ModCloth Dresses Review: Lovely Vintage-Style Clothes!

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Is ModCloth the right place to shop the latest and timeless retro-inspired clothing? Keep reading and learn more about the Brand from a historical point of view to customer ratings. Make the right decision today.

While fashion is improving day and night with the invention of new styles and designs, selecting the right Brand becomes confusing. However, vintage-inspired dresses still have the day as they are cute and timeless. There is no need to obtain the pieces from the thrift store, which is not wrong either. There are many fashion brands, but the well-known company with vintage as well as retro-inspired dresses is ModCloth.

This longstanding online retailer has been on the market for a long time. Many companies have gotten inspiration from this parent brand. Therefore, if you have never encountered ModCloth, this is the right place to be. Keep reading along to the end. We will go deep into the ModCloth overviews and summarize the pros and cons before going into detailed customer feedback to decide what the Brand offers.

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ModCloth Dresses Review

ModCloth is an online fashion brand founded in 2002 by two duos, Eric Koger and Susan Gregg Koger. The company specializes in designing and selling shoes, dresses, and accessories. These products cater to the needs of all women regardless of size. In the collection, the Brand has a considerable stock of retro and hard-to-find dresses collected from prominent and small-name designers, in addition to the popular signature stocks worldwide.

The company has a robust online presence with outstanding followers on Instagram. They also establish popularity by encouraging women to express their bold prints alongside flattering dress styles. If you are into popular vintage clothes, look no further than selecting from the ModCloth dress inventory. Before selecting, you must at least go through this ModCloth dresses review article to understand the Brand better than you know.

The company has been around for a long time through its rollercoaster ownership while looking for a space to enter the market. After that, due to changes, the company now lands on Nogin, the online fashion world expert. Previously, the company started as a venue where women could come and locate out-of-the-ordinary styles, access the various vintage designs, and have thrilling sprints for which they had deep feelings.

Also, it is worth noting that the company has its house collection with labels such as Chi Chi London and Princess Highway, where you can access all the retro-inspired dresses and other versatile essentials that tend to complement your funky dress or skirts.

The company is now designed and has its signature apparel hand-stitched in Portland, Oregon, though its headquarters is in Los Angeles. With that little in mind, this is the time to move the head to the other section on the best-sellers. Before that, here are some pros and cons of ModCloth dresses.

ModCloth Dresses Pros:

ModCloth Dresses Cons:

Why We Like ModCloth Dresses

ModCloth is one of a kind brand online. It offers eye-catching dress designs and numerous styles. The collection ranges from casual garments to dresses, shoes, and accessories. Customers always feel they choose from the coveted vintage treasures in their inventory. From The above information, the company makes its dresses and accessories from advanced fabrics, and the results are flattering and fit true to size.

And in the apparel, there are cutesy bold colors, adorable themes, and prints. In these reviews, we will go deep into the best-sellers regarding dresses, shoes, and accessories to complement ModCloth fashion or outfits for any occasion.

The Modcloth Best-Selling Dresses

ModCloth has something unique about its dresses. The collection consists of twirl ability and gorgeous clothes perfect for special events. This ranges from birthdays, weddings, shopping, dates, or any exciting activity. The Brand comes up with flowy dresses that are classy, sweet, and spirited with a dramatic hint.

The popular and best sellers in the dresses category from their inventory are ModCloth Gilded Grace Lace Dress has a shoulder-skimming neckline and swirls decorated using glints of gold and designed with 100% polyamide for comfort. Second is ModCloth Wandering Amongst the Lily Leaves Midi Dress. It is a nature-inspired midi dress capable of breathing fresh air alongside the high neckline, perfect for twirling the loved one in the winter season.

The Best-Selling Modcloth Wedding Dresses

Besides casual, the Brand also has specific occasion dresses that are vital for shopping or during the wedding since they need extra care. There are numerous options to select from, from short to modest. We guarantee you will shine through it regardless of which you choose since it is a vintage-inspired brand with a vast collection.

Among the best-seller wedding dresses is ModCloth Something Borrowed Something Blithe Dress due to the presence of the lace overlay that ensures to bring the texture to smooth the gown. The second is ModCloth With Lasting Joy Maxi Dress, as an old-fashioned wedding dress but modest, especially with the shoulder peek made with the flowing polyester and spaghetti strap top.

The Best-Selling Modcloth Oversized Swimsuit

The Brand doesn't intend to be unique regarding the regular size but considers all the flattering cuts. Therefore, as an investor, you will come across these thrilling prints as well as extra designs. The famous plus size dresses are ModCloth x Collectif Beauty and The Beachcomber Midi Dress, which has a traditional neckline to keep everything retro and adjustable tie shoulders to add casual details.

There are sizes 4 to 30 to select from and feel the breeze. The second in the plus size is the ModCloth Frill Seeker Pleated Mini Skirt which keeps things lined, classy, and made for comfort to ensure a hint of something appears at the base. In the famous swimsuit, the Brand also has viral options vintage inspired by popping prints accompanied by high-waisted bottoms.

The best-selling options are ModCloth, The Brooke One-Piece Swimsuit, which offers SPF 50 protection, and ModCloth, The Lula One Piece, which comes with calming blue and white dots alongside its happy dolphins swimming on the surface and deep neckline toward the bottom. The best-selling ModCloth Shoes, other than selling dresses and other accessories, Modcloth also designs and sells high-quality and durable shoes that go with any outfit.

With any kick, you can keep the ModCloth fashion retro. Many shoes are in the brand collection, but we only went for the best-selling ones. We found shoes like ModCloth Such a Babe Platform Heel, which comes with the platform base and block heel to ensure you have a vintage look.

The second shoe is the ModCloth Traverse and Chorus Heel, which resembles the foot of Elizabeth Taylor; it is designed to be a low but thicket heel perfect with enough height which elevates your caves to have a sexy look. With Tiny peep toe, you have sweet detail when crossing straps and add elegance through subtle stitching.

Customer Review

Purchasing a dress online is tough though the experience is fantastic. Some people get stuck because they are not sure of the quality of a brand. This made us go the extra mile and consider the ModCloth dresses' customer feedback before recommending the products. In the research, we found the Brand has numerous reviews from different platforms.

We will start with Sitejabber. Here the Brand scores 2.48 stars after 292 reviews. Though many reviews are negative and highlight the cons of the products, there are also average numbers of customers that still peruse the Brand for quality and fair pricing. One of the consistent customers expresses the honest experience stating:

"In general, I like Modcloth. I've placed numerous orders from this shop in the last five or six years. I like their collection and that they also cater to the plus-size market. About two-thirds of the 20+ pieces I ordered are quite well."

On Trustpilot, there are also positive and negative reviews. Here, the ModCloth brand gets  1.9 stars rating which is a poor rate based on 254 reviews. Many people here have raised their concerns, especially about the support services. However, there is this customer on the site who goes against the negative reviews saying this statement:

"I decided to return because some negative reviews made me hesitant to place my order, but my experience with Modcloth was fantastic! My items came quickly and have become some of my favorite apparel products!! They match the photos and are made of comfortable and durable materials!!"

On the ClothedUp site, the ModCloth brand scores 3 stars for having cute and eye-catching clothes and raises concerns over the unfavorable return policy. The same applies to the Top Reviews Site praising its legality, and on the Brand Rated site, the Brand is also termed as a vintage-inspired design with a vast clothing collection.

There are many other external sites with ModCloth reviews besides Reddit and youtube videos. These include  BuzzFeed, where the authors highlight 21 things you will love from ModCloth. The last place is the Influenster website.

Generally, ModCloth has gotten mixed-up customer feedback. And we can also conclude that the Brand is still expanding and growing to become solid, firm, and high-quality clothing. Though some people criticize the quality and support services, they do respond. We guarantee that you will never be disappointed with these dresses or shoes and other clothing accessories from ModCloth.

Where to Buy ModCloth Dresses?

Our research indicates that the only place you can purchase the ModCloth dress is their official website. By visiting their website at, you will get all the vintage-inspired dresses and other accessories for any occasion. But our research also indicated that these ModCloth dresses and other products are also found on online retailers. these include:-

Do ModCloth Dresses sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found ModCloth Dresses stores on Amazon.

Are ModCloth Dresses Worth It?

ModCloth is a famous fashion brand that tends to give back to society through organizations that impact women's lives. This, alongside the access to high quality as well as unique dress styles accompanied by affordable pricing, makes us conclude that ModCloth is worth it all. Get all the vintage-inspired clothes at an affordable price from this company, and you will never regret anything. Leave alone the lucrative deals we are about to discuss; the company ticks almost all the boxes on the online reviews.

Therefore, ModCloth has numerous positive customer feedback from different platforms. In the production line, ModCloth also pairs with other famous designers and different signatures worldwide to offer you all you need under one roof. Imagine such unique features but their price tags differ depending on your selected label. The company works to achieve its goals, and we guarantee that its dresses are meaningful and resemble those well-made hand-sewn products from which the founder got inspiration.

The clothes fit with a specific style, which means that not everyone will love the white collection, and this is where some negative reviews come in. Therefore, if you are a fan of not just fun design but also love bold prints and classic styles, this company or Brand must be the first option on your list. Considering the above features, the best-seller, popularity, and customer feedback, ModCloth dresses are worth spending your money on.

ModCloth Dresses Discounts

When shopping online, mainly when you are operating under a fixed budget, you must realize that the cart always adds up much faster. However, with the ModCloth brand, their discounts and promotions can help you reduce the blow. In the research, we saw a few promotions the company offers customers, which are found just beneath the official website reviews.

Some popular discounts and promotions are 20% off for new customers who sign up, place their first order, or subscribe to the newsletter updates. And if you purchase the BOGO dress, you are entitled to get 50% off on one dress when you checkout with the promo code DRESS50. Currently, there is an outlet extravaganza going on which gives customers discounted prices of up to 80% off on all products.

And keep checking because the doorbusters are added daily. The company allows you to save up to 50% off when you purchase two. The company also offers free shipping to customers as long as they have orders from $125 and above. Sign up for the newsletter and stay updated with all deals.

ModCloth Dresses Contact

Look no more; if the above review is insufficient to address your concern as ModCloth dresses are concerned, then you can reach out to the ModCloth support team. The company has listed different methods to connect them. Their phone support is at (888) 495-9699. or you can reach out to them at the email address

If you look keenly, the Brand also has live chat support services on the website. Visit them and ask about all your concerns. They are also active on their social media accounts. Subscribe, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get updated with all the latest information and deals.


Q. Who is the owner of the ModCloth brand?

The above review shows that ModCloth was founded by two duos, Eric and Susan Gregg Koger. Since then, the company has passed down to many parent firms, including the famous Walmart and the present Login.

Q. Where is ModCloth located?

ModCloth consists of numerous labels from different designers that originate worldwide. But the signature line is stitched in Portland, found in Oregon.

Q. Does ModCloth engage in ethical practice?

When it comes to ethical practices, this Brand does not come out clear on this topic. But looking at the Good of your directory, the Brand has scored 2 out of 5 smiley ratings, which indicates that they need to work harder on ethical practices.

Q. Is ModCloth company perfect for you?

ModCloth consists of all the designs and clothing styles dated back to the 60 to 70s design. But if you want out-of-the-box clothing, then ModCloth has something to offer you in the store. The company has all forms of modern and cute overboard. The collection includes the plus size fine prints.

Q. Do ModCloth Dresses fit true to size?

First of all, fitting a dress is something personal. Looking at the customer feedback, many positive reviews mention the clothes run large. From our experience, the dresses and other accessories fit true to size. Their website has multiple labels alongside the sizes, from tops to shoes, bottoms, etc. However, some items come in limited sizes. For instance, dress size ranges from extra small to 4X, tops XXS to 4X, bottoms from 00 to 30, and shoes range from 36 to 42.

Q. What is the shipping policy of ModCloth company?

Though the Brand ships its products not only in the US but across the international, currently, they have canceled the international shipping services. However, there are many domestic delivery services, such as ground shipping, that take 2 to 5 business days at only $8; when your order is from $125 and above, there is free shipping. There is also expedited shipping that costs $14 and takes 2 to 3 business days to deliver the products.

Then lastly is next-day shipping and which takes one business day, costing you $21. The best option to ship your product is SmartPost standard shipping if you are located in the regions such as Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska.

Though it costs $19, it takes 10 to 12 business days. You can also go by the FPO or APO, where the Brand delivers through USPS, which takes 10 to 15 business days. From the webpage, the company estimates its order processing duration as 1 to 3 business days, but immediately dispatch your order, and they send you an email confirmation and tracking code.

Q. What is the return policy of ModCloth?

When you purchase ModCloth products and realize they have defects or do not meet your expectations, you have 30 days to return them to the company. This is only applicable if you have ordered from their official website. The date is counted from the time of purchase. For items to be eligible for return or refund, they must remain Brand new alongside their tags.

However, no one is entitled to return the final sale products, and all domestic orders are free to return as they come with the shipping label. Therefore, all returned orders take 14 days to process before taking the next step. It is simple to initiate the return process as long as you are on their official website.


If you are looking for vintage-inspired fashion, ModCloth has it all. Traditional fashion is modified to fit into trendy styles and designs. ModCloth dresses are popular among people, especially in the US, for their fun, high quality, affordable pricing, and timeless design.

In the above article, we have exhausted everything you need to know about the ModCloth brand, what they offer customers, best-sellers, where to purchase the products, and the customers' feedback. Therefore, ModCloth is the perfect online retail store to find your favorite dress and other accessories for any occasion. It is worth giving a try these retro-looking fashions that are rare.

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