12 Best Grill Brands: Lets' BBQ this Summer

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Everyone loves a good barbeque, but you can’t have a good experience without the right grill. Here are the 12 best grill brands you should look at before shopping for that perfect barbecue grill.

Barbecue meals are more than just food because of what it symbolizes. The best barbeque experience happens when you eat outdoors because the fresh air adds to the freedom of eating without observing basic etiquette while dining indoors. The barbeque experience is more pleasing if you enjoy it with your family and friends because there is nothing as enjoyable as sharing a meal with a loved one and making new memories.

It is a challenging task to have a good barbeque meal without the correct equipment. The journey to owning the ideal barbeque equipment begins with the search for the best barbeque grill. You are in the right place if you want to know the best grilling equipment in the market. Below is a list of the 12 best grill brands in the market.

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1. Weber 

First on our list of grill brands is Weber because of its expansive catalog of grills on sale. The company caters to a wide variety of customers who prefer gas, wood pallet, charcoal, electric, or griddle grills. You can find high-quality gas grills starting from $ 459, charcoal grills starting from $ 119, electric grills starting from $ 329, wooden pallet grills starting from $ 1099, or portable grills starting from $ 45 on the company’s website. You can also opt for the new range of grills with Wi-Fi connection for an advanced grilling experience.

2. Traeger

Traeger is our number two grill brand because of their expansive range of wooden pallet grills. Traeger grills offer an all-inclusive functionality to customers who prefer to do a bit of everything on one grill. You can opt for the Ironwood 885 wooden pellet grill & smoker (with Wi-Fi technology) at $1500 if you prefer compact, or the pro series 34 electric wood pellet grill for a retail price of $ 700.

3. Char-Broil

Char-Broil is the next grilling brand on our list and specializes in manufacturing charcoal, gas & electric grills/smokers/fryers. Char-Broil is an American company, and you can visit its official website and browse through grills, smokers & fryers, and grilling accessories. The average Char-Broil grill ranges from $ 400 for the compact package to $ 3000 for the complete built-in package grills. The official Char-Broil website contains the comprehensive price list of every grill in their catalog.

4. Blackstone 

Blackstone grills are your perfect choice if you are looking for a fancy griddle/grill. The company offers a versatile array of flat-top cookware for your grilling needs. Blackstone also manufactures pizza ovens and grilling accessories at an affordable price. The Blackstone grills also feature air fryers and side propane burners with in-built igniters for easy-to-use adjustable heat controls. You can purchase a portable grill with a carrying bag for $ 179 or opt for the 28-inch grill for $ 400.

5. Camp Chef 

  Camp Chef is an iconic American company that offers unique grills and smokers ideal for backyard barbecues. You can visit the company’s website and select pellet grills, smokers, or grilling products on sale. You can get the latest models, like the SG 24 WiFi pellet grill for $ 700 or the advanced 18-inch propane smoke vault for $ 384.

6. Big Green Egg 

Big Green Egg is one of the best grills for Kamado-style cooking. The company is a household brand owing to its close to 50 years in existence, and it officially began manufacturing iconic egg-shaped grills in 1974. The grills are appealing, with a green ceramic surface guaranteed to stand out while barbecuing in your backyard. The Big Green Egg grills are premium products, and the Large Big Green Egg in Acacia Table Package will set you back $ 1849 as a one-off payment, or select the monthly payment plan for $ 155/month.

7. Master Built

Master Built is an American company that began manufacturing premium-quality smokers in 1973. However, the company has evolved to include unique grills in its catalog. The Master Build grills are unique because their charcoal grills burn from the bottom towards the top, thus making the grill easy to clean once the ash from the bottom hatch.  The company also has an expansive catalog of grills, smokers, fryers, fuel, and accessories, with the average grill retailing above $ 300.

8. Blaze 

  Blaze is one of the reliable grill brands because it features in most reviews on social media platforms. You can purchase one of their high-end gas grills on the company’s website, but their catalog also includes outdoor cabinetry and refrigeration products. Contact the company for a price quote to purchase their Professional LUX or Premium LTE gas grills.

9. Broil King 

Broil King's line of products is ideal for people looking to indulge in grilling as a profession. The company’s builds are efficient and durable because every grill has a warranty to reassure consumers of the product's longevity. Broil King grills offer flame-broiled flavor in your barbeque and advanced grilling tech such as infrared. Visit the Broil King website to purchase gas, pellet, smokers, portable, and built-in grills.

10. Coleman 

Coleman is an American company that initially began manufacturing camping accessories in 1900. The company has grown to include one of the best outdoor camping propane and charcoal grills in its product line. You can choose from the company’s vast grill selections, with the average grill retailing from $ 40 to $ 300.

11. Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe is a rival grilling brand to the Big Green Egg, but both grills offer an innovative way to the 3000-year-old Kamado-style grilling. The Kamado Joe is distinct with its ceramic red outer surface, and the average price for a Kamado grill ranges from $ 1999 to $ 2999.

12. Napoleon 

Napoleon is a unique grill brand because the company’s headquarters is in Canada. The company focuses on products like gas, charcoal, electric, portable, and built-in grills. The unique feature of Napoleon grills is the compact and polished finish on any of their products.


Picking the right grilling brand will depend on your budget and grilling technique. Ensure you browse all the grilling brands before purchasing a grill that best suits your taste and barbecue needs.

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