Rags Clothing Review: Led the New Fashion Trend of Kid's Clothing!

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Are you searching for a soft cotton rag or baby clothing to help reduce crying and promote bonding during your baby's development? Check out the famous Rags Clothing. If you are still new, here is what you need to know about the brand.

People have difficulty picking the right soft cotton clothes for their kids. This is because many brands are coming up and promising heaven. Since we are dedicated to guiding you, we are here to help you make the right choice as fashion is concerned. Because we value you, we have reviewed a series of fashion brands in the previous articles.

People have different preferences, and Rags clothing is the next alternative and comes with a unique complexion. It might be hard to select, but here is what you need to know about Rags clothing company. We will cover everything, from the company overview to the best-selling items in each category, customer feedback, compare the pros and cons and evaluate if the brand is worth the money. Without wasting time, let us start with the Rags Clothing company overview.

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Rags Clothing Review

Rags is a fashion brand that offers kid's clothing, specifically known as rags, and previously we used to call them rompers. Since its establishment, they have expanded to cover all newborns' garments and established a strong online reputation. The company has a huge social media following and has been featured on popular media outlets like Pop Sugar and US Weekly.

Returning to the company's history,  we have the founder Rachel Nilsson and her husband, who worked hard to develop this brand. While they used to manage their kids, they were both full-time grad students who had difficulty saving money. It was this challenge that Rachel began selling the Rags to hand-me-down children so they could have extra passive income.

After realizing that her handmade garments were taking over and becoming popular on the market, she then focused her attention on producing more Rags. As she claims, she only wanted to sell the Rags' clothing and make a living out of it to feed the wriggly toddler. This is one of the inspirations for her decision to create her brand. In the clothing brand, Rachel had 3 main key tasks to instill in the children's rags line.

She aimed to ensure the clothes were functional but also fashionable, trendy, and comfortable. She then made her first rag from her husband's old t-shirt. This rag went semi-viral on their Instagram. As time went by, Rachel started sewing over 200 in 4 days. as it gained popularity, it featured in American Vogue as well as British Vogue. While on the shark tank episode, the rags were featured in 2016.

Therefore, it was among the best top 10 pitches of that time. The brand aims to bring a more cooling clothesline, eventually inspiring all sit-at-home mums not to worry about small challenges.

Today, if you need kids and baby clothes, snapless rompers, tops, dresses, bottoms, Disney, toddlers, and any trending style, then step in on the Rags clothing website, pull up from the selection, and let your kid play on with these collections. The review is divided into sections for ease of understanding. Therefore, here are some of the pros and cons for comparison.

Rags Clothing Pros:

Rags Clothing Cons:

Why We Like Rags Clothing

Not only adults enjoy the fashions, but kids and babies do, and the style is unique. Rags clothing has huge options to select from based on preferences, where all the options embody vibrant nature and a spirited one. That means their clothes are made with sustainable materials but last longer.

The Rags apparels range from tees, Rags rompers, joggers, hoodies, dresses, and face masks, to sweaters. Therefore, besides emphasizing babies, toddlers, and kids, this brand also has fashionable clothes and other related accessories.

Although the company focuses on kids' fashion, in the inventory, they also offer adult t-shirts and other apparel, which you can access from their website. In our research, we decided to go for the best-selling Rags clothing on the market, and here we can come up with two categories as discussed below. This will give you an easy time selecting the trendiest apparel for your child.

The Best-Selling Rag Kids' Clothing

it is always a fact that the more you become innovative, the more you improve your outfits in the fashion industry. Tots have also had a chance to look fashionable with trendy apparel from the Rags brand. This section covers the best picks you need to consider for your kids as trendy apparel.

Kids Tee in Multiple Colors is a must-have basic shirt you can pair with any kid's outfit. It is designed using a blend of elastane, cotton, and modal, maximizing comfort for your kid. It comes in 5 different styles and colors to select from. Star Wars Tee is perfect apparel if your kid is really into the latest films. The apparel is made using stretchy cotton and spandex material though most cases are out of stock from the platform.

The popular Phantom Joggers from the Rags company are excellent as it comes with laidback bottoms perfect for playdates and other kid occasions. They are made to be flexible and last longer with fabric blended alongside elastane with cotton. They also feature ankle cuffs, pockets, and adjustable drawstrings for a cozy and fashionable look.

The Best-Selling Rags Baby Clothing

Besides kids and tots, the Rags also offers popular and cute and trendy apparel for babies and newborns. Though these targeted babies don't wait, people will appreciate that at least you dressed your baby well and presentable, and in the future, your baby will be happy to see stunning photos.

In this case, there are numerous best-selling baby clothes. To start with, we have Newborn Rag in Multiple Colors that have simplified the process of putting on baby clothes. It is made with an all-in-one romper which contains a buttery soft material to make it stretchy for any possible accident. The apparel also features built-in mittens, detachable back flaps, and socks. Next is the Rise & Shine Pouch. Though it is made like a romper, in reality, it tends to fall like a typical skirt.

Therefore, Rise & Shine Pouch is responsible for keeping the baby and newborn warm and safe. Has also a stretchy dynamic neckline, a flexible and soft material so that you can easily swaddle your baby. There is also numerous Rag in Multiple Colors selling out like shit on the market. This is an essential romper that matches any comfortable outfit.

The apparel also has a stretchy neckline, 5-snap placket, and rolled short sleeves that come in 5 different colors. The other best-selling baby Rags are Retro Minnie Mouse, good for the baby ladies who are into the Disney made with soft fabric, while Rags Droids Pattern is last but showcases the funky sprints of the C-3PO as well as R2-D2. It features a front chest pocket and button-down tools that use stretchy, comfortable, and soft materials.

Therefore, if you are into other apparel for children or adults, the Rags clothing offers you all your needs under one roof. The above are my favorite options to set your journey on the move.

Customer Review

A review on Rags Clothing is complete when it also covers customer feedback on these items. But generally, based on feedback, most people are satisfied with the Rags Clothing and apparel. This review digs into numerous sites to come up with customer ratings.

Therefore, we will start with the official website rags.com, where there are 222 product reviews and 84 shop reviews, which adds up to 306 and gives the brand a rating of 5 stars. All customers complimented the products and brand for the huge collection, affordable pricing, favorable return and shipping policy, comfortability, and excellent customer support. As herein, a satisfied customer says:

"I bought two of these sets for my new baby boy! They are brilliant!! So soft and stretchy, easy to change diapers, good fit, footed, option to cover hands, pairing hat as well as a blanket, completes the set!!"

Next is Amazon, where Rags Unisex kid's romper gets a 4.8-star rating after 70 global reviews. 91% of the customers gave the brand 5 stars and highly recommended the apparel. Rags.knoji.com also gives this apparel a rating of 4.2 stars after 56 ratings on the platform. The reviews are based on the brand's popularity, payment options, financing, discounts, rewards, and customer support services.

In addition, Trustpilot also offered us honest reviews about the company and its products. Of 5 reviews, the apparel from Rags brand gets a 4.1-star rating. Most verified buyers here are happy and exceptionally satisfied with the purchase. The below recommendations sum up the feelings of the customers in general:

"I've bought several items from Rock Rags Apparel and they never dishearten. Always high-quality items, well-packaged, and delivered quickly. I strongly recommend supporting these, especially given their ecological and ethical perspectives."

A detailed blog reviews the brand on the Pit Stops for Kids, and the author praises the Rgas apparel for their simplicity, comfort, and accessibility. Other than the Fabulous Mom Life website, there are also reviews on Yelp, and of the current 6 reviews, the brand gets a 5 stars rating which is awesome. Here is proof from the Yelp client praising the apparel:

"The store is always tidy, with plenty of choices and new items accessible on a frequent basis. I buy my levis and T-shirts here all the time. They carry the MadeL1fe brand, which I adore. The garments are fantastic! "James" is just a great person, not to mention he's STACKED?" (said one of the shop owners)

All in all, Rags company won the day, and it is even worth checking out. Although some people complained about the average customer support, they still helped. Thus, we highly recommend it based on the above feedback from experienced customers.

Where to Buy Rags Clothing?

Unfortunately, the Rags clothing is only available in limited stores online. Therefore, if you are trying to find these stores, you are at the right place. The perfect place to access these Rags clothing is by visiting their website at rags.com and ordering the preferred rags, or any kids, children, and toddler apparel from the shot, shirt, bottoms, dresses, etc. The other online retailers from where you can purchase the Rags clothing are listed below:-

Note that you must use their official website to order the entire purchase for resale. For more information, visit the webpage.

Is Rags Clothing Worth It?

Before we conclude the Rags clothing, this is the time you need to consider checking out their huge collections of kids ' clothing. The Rag section has a huge number of options to select from. And more so, to make it interesting, most rags pieces are fun and come with amazing colorful prints. If your kid is brave enough, they can easily select their preferences from these collections.

The brand has scored extremely well in customer feedback, with multiple positive reviews online and a huge customer base online. Many people have complemented the garments for being extremely versatile and comfortable for any occasion. Parents also prefer the Rompers for many reasons but mostly the design, and if you are fond of styles, then this is the place to make your kid more comfortable. The rags are simple and don't give you a hard time managing the apparel.

The rags and other clothing apparel from this brand are also designed and manufactured using high-quality fabric, making it soft, comfortable, and environmentally sustainable. The clothes can withstand anything and hence are more durable.

That is a big plus, and when you combine with the fact that the brand has a favorable return policy, numerous free services, a wide collection, the option to order wholesale and free shipping on the rags essential, then it makes it clear that the Rags clothing brand is worth checking out. Make your kid proud with these apparels.

Rags Clothing Discounts

When writing this review, we also went through the promotions the brand offers to the parents buying these Kids' rags apparel. The research then found that most of the clothing is offered at a discounted price and hence more affordable. Also, the company guarantees all the customers free shipping on the rags essentials. Although we spent too much time on this, we never spotted much about the discounts.

There were no coupon codes. We encourage you to subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on social media platforms to get all the latest deals. There are also often sales and other giveaways which you can enjoy. Remember that all the promotions here are only applicable for a limited time.

Rags Clothing Contact

In case there is a concern not about our article but the Ras clothing brand, you must be looking for a place to get extra information. as part of our work, we will redirect you. Rags have listed different means to connect the support team for any inquiry related to their items. First of all, you can send them an email through their official address at hello@rags.com.

If that is not something you prefer, then fill out the contact form on the website and send it to the support team to guarantee a reply as soon as they see it. Still, these guys have the marketing team active on social media platforms. Therefore, you can engage with them and ask questions on the Facebook pages, InstagramPinterest, etc. the team is here to settle all your concerns.


Q. What size range do Rags offer to the customers?

Rags brand offers kids fashion that varies in sizes. However, for the essential rags, the size ranges from 3 to 6m, from 6-12m, from 12-18m, from 18-24m, available 2T, 3 to 4 Y, and then lastly, from 5 to 6Y. But if you want to access the fu; rags sizing and other apparels, then visit their official website.

Q. Do Rags have a favorable shipping policy?

From their website, rags guarantees all customers free shipping if the order adds up to $50 and above, but it only applies to US-based customers. Also, they ensure to ship all orders from domestic to international within 3 business days. However, if you prefer using the priority or expedited, then shipping cannot exceed later than the next business day.

The other regions where Rags ship the items include Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Not all of the above countries give you access to continuous order tracking, just like the US-based orders. Also, note that you are reasonable for any extra charges imposed by your country where possible or needed by the country's law.

Q. Do Rags accept returned items from customers?

The fact remains that this brand has a 30 days return policy favoring all customers as long as they have purchased from the company investor. These returned items must be in original condition that is unused, unwashed and attached with the tags for them to be eligible for a refund.

You must also have proof of purchase or return the Rgas items or package. Regarding the domestic, they offer free return shipping but only on the Rags essential. And when it comes to other items from the brand, the period of return shipping costs you $5. You can initiate the return process by visiting the portal with your login credentials which is simple.


The Rags brand is the perfect option if you struggle to find the perfect children's or kid's wear. The above article has exhausted all the basic details you need to know. The company offers a huge collection of kids' fashion, from rags, and rompers, to t-shirts, bottoms, and dresses, all under one roof. The quality is on another level and comes with a complimentary shipping and return policy. Because of the above robust reputation online, we highly recommend the brand for all your kids' wear needs.

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