Glossier Review: *Pros and Cons* Should You Try It?

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Searching online for honest reviews on Glossier makeup products? As dedicated experts, we will give you detailed Glossier reviews highlighting the best-selling products from skincare to the makeup line. Discover more about his brand and if it's worth your money.

So many beauty brands are online, but very few have established a clear and transparent reputation./ Even though Glossier has been found recently and brought to market, many people seem to recognize it, not just the typical devotee but also people still new to the beauty industry.

Glossier has become the favorite brand overnight because of two things. First, their high-quality products, and second, the sustainability through the millennial pink package. The company has a vanity of editors and professional experts that ensures they offer high-quality products to customers worldwide. However, does Glossier live to offer what they promise as the hype?

If you want to get the answer to the above question, consider reading our Glossier review to the end and discover more about this beauty brand. We will highlight some of its best-sellers, the promotions or discounts, where to purchase the products, conduct details and sum up the customer feedback to guide us in evaluating the brand's worth. Shoppers that want to try this game-changing beauty product for the next purchase, here is what you need to grasp first.

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Glossier Review

Glossier is a brand founded in 2010 by the current CEO and popular personality Emily Weiss. Growing from the community makeup, the brand has established a strong reputation online, serving makeup enthusiasts. This is a perfect place to explore unique and new makeup products, get inspiration from the experts, and engage in serious discussion. Despite offering vegan makeup, they also sell skincare products in their store, where scientists have designed these products to achieve a radiant skin glow. This brand's founder believes makeup products should target customers and enhance their natural beauty instead of hiding it from the public.

Through their eye-catching content on social media platforms, Glossier has a cult following and impressive audience on Instagram and other accounts. The company has recorded multiple compliments and featured in popular magazines or publications, not forgetting Glamour, Time magazine, etc. Vogue terms it as one of the brands that offer a timeless revolution embracing the natural appearance and accepting all in the community the way they are.

Consider adding these makeup products to your wishlist. Well, keep reading and find out if they are worth your money. The founder, who had a deeper knowledge of beauty trends, accepts that natural and skin-enhancing products are hard to access online or even in physical stores worldwide. Due to this market gap, Emily resorted to this opportunity and invented makeup products that express one's natural glow without hiding their face. We confirm that these products enhance one's natural appearance and features.

After that, Glossier became the talk of the day as a distinctive brand online, and the no-makeup trends arose from this company. The firm has its headquarters facilities situated in New York City. In addition, Glossier also is still exploring the traditional beauty standards where they are manufacturing makeup products that serve all people from all communities without going against societal norms.

The history is so long, but this is more than basic. That said, it leads us to the next section, where we must highlight some of the best-seller Glossier products. Here are the pros and cons to kickstart the next section about the Glossier brand.



Why We Like Glossier

Glossier is among the few famous cosmetic brands that not only highlight the natural beauty of the people but also offer cruelty-free skincare and cosmetic products that empower society. However, we appreciate that this brand states that not all its products contain natural ingredients.

In addition, they boast of offering Glossier skincare care products that are consciously selected and rated as skin-safe. The ingredients are artificial, while majorly are plant-based. Leaping companies certify Glossier as a cruelty-free company. Glossier lips are among the few vegan products in the store, but the rest have undergone tests and are now approved by dermatologists as safe for use.

Hence if you are among the people that embrace the look of the no-make-up makeup appearance, Glossier is here for you. Today, Glossier is marketing while targeting Generation Z and millennial customers, and makeup products work for people regardless of age. That is well said; the glossier review now takes us to the next section about their best--selling products in each category.

Best-Selling Glossier Makeup Product

The Glossier makeup line has countless products, and through this category, the company has gained a reputation. These range from rosy cheeks to complexions, shiny lips, and fluffy brows. Makeup products bring out your natural appearance. In the list, we have the leading Future Dew. This is the top iconic aesthetic product on the platform. It can help you achieve a natural look at home.

Though it's an oily-serum hybrid, it is clinically proven to facilitate hydration and luminosity. The products contain moisturizing oil ingredients with the main plant-based squalane, which mimics the work of natural oil on the skin. You can easily incorporate the product into your daily skincare to gain radiance and create a perfect step in glowing. The only vegan option on this brand.

Second is Skin Tint, which contains the sheer formula to offer you natural integrity and an intact complexion. It also tracks multiple skin conditions as diamond powder helps brighten and soften the skin. At the same time, glycerine is responsible for indulging alongside the high concentration of moisture/ The results are reduced pores, natural complexion, hydrated skin, and gain natural finish. They come in 12 unique shades. Recommend starting by shaking the bottle, dispensing it on hand, and apply to your face directly for buildable coverage.

Cloud Paint is also among the best-selling Glossier products. After the skin tint, Cloud Paint is the next product to apply and add more color. Though it is a gel creation, it remains fragrance-free, with natural color pop guaranteed to last a day. Only a single drop adds the small, flushed skin glow. Thus, Cloud Paint is available in 8 shades but guarantees you look rosy and fresh. Its formula is buildable as well as lightweight, with collagen topping the list of ingredients.

Brow Flick is responsible for making brow filling simpler and easy. No overboard but natural and fluffy appearance. On top, it features a fine tip which makes it a perfect choice for gaining life-like hair with other sparse eyebrows. Dermatologists test the products that contain vegan ingredients. For long-lasting as well as smudge-proof, Brow Flick is here for you.

The last one on the list of Glossier makeup is Boy Brow. This product helps in maintaining your hair in place while grooming brows to attain perfection using the spooly brush. The products got inspiration from the trad hair pomade and have grown to become among the best alternatives as brows conditioners because of the presence of emollient ingredients. It also helps define the arch; you can get it in-store and select from 5 shades. Among them is universally clear.

The Best-Sleeping Glossier Perfume

Besides offering makeup or skincare products, Glossier also has a perfect perfume collection in store for you. In the top-selling fragrance, the products contain subtle aromas. This specifically targets making sure that you get the natural smell.

Therefore one of the best-selling Glossier perfumes is Glossier You. This fragrance is not just subtle but also pleasant. Its unique fragrance features musky, bright, and floral scents. These scents, therefore, are amplified through natural pheromones. The famous and award-winning perfume in this category is Pink Pepper, ambrette seeds, and Ambrox, which provides a balanced fragrance for an elegant and clear aroma. Try Glossier makeup, skincare, and perfume products and have control over your natural appearance with vegan ingredients.

Customer Review

After such a detailed introduction about Glossier company and its best-selling makeup products and perfume, it is also worth validating these claims and finding out if these products are what the company claims. This takes us to the next step in listening to online customers' satisfaction levels. There are many testimonials from external sites.

OPur focus was first on Trustpilot, from where the brand scored 3.7 stars after 276 reviews. This overall rating involves the return, shipping, customer support, quality, and value for your money. Most customers here are satisfied with their purchase though few concerns have been raised. But 76% of these customers recommended it with a 5 stars rating. Here is what happy customers had to say about Glossier praising their support team:-

"Glossier provides the best customer service of any organization from which I have ever shopped." They answer promptly, comprehend, and are extremely helpful. These things are fantastic, and the customer service is excellent. "I cannot say it enough!!"

 There are also fantastic reviews on Sitejabber, where 27 reviews give this company a rating of 4 stars. Generally, people are satisfied with their orders of makeup products. Most have praised the company for its services, the value for their money, and high-quality makeup and perfume products with a wide selection. One of the top positive reviews states:-

"I admire Glossier; their products are dependable and of outstanding quality." Their "You" fragrance is my fave. Because I dress this daily, everyone who knows me knows when I walk into a room. It's not overbearing; it just smells great!"

Proceeding to the Things Testing site, the company still has an excellent rating of 4.08 stars with 1166 reviews. This is something to boast about as the brand targets minimalist beauty product addicts. People have appreciated the power of these skincare and beauty products in handling any sensitive skin condition, from oily to dry.

Still, on the Refinery29 site, the author has shared detailed reviews of the brand after testing multiple products. In giving the experience, the author compliments this company for taking beauty as a lifestyle, pleasing everyone online. On the Byrdie website, the author also highlights some of the best-selling and favorite Glossier products for consideration. However, the Glamour site lists the 15 best Glossier products and explores why these products are worth your attention.

Again, on the Reviewed.usa today's website, the author also gives us the 12 best-selling and high-quality Glossier products that have established a strong online reputation, making this brand famous. Though there are a few misses, the brand stands out as a hit or a hype on the market. Allure also goes into detail about the 15 best Glossier products. The blog editor seems obsessed with these products, from Glossier Generation G to the last one, Glossier Futuredew, alongside the pricing.

You can still check out sites like the Motherhood Edit, FeistylifeMedia, Who What Wear, as well as OprahDaily for detailed reviews about the Glossier and products on the market. Generally, most customers online are amazed at skincare and beauty products. We rarely encountered negative feedback online, and if any, then only targeted minimal specific products. Hence, Glossier remains a hype.

Where to Buy Glossier

There are Glossier beauty products all over the world. That means if you are in the US, you can access these products from retail stores in Los Angeles, London, and New York City. Otherwise, please place an order from their official website store,

Still, our research indicates that Glossier products are also available through online retail stores. Here, it would be best if you were careful when it comes to authenticity. some of the online retail stores that offer Glossier products include:-

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Is Glossier Worth It?

There are Glossier beauty products all over the world. With the Glossier makeup products and above customer ratings, we are delighted to conclude that the brand is worth your money. If you want to try natural ingredients to enhance your natural appearance, then Glossier is what you need. The company has built its reputation around transparency in terms of the formula. Customers can easily evaluate these well-researched and thoughtful products from the first approach. Infact, these guys prioritize customers before money in their business.

Still, Glossier has worked so hard since its inception to make sure that they highlight a person's natural beauty by enhancing the skin glow. Products such as creams, tints, and glosses aim to enhance your glow rather than hide your face.

However, besides the benefits, the brand has also indicated the drawbacks regarding product collection. First, they have limited shades where only 12 shades of skin tint are insufficient to cater to multiple skin conditions worldwide. Still, other products that have exhibited limited shades include Boy Brow as well as Brow Flicks. We hope the brand is working on increasing the collection and offering more inclusive shades.

Looking at the customers' feedback, many people are impressed with the Glossier products. A large number of buyers praise natural-looking makeup products. Hence, if you are struggling to find no-make-up makeup products during the summer, Glossier is worth trying. It's just a click away, and you can enjoy lucrative deals and discounts.

Glossier Discounts

While researching the possible Glossier discounts and promotions, we could not locate coupon codes on the site or affiliate platforms. However, with the determination and commitment of your expert, the company offers free samples to people upon request, but this is only available to add to the cart alongside other products. Still, Glossier has free shipping services, but this varies as each destination country has particular threshold requirements for the order to get complimentary shipping. Destination of order hence matters here. You can save more when purchasing discounted products on the site. Check them out.

Though there are a few discounts or offers from Glossier, you can still get updated by subscribing to the newsletter for all the latest updates and deals. Get in touch with them on the social media platform as well.

Glossier Contact

Never struggle anymore. You can contact the Glossier support team if you have questions about Glossier products. In this research, we also decided to find out various means to contact the team if the above review has not provided enough details you wanted to know.

Thus, you can first send the team mail to Also, our research indicates that the team is available on the social media platform. Follow their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook handles to collaborate, send inquiries, and get all the latest updates on new deals anytime.


Q. Are Glossier products effective for healing acne?

The report and customer compliments clarify that products like Milky Jelly cleanser effectively handle the skin with acne conditions. Under the skin care section, Glossier offers multiple products with solutions to blemishes and other unique skin conditions. Therefore, explore the products from the website, mainly the Sit Stick and the solution.

Q. Where is the Glossier manufacturing plant situated?

This review discovered that Glossier's beauty products are manufactured in plants based in the United States. They obtain the ingredients from suppliers who guarantee cruelty-free manufacturing material.

Q. Can I use Glossier on acne-prone skin situations?

Glossier beauty products work well even on the acne-prone skin type. However, few Glossier products might irritate such skin. One of them is the Future Dew serum. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you seek the test products in the order before committing to the premium Glossier products on your face and skin.

Q. Are Glossier products efficient on oily skin?

First, all the Glossier products are tested and proven by dermatologists; hence they are effective and efficient for any skin condition. Among them is the oily and acne-prone skin type. We will insist that we always patch the test products alongside the premium ones to test their efficacy and whether it's fine with your sensitive skin. Learn more about the 3 skin care routines if you have oily skin.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Glossier company?

Currently, Glossier offers to ship to a limited number of countries worldwide. Among them is the UK, Canada, Sweden, France, Denmark as well as Ireland

If you are based in the United States, expect your order delivery to take 5 to 7 business days. Canada orders take 5 to 10, while the UK takes a maximum of 5 business days. Still, Sweden or Denmark order takes 6 to 8 business days, and France and Ireland's transit takes 5 to 7 business days. All these specifications apply to standard shipping alone.

For customers in Canada and US regions, you can also count on the express shipping that takes 2 to 3 business days to receive your order. The next business day service for the US order takes 1 to 2 business days. Unfortunately, due to the covid-19 cases, express and rush shipping is unavailable, and we expect it to be reinstated anytime. US orders are shipped for free when it adds to $30, while for more details about order regions, find out more on the shipping section from the official website.

Q. What is the return policy of the Glossier company?

So upon receipt of the Glossier product and realizing that they are not effective or compatible with your skin condition, you can seek a return. Reach out to the support team through the mail or the above contact information requesting the return. This is because all orders have 30 days as the return window. However, you must have the order number when initiating the return process.

Once the brand approves the return, you must wait for at least 5 to 10 business days for the fund to reflect in the credit card you used to pay for the products.


Glossier is a unique beauty brand on the market that has managed to gather cult-like followers on social media accounts and a good reputation online. The company offers reputable skincare and cosmetic products perfect for all skin types, from oily to acne-prone or sensitive skin. All the products are cruelty-free. We have also found that Glossier offers a perfect shipping policy with lucrative deals and gives customers 30 days as a reasonable return period if the products are not compatible with the skin. Though shipping to the selected countries worldwide, most Glossier products are also available in online retail stores hence more accessible to international customers. With their innovative approach in the makeup and skincare industry, Glossier products are worth the purchase for glowing and enhanced skin appearance.

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