Romwe Clothing Review: Is This Online Store Legit or a Scam?

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Have you been looking for the best online retailers with the trendiest clothing brands? Go through our Romwe clothing reviews and find out if it is the solution to your problem. Read along with us to the end.

Trends are one of the things going hand in hand with technology. as technology advances, we access the trendiest clothing fashion from around the world. With everyone wanting to look nice with the latest clothing trends, most people are online searching for reputable retailers to make orders. If not, you want to determine if a particular brand is reliable. Either of the aims, you will have them all addressed in our review today.

Purchase experience sometimes also matters. That is why, before you get a product from online stores, you need to search for the reviews concerning the company and match your expectations. Today's article will cover the Romwe clothing reviews in detail to give you a clear picture of the company and its products on the market. And if you have been a frequent customer online, then you are at the right place as well, as it will redirect you to where you can access these brands besides the Romwe website. Stay along and read with us.

We have divided this review into sections for easy understanding. If you are a newbie in this field, you still wonder what Romwe clothing is all about. Fine, in the next section, we are getting started with the company's background before proceeding with other highlights.

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Romwe Clothing Review

Romwe is a clothing company established in 2010. It is linked to Yang Jiang Xin, a Chinese billionaire who owns the GlobaleGrow e-commerce, a parent firm to many other brands such as Zaful, Rosegal, and Shein. The company has multiple warehouses, and the famous ones are located in Belgium, Dubai, New Jersey, China, California, and even India. Within these regions, you can safely receive your item without hassle.

Though at first, Romwe clothing was founded to provide women with clothing alone. But since 2018, the company has developed and come into the market in size with many new clothing products. These included women's clothing, home decor, and men's fashion. This firm has undergone a long overhaul, especially in the manufacturing line. And today, they specialize in ethical product production on every piece of the brand to the market. You might be asking, is Romwe clothing too good for fast fashion? You can only get this answer in one conclusion. keep reading to the end and find out more.

Some of the highlights of the products the company offers are also worth mentioning. And for the first thing, we would not have exhausted the Romwe clothing review without touching something on the men's and women's clothing. Thus, it might sound expensive if you are eager to overhaul your wardrobe. But this company has you covered with affordable pricing.

In terms of women's fashion, multiple fashions guarantee you to be comfortable and look casual. The clothing brands are sourced from the best-featured sellers worldwide that aim to give you a rounded image of the best products Romwe offers in women's clothing. Romwe clothing does not intend to discriminate since 2018. The company also has men's clothing that can take you hand in hand with the latest trends for men with this goal. Men's fashion also has a huge inventory on their website and other outlets.

The company got everything you need under the roof. The hottest men's fashion comes with the fun yet expended tech that is flexible with home design and business. They claim that they target to make their customers unique, fun, and Be Romwe. The company has over 2.5 million more active followers on Instagram while close to 6 million likes on its Facebook page.

Therefore, these guys combine functions and fun to curate the best outfits to offer to the market. Before we forget, Romwe has also featured on the Steel her style, awarded the best Trending online shops 2021 by Newsweek in America.

However, do you trust the firm that ships such low-priced products? That is a good question, and in this review, we will cover everything important to you. This ranges from customer reviews, the positive and negative sides of the company, contact details, where to get the product, and many more. But first, let us look at the highlight's pros and cons.

Romwe Clothing Pros:

Romwe Clothing Cons:

Why We Like Romwe Clothing

People seem to love the Romwe clothing brands around the world. There are plenty of things why people have decided to shift to the e products from Romwe company. First, the company is legit and offers a wide collection of clothing. They range from the plus size for men and women and include home decor. Secondly, the items are cheaply priced, with free shipping available to US customers.

This is another advantage you can enjoy and fill the wardrobe with only a few bucks. It would help if you did not worry about the budget or your pocket to get the latest trend in clothing from the store. They are also distributed around the world through retailers, who then ship them anywhere. The company also offers plenty of promotions, including discounts on products, discounts upon your first order, and giveaways and promo codes. This is a good move to help customers save money and add more items to the cart.

Recently, the company expanded the store, increasing the inventory by including accessories, home decor, prints, stickers, and even miscellaneous products targeting the young generation and kids. Stay updated with the trendiest designs at a cheaper cost. Again, looking at the customers' reviews, the company has excellent ratings from Sitejabber, Trustpilot, and other external websites.

This depicts a clear picture of high-quality products. There are many things good about this company and their products which we cannot even exhaust the list. However, it also has some drawbacks, which do not have much weight compared to the pros.

Customer Review

Customer reviews speak volumes for any brand online. And with the Romwe clothing, there are plenty of reviews online. And for this case, we are starting with their official website. We selected Drop Shoulder Drawstring Zipper thermal Hoodie on the list. And at the time of writing the article, this product has 261 reviews on the site. It is clear from the rating of 4.91 stars that the products are high quality, and customers are satisfied.

Regarding the fitting,  94% of the customers stated they were true to size. While most of the customers praised the quality, some still were impressed with the comfortability of the brand. One of them summarizes in a sentence stating, "It's extremely cozy and warm. I adore them so much because they aren't the warmest when I get sweaters or jackets from here. This is normally a thin material but thick and fuzzy."

The second site where Ramwe clothing has positive reviews is the Sitejabber platform. On this website, the company managed to get 3.1 stars after a whooping 2110 reviews, which is awesome. Generally, customers are satisfied with the service and recommend buying them. After evaluating the shipping, quality of the products, services, value for their money, and return policy, this rating was arrived at. Some customers raise concerns about customer support, while most praise the company for cheap pricing, high quality, comfort, and plenty of discounts.

The support and refund are amazing, as highlighted below from the Sitejabber "Update: Romwe did respond to my inquiries via customer service, and they also contacted me via email. They offered a refund of the customs fees I paid, and I'm overjoyed. The brands were fantastic; they all fit nicely and arrived quickly. Don't be afraid to buy; if you have a problem, they will solve it!"

The reviews online go hand in hand with the customer expectations, but generally, they are excellent, and many customers are satisfied. If we move to Trustpilot, you can find that the company has a 2.3 stars rating after 2816 reviews. Here, the selling point is price, but the company seems to have failed these customers when you go to other things.

But looking at it keenly, 30% of customers recommend it while 31% gave it 1 star, but seem to be responding to the customer demands with a 96% feedback rate on negative reviews. Then if you go to the Influenster website, you will find that the brand has a roughly 3.8-star rating after over 750 reviews.

This sounds great as most are satisfied. The customer reviews from the above sites include external websites like Tough Nickel, WHISY SOUL, Clothed Up, Your next Shoes, and Customers are averagely satisfied and recommend the brand. You can try it or check out this video for detailed reviews on YouTube.

Where to Buy Romwe Clothing

First, the first place you can consider getting the Romwe clothing products is their official website. These guys offer free shipping in the US; you will have saved some money. However, if you do not feel uncomfortable shopping from the main websites, other outlets and retailers are also online with Romwe clothing. These include:-

Most reviews online refer customers to the Romwe clothing on Amazon because of the fast processing and return, fast delivery, and good customer support. But the choice is upon you to make. However, we recommend shopping from the official websites to get the quality of your choice with everything you love about it and increase your chances of enjoying the discounts, promotions, and giveaways.

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Is Romwe Clothing Worth It?

When you compare Romwe clothing with other online fashion companies, you can agree that Romwe clothing is the same as rivalries such as Shein but comes with unique features. Customers enjoy free shipping in the US, plenty of promotions, and discounts on the products, such as 20% on the first orders. The quality of the produces is much beyond the price attached.

This is why most people love this brand on the market. Most customers are satisfied with the review section and have given it excellent ratings not only on the platform but also on other external websites like Sitejabber. This is a decent company and worth it. However, there are a few things you have to keep at your fingertips. Sometimes, shipping takes longer than expected, so you must be patient with the product delivery.

Some of the products, though, have oversizes, but some run small. for the size to work for you, you must at least order size two or more to fit. The return process is very challenging and always remember this before clicking buy. Again the quality of the brands at some point tends to align with the price. Therefore, when you want to purchase the perfect item for the photoshoot and cute night-out dresses, then Ramwe clothing is what you need to start grabbing the products. However, they never last long.

Romwe Clothing Discounts

When you search Romwe and Shein online, you will realize that Romwe has plenty of coupon codes almost everywhere. You never have to waste time searching too hard online. They offer plenty of promotions, giveaways, and even discounts which is important in helping customers save money on their orders. Again, on the first orders or new members, they offer 10% off discounts. Besides the sales, the firm also has other good things to offer.

You only have to keep checking online, subscribe to the alerts, and enjoy them. Again looking closely at their website, they offer free standard shipping wh your order goes beyond $39 while free express shipping when the order goes above $159. another instance is 20% off discounts when the order surpasses $89, 15% off orders above $96, while $29 and above get 10% off discounts. Other general discounts on the selected products and sales range from 51% off to 59% off from their website, available under the flash sales.

Romwe Clothing Contact

this is where the problems start. You always hit the end of the road when it comes to the way you can contact them, the support team. There is no direct method or form you can fill in to contact them.

However, everything becomes easy and simpler as long as you register on their website. So, when you are done signing up, you will be redirected to the messengers when you have a concern to raise for support. But again, the messenger responds with automatic replies from the bot. It might take longer to receive that support from these guys. Otherwise, you can find them on social media such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and even Pinterest and Snapchat.


Q. Where are Romwe products made?

From the online research and reviews, it is clear that Romwe products, which include clothing, home decor, and accessories, are manufactured in China and then distributed to warehouses in various parts of the world.

Q. Is Romwe reliable?

With Romwe, you should not expect the orders shipped upon payment. So, when you are in a hurry to get the item delivered within two weeks, it is good to order through the US retailers such as amazon and Nordstrom. If you live in Hawaii and Alast, expect delivery in 3 weeks and even longer.

Q. Does Romwe fit true to size?

Multiple reviews online about Romwe clothing have concluded that their brands tend to run small to size. But other products vary depending on the items you order. This means Romwe products are not true to size and run small. Anytime you make an order, ensure you size up to fit.

Q. Are Romwe products good?

From personal experience, we conclude that products from Romwe are averagely fair based on the pricing strategy. Some of us found that roughly 60% of the products delivered were hit while the rest were low quality.

Q. How do I return to Romwe?

We would recommend that you never bother returning a product to Romwe. Sometimes, it is challenging and keeps you hustling. As of late, the firm seems to have tried streamlining the return process. Refer to the website for the step-by-step procedure to return a product.


Romwe is a popular clothing firm offering other accessories and home decor. It is not only a great option but also consists of the highly demanded and trending with different styles and designs fashion. All these come at a budget-friendly price.

If you operate under a fixed budget, go directly to the website and order. Though delivery takes longer, you can still request through other retailers like amazon for efficient delivery. Make an effort to place an order and enjoy plenty of discounts, promotions, pro codes, and even giveaways to enable you to save money.

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