OrthoFeet Review: Does It Really Have Such Magical Healing Powers?

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OrthoFeet shoes claim to provide comfort and relief from foot pain. But do they really have such magical effects? Let's take a look!

Fashion has taken a whole lot of shape in recent times. The advancement of fashion with technology is overwhelming. You now get nice shoes that are not only comfort-minded but also health-conscious. If you have required shoes that can help your bones, it is a good decision to make. Shoes with the ability to help correct deformity to an extent or even help correct muscles are great footwear to have. However, you can be caught up with difficulty in finding a quality brand that will do the job.

OrthoFeet Shoes is a company that specializes in orthopedic shoes just like the name suggests. They offer this footwear with orthopedic functions for both women and men. These shoes can go as far as relieving pain, and comforting for almost 17 ailments. However, these shoes are not the normal shoes you can get because of the function, it can be very challenging to find a quality brand without knowing what proper orthopedic footwear should be. Read this review on OrthoFeet shoes to get full knowledge of the brand.

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OrthoFeet Shoes Review

OrthoFeet shoe is a company that specializes in producing orthopedic shoes for men and women to help comfort and relieve the pain of ailment amounting to 17. This brand was founded in 2000 by two brothers Michael and Ron in New Jersey. Ron has lost his legs in the Yom Kippur war of 1973 which has made him use the help of an orthopedic solution. Ron has been suffering from discomfort and mobility for years.

This brand is focused on comforting and relieving the pains from more than 16 diseases like Achilles tension pain, arthritis, back pain, bunions, ball of foot pain, metataslagia, diabetes, flat feet, hammertoes, foot pain, heel pain, spur pain, knee pain, hip pain, Morton’s neuroma, Neuropathy, Overpronation, Plantar fasciitis, Swollen feet/edema, Gout in foot and a few other ailments relating to orthopedic.

This review is aimed at revealing customer honest reviews and experiences using this brand, the pros, and cons of using this brand, the things why I like using this brand. I will also give my verdict on the worthiness of this brand based on my analysis. There are some other things to learn.

OrthoFeet Shoes Pros

OrthoFeet Shoes Cons

Why We Like OrthoFeet Shoes

OrthoFeet Shoes for Men

There are six collections of OrthoFeet shoes that men can choose from. They are; sneakers/athletic, boots, dress, sandals, casual, and slippers. The casual shoes and athletic or sneakers shoes have more options under this collection, while others just have a few ones to choose from. Most of the shoes for men are available in full-grain leather or sued. The most common colors are black and brown which match different outfits. The average price for these shoes is $120.

OrthoFeet men’s shoe has a lot of padding around the sole of the shoe with enough padding in the heel. There is padding all over the shoes. This feature is awesome for pain relief and comfort. As a result of the excess padding, the shoes are not streamlined but it is better this way because it meets the function it is produced for. Some of the shoes are bulky but more of aesthetics and comfort.

OrthoFeet Shoes for Women

Women's shoes are made to look more stylish. This makes the women's shoes girly. The OrthoFeet shoes for women can be gotten in 8 different categories. They have more collections than the men because there are more female designs and shapes for them. The women's collection includes; sneakers and athletic, dress, casual, sandals, boots, Mary Janes, heels and pumps, and slippers. The average price for women's shoes is around $122.

There is a feature of the patent Orthopedic cushioning system in the women’s shoe collection. This has a mix of leather and synthetic models. They have enough padding just like the men’s shoes.

Customer Review

This review revealed that the first question that comes from buyers is to know if the shoes are real and can perform what it says it does. Looking at the features of the shoes, it specifies an exact function. Comfort and pain relief from almost 17 ailments. This means that technology and medical solutions were used in producing these shoes.

As a result of this, I took a more intense analysis of the reviews customers gave. There are more positive reviews. Most customers are the aged ones who suffer from one ailment to another that involves bones, muscle, old age deformities among others.

Trust pilot came top of my review website chart. The average rating on this platform is 3.4 with about 71% excellent reviews. The star rating might be slightly above average. However, checking the review shows that more customers made excellent remarks. Their comment was more of the positive effects of the shoes and comfort.

I bought mine and I was surprised that I could customize the shoes to fit into how comfortable I wanted them to be. It is stylish, looks like regular shoes but is more comfortable.

Where to Buy OrthoFeet Shoes

For the best price and to enjoy free shipping within the US, then you should shop on the official website. It is only available on Amazon

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Is OrthoFeet Worth It?

In this review, it is a big question because they are not ordinary or regular shoes. They have added special features for comfort and pain relief. The fact that these shoes are made for older people makes them more worthy. The brand cares for older people. Brands like this are very few to find. Most footwear companies focus more on the younger generation because they think they can gain a wider customer base, luxury fashion shoes for a better price, etc,

With the positive remarks by most customers, it is enough to give credit to this company. The doctors and other specialized personnel they use in designing these shoes play a vital role in the success of these shoes. They come with a lot of categories for you to choose from. When having difficulty making your choice that best suits you, some people can help you select the right one.

You can get the shoes at an affordable price. This brand is worth all the praise it gets. I am recommending this brand.

OrthoFeet Shoes Discounts

Currently, there is up to 35% off sale for president’s day 2022

OrthoFeet Shoes Contact

If you want to make an inquiry or have questions, not in this review, you can reach ortho feet shoes through the following


Q. Are OrthoFeet shoes covered by insurance or medicare? What about Medicaid?

Medicare covers the cost of orthopedic footwear for individuals with diabetes, who have neuropathy or foot deformity. The payment should be processed by your doctor. For Medicaid, please confirm with your medical provider. Some states pay for the shoes with Medicaid, but it requires a prescription from your doctor.

Q. How long will it take for me to get my shipment?

They normally make delivery within two working days, but shipping time also depends on where you are located. OrthoFeet delivers from New Jersey and uses USPS standard delivery service and FedEx.

Q. Do OrthoFeet offer coupons?

Once you’ve signed up to receive their newsletter, you will start getting discount codes in OrthoFeet newsletters and emails.

Q. Can I place a rush order?

No. but for now, OrthoFeet does not allow this option.


Orthopedic shoes are rare to find. When you find it, you might not be too satisfied because it does not cover a whole range. However, OrthoFeet shoes aim to produce shoes that will be comfortable and relieve pain for ailments amounting to 17. This review will aid our decision.

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