Faherty Clothing Review: *Pros and Cons* Does It Worth Trying?

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Does Faherty Clothing offer trendy and environmentally sustainable clothing that is safe for customers with sensitive skin? Ethically sourced materials and organic fabrics are what make the company famous. Please find out more about Faherty Clothing and what they have in store.

Finding a good clothing brand is a good thing. It makes you have an easy time shopping for all your fashion under one roof. Among the brands, Faherty stands to offer something that is not only high quality but also their clothes have a laid-back sensitivity. If you are a man or woman, no worries; the company has your back and remains ethically committed to conserving the environment.

Regardless of your skin condition, these guys claim their clothing is perfect, even for skin-sensitive individuals. Though Faherty has a huge customer base on social media like Instagram, we want now to verify why the company has been featured in numerous popular publications online. We will discuss everything about the company, from the history or overview to the discounts, contact details, best sellers, customer feedback, as well as the final evaluation.

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Faherty Clothing Review

Faherty is a fashion brand that was established by Mike and Alex Faherty, who are twins. In reality, Mike was a designer by profession and worked with Ralph Laureen, but Alex has knowledge of private banking and acquired experience through private equity. They started by creating an excellent Board Shot, which inspired them to find this luxurious Brand.

Previously, these twins grew up with a dream to establish a retail store or brand form they decided to first dive into in their head. Today, Faherty is dedicated to offering clothing that is not only high quality but also sustainable. They design and manufacture using ethically sourced cashmere as well as sustainable fibers. In packaging, the Brand remains eco-friendly, using recyclable paper packages.

Their website makes it clear that they are dedicated to ensuring they remain 90% plastic free, which they achieved in 2021. This company has also partnered with many other indigenous artists around the world and hence termed a feel-good brand on the market. This is because they work with the community and give back to society by creating jobs.

The driving force behind Faherty clothing is their optimistic nature and purpose in the industry, elevating the comfort experience while creating a wonderful future with a positive impact on the community. Historically, this family-owned business was founded in 2013 and had since been expanding its reach and building its reputation.

However, they have headquarters situated in New York-USA. This means they have all the manufacturing plants based in the US region. The Brand has a huge audience base on social media platforms, numerous positive reviews, and is well known for trendy fashion as well as its favorable return and shipping policy. Before going into what the Brand offers regarding fashion, let us compare the pros and cons discussed below.

Faherty Clothing Pros:

Faherty Clothing Cons:

Why We Like Faherty Clothing

Faherty is one of the trending brands for the latest fashion and new arrivals under one roof. The Brand offers a large collection of apparel for both genders that make customers not only look appealing but also feel the comfort in it. These apparel are made with materials ethically sourced from the locals hence sustainable and crafted with timeless appeal.

They are made to last longer than ever could be imagined. These are some reasons we have listed the Faherty clothing on our favorite list. For ease of understanding, we will also go through some trending and best-selling Faherty clothing on the market. This will help you save time while making selections from the pool.

The Best-Selling Faherty Clothing for Women

This is the place you need to pay attention to. Faherty offers a huge collection, but to cut down on time wasted going through the collection, we have researched and decided to come up with a list of the best-selling Faherty clothing.

The topmost is Superwashed Tie Dye Cotton Overall, which has a makeover containing the sun-faded pink figure and is made with 100% soft cotton as well as lightweight denim making it comfortable to move with. This is the trendiest and most timeless vintage, but you can machine wash it cold and dry low, and it is perfect when paired with the tank top t-shirt beneath it.

York Corduroy Overall Dress is the next best-selling dress from this Brand and falls under our ranked classic outfits on the market. It ensures the customers attain the autumnal appearance, especially when you pair it with boots and a sweater. It also ensures that versatility is kept at the fixed point, which is perfect for the summer due to its flattering look and timeless nature, featuring an a-line silhouette and hemline.

There is also Queenie Embroidered Washed Cotton Dress, which is good for summer vacation due to its airy and light nature; hence simple to put on and features Indian-inspired embroidery while having side pockets for the convenience of the user. The dress is made with 100% cotton, which you can machine wash and hang to dry.

The list is endless for women's clothing, including the Paloma Duster Cardigan that has a bold vintage that is indigenous art as well as weaving inspired by the shawl corner and removable belts.

The Bestselling Faherty Clothing for Men

Regarding men's clothing, Faherty also has a huge collection. And here are some of the trendiest and highly selling fashions for men. First is Cloud Long-Sleeve Henley, designed using the patented cloud cotton material, making it luxurious but remaining modal environmentally sourced. It is the lightest of all but soft, and you can also comfortably pair it with the perfect vest to add more warmth.

Second, in this category is Legend Sweater Hoodie looking casual but also perfect and classic. What elevates its appearance is the comfortable stretchy fabric. As well as extremely soft, but it is made with a combination of polyester, viscose, and spandex.

The other best-selling accessories from the Brand are Faherty x Waltzing Matilda Men's Sanda, which is dark brown and made using pre-heated leather, giving you a worn-in-soft feel. The company also offers the retro-inspired round glass known as RAEN Remmy 49. Though slightly horned, they are timeless and handmade using cellulose acetate and titanium to offer customers UVB and UVA guaranteed protection.

The last item is Miansai Screw Cuff. This is a wear-alone essential piece of jewelry that gives customers a unique appearance. It features the threaded bar closure found at the top but is made with stainless steel containing 15k gold plated coating. Many reasons that make us love this company other than the huge collection discussed above.

Customer Review

This review article has multiple sections to help understand the Brand in detail. Thus, it will not be fair enough to conclude the article without considering the feedback from the customer who has been using the Faherty clothing and accessories. It is always a good move to learn from the experienced customer before making the right decision.

Therefore, in this section, we will go through numerous external sites to get feedback. But first of all, we will go through the reviews found on their official website at fahertybrand.com. The Brand gets around 4.5 stars on its website after a whooping 36900 and above reviews. Most customers are happy and satisfied with their purchases on the site. Most praised the perfect size, excellent shipping policy, numerous promotions, and extremely attractive packaging. As one of the customers compliments, it says a lot:

"This was purchased as a gift. It is of high quality and fits as anticipated (true to size). It was dispatched right away and arrived two days ahead of schedule. The wrapping was excellent, and it made for an excellent gifting encounter."

On Amazon, Faherty clothing gets 5 stars after 5 after 1 global review on the men's long sleeve legend sweater. On Sitejabber, the Brand gets only one review rating of one star, and this is poor feedback, but the issues raised have been resolved. 

Looking at the Brand Rated website, the author reviews the company in detail, from its history to the comparison of the pros and cons, and then the blog goes through the best-selling clothing apparel. But on its Facebook page, the company scores 3.5 stars after 4 reviews. One of the content customers praises the charity work of the Brand and many other things from the Facebook account, saying:-

"The new Faherty flagship is stunning! It's large and pays homage to the neighborhood's artistic heritage. It has a laid-back vibe that complements the clothing perfectly. The salespeople are extremely friendly and unfussy for New York. This is one of my fave shops and should not be neglected on your next Soho shopping spree."

The pace with the reviews is Reddit which has an awesome thread revising the company as having unique features, as the author lists it as the favorite Brand. On The Style Guide, the blog also discusses clothing just like other fashion brands but approaches it as the best spring menswear.

Besides NY Times, the other platform is Yelp, which features 11 reviews where the Brand generally scoops about 3.5 stars rating. This indicates a large proportion of customers are satisfied with the apparels. Here is proof from the Yelp customer giving feedback on the Brand:

"The buying process here was incredible. TJ assisted us in locating the sizes we required and answered all of our queries in a clean and calming atmosphere. Everything was soft and cozy. The funniest bit, by far, was the customer support. TJ brightened our day. 10/10 would return. I can't wait to put on my shorts and cuddle with my super soft blanket!!"

That is clear evidence that customers are extremely happy with the Faherty clothing and are willing to give their best. Despite a few downsides, the customer experience is generally amazing, giving the Brand a strong reputation.

Where to Buy Faherty Clothing?

Because of its popularity, Faherty Clothing is indeed popular with almost everyone worldwide. Therefore, our research found numerous online stores the Faherty Clothing in the inventory. The first place we would like to encourage you to go and make orders is at the official website fahertybrand.com.

Still, you can visit their physical stores, widespread across the United States. However, we also find a solution for you when you are located outside the US. There are countless online retailers which offer Faherty Clothing. These include:-

Is Faherty Clothing Worth It?

Faherty Clothing is a no-brainer brand. First of all, they offer an international shipping option to all customers around the world. Secondly, their clothing apparels are available in countless online retail stores, which makes Faherty Clothing more accessible regardless of where you are located. The Brand has amazing positive reviews online, which makes its reputation robust.

Most people have reported falling in love with not only the quality of the apparel but also their excellent design, which is so rare to come across online. In our research, we never spotted any negative reviews about this company. It is one of the few clothing fashion brands that are environmentally sensitive as they embrace eco-friendly packaging and their apparel is sustainable.

Some of the complaints raised by the company mostly revolve around the customers' support, the pricing point as well as the quality of the clothes. This is a luxury brand, and as we expected, the complaint as they do not engage in designing and offering fast fashion. Therefore, you can justify the expensive pricing considering the quality.

Negative reviews aside, Faherty Clothing, has a huge collection of trending fashion from typical to large sizes in their stores. Since they rely on ethically sourced materials and give back to the community by creating jobs for indigenous artists, the Brand is worth trying and enjoying its lucrative deals. Just click, make payment, and wait for the delivery.

Faherty Clothing Discounts

In our Faherty Clothing reviews, we found many discounts and numerous perk programs. The review took this direction because the discounts are the basis through which you can capitalize and save on your budget for the next purchase. Therefore, Faherty Clothing guarantees all new customers 15% off on their first orders once they sign up for the newsletters or create an account.

Also, the Brand guarantees you the loyalty program, which gives you points for any item you purchase but remember all these discounts are applicable when buying from their official website. Lifetime guarantees are something that also you can enjoy, as quality is the best. The last option from their website, that is not least as these are subject to changes, is the referral program.

When you refer a friend to the site and place an order worth $150 and above, you are guaranteed to receive a gift of $50, and your friend gets a $50 discount. You can only redeem points to enjoy discounted prices for exclusive apparel. Also, the company offers customers free hemming with the Hemister.

There are also frequent sales on the site, which, to an extent, gives all customers a discount of up to 50% off but only on the last-chance apparel, while their warehouse sales during the time of writing this review gave customers up to 70% off discounts. In the research, we never found any coupon code but keep in touch by subscribing for all the latest deals and updates.

Faherty Clothing Contact

After reading the above reviews, there is a high positive that you have a burning question; therefore, to complete this article, we also need to give you direction on getting support. In the research, we tried all means and found three perfect methods to connect the Faherty clothing technical support team. The first one is to call using their customer service number (877) 745 8994.

The next method is following them on their social media accounts. In these accounts, you can collaborate with the marketing team for concerns. These include Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and even follow them on Pinterest. Lastly, you can send your inquiry to the email address hello@fahertybrand.com.

However, all these means are operational from Monday through Friday from 10 am to 7 pm EST, while on the weekends, they are available from 11 am to 8 pm EST. Reach out to them using either of the above methods for a swift response.


Q. Does Faherty clothing come with a company warranty?

Just from their homepage and many other online articles, the Brand clearly states that all their clothing products come with a lifetime guarantee. Therefore, as the above review also clarifies, the company offers you either an option to exchange or request a refund and in addition, they have free return services.

Q. What size ranges does the Faherty brand offer customers?

In our reviews, we went deep into the sizing and found that the company offers numerous clothing sizes based on gender. For men, the available sizes range from XS to XXL, while the bottoms range from size 28 to 42.

Q. Does the Faherty Brand have discounts, coupon codes, and frequent sales on their website?

Like other fashion brands, we also identified that Faherty has numerous coupons, discounts, and frequent sales. Customers can capitalize on these promotions to save some bucks. However, currently, there are few discounts and promotions on their website, which we shared in the above review. The discounts cover mens to women, kids, and children's clothing and include free shipping and return.

Q. Where are the Faherty clothing manufacturing facilities located?

From the above review, we mentioned that Faherty manufactures all their clothing items in facilities situated in the US.

Q. Are Faherty clothing more expensive than competitors?

First of all, Faherty is not a fast fashion company. This is because they manufacture their brands or clothes using high-quality, ethically sourced organic, and safe fabrics for anyone and the environment. They are also versatile; hence, customers can purchase as much as they want, e.g., wholesale purchases.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Faherty clothing company?

Faherty offers domestic and international shipping to their customers. With the contiguous US regions, all-the-ground shipping is free if you place orders from $130 and above. However, for any other destination, customers must incur shipping charges and related fees such as duties, taxes, etc., which are applied during the checkout.

Q. Does Faherty offer a favorable return policy?

The good news is that Faherty offers an option to access exchange and free return to all the products in the inventory, which comes with a lifetime guarantee. However, for the returned items to be eligible for a refund, you must return them within 60 days from the date of purchase.

If you are located in the US, you can also enjoy the domestic return, but the shipping charges are passed on to the customers, which is not refundable. Initiating the return process is simple as long as you have the account alongside the prepared return label in the package. After that, the company sends you a confirmation mail within 15 business days, while the full refund can take 2 days to process.


As from the above review, Faherty is an excellent fashion brand that offers an extensive collection of trendy clothes. They offer high-quality and stylish fashion for men, women, and children. While some people have complained about the high price, the Brand is worth it as it's not fast fashion hence numerous positive reviews and a strong reputation. The Brand is well known for free shipping and returns, making it the perfect choice worth your money. Enjoy quality fabric designed for durability.

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