes the HST added fee available during the checkout.


Carve Designs is a prominent fashion brand that offers customers an extensive collection of activewear, swimwear, and accessories ready for the adventure or vacation. From the above review article, we have seen numerous positive customer feedback praising the lucrative deals, sustainable nature, high quality, and multiple styles and shades. Carve Designs is a fantastic brand, and we are delighted to conclude that the company is worth the investment.

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