Power Life Review: *Pros and Cons* Does It Worth to Buy?

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Power Life claims that it is into the production of active aging supplements that help enhance and promote muscle growth at any age, health, and high energy. Is it true?

The need for supplements to boost health and the overall immune system is on the high. This is as a result of the kind of food available now. People tend to consume more artificial ingredients in foods rather than natural ingredients. There are different supplements available for you to choose from depending on the thing you aim to achieve. If you have been looking for quality supplements to fight the aging effect and promote your health, increase your energy level, and also help to increase muscle growth even as you get older, then you need to be in the search for a good brand. Getting a good brand that will supply all this can be quite difficult because of the high demand and supply of supplements which leads to the influx of new brands all over the market.

You might find out that some brands are not certified to produce this supplement. If you are wondering how to get a good brand, then Power Life can come in handy. Power Life is a brand that is into the production of active aging supplements that helps to enhance and promote muscle growth at any age, health, and high energy.

If you do not know how to go about this brand, then you should read this review to learn everything about this brand and what the brand offer. This will help you know if the brand is worth it or not.

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Power Life Review

Power Life is a company that is specialized in the making of active aging supplements. These supplements help to promote, increase and enhance muscle growth at any age, health, and high energy. The brand has received a lot of attention from the media for a long time now, such media includes Men’s Journal, Business.com, PR Newswire, The Beet, Well + Good, etc.

This brand was founded by P90X creator, Tony Horton in 2017. Tony Horton was diagnosed with shingles that have an effect on facial nerves. This brand launched its supplements in 2020 focusing on aging women and men to fight age-related problems and boost their overall health. The brand is also known to give its support to charitable organizations. An example of such a charity organization is GO Campaign. This organization provides shelter, food, education, and water around the world.

In this review, I am going to talk about the reasons why I like using Power Life, customers review, discounts and promos if available, how to contact Power Life for more inquiry, where to buy Power Life supplements, and many other necessary information.

Power Life Pros

Power Life Cons

Why We Like Power Life

They have excellent products for aging men and women. One great thing about this brand is the numerous products that this brand offers. The supplements range from proteins, probiotics, fitness, digestive supplements, etc. Some of their products you can get are Power Life High Impact Plant Protein, Power Life High impact Whey Protein, Power Life Foundation Four, Power Life Foundation Digest, Power Life Peak Lean Balance, Power Life Peak Advantage, etc. You can get all these products for $70. each.

Customer Review

Part of the aim of this review is to provide you with quality information about this brand. The review will not be complete if I don’t dive into the things customers are saying about the brand. To have a better understanding of what to expect when you use a product of a brand is to know what customers are saying about that brand. If customers give good remarks, then you stand a chance of being satisfied in the long run. In this customer review section, I will dive into what the customers feel after their encounter with their products.

I have made use of Trust Pilot as my top website in carrying out this analysis of what customers are saying about this brand. On this website, there is a 4.5-star rating with over 90% good and excellent remarks. This speaks well of the brand. Some of the customers express extreme happiness about the positive effect they got after using this brand. They are healthy and have a good source of energy. The brand focuses on aging women and men.

Since I started using these supplements, I feel stronger with enough energy. I have more strength to take longer walks unlike before. I am happy I am using the Power Life supplements.

Where to Buy Power Life

To get the best deal when you buy Power Life supplements, you can buy on their website and other online retailers

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Is Power Life Worth It?

You cannot change the fact that Power Life focuses on aging women and men who have suffered neglect over the years by supplements brands. However, most customers have complained of how expensive the supplements can be. The company has argued this because of the high-quality natural ingredients that are backed scientifically. Hence, the need for an effective supplement requires quality ingredients that might be more expensive than others. The argument is justifiable.

The brand offers a 90-day money-back guarantee which is a good policy to give customers the confidence to patronize the brand. There are a lot of discounts offered by this brand, this review has been able to identify these discounts and promos. You also stand a chance to enjoy a variety of supplements too. I will give my 1005 recommendation for this brand. It is worth more than a trial from you.

Power Life Discounts

You can enjoy the following discounts, rewards, and promos when you shop with Power Life

Power Life Contact

For more information or inquiry about this brand that is beyond the scope of this review, you can contact Power Life via the following means.


Q. What is the return policy of Power Life?

There is a 90-day money-back guarantee that Power Life offers. This policy gives you the right to request a refund if you don’t like the product. This guarantee is on any of the products of Power Life. However, before you can be eligible for this guarantee, there are rules you need to follow. You can only return within 90 days after shipping, you will have to pay for the return shipping, you will have to contact the customer support team before making a return.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Power Life?

They don’t offer international shipping. They ship within the US. You enjoy free shipping when you order items over $50. You will have to pay $5 as a shipping fee for items below $50.

Q. What are these Power Life supplements meant for?

They are made for aging women and men. The brand targets this set of people because they need more nutrient intake at this stage of their life. The supplements help in boosting their health, muscle increment, and boost of energy too.

Q. Why is the power of life unique to others?

The brand targets the overall wellness of aging women and men. This is why they make use of high-quality ingredients and formulas to create these supplements such as proteins, probiotics, etc. They also have a whole lot of discounts and promos you can enjoy as customers.


Taking supplements daily is very important because it helps to boost the overall immune system of your body. The aging men and women are not always supplied with the right nutrients they need by the regular supplements brand available. This is why Power Life focuses on this set of people. This review will help you make a great decision.

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