PlatinumLED Therapy Lights Review: Is It a Safe and Effective Brand?

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Are you looking for the honest PlatinumLED therapy lights reviews online to find out if it is a safe and effective brand with a good endorsement? Good move and this is the right place to be. We will dive deep, from the company to a particular brand, to give you the answer. Find out more!

Therapy light goes hand in hand with the medical safety and effectiveness of the brands. Today, there are many light therapy brands on the marketplace claiming to offer the devices and products. Because of the stiff competition and many options, most companies have difficulty selecting reliable therapy lights.

However, you will rest easy when you leave the task for us. In line with the arrangements, today we will review the PlatinumLED therapy lights company and go deep into details to find out if the brand is worth it. We will only be able to find this from the customers' reviews, helpful reviews, and comparisons with other competitors based on the pros and cons of the company. Though the company offers different light therapy devices, let us learn more about them and check out what is effective and medically safe for you.

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PlatinumLED Therapy Lights Review

PlatinumLED is not only the leading light therapy products producer around the world but also a known wellness firm because of its high-efficiency glowing lights. The company has been around for over 10 years while offering the LED red therapy light, which is efficient in handling the health-related issues that come along with skin and muscle pain conditions.. around the world, the firm has recorded a history to have to generate efficient therapy spectrum, and the FDA approves their products as medical devices.

Again the ocm[pain claims that it is endorsed by famous athletes and professionals in medical fields around the world. PlatinumLED company was launched back in 2010 and is based in Hawaii. It is one of the leaders in the manufacture and design of efficient lighting panels. In the beginning, they started designing the grow light that is effective in growing plants.

This category includes series such as the PlatinumLED p600 and p300. Since then, the firm gained effort and expanded, and today they are well equipped with knowledge in the manufacture and design of therapy lights. Suppose you are still new in this field. In that case, you are surely wondering what LED is. The term LED stands for the light emitting Diode that uses varying wavelengths to offer treatment, triggering natural skin healing and repairing body tissues.

The wavelength differs in color blue and red when emitted. They penetrate your skin but at different wavelengths and depths. In simple terms, the PlatinumLedg therapy lights are the perfect option for simulating cellular regeneration to improve circulation in your body. Some people ask if the therapy light from the PlatinumLED firn is compelling, which is a good question that by the end of this review, you must have the answer at your fingertips.

These therapy lights offer different health benefits, including improving skin issues and relieving muscle pain, but it has no adverse effect on pharmaceutical medicines. Thus, in the areas such as medical, aesthetic conditions, dermatology practices, keratosis, cosmetic application, etc., the PlatinumLED light therapy is a perfect option for you.

This is because it does not come with UV rays which makes it suitable for regular cases. Therefore, PlatinumLED therapy light effectively treats skin disorders, wrinkles, acne inflammation, and muscle recovery when close to the solid near-infrared rays. But also, you must understand that PlatinumLED company, under the therapy light, produces two categories: BIOMAX and BIO.

Just to give an overview, BIO is good when starting the red light therapy, while the BIOMAX, as the name suggests, is a powerful therapy light when you need experience. Otherwise, they have the financing option linked to Affirm, which provides the monthly cost for investment. We recommend that you use the powerful devices only with supervision from a professional. From that, you are asking yourself if the PlatinumLED therapy light is worth it.

To make it all count, you need to understand what the customers are saying about it, the benefits, and how to get the products so that you can figure it out. All that is only found under one conclusion. for this case, let us review a  few pros and cons first.

PlatinumLED Therapy Lights Pros:

PlatinumLED Therapy Lights Cons:

Why We Like PlatinumLED Therapy Lights

Most of the time, there is a reason why we suggest reviewing a brand. And for this case, there is a good reason why we like it. First, the relight therapy offers multiple health benefits to the clients under inspection though emitting different lights at varying wavelengths hence effective for the customization and comes along with the timer.

Second, the therapy light comes in two series, BIO and BIOMAX. a BIO is a perfect option for beginners to red light therapy. At the same time, the BIOMAX needs supervision from the medical profession but gives advanced services which blend with the users' health benefits. For instance, you can treat acne with a wavelength of 660nm, while 630nm treats wrinkles and hair growth.

It can also help you reduce body pain and heal at the wavelength targeted at 630nm. Again, the BIOMAX is simple to use only with a touch screen. You can adjust light intensity at your convenience to meet the users' preferences. We also like that BIOMAX has custom light quality, designed spectrum, and strength, which makes it superior to other therapy lights on the market. Again, customer values the products based on the feedback and satisfaction level. More we will cover under the customer review section.

PlatinumLED therapy lights efficiently treat and manage skin diseases like vitiligo, acne, eczema, etc. This is the perfect option for you if you have aging skin, based on the Zhang research evidence. Therefore, when you are searching for ways to improve circulation and metabolism and treat joint pain, PlatinumLED therapy light devices are here for you. Let us see what the customers have to say.

Customer Review

Based on the customer reviews, plenty is said online about the brand. If you are wondering, then this is the right place we are about to make everything clear. We took time to source the internet, but most testimonials are seen on the official site. However, there are a few threads and external blog posts we are about to look at in detail.

You can see multiple reviews from the PlatinumLED therapy light website, especially in the sales section. Most of the reviewers are pleased with the quality and benefits this series brings into their lives. Based on the 7474 reviews, the company has scored 4.96 stars, which is excellent. Though devices are expensive, they deliver quality to the customers.

On the reviews section's first page, one of the customers states, '"The lights are fantastic! I wish I had known how short the stand was when I bought it or that it was adjustable so that I could stand in front of it. Overall, I adore the lighting! And had been wanting to get it for quite some time! I believe in the power of infrared light for healing and circulation!" Generally, the customers are amazed at the high quality of everyday use cases of the light devices.

It is a perfect choice for faster healing, and delivery is also something customers bring about in the excellent review section. The reviews show BIOMAX has it all and outsmarts most competitors because of the advanced features and simple usage cases. The red light is praised for reducing the recovery period for any challenges or occasions customers have been going through. When we turn to other personal; blocks starting with Judge Me, it has an outstanding rating of 5 stars out of 446 reviews.

The review is mainly based on the BIOMAX serries therapy light, which is efficient and advanced features for impressive results. For instance, a customer compliments

After 20 years of suffering in chronic pain due to cervical stenosis, arthritis, and curvature of the spine everything including cortisone shots in my spine to lidocaine injections in my muscles, acupuncture, and everything in between, I cannot say enough good things about my bio max 300! Within a few weeks, my daily pain level dropped from an 8 to a 3! After 5 months, I only need to use The Light for about 20 minutes once or twice a week to stay pain-free! The anti-aging benefits are simply an added bonus! "I adore you!!!!".   

97% of the customers on this site give the brand 5 stars, with only 2% rate 4 stars who claim the side effect. Even though the therapy light is pricier, it is helping most people recover, as you can see from the online reviews. And the company does not have any negative reviews on its website.

Most ranks the brand to offer the almost best red light panel worldwide. About the Better Business Bureau, the company has a D-Rating. While most clients enjoy direct customer-to-owner communication, there are still few that do not enjoy such an experience. Hence there are issues on the BBB about the damaged devices; some get the missing item.

The good news is that the above complaints are all met with the company customer support team and do not have any merit. Though a small percentage of the reviews, the rating is excellent with quality results, fabulous collection, and advanced features. Take time and check out the website, which is only one click away, to find out if it is worth it.

Where to Buy PlatinumLED Therapy Lights

If you want to purchase the PlatinumLED therapy light series and do not know where to start, then the first place to start is their official website at Otherwise, there is no third party involved between the company and customers. This is why the firm has a good rating because of its high-quality brands among people around the world.

Does PlatinumLED sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found PlatinumLED stores on Amazon.

Is PlatinumLED Therapy Lights Worth It?

From the reviews and customer ratings, you can judge something here. The products from this company, though, have only two therapy light series with the grow light; they are high quality and come with advanced features that are easy to use in the practical arena. The company has been approved by the FDA and most famous footballers and athletes worldwide. Again, looking at the brand deeply, you can attest that it has many health benefits proven from the customer reviews and even from a scientific perspective.

Besides healing various skin and joint pains, the brand is a good investment choice. It also has a 60-day money-back policy and 3 years warranty. You only know what worth based on the financial reality and health goals are. The choice should not be based on what works for others but on the individual consumer and what fits the need, if not the goals.

Though the BBB rating might turn the consumers, looking at the t online reviews, the company does not have any third-party platform to deal with the clients that give it a D-Rating on the BBB. the fact that positive reviews outshine the negative makes us ranks the brand high and credits the company for the high-quality therapy lights.

However, even from the reviews, the company always reminds you to be cautious and informed while purchasing their therapy lights. Even though there is no more information about who runs the company, it is worth it as far as your health is concerned if you are not operating on a fixed budget.

PlatinumLED Therapy Lights Discounts

The PlatinumLED companies, like the rivalries, also offer discounts to their customers. For instance, when you purchase the 2X even 4x Biomax series arrays, you are guaranteed discounts on the total price. For instance, when you buy the 2X, you are qualified to get a discount of $100, while 4x gives you a discounted price of $250. That is awesome, and most of the review sites or external sites regarded as affiliates have the discount, but this comes in the form of coupon codes./ a good example is 5% off when you use the code HONEST.

PlatinumLED Therapy Lights Contact

Because the PlatinumLed company deals with direct customers, they also offer multiple ways through which you can contact them through. They are available from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm PST. Therefore, reach customer support toll-free (844) 533-4769 or head to the official website and use the contact form to compose the concern anytime. You can as well contact them through social media handles like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Q. Is PlatinumLED light therapy safe?

First, PlatinumLED therapy lights are approved by the FDA. Secondly, they are manufactured in facilities that the FDA approves. This means the products are safe and legal to use with professional supervision.

Q. Where is PlatinumLED therapy light made of?

We could not find any details from the online reviews and external websites. However, the products are made in Hawaii, USA, based on little knowledge.

Q. Does PlatinumLED therapy Light have an adverse effect on the user?

The correct answer is no. Red light therapy like BROMAX and BIO have health benefits. They are energy efficient and treat skin disease and joint pains involving acne, wrinkles, and many more problems. It is approved by the FDA and thus safe to sue under instruction.


PlatinumLED is a famous company well known for designing and manufacturing therapy lights. Among the two light series, the Biomax device is famous worldwide for its simplicity, advanced feature, and high quality. At the same time, the company also provides BIO and grow lights at a friendly price.

They have excellent customer ratings online and on their website. Still, the products from PlatinumLED form are FDA approved. For immediate recovery and many health benefits, go for the PaltinumLED therapy lights, even if it means breaking your bank. Still, you can also enjoy various discounts and coupon codes to save some bucks.

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