MATCHES Clothing Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth The Hype?

Elanor E. Gary

Does MATCHES clothing offer the ultimate online shopping experience with authentic fashion styles to trust? As the company claims, MATCHES fashion has high-end clothing perfect for everyone. Our review needs to explore more about the company and establish what they have for you.

Well, you have encountered many fashion brands, and our series has highlighted many firms, but each comes into the market with its unique selling point. Also, not every brand guarantees access to luxury clothing and a customer-centric approach. With that aside, it is always vital to spot the selling point of a brand and learn how to utilize it to the maximum.

Most online retailers focus on a specific target customer base, but that is not the case with the MATCHES fashion brand. You must be wondering if this is the hype and worth a try. This article will analyze the brand and evaluate if it is legitimate or a waste of time and money. From the company overview, we will review the best-selling clothing for men and women, customer feedback, and discounts, and then rate it if it's worth the money. Read along with us to the end and make the right decision.

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MATCHES Clothing Review

MATCHES is a fashion brand founded by Tom and Ruth Chapman in 1987. The two duos are a couple, and this brand has headquarters facilities based in London. While the company began as a simple brick-and-mortar store, they have expanded, developed, and today; they have over 14 retail stores spread across the British capital city.

In the collection, they have established over 650 on their e-commerce venture stocking, which comes from different designers. Today, MATCHES is well known as a company offering advanced luxury fashion designer services for all genders. They have an extensive collection of styles, home goods, and accessories. Through their high-quality clothing, they have a solid online reputation and social media presence.

However, data on the BOF website indicates that this fashion brand website was launched in 2006, recording about 56 million visitors yearly. The statistics also justified that 80% of the customers purchased were based in their international target market.

The company aims to offer customers valuable luxury shopping worldwide in the long run. If you are into this brand and wish to try it, let us sharpen your choices and have a starting point on these unique luxe styles collections. Otherwise, we also need to review the pros and cons of this company.

MATCHES Clothing Pros:

MATCHES Clothing Cons:

Why We Like MATCHES Clothing

Something unique about Matches Fashion brand is that, in the store, they have designers to select from, and this gives you a prominent option. The company serves men and women by providing clothing at a friendly price tag. Therefore, we will now move to the best-selling clothes for men and women based on the customer rating and our experience shopping from these guys.

The Best-Selling Matches Clothing for Men

The company has two categories on its website, and the first one is men's clothing. This category features a large option differentiated from the stylish design form, the formal to the casual clothes, and trendy fashion. Here are some essential and top-selling garments for men who are timeless, classic, and modern in reality. Orlebar Brown OB-V Cotton Jersey T-Shirt starts our list, and it is versatile.

You can dress it up and down. It features a quality basic material making it a perfect investment alongside its impressive v-neck. It is designed using soft cotton and a lightweight jersey. You can select from the classic shades; the size ranges from small to extra-extra-large. Paul Smith Tailored Cotton Chino Trousers is a serious suave ideal for a date and other casual outing occasions or the office.

They are designed from cotton twill, and you can spot a perfect slim fit as well as tapering the whole leg. They also have rolled-up cuffs that match any shoes or color for a laid-back appearance. The company is not limited to clothing but also offers accessories for men. Among the popular accessories is Alighieri, The Dante Sterling-Silver Necklace.

The necklace was inspired by the Poet Dante, who is alluring and charming to heat companionship. Its slender box chain ensures you have that subtle sharpness to match any outfit. The chain has a craft and lobster clasp. And last, we have classic Tod's Rubber-Sole Suede Desert Boots in the men's category.

These shoes are designed based on soldier designs traced back to the 1950s, but the style is still attractive and timeless. While they are designed using high-quality suede materials in Italy, they feature a durable rubber sole. To add a dapper sense, they have a classic utilitarian silhouette. These boots match flawlessly with any clothing.

The Best-Selling Matches Clothing for Women

Besides men, Matches also offers an extensive collection of women's clothing and accessories. These include formal, trendy, and casual. They have anything a lady might need for any occasion. However, under this category, we will only highlight the bestselling women's clothing to jumpstart your selection. The NYC Hem-Panel Long-Sleeved Jersey T-Shirt is gorgeous and popular among the elevated classics.

The long sleeve T-shirt has a hemmed panel able to flatter the silhouette while adding a stylistic edge. It is made using 100% cotton material and is ideal for any impressive trousers to look playful. Totême Straight Leg Mid-Rise Crop Jeans are second with a live look but generally excellent appearance. It is designed using the mid-weight cotton blend, the Italian craft.

These killer cropped jeans go with any heel to expose the ankle. Pair it with the blazer and white top crisp to get a flattering look. In-store size ranges from 24 to 31. Before we sum up, we also have the famous Alighieri, The Unbearable Lightness Gold-Plated Ring. Dante still inspires this ring, and if you look at the turn alongside the twist, it can remind you of the old rockery terrain imagery in Divine Comedy by Dante.

It features a striking design with a stacking potential, adding more sophistication to your appearance. You can choose from large, medium, or small sizes. The last option we want to mention is Le Monde Wraparound Velvet d’Orsay Slipper Shoes.

The shoes are made in Italy using stunning velvet alongside perfect leather lining. Not only luxurious, but the boots are also feminine, with a wraparound braided ankle strap to give you a romantic flair and style. If you want to emanate Italian glamor, that is what you need on your feet and match with a flowy dress.

Customer Review

While there are no active reviews on the Matches website, we can go the extra mile and search for customer testimonials. This is according to the needs of our review and now presents you with a better picture from the honest and experienced experts. The brand is legit, but there is something else you need to grasp from the reviews.

Trustpilot gives the brand a rating of 4.3 stars, deduced from 110012 customer reviews. That is amazing, and the number is still growing. 85% five-star rating is not a joke from the number and one customer compliments:-

"Prompt shipment, items well-packaged minus excessive tissue paper." Superb selection of things with accurate measurements and photographs. Refunds are always handled quickly as well. I've never had a problem in all my years as an investor."

Sitejabber features mixed feedback, and with 126 reviews, customer rates it 1.87 stars, indicating some people weren't happy. The same is also on the Product Reviews website, and from the data, the company gets 1.9 stars rating based on the 15 customer reviews. Heading to, the collection of 69 reviews gives the brand a rating of 2.2 stars. But the company has responded to the claims, and we hope they sorted out their concerns.

On the Reseller Ratings, this is where things go down, and the firm manages to get 1 star with 20 reviews where there is only one five-star feedback. Moving to, this company has 6 reviews, and in all these, it gets 5 stars which is a blessing as customers praise the company, love the collections, and experience shopping online.

Elsewhere, Brand Rated features a detailed blog, and the author evaluates the company by comparing the pros and cons coupled with the experience on both men's and women's apparel. What is impressive here is the support team, quality, promotions, and styles to select from. has a robust online reputation, and featured on their website are some of the impressive tags from the experts, which also brings out the brand to the world as a hype to go for in the fashion industry.

Where to Buy MATCHES Clothing

It would be best if you did not waste time struggling to locate where to purchase MATCHES Clothing. The company has general stores across the UK as well as London City. However, their official store is the only place to order and receive your desired information. Head to and order for delivery. Also, our information indicates that MATCHES Clothings are still available from online retailers. we have gathered a few reputable online retailers, such as:-

Does MATCHES Clothing sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found MATCHES Clothing stores on Amazon.

Is MATCHES Clothing Worth It?

Well, this is where most customers get confused while making judgments. MATCHES clothes are worth the purchase. And this conclusion is arrived at after considering many factors. First, the clothing is accessible from multiple options and well spread in the UK. Many customers have complimented the brand for having an extensive collection of clothing servicing both men and women.

Coupling this with their impressive customer support team, MATCHES becomes a no-brainer for anyone looking for trendy clothing. The company has tried hard to establish a customizable and interactive customer experience. The support team is always available to advise you on any issue. They have paid attention even to a minor issue raised.

The packaging is another surprise that comes out as a thoughtful marketing approach. In addition, the company insists on the benefits of the ordering experience besides the action of the support team. Their pricing is affordable, and customers have access to the desirable labels. And this explains why we insist that MATCHES is worth fighting for their lucrative deals and impressive fashion.

MATCHES Clothing Discounts

Throughout the research on MATCHES Clothing, we also had one approach behind our minds to achieve something. And this is the right time to bring out what we found on the promotion as a marketing approach. This fashion brand has many offers running on the site. A free shipping service is available for the customer that places an order which adds up to $200 and above. This also includes free return programs on their items.

They also have a 60% sales promotion going on that is available on 1500 further reductions. You might find out that MATCHES Clothing has a special MyStylist section to offer free consultations to customers. Thus, the only step to get updated with the deals, promotions, and discounts is to sign up for the newsletter and mailing list.

Otherwise, the loyalty program is impressive and gives you different levels and various benefits. We have not been able to locate any promo code on the website. But we pointed out the friendly referral plan, and on a successful referral,  you and your friend get 15% off on the next purchase, but your friends enjoy the first purchase. Keep in touch and stay updated.

MATCHES Clothing Contact

As stated, Mathes has an impressive customer support team that is available 24/7 when you need them. Therefore, if this review has insufficient information on what you wanted in detail, you can still seek clarification. The articles wished to establish a straightforward means to contact the company. There are countless options. The firm is ever-present and popular on social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Follow them and engage with the marketing team. On top of that, when you have an urgent concern, you can call them at +44-(0)20-7022-0828. That might be limited or might be busy. The third alternative is to compose an email and send it to You can also fill out the contact form on their website and check your email for the response, which they guarantee you once they get in contact.


Q. Can I track my Matches clothing order?

Once the order has been dispatched from the warehouse, the company gives you a confirmation mail with the tracking code. You can use that code to track your order in transit to your destination. If not, seek assistance by sending them a mail for delivery updates using the above contact details. Still, in some cases, the company sends you a message with updates on the whereabouts of your order.

Q. Can I get the seasonal sales from the Matches clothing website?

The fact remains that Matches has seasonal sales and at least features twice yearly. But these products are only accessible online./ The savings range from as low as 50% off to 70% off compared to the original price. These cover clothes, homeware, shoes, bags, etc.

Q. Does the Matches brand have legit clothing?

The answer here remains a yes. The company is legit and offers undoubtedly legit clothing, which you can also trace from its historical reputation, multiple positive customer reviews, ethical practices, and many more. They have high-end and trendy clothing for you.

Q. Do Matches offer tax-free clothing and accessories?

Upon ordering these products from the store, the company holds on to the fact that customers should not pay any tax or duties, irrespective of the country of destination. They also insist that if anyone asks for the extra tax or other payment, you must contact the support team through email and seek what to do.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Matches company?

Currently, the brand offers shipping services to over 176 countries worldwide. However, the shipping rates and charges vary depending on your specific state. You can access more from their website. Otherwise, there are different shipping means from the information on their website.

Express shipping through Canada costs you $20, and the order takes about 2 to 4 business days. In contrast, premium shipping on the US-based order costs you $25, while the next day costs $15. US standard shipping is free, but expected delivery ranges from 2 to 3 business days. Also, note that the company gives you tracking service, which is done through DHL. Also, the taxes or duties are charged during the checkout process.

Q. What is the return policy of Matches firm?

Matches offer a return on their products. Customers have 28 days from the date of purchase to return their products if they have any issues with them. To initiate the return, you can contact them via email so the agent can process your return number.

Still, the company mentions that the items must be received within 14 days from the date of request or receipt of the return number. For US and Canada-based customers, return is free. But in other countries, the return shipping charges depend on your location, and you can access it from the website. For the return to be accepted, then your purse needs to be in original condition, brand new.


Matches is a reputable fashion brand that serves us based customers and offers international shipping. In the collection, the company features the latest designers and respected labels. In the above review, we have covered everything you need to know, from the overview to the best-selling clothing and customer feedback.

Matches have scored multiple positive reviews and guarantee an impressive shopping experience navigating luxury and high-end goods at friendly pricing. We highly endorse the brand for your next clothing purchase through the numerous discount and promotion services.

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