Clinique Makeup Review: Do They Offer Non-Irritating Products?

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Looking for a brand that offers clinically vetted as well as mindful makeup products? Clinique is among the legacy companies developed and approved by dermatologists. Let us find out if they have offered non-irritating and beloved cosmetic products today since its inception.

People worldwide have different perceptions of the beauty brands on the market. And so you are not excluded. Definitely, you have tried one or two makeup products from different companies, but they do not seem to work well or come with severe side effects such as irritation. Sometimes, teenage acne brings about unwanted scars on your skin.

However, the good news is that you can gain glowing skin using full-coverage skincare products. Many companies promise you sophisticated formulas, but in the long run, that is not heavily based on your skin condition. You will no longer recover until you try the Clinique makeup products. Clinique is a famous cosmetic brand that offers oil-free formulas and liquid that guarantees a weightless finish alongside the entire coverage under one formula.

No need to waste time; let us go directly into the brand overview and finish up with our stand if the brand is worth it after checking out the honest customer feedback. Here we go again.

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Clinique Makeup Review

Clinique, with over 3 million followers on Instagram, is a famous cosmetic brand that offers all kinds of skincare and makeup products to customers worldwide. While it is developing and reaching out to many people, they have been in operation for over 50- years and hence is packed with high expertise in the beauty field.

The company was established in 1968 and was proposed by three teams of specialists: Evelyn Lauder, a businesswoman; Dr. Norman Orentreich, a dermatologist; and Carol Philip, the Vogue editor. It was first launched in New York, specifically at Saks Fifth Avenue, and what followed is just history. Currently, Clinique is managed by Estee Lauder.

They have distributed their products well through beauty shops and online retail stores, primarily through the new releases often marketed to cover many challenges and customer concerns. Besides being featured in famous magazines like Allure and Refinery29, the brand has won numerous awards, like the 2014 CEW insiders choice beauty award. The Clinique is capable of standing the test time.

Clinique is regarded as one of the pioneers of the dermatologists-led company. It has built its popularity through the 3 skincare or cosmetic product ranges: cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. The company gives customers access to numerous cosmetic products that help manage skin issues, including sensitive skincare products.

They also have the Clinique ID plan that gets customer the option to request customized cosmetic product that depends on the issues customers want to handle. Meanwhile, even though the company has its headquarters in New York, it is also currently operated under the parent firm housed within Estee Lauder. They build their reputation through this company to ensure they stand out as a unique beauty firm.

In addition, these Clinique makeup products do not contain harmful ingredients. Every product undergoes a thorough efficacy as well as safety test before being stocked for sale. Like other brands, Clinique uses sustainable practices throughout its sourcing, manufacturing, and manufacturing process. They aim to achieve 100% recyclable, reusable, and refillable packages by 2025. With that all in mind, let us compare the pros and cons of this makeup company.

Clinique Makeup Pros:

Clinique Makeup Cons:

Why We Like Clinique Makeup

Clinique is a famous cosmetic brand, and that remains a fact. It is one of the brands that can pop up on the cosmetic search list, and it has been in this industry for over 50 years. Thus, in beauty, the company has sufficient experience and is a strong competitor to other companies. You will find a massive collection of makeup and skincare products on the homepage. This gives you unlimited options, whether for a man or a woman. It gives us many reasons to love these products, specifically the brand.

The Best-Selling Clinique Products

As said already, Clinique has a vast collection of cosmetic products. If you want to upgrade your regimen and take your makeup game to the next level, the company has all you need in its wide assortment to meet all your needs. The products range from exfoliators to serums, primers, colognes, and foundations. You don't have to get stuck selecting the beauty product.

This section has compiled a list of the bestselling Clinique makeup and skincare products on the market. This will give you an easy time narrowing down the options and save time.

The first from the click on the inventory is All About Eyes, a cream meant to help protect your eyes like a delicate flower. They offer you the needed TLC and contain ingredients such as green tea, mulberry root extract, and caffeine targeted to diminish dark circles and all puffiness. At the same time, you gain your natural brant complexion. Second, on the list is All About Clean Liquid Facial Soap.

This best-selling product ensures that surface flakes are loosened and protects your natural moisture balance. Although this is the first step of the 3 basic care systems, it mostly is non-drying; hence, your skin remains clean, comfortable, and soft. You can select from 3 unique formulas, oily, dry, or a combination.

The next product is Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm. This one targets removing the eyeshadow and foundation layer gently but using a non-drying formula. It eliminates all the pollution stress so that you can look younger, and the good thing is that the balm is compatible with any complexion. The balm is skin-friendly because it is blended using sunflower seed oil and rinses off quickly as it is non-greasy.

The company also sells popular moisturizers that contain vegan ingredients and plant extracts. Some famous and demanded moisturizers are Dramatically Different moisturizer lotions that give you hydration and complexion. It also has the final step in the care system and is mainly manufactured to be utilized in dry and other skin types and goes well when you mix with the Moisture Surge Eye Hydrator. The moisturizer has 3 options to select from, 50ml, 125ml, and 200ml.

The alternative to the above cream-based moisturizer is Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. It contains the same ingredients but has extra hyaluronic acid as its natural moisture magnet and humectant for easy absorption.

So many other cosmetic products, such as Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup, are best-selling on the market that covers blemishes and all sorts of imperfections using skin-clearing ingredients. It comes in 16 different colors. Go for one that you prefer. The company also offers LipStick, which can help you achieve the Kardashian look like a kiss. The popular lipstick here is Chubby stick Moisturizing lip color balm, and it gives you a healthy hydration dose and is boosted with the shear butters wellies mango extract to make your lips smooth in texture.

Blushing Blush Powder Blush is a popular product we cannot fail to mention here due to its oil-free nature. Lastly, there is Happy For Men Cologne Spray. This is an excellent perfume, especially if you love heavy musky undertones containing lime and lemon tones for aromas, sweat, and odor. It is ideally used after having a shower.

Clinique is one cosmetic brand that offers unlimited products to select from, but all these give you different solutions to your beauty journey.

Customer Review

In this section, we will have to find more customer testimonials online about Clinique makeup products. Before you decide, this is one step you need to consider because it is where we get the real deal about the brand and its reputation.

The brand's bestseller has numerous reviews on its official website at You can head to the site for more data. On Beauty Review, the company has managed to get 4.2 stars rating based on the various recommendations based on different aspects. One of the happy clients left feedback saying:-

"This is an incredible Foundation! Moderate protection can be expanded to comprehensive coverage. This foundation has a nice natural satin finish on my skin; it didn't highlight fine lines under my eyes. It reduces hyperpigmentation and freckles. This product thrilled me."

Heading to the Product Review site, the same, Clinique gets a good rating of 3.1 stars after 57 reviews, and on the USA Today website, the blog lists the best-selling Clinique skincare products with ingredients. There are many other external sites with reviews about the brand. These are not limited to the Beauty Review but involve The Beauty Inside Out, Consumer Affairs, Quora, and Makeupalley websites.

From the Byrdie site, the company scores 4.7 stars, and the author compares the Clinique makeup products to the IRL Instagram filter. Thus, people generally are satisfied with their purchases on multiple review sites. There is no other perfect alternative to Clinique Makeup products.

Where to Buy Clinique Makeup

Other than official website, there are also other online retailers where you can purchase these cosmetic products. But firstly, the official store is the perfect place to order these products as you are guaranteed high quality and genuineness. Still, in the research, we identified multiple online retailers that offer Clinique makeup products. In this section, we will only list a few below, which I am not limited:-

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Is Clinique MakeupWorth It?

From our experience and based on the customer perspective, the Clinique makeup products are worth it. These products are high quality and highly recommended because of the numerous positive reviews online. For a long time in the industry, the company has been fighting to establish a huge presence and make its products unique.

Most beauty products are excellent and recorded countless returning clients, as you can identify for the above external sites and online retailers. Even though some customers have highlighted poor experiences with these products and their ineffectiveness, we still insist on the brand for many reasons. Comprising positive and negative testimonials, positive outbids everything.

Clinique makeup products are high quality, and they are all approved by the dermatologist as gluten-free and vegan and come at an affordable price. If the pricing is not in your favor, the company still has Afterpay as an alternative payment method, making the purchasing process simple and convenient through installment.

Clinique is generally trustworthy, and its beauty products are reliable and effective for most customers worldwide. Therefore this is a perfect brand to start your beauty journey with. They have experience in the industry with over 50 years and understand more about the skincare regimen. Hence, it's worth giving it a  shot today.

Clinique Makeup Discounts

Clinique makeup products are not excluded from promotions, discounts, and other lucrative deals like other cosmetic brands. These discounts are vital in helping customers save bucks for their next orders. One of the most important parts is the afterpay financing option. While writing this review, we noted that you could access the promo code ACNE when placing an order totaling $35 and above.

This one during the checkout gives you a free Bye Breakout Trio, or you can use the YES promo code to get the Wake-up and Depuffkit free added to the cart. They also have 6 free samples listed there for you, but the samples to receive depend on the order you have placed. All new customers are also entitled to get 15% off on their first order upon signing up for an account and newsletters.

You can earn points you can redeem while buying full-size beauty products. The clinique company also has a sales outlets section where you can access the products at discounted prices. Enjoy all these deals and help save on your budget. To get more notifications on the deals, subscribe to the company's newsletter and stay tuned.

Clinique Makeup Contact

Do you still have a question about this brand after reading the article? If that is the case, we have you covered from all corners. We went ahead to reach the Clinique contact details. Our findings assessed the below contact details. You can contact Clinique to support them through the email address or call them at 1-800-419-4041.

These guys also have a live chat function on their website; you can capitalize on it for urgent support. Lastly, you can also use the message form on their website. It is still efficient, and they promise to revert immediately. There is also another alternative. If you are a social media fanatic, they have marketers and support staff online on their social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., connect with them and solve all the issues in a minute.


Q. Do dermatologists recommend Clinique makeup products?

From the above Clinique makeup reviews, we have also learned that most of the brand's cosmetic products are manufactured using formulas delivered, recommended, and approved by dermatologists worldwide.

Q. What age group does Clinique makeup products target on the market?

If not from the above reviews built on their website, it is clear that all the clinique makeup products are manufactured to target customers of all ages. Though from the customer feedback, most products are marketed to target old and female customers worldwide.

Q. Are Clinique makeup products effective for older skin?

Clinique offers customized products. Therefore, numerous makeup products are targeted at older skin. These optimized products include smart custom-Repair Serum.

Q. Are Clinique products paraben-free?

In the above reviews, customer feedback and the dermatologist concludes that these makeup products are made with organic ingredients. Thus, they remain parabens, fragrance, and phthalates-free.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Clinique company?

First of all, the company offers worldwide shipping. Even from the website, the company requests you to select the country to access the pricing of their products in the directory. The good news is that the company also offers free standard ground shipping, limited to US-based customers. They rely on numerous main carriers like Ontrac, USPS, and UPSwhere the delivery of orders takes 14 business days.

Clinique also has other shipping plans, and it includes the second day as well as overnight shipping. The charges for these shipping methods are only calculated at the checkout point. Again, you have the option to review the status of the order through your Clinique account.

Q. Does Clinique accept returned products?

The company shows that when a customer is unsatisfied with their cosmetic products, they can return them to the company. This is only applicable if you purchased from their official store, and you will be guaranteed either exchange or request a refund. However, this comes is not clear how long the refund or exchange option will take.

The good thing is that the brand is responsible for all the return shipping charges. You can initiate the return process by contacting the support team using the abovementioned methods in the article.


Clinique is a reputable cosmetic brand with a huge collection of makeup products for investors. Besides being safe and paraben-free, Clinique makeup products are dermatologically proven and efficiently enhance your glow. From the brand description, they offer what they promise you. It has recorded numerous positive customer ratings online, and many people are satisfied with the purchase. Start your beauty journey with Clinique Makeup products if you want to enjoy discounts or offers.

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