Balls Trimmer Review: Is It Worth the Hype?

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Are you looking for the best brand that offers premium quality items for hair trimming, shaving, and other manscaping activities for me? Let us help you as you learn more about Balls Trimmer and its products.

Your health is very important just as your diet is. This is why they said health is wealth. If you have been thinking of shaving or getting your hair removed in all parts of your body, then you are making a great decision. However, one of the mistakes men do is to get their hair removed or shaved without using the proper tools, lotion, etc, this can lead to skin reactions such as skin irritation, skin rashes, and other types of skin issues.

It is good when you turn to use easier tools when you want to escape. There are different brands that offer great items for this but the main problem is how to get in touch with this brand. You might have asked yourself many times how you are going to find the best brand for this may be because you have tried so many ways and had no positive result. This review will introduce a great brand for this. Balls Trimmer is a brand that is specialized in producing products for manscaping which involves hair removal, hair trimming, etc.

Their products are specifically for men's use. You can get lotions, washes, trimmers, blades, etc. Are you not sure not on how to go about buying from this brand or why you should patronize Balls Trimmer? Here is a review you need to read about this brand and what it stands for. It will also help you know if the brand is legit or not.

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Balls Trimmer Review

Balls Trimmer is a brand that is specialised in producing products for manscaping which involves hair removal, hair trimming, etc. Their products are specifically for men's use. This brand offers lotions, washes, trimmers, blades, and many more. The brand has gained popularity because it has featured in so many publications online such as Men’s Health, Dazed, British GQ, etc. They also have a massive social media presence. This brand was founded by Tyler Ball who teamed up with Matt Edge. They are the co-founders of Balls Trimmer in 2019.

The brand has its head office located in Warwickshire, United Kingdom. They have after taking care of the sensitive parts of men. In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the advantages and disadvantages of Balls Trimmer, the reason why we like using this brand, the rating, and reviews done by customers, the review will give a verdict on how genuine this brand is, we will look at the promos, discounts, flash sales if available, how to contact the brand, etc.

Balls Trimmer Pros

Balls Trimmer Cons

Why We Like Balls Trimmer

The brand has a wide variety of items you can choose from. When it comes to getting comfortable items for hair trimming, hair shaving at any part of the body, and other manscaping activities, then this brand gives you the best. They offer lotion, wash, blades, etc. They even offer kits such as starter kit, duo pack, and ultimate package, they are all wonderful.

Customer Review

You might want to know how good these products are, you are right to know everything about the brand since you are already considering giving them a trial. This review will reveal exactly what customers feel about this brand. It was not a surprise for this brand to find out that most customers enjoyed using these products. These items were not just judged by the features listed by the brand but by customers who had experience with them.

Another good thing about this brand is that most customers praised the brand for the other services they offer such as the free shipping, international shipping, great customer care service, good return policy, and even replacement for up to a year, this attribute of the brand saw the rating for this brand go up real quick.

We made use of Balls Trimmer’s official website to know what customers are saying about this brand. They had an almost 4.8-star rating on average. This is because their items were rated individually. So this review had to carry out a statistic to know the average rating. You can see excellent feedback. Customers are pleased with this brand.

It has been working well for me since I started using this brand. Their trimmers are exceptional. I love using them because they are anti-shock, comfortable, and matted, and I have no fear of water while using them.

Where to Buy Balls Trimmer

You can only shop for their products on their official website

Does Balls Trimmer sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Balls Trimmer stores on Amazon.

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Is Balls Trimmer Worth It?

You should not even give this brand a doubt because the brand is worth an investment. This gathered enough feedback from their customers which goes a long way to explain how important it is to use these products while trimming or shaving. Pleasant comments were all over the website. Most customers are pleased with the brand. The brand has been able to make customers enjoy its product.

Their rating was done individually. To tell you that this brand has done a lot of jobs, each product has no less than a 4.5-star rating. It is rare to get such a rating but it is not a shock if you have been reading this review. The other part of the brand is the international shipping they offer despite the fact that you can get their products from another website.

So the best they can do is make sure all customers from different countries get them. The shipping is even free. You can enjoy a good policy on shipping and return. They offer a replacement for up to one year. This review finds this brand worth it.

Balls Trimmer Discounts

This review was unable to find any discount or promo ongoing. Nevertheless, you can check from time to time.

Balls Trimmer Contact

For more information and inquiry, you can reach out to this brand in the following ways


Q. What is the return policy of Balls Trimmer?

If you want to make a return, we are happy to tell you that this brand offers a return within 30 days after purchase. Even if you are not satisfied with your product, you can still enjoy returns. You just need to send back the items in their original package and the items half full at least. This will enable the brand to know you use the product but you were not satisfied.

The brand offers a full refund while returning but you have to pay for the shipping cost when returning. However, if the fault is from the brand such as receiving a damaged product, then you don’t need to pay for the return shipping cost. You can also request a replacement. It lasts for up to one year. You can reach out to the brand for information.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Balls Trimmer?

One good thing with this brand is that they offer a very favorable and generous shipping policy for their items. The brand ships from its head office which also serves as a warehouse located in the UK. They offer international shipping to their customers and it is free. They make sure your items are delivered in a discreet package so only you know what you ordered. They offer to track your shipment which most customers find very good. The time of delivery depends on your location.

Q. How can I change my Balls, Trimmer?

The steps in changing their trimmer are very easy and quick. You just need to pop off the blade that is in the place, and just replace it with the new one you bought. It is that simple. Nevertheless, if you still find it difficult, you can check videos on YouTube or contact the brand on how to go about it.


Your private parts are very delicate and you need to keep them clean all the time. Keeping that area clean all the time means constant shaving, trimming, and other manscaping exercises. When doing that you need to use high-quality items to avoid regrets, skin issues, and many other things negative that might arise. Balls Trimmer will help you achieve all that. This review will help you make the right decision.

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