Nexgrill Review: *Pros and Cons* Does It Worth the Money?

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Are you wondering if Nexgrill offers great value equipment to the market or is simply a false company on the economy? Let us find out in this Nexgrill review and make an informed decision.

While online searching for the hosts of the big stores or simply looking on shelves to find the Home depot, sears, sams club, or even lowes, have you ever come across the Nexgrill company? Many online companies offer glass grills and other accessories, but few guarantee the best and most genuine equipment. Nexgrill claims to offer the best and most colossal selection f gas grills and other things for only a fraction of the price.

If you are not sure and searching for the Master Forge alternative, this is the right place. Let us find out if this company delivers exactly what they claim as a budget-friendly price online. We will also dive deep into the customer reviews to help you understand the company and make a reasonable comparison and choice. Let us gets started.

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Nexgrill Review

Nexgrill is a company that was founded in  1993 by Sherman Lin. The company aims to serve the grill enthusiast by offering the best and high-quality as well as professional grills and accessories to the market worldwide. However, there is no detailed data about their platform's background. However, from their platform, something that is sure is that the brand takes the grilling as a vital thing to serve you from breakfast, lunch, to dinner. The firm offers, beyond the flame, the stories which feed your soul.

Many investors and testers have inspired this company to light stronger and brighter. Nexgrill has a headquarter located in Chino but supplies Grill accessories worldwide even through retailers, as we will find out in the next section. This is a retail wonderland with numerous grills and accessories. The company has been featured in reputable magazines like NBC, Forbes, Verity MSN, and CNET. The list is endless, and this indicates how the company is well-performing.

Going on the social media platform, the company is a slouch with thousands of grill-loving audiences on the accounts like Instagram and Facebook. If you are still wondering if this company is a cue for U, it is time to release all the fear. In reviews, we will give you all the data you need about the company and products and their best-selling equipment on the market. This far, you have all the basics; it is time to move to the next level. But first, let us go through some of the pros and cons to make a comparison.

Nexgrill Pros:

Nexgrill Cons:

Why We Like Nexgrill

There are plenty of reasons we choose to go for the Nexgrill accessories on the market. These ranges form multiple options and go down to excellent customer feedback. Some of the recommended reasons are as listed below:-

Multiple Nexgrill grills to select from

there are plenty of options to select the grills you need from their store and retailers online. In this case, they have many best-selling grills on the market, which have given the company excellent reviews. These cornucopias of griddles include Nexgrill Deluxe 2-Burner Grill, red, and a convertible sharp-looking grill machine as your stellar option for the comp[act BBQ.

It also has foldable side shelves. The second best-selling grill si Nexgrill 4-Burner Gas Grill with Side Burner made with sports stainless steel quartet burners. It has the awe-inspiring BTU majesties of 60,000 going for only $300. you can also check out the Nexgrill 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill with Griddle Top powered using the four stainless steel burners capable of tackling breakfast, lunch, and dinner at your convenience.

Other best-selling options include Nexgrill Deluxe 6-Burner Gas Grill, Nexgrill Evolution Infrared Plus 5-Burner Propane Gas Grill, Nexgrill 5-Burner Propane Gas Grill, and Nexgrill 29 In Barrel Charcoal Grill with Smoker, etc.

Multiple Nexgrill Covers

The company offers more accessories besides grills and griddles. Therefore, some of the best-selling Nexgrill Covers include Nexgrill 51 In. The grill Cover is shielded from elements and fills the 720 TO 0830H grill models. The second and last best-selling Nexgrill cover is Nexgrill 60 In. Premium Grill Cover can protect the Grill to 60 inches in width. Though it is weather resistant, closure strict, comes with the mesh air vent, is made with polyester, and only costs you $26.

Grills and Cover Are Simple to Use

This means the grills and accessories are not only made for the grillers but also for plain and straightforward users can utilize them. It also includes the amateur and the masters; for this reason, they ship worldwide, and you can find the items on other online retailers worldwide. It is ranked in manufacturing high-quality brands for customers from America. The company has also received multiple positive reviews online, as we will see in the next section.

Customer Review

This is the time to dive deep into what customers say about the Nexgrill brand and the accessories online. There are many sites where you can get customer feedback. In this section, we will cover a good number of them. Therefore, we will start with their official website. Though, we also need to mention that BBB ( Better business bureau) can give you a better picture of this company. So, from the official website reviews section, Oakfor has 4.5 stars after 9 reviews, Daytona 4 Burner propane gas grill has 4.9 stars after 9 reviews, and Fortress 1-burner cast aluminum table has 4.4 stars after 18 reviews.

There are no vast reviews on the website, but the present gives you a good impression of the products. Some of the clients have complimented them for the sufficient cooking space, simple usability, the convenience of the accessories, and many more. Among the comment, one of the customers states: 

"I adore my new Daytona gas barbecue with griddle top and 4 burners. Flare-ups are no longer a concern for me. Cooking is simple thanks to the large surface. Whatever I could cook on my regular barbecue with the grating, I can now cook on this Grill. I kept a water bottle next to my old Grill because it would frequently flare up…….. Additionally, I've had several praises for it. Therefore, if you wish to improve, I highly suggest the Daytona 4 burner gas grill with the griddle top. I'm happy I did!"  

This you a good picture of the brand. But still, there are also negative reviews on the brand website where some have complained about the quality though cheap. And if we move ahead, we can head to The Home Depot, and from here, we can find plenty of reviews of the brand.

Different grills have scored different ratings, and a good example is the Deluxe 2 Burners grill which scored 4.6 stars after over 778 reviews. It was complemented for its portability and simplicity with affordable pricing. A general statement here confirms everything: 

"I previously used to have a three-burner stove, but I switched to a two-burner, and it is perfect. The wife reports that it came together easily, functions flawlessly, and heats up rapidly. I enjoy it. Although I've only had it for about a month, I'm happy with it so far. It's red, which I believe makes it a decent worth for such money.”

On the BBB website, the company has scored an A+ rating, indicating its responsiveness to customer concerns online. You can as well move ahead to Consumer Affairs, and from here, we also note that the brand has a good rating of 4.0 stars after 590 ratings as below verified customer compliments: 

"I adore the product; it is simple to use and customer-friendly. I don't have any issues with it and advise everybody I love to buy the barbecue. The cost is excellent, and the goods are sturdy."

The last option is the Top Ten Reviews which now includes everything about the brand. In a single statement, here's what the author has to say:

 "The Grill can accommodate 12 frozen burger patties prior to getting too congested, according to our measurement. Even huge grills can handle 12 hamburgers being cooked at once."

In short, the customer reviews indicate that their customers are satisfied, which can be deducted from comparing the positive and negative reviews. There are multiple positive compliments on the grills about their appearance, affordability, simplicity, ideal space to cook, clean, and high quality. You need to make up your mind from the customer reviews and for a good reason. You can witness that.

Never hesitate to order the accessories and grills today. What are you waiting for? Keep reading and know where you can buy grills, covers, and other accessories online.

Where to Buy Nexgrill

We got you. If you are looking for the best place to make an order, you can start by visiting the Nexgrill Website and placing your order. Otherwise, there are also multiple online retailers around the world. You can click on either and make a selection. Here Are some of the reliable retailers to checkout:-

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Is Nexgrill Worth It?

The right answer here is that Nexgrill is worth it all. The brand offers impressive and high-quality burners and covers on the market and provides grill accessories that come at a competitive price compared to the rivals online. The customers even complement the brand by designing simple to sue grills, portable and clean, with stylish selection options in the stores.

They are also distributed worldwide, with the option to ship worldwide if you make an order from their official website. Again, Nexgrill manufactures some f the replacement accessories, such as the Natural Gas conversion kit available on multiple online retailers we have mentioned in the above section. There are plenty of best-selling products in the store and many positive customer reviews that you won't have the courage to say no to this brand on the market. Go for it today and enjoy the breakfast, lunch, and dinner spacious cooking arena.

Nexgrill Discounts

Unfortunately, compared to other brands, we could not locate any Nexgrill discounts on their platform. Maybe they are likely to update in the future and have promotional Serves. Otherwise, we only spotted the free shipping to US customers on the Daytona Griddles. You can even sign up for the newsletter to get updated on upcoming discounts, promo codes, and much other news in the near future.

Nexgrill Contact

In Case we have not covered anything that you really wanted to know about the brand, then never hesitate to contact the customer support team. Nexgrill offers you multiple means through which you can contact them. 

They will reply to you through your email address for the next step. However, you need to note that customer support is available from Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm


Q. How Long Does A Nexgrill Last?

From the brand's online reviews, the Grill is manufactured to last for many years. Some Nexgrills come with 5 years warranty while others go up to 8 years to cover the burners alone. Register online and ensure the Nexgrill is covered in the brand warranty.

Q. Who Is Nexgrill For?

Generally, anyone, be it the grilling enthusiast, amateurs, masters, simple, or even the plain, can sue the Nexgrills. The company offers worldwide shipping and free US shipping option from their website. Besides online or from retailers, you can also purchase from the in-stores available worldwide.

Q. Who owns Nexgrill?

As mentioned above, Nexgrill was founded by Sherman Lin as the owner and CEO. He has been managing the brand since its inception and is almost hitting its 30th anniversary as its CEO.

Q. Who makes Nexgrill?

The brand Nexgrill designs its grills and covers as well as accessories. They manufacture the grills meant for aiding in the kitchen, and they have a license to operate the company from the Whirlpool Corporation hence legal in the US and around the world.

Q. Where is Nexgrill made?

All the Nexgrill items are manufactured in china, where many companies also seem to have manufacturing plants. However, from the article, the brand has its headquarters in Chino, CA.


Many people are grill enthusiasts but do not have ready cash to afford the high-end grills on the market. However, with the Nexgrill company, you can purchase any grill, grill covers, and other accessories at an affordable price and ship worldwide. They also offer free shipping in the US. There are plenty of the best-selling models on the market, but all the models are made using stainless steel clad carbon steel and come with warranties lasting for years.

If you are looking for the best and high-quality Grill with spacious cooking space to serve you from breakfast to dinner, consider the Nexgrill company. It has multiple positive customer reviews indicating the customers are satisfied with the brand. Perhaps, you can choose today and pick your next Grill to be the Nexgrill.

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