NYX Cosmetics Review: Does They Really Worth the Hype?

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Nyx Cosmetics is famous for being a digital brand with 14.6 million followers on Instagram. Whether they really worth the hype? Let's find out!

Why do people wear makeup? According to Science, women wear makeup to be attractive and to gain self-confidence. Makeup is like a shield for every woman who is anxious and insecure. As time passes, a lot of makeup that enhances the beauty of a woman has been created, such as eyeshadows, concealer, blush-on, mascara, lipstick, and contour. Concealer conceals what you want to hide. It covers the dark spots on the face. Mascara enhances the curls of your lashes. Blush-on will give natural red-looking cheeks.

Lipstick enhances the color of your lips and will make your lips stand out. Lipstick nowadays has a lot of shades to match your skin tone. Contour changes the shape of your face; this will give you jawlines and enhance every bone formation in the face. According to my research, Make-up started from 3100-2907 BC. Historians found it in the tombs of the 1st dynasty in Egypt.

There is a saying from the Romanian Philosopher Plautus "A woman without paint is like food without salt." Nowadays, NYX cosmetics are famous for the many influencers using and promoting the product, such as James Charles, a renowned youtube vlogger with 23.9M subscribers, and Bretman Rock with 8.88M youtube subscribers.

The two are among the many endorsers and users of NYX. If you want to explore more about the makeup of NYX Cosmetics and the beauty it gives, how they help its users gain a lot of self-confidence, and keep insecurity in the box, read more! This review will help you in your struggle to gain self-confidence.

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NYX Cosmetics Review

A Korean-American businesswoman, Toni Ko, founded NYX Cosmetics. According to research, Nyx is the Greek Goddess of the night. Toni Ko was inspired to name her business after the Goddess. NYX is famous for its vegan-friendly products. Toni Ko was born in Korea and was inspired to create an affordable makeup line. They immigrated to the United States in 1986 when she was 13.

Arriving at a young age and knowing that she was from an Asian Country, she knew nothing about the English language, so she spent her teenage years working for her parents, who worked in the cosmetics industry as wholesalers. Toni Ko said that she loves beautiful makeup but can't afford it. She loaned $250,000 from her parents to start her new business-- an affordable makeup line that is NYX cosmetics.

During the company's first year, it earned $4 million. Their products are unique and affordable. During the first operation of their business, they only sold six eye and twelve lip liners priced at $1.99 compared to the same products available in the market at $10. No wonder they earned a lot! Toni sold her company to L'Oréal for $500 million on 2014. Nyx Cosmetics, now NYX Professional Make-up, is a subsidiary of L'Oréal.

The core of the brand NYX is compassion, which is why they are certified by PETA ( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) as cruelty-free. PETA is an organization dedicated to defending the rights of animals. The company believes that animals belong in people's arms, not laboratories. The company believed in equality-for-all. They have a year-round campaign to support LGBTQ+ Community in partnership with Los Angeles LGBT Center.

NYX Cosmetics Pros:

NYX Cosmetics Cons:

Why Do We Like NYX Cosmetics?

They have Bare With Me Concealer Serum.

Bare With Me Concealer Serum is one of their best-selling products. This product is a medium coverage concealer for the face and body. Available in 13 shades that will surely match your skin tone. It is made from tremella mushroom, cica extract, and green tea.

This product is skin-hydrating and suitable for different skin types. It offers 24 hours of hydration. It is also blendable (which everyone loves about makeup). If you want to achieve that natural skin-glowing look, this product is a must for your everyday natural look.

They have Ultimate Queen Eye Shadow 40 Pan Palette.

Ultimate Queen EyeShadow 40 Palette is the solution should you need an Eyeshadow that makes your eye stand out more and look attractive. The shades are composed of velvety smooth mattes and metallics to create dimensional looks perfect for all skin tones. This product features ultra-rich shades from light to dark.

For as low as $35, you will have a 40-shade eyeshadow that will surely match your skin color. If you want your eye to look broader, you could combine shades to achieve the look, and if you want your eye to look small, it is also possible. It will be a matter of shade combination. Since NYX cosmetics are vegan, it is perfect for someone with sensitive skin. If you are that someone, purchase now!

They have Soft Matte Lip Cream.

It is one of their best-selling lipsticks. It delivers a burst of creamy color that will result in a stunning matte lip look. It is creamy, lightweight, and durable. This product also smells sweet, which makes you want to eat the lippy. The color shade of this lippy is inspired by famous cities of the world, such as Istanbul, Tokyo, Milan, Antwerp, and many more.

If you want to achieve nude look lips, then Cabo is for you. You can also try it virtually by their virtual try-on icon on their official website. You need to follow the instructions to try it on virtually. If you want the lipstick to last long on your lips, pair it with their Lip Primer. The three products are one of the many products that NYX can offer. You can browse their website and look for the product you need to gain that confidence and keep your insecurities inside.

Customer Review

Researching a lot, I have read some testimonies of the users of NYX cosmetics. Nyx never disappoints its users; many reviews say that NYX products are easy to apply and blendable. Their official website will give instructions on using a particular product. A website called Try&Review has a lot of reviews for NYX Cosmetics. Many people share their experiences on this website using these cosmetics.

Browse this website then you will notice a lot of good reviews. After reading the testimony, you will purchase one! Betty from Malaysia said she would likely recommend NYX Cosmetics to her friends, and she said,

"I thought it was expensive. I went inside the store, and the first thing that caught my eye was NYX Lip Lingerie since it has a wide range of colors.My favorite would always be lip lingerie code 12- Exotic. I'm in my third bottle now. The price is affordable, good value for money. The color and texture are very subtle. But yeah, it took a lot of energy to wear it whether I opt for being pretty due to the color and go through the hustle of keeping my lips away from crusty and flaky".

Where to Buy NYX Cosmetics?

You can buy NYX Cosmetics on its official website nyxcosmetics.com. If you want to shop and know more about NYX, then you should check their:

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Is NYX Cosmetics worth it?

Have you ever wondered why NYX Cosmetics is famous worldwide? It is because they offer products of utmost quality at an affordable price. The first question that comes to your mind when buying products is Is NYX cosmetics worth the price? Is it worth it to purchase makeup from them? The answer is yes! NYX cosmetics are worth it! If you watch the vlogs that review the makeup brand, you will notice that they are not just an ordinary brand but a makeup that lasts long and is suitable for a daily natural-make-up look.

If you browse their official website, you will find many makeup products, from lips to your face. They have everything you need. With just one click, you will have vegan-free makeup, which is good for sensitive skin. NYX makeup is worth it. By reading the testimonies of the customers and the reviews of the vlogger. It is definitely worth the hype. They are not just NYX for nothing.

NYX Cosmetics Discounts

NYX cosmetics offers up to 50% discount. Just click the makeup sale icon, and you will be redirected to the sale tab of their official website. The design of its packaging adjusts with the trend. NYX designed packaging for Money Heist Movie lovers. If you are a lover of Money heists, this is the best buy. And it's on sale!

NYX Cosmetics Contact

They have contacts available for US consumers only that is : 1(844)335-3510 They also offer live chat to agents from 10 AM-8 PM EST 7 AM-5 PM PST.


Q. Do you ship Internationally?

Currently, NYX does not yet ship Internationally.

Q. Can I use an International Credit Card?

Unfortunately, NYX is not yet accepting International Credit cards.

Q. When is NYX Cosmetics going to have a sale?

If you want to be informed of their sales and discounts, sign up for their email newsletter.


Makeup is a woman's way of expressing themselves. It is not for women but all the people who'd love to add colors to their faces. It is for people suffering from anxiety and insecurity. Makeup increases the self-confidence of a woman or every humankind using it. Suppose you want to put colors on your face but have a tight budget. Go to NYX Cosmetics' official website, and you will find a product that will give color and inspiration to your everyday look.

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