NEST Fragrances Review: A Long-Burning Luxury Fragrance!

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Planning to move for the captivating NEXT fragrance and luxurious choices on the market? Try these high-quality scents with innovative blends under an elegant package. NEXT fragrance claims to be perfect for anyone wanting to evoke refinement and sophistication senses. Please read our review and learn more.

If you are looking for a luxurious fragrance that will evoke refinement and present you with sophisticated senses, then you are at the right place. Many brands offer fragrance products though few combine luxury alongside excellent packaging, high-quality scent, and innovative blends under one product. It's challenging to find high-quality fragrances today.

However, NEST fragrance has proven to stand the test of time. Finding a trusted brand with multiple options that don't need the trial and error thing is overwhelming. Therefore, NEST fragrance might be the only option to give you the products targeted to set the mood in your house. If this sounds too good, let us continue our NEXT fragrance review and learn more about these products.

But before going into the best-selling stores, the customer feedback, and discounts, let us also get something about the company and its founder. It will guide us as well as in evaluating the products. Here is the company overview.

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NEST Fragrances Review

NEST is a company based in New York City that specializes in manufacturing and selling imaginative scents perfect for elevating customers' moods. The firm is well known for its not only out-of-the-ordinary but also long-burning luxury fragrance capable of transforming home space while accentuating the style in your compound. The company has created an enormous customer base and huge followers on social media platforms with an impactful reputation online.

The company has even been featured in reputable media outlets like New York magazine and Forbes. Because of their unique scents and lush appearance, the company's fragrance has been loved by many people. Historically, NEST was founded by Laura Slatkin in 2005. The founder has extensive experience in the scent field in her home fragrance firm, Slatkin & company.

The founder of this firm thus approaches these fragrance products through a fresh angle that no firm has ever explored. She relies on the expected exotic ingredients alongside the blending note to develop these unique products. They are charming among people and surprise many on the market.

NEST Fragrance has its headquarters in New York, and it is trying to grow and develop into something else by exploiting the creative fragrance and enlightening the clients. It is also giving back to society through a partnership with the Autism awareness and Research funding project and many other organizations that engage in charity work.

This far, you at least now have the basics about the origin and founder of the NEST fragrance. We now need to have the highlights on the pros as well as cons and make comparisons before evaluating the company based on customer feedback. Here we go again.

NEST Fragrances Pros:

NEST Fragrances Cons:

Why We Like NEST Fragrances

Besides the above pros and cons comparison, we have some specific reasons for valuing this NEST fragrance brand. These range from actual best-selling fragrance products to personal reasons such as numerous positive customer reviews and unique, distinctive smells.

All these senses are targeted to transport the senses and change your mood at home. Thus, this section will guide you through the best-selling NEST fragrance products, from perfumes and candles to diffusers.

The Best-Selling Nest Perfumes

In the perfume section, numerous scents come in options such as sultry, intoxicating, sweet, and exotic perfumes. In this section, they range from the faraway essence regions, moods, and emotions. These perfumes also ensure you attain your much-needed style through their inspiring compliment and daydreams of aromas with durable impressions.

Therefore, the first favorable NEST perfume is the Indigo Eau de parfum. This is a Moroccan perfume that is inspired by the tea scent. It features balanced woody and sharp notes with multiple sweetness. They are ideal for the Marrakesh culture as well as rich with a single spray alone. You can get the orange bergamot or the succulent lemon for a complete aroma profile.

The second is the Black Tulip Eau de parfum. This perfume contains balanced patchouli earth for an extra romantic and sensual experience. It also features the sharp spike of the black amber plum tartness and peppercorn. The perfume guarantees customers an intuitive feeling while transporting the romantic encounter senses in your botanical garden.

This, we call Wild Poppy Eau de parfum contains an exotic and spicy scent. This ensures you get the mood as well as an uplifting fragrance made using the chypre base with the earthly sweet moss citrusy scents. It uses Japanese violet, Indonesian jasmine, patchouli layer, and pink peppercorn. The perfume evoked passion and life desires due to curiosity and its alluring nature.

There are numerous perfumes, but we cannot end our list without mentioning the Seville Orange Perfume Oil. This contains a fruity fragrance alongside its happy and light scent because of the presence of grapefruit and unmistakable mandarin hints. The perfume is unique, but it has an amusing sense, and alongside the baobab oil, it helps you smoothen your skin.

The Best-Selling Nest Diffusers

Other than a fragrance, there are reed diffusers capable of filling a home with enjoyable and distinctive scents. The bestselling and favorable NEST diffusers are only two categories: simple diffusers and refreshing sets with the option to get a convenient refill. On their website, you will find the famous Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser Set, which ensures your home is filled with crisp grapefruit notes, which you can switch either for the lush greenery or go for the floral.Many options here range from the bamboo fragrance vial to the grapefruit fragrance vial.

The nest is Grapefruit Refill Duo for Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser. This one gives your home a soothing feeling that presents your home space with refreshing and invigorating scents. The refill gives you two vials containing the gentle lily and snappy coriander blossom. It comes with a flavourful experience, even though it is liquidless.

The last diffuser is Bamboo Luxury Reed Diffuser, Made by a long shot. When you are walking in the oriental garden, this diffuser gives you a peaceful time. However, it contacts the delicate white flower scents on its greenery and is tender, finishing with the uplifting citrus.

Besides what we have covered under the best-selling fragrance, there are NEST candles. Apple Blossom 3-wick candle is our best pick, created by Laura Slatkin, and capable of evoking a relaxed filling and a blissful day. It has a tender scent alongside the delicious fruits as ingredients. Still, these guys offer the subscription box-classic candle. With this plan, the brand ensures you get new scents every month based on the year's season. These candles also come with a long-lasting burn hour ranging from 50 to 60 burn time.

Customer Review

As part of our routine in brand review, we went through multiple customer feedback online to ensure that this review gives you everything you need to make critical decisions. Therefore, our evaluation is based on a few picked sites. But most importantly, we will start with its official website.

On, there are multiple feedbacks but below each best-selling product. For illustration, we selected the Bamboo reed Diffuser Liquid, which scored 4.8 stars after considering 164 customer feedback on the site. Most of the people have expressed their impressive experience. As a good example obtained from the site, one of the customers praises the products saying:-

"When I purchased a diffuser for the first time, I always shop a refill. I believe you have a wonderful product. To maintain the wonderful fragrance, I discovered that the diffuser should be flipped every week or so."

On the ClothedUp website, the author also reviews this unique fragrance brand and evaluates if it's worth your money. Based on other rating aspects, such as the price, shipping, quality, and customer service, the company scores an overall rating of 4 stars. Then the author gives a verdict with a statement:-

"Shoppers speak highly about the fragrances they purchased from NEST. Their fragrances aren't overpowering, they last a long time, and customers brags about how satisfactory they smell."

While on Amazon, The Reed Diffuser also gets 4.5 stars after 8020 global ratings. This is excellent, and most customers are happy when they express their feelings through feedback.

You can also complement the above customer feedback by looking at the detailed review of the brand found on the Brydie that the author complements with words like fresh grapefruit and standout scents with sultry vanilla. The encouraging compliments are also found on the Mira and Loves platform, Who What Wear, and on Fragrantica, the fragrance gets over 1440726 reviews. This speaks volumes.

Therefore, many of the customers are satisfied with the NEST fragrance purchase. They have complimented the affordable pricing, huge collection, excellent customer support, impressive scents, etc. the quality matters, they state, which keeps them coming for more.

Where to Buy NEST Fragrances

If you want to buy your home's NEST fragrance, you can obtain all the collections directly from their official website. Visit and place an order. However, there are two options: subscription-based packages and individual products.

For individual products, order directly from the store or online retailers. Few online retailers offer NEST fragrance products. Some of these include:-

If you go with the subscription package, thus you need to sign up w]the account for the NEST subscription. The process is very simple. You start by selecting the product, and you have two options here. Then decide on the frequency of delivery and finalize by adding to the bag before checking out. as long as the order is delivered to you, they charge you monthly from the card.

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Is NEST Fragrances Worth It?

We highly appreciate the NEST fragrance not only for its huge collection of products but also for its unique and trendy scents and promising line of profiles which bring your home and market numerous smells to select from. However, to achieve more diversity, this firm relies on the synthetic fragrance that some customers have complained of not enjoying.

Still, This company offers a natural scent to the market, which many customers prefer, and managed to leave multiple positive feedbacks. The company also bases its manufacturing on science-based ingredients for reasons. While these fragrance products are expensive, they look presentable, and one can easily tell that the products are from a luxury brand of their effectiveness.

They have large candles which can keep burning and make your room glow for about 60 hours. And in terms of diffusers, they come with gorgeous bottles that bring out their artistic statement piece to stand out as the perfect home-filling scent. In addition, the company also offers customers multiple discounts and lucrative deals to save on their budget.

These, among others, are free shipping and awesome discounted prices on their products. They also engage in charity activities, majorly partnered with Autism research which gives them a big plus for giving back to society. These fragrances are perfect for mood-lifting and creating excellent conditions for daydreaming inspired products collection under one roof.

Besides selling individual products, you can also go for the subscription-based package. Therefore, we highly conclude that the NEST fragrance is worth your money. Give it a try; they will uplift your mood with various scents.

NEST Fragrances Discounts

NEST fragrances offer customers multiple methods to save bucks on their purchases. Our research also highlights a few discounts and promotions available for you. While writing this research, we found that the company gives new customers that subscribe to the newsletter a 15% off on the first order. This includes receiving all the latest updates and deals as well as sales.

They also have referral programs where you can refer your friend to the site, and when they create an account and place the first order, you get $20, and they also get $20 in their account for the next order.

There is also a favorable 15% off but for the student discounts. Currently, the company also offers free standard shipping but only to the contiguous USbased customers' orders that add up to $100 and above. Keep watching for other latest deals and promo codes in the future.

NEST Fragrances Contact

Need extra information about NEST fragrance? You can contact the support team directly if the answers are not in the FAQ section. This review discovered various methods to connect the support team or customer care. The first one is giving them a phone call at 1-888-979-6932. They also have an email address option but with different aspects.

Therefore, when you want to send a main for the typical customer service address through, for general inquiries, connect with the team through But when the inquiry is about wholesale, the challenge ou mainly through Though it looks like limited options, you can also engage with the customer care team on social media platforms.

The marketing and staff members are active on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram handles anytime. Follow them and enjoy the updates, latest deals, etc.


Q. Who is the owner of NEST fragrance?

The NEST brand was founded in 2008 by Laura Slatkin. However, the company is owned and operated by Eurozeo, who has a large share of the firm. But remember that the founder also takes part in the company as the executive chairperson.

Q. Where is NEST fragrance manufactured?

Though our research could not correctly locate where the company manufactures and stores its fragrance products, it has its primary basement in New York City.

Q. Are NEST fragrance products vegan?

From the above review article, we have shared that NEST fragrance relies on synthetic and natural ingredients to make these scents. While synthetic ingredients are involved, they bring in more control and ensure consistency in the variety of their products.

Q. Are NEST Fragrances safe for humans and the environment?

To some people, candles and other fragrance products have been shown to trigger allergic reactions. Therefore, we highly encourage you to light the candle while placed in a well-ventilated building for safety purposes. Therefore, our review still insists that when you use these NEST fragrances and discover an allergic reaction, consider stopping to use them and visiting a medical specialist immediately.

Q. Does NEST fragrance product contain toxic ingredients?

The company manufactures these fragrances using numerous non-toxic ingredients. Therefore, based on the cosmetic industry guidelines, we rank some products, such as PEG-40, as safe. However, there is the possibility of experiencing skin irritation as a side effect.

Q. What is the durability of the NEST diffusers?

Based on the claims and customer feedback, the NEST diffusers can last for upto a max of 90 days. We have also noticed that the NEST fragrance will not last long when you often tend to slip the reed stick. So, consider this and save it as it will always remind you.

Q. What is the shipping policy of NEST fragrance?

The data indicates that the company offers to ship to all 50 states. And the shipping charges are found by considering the total amount of your order, which ranges from $8 to $15. However, they offer free shipping when you place an order totaling $100. A 2-day shipping service for urgent orders costs you $25 to $35, considering a few factors.

Before NEST dispatches your order, they take upto 4 business days to process. In most cases, they ship or deliver orders through FedEx. Therefore, shipping time varies and depends on the shipping services and the location.

For instance, when you are located in the eastern states, expect delivery to take 1 to 2 business days; in central states, it takes a maximum of 3 business days, while for the mountain as well as western states, it takes from 3 to 5 business days to deliver. Lastly, Hawaii and Alaska orders take over 7 business days.

Q. What is the return policy of the NEST fragrance firm?

For all orders, NEST gives customers 30 days to return the products if unsatisfied. However, they only accept your return when the items are in their original condition or unused. Again, remember that you are responsible for the fixed return shipping cost of $8 at the post office.

Therefore, your return shipping will take 10 to 14 business days. Initiating a return is very simple through the mail. While on the return portal, you must have the order number and zip codes, and after answering a few questions, enter the mailing label, attach the package, and drop the package at the FedEx pick-up office.


NEST fragrance review has found that the company offers multiple high-quality scents manufactured to enhance your home and give you an impressive daily experience. Many customers online are impressed with the huge collection and awesome scents which change your mood. Though made with synthetic material to gain control, they also have vegan ingredients. If you want to change the mood in your living room with impressive fragrances and diffusers, NEST is here to your rescue and comes with an art-designed package. Products are long-lasting despite them being expensive.

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