Mapiful Review: How Does It Store Your Good Memories?

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Do you have some vital memories that you are struggling to find a way to keep in a meaningful way? Then the answer must be lying in the Mapiful for wall art and anything to do with technology and sentimentality. find out in our article everything about Mapiful.

Creating pleasing designs is one thing but decorating is another challenging part of real life. While people prefer having their photos on the walls, there are still other who likes to get perfect art and images with memorable moments on the walls. All this intends to make sure that the wall and house get a great feeling and reflects not tony the family but also portrays who you are to the visitors.

Because of the mixed neds, many firms are offering the service at a cost. For this article, we will cover Mapiful, which might be the only solution to your needs. You can order one of the wall map prints and find out if at all they offer what they claim to do from their website. You might be struggling to sacrifice much of your time, resources, and effort in coming up with an exciting and personalized house wall with incredible artwork and fitting style. Keep reading our review and find out if Mapiful will meet all your needs. We are about to cover the brand in detail from a different angle.

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Mapiful Review

First of all, Mapiful is a company established in 2015 based in Sweden; Stockholm offers multiple designed templates and frames which make customers have good memories and life accomplishments stored in a meaningful manner. In short. It is an online firm offering poster and map printing services, including the option to generate custom wall art. It has qualified technical experts to provide all-around minimalistic as well as modern days items that buyers can access with multiple designs and styles to select from.

These include astrology, map, print, line drawing, and texts. With over 375k audience on Instagram,  the company has featured in most foe online magazines like a natural home, insider, and Marie Claire. Suppose you are looking for ways to cement a meaningful event or moment into your life in terms of sentimentality combined with technology. In that case, Mapiful makes it happen, as most could argue; the two do not go hand in hand.

Edvin Brobeck founded the company, and as thought from various research, the fonder was working along with other 3 friends. While on deep thinking, the 4 friends agreed on maps and designs of which some pivotal memories ought to be kept for life. Based on the conclusion among the founders, meaningful offers posters and maps as one way to show the noteworthy point at a time in life. When you visit their website, you can select a template and then enter your preferred style with elements to generate a unique wall art.

Since its inception, the company has grown, and today, they have over 100 printing facilities worldwide, serving over 250k customers. In addition, the firm is also committed to being sustainable because the art posted is made using sustainably sourced papers. The firm has reduced its carbon emissions by roughly 67% for every purchase. Again, the site has a dedicated magazine online with which they also offer their customers tips and hacks about redecorating and interior design.

With dedication, the brand can transform and cement a vision or a moment into reality. Therefore, if you are interested in such services, keep reading our reviews. We will cover detailed aspects, customer reviews, ratings, where to buy, how to contact them, and if it is worth your bucks. Before that, here are some highlights about the cons and pros of Mapiful.

Mapiful Pros:

Mapiful Cons:

Why We Like Mapiful

One thing that makes us consider Mapiful a perfect choice is the advanced and high-quality products and printouts the company offers. They consider that the old days were when people sued the scrapbooks, and now it is making it unique though the family album was meant to fit on the bookshelf longer than usual prints.

Thus, instead of struggling with the flipping process of the glued images, with Mapiful, you can frame the pictures and keep the crucial memories together with the pride accomplishment under guard. Hence, there is no paperwork and money wasted on photo papers. Also, they have a good number of products that comes with different designs and styles with wall poster templates which you can select from.

Such are things like line art, map, print, star chart, zodiac signs, and text scrolls. Immediately you choose your preferred design and style, you have all the power to select what or how you want to mold the printout to have a personal touch. As such, most users rely on online services when they want to save important dates in life, like cementing birthdays or anniversaries.

With this in mind, it means that when you want to create custom wall art and have no option, then Mapiful is here to help you. They offer all the step processes as well as the complete rundown for you. Hence, when you never have an opportunity to take the arts in school, then with Mapiful, you have not opted to work extra hard a struggle from scratch. Instead, the company offers you perfect and multiple pre-designed templates under the inspiration section.

You can access beautiful printouts and maps. Mapiful is a great choice even for the cases where you have the idea, but what to put it on a paper or art; it can spotlight you everything and create an impression with a few clicks on their website. You can also learn from the video tutorial on Youtube.

Customer Review

we will be underrating that Mapiful has plenty of positive reviews online. This means it is good to go deeper and dive into the real customer reviews on each site. When you go to the Trustpilot, you will find that Mapiful has whopped a score of 4.5 out of a total of 2186 reviews. This is an excellent rating with several such customers. Out of the number, 83% game, it 5starts and recommended the products to other customers worldwide.

Most customers on Trustpilot rate the brands and products based on customer support, quality, experience, response time, and shipping with many more aspects. In less than 2 hours, be sure to get the latest reviews, for instance,e one for the client while writing this review complemented with a statement 'Gorgeous map, fast shipping, and simple webpage. I loved it so much that I ordered more and will most likely get some as gifts!' which is fantastic. Take a closer look at the bad reviews, which count for only 5% of the total reviews.

Customer support has responded to them, indicating they are considering the downside and taking appropriate steps to address the issue. Most of the clients on the website were impressed with the responsive customer support, high-quality products, fast delivery, and average pricing as opposed to some other brands online. Here is a piece of shared review evidence 'I liked the overall look and brand.' 'It arrived quickly and was well-packaged, so the poster was not compromised.'

Moving forward, they also have an impressive and active Facebook page. Out of 196 reviews, the page has a 4.4 stars rating. This indicates that most customers are satisfied with their brand and services. Though most people have complained about the customer support on their Facebook page, there is hope from other sites. In a real sense, Facebook has gathered over 80k followers, which translates to the quality of its service.

Covering the Reveiwbolt site, it gives Mapiful brand a whopping 4.6stars out of 1832 reviews, and 50% gave it 5 stars. And a happy customer on the platform states, 'The print is exactly what I wanted.' "I adore it." though this is an independent block, they gave the brand a positive review, and most of the reviews recommend going for the products because of the quality, delivery, and packaging.

Though there are also some negative reviews online, they do not count for anything as the positive outweighs the negative. Still, customer support is working to resolve the issues raised; hence customer reviews rank Mapiful as a fantastic company with multiple global praises even on panel place, which has a superb rating of 4.8 stars.

Where to Buy Mapiful

Since this is an online-based company with most of its services, you can purchase their products and brands like prints and maps by heading to the Mapiful website under the sales section. You can also access the customers' staff on the Etsy page for any recommendations or products when needed. They are available online as of the latest information.

Does Mapifulsold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Mapiful stores on Amazon.

Is Mapiful Worth It?

Multiple things make us conclude that the company is worth it. First, they have a wide variety of modern designs, both text scrolls to the star charts; the design it offers comes with a personal touch to fit into your living room space. Still, the brand has multiple templates it provides to the customers. These involve the timeless and classic types based on the choice, and you can customize them to make the home decor look aesthetic in the eyes of the visitors.

Though Mapiful does not guarantee complete customization, they give customers a reasonable capability to design and make their personal tough on the posters and maps as wand wall arts. They giTheyou enough space and frame on which you do not have to be worried about overcrowding issues; hence it is easy and simple to sue. You can never mess with such a level of control you have. It is also worth crediting their inspirational catalog, which is a crucial tool, especially for the customers with sites with their eyes they can utilize and avoid challenges while handling the artwork.

With everything well stated, average pricing, superb and high-quality products, and faster delivery, the brand still has gathered excellent customer reviews and testimonials online. Most people complimented the responsive customer support and excellent packaging. Though posters might be expensive to some point, you can always avoid them when you design one from scratch. Therefore, Mapiful is worth it all when you are not okay with a steady hand or do not have the artistic expression skills. Turn to Mapiful as your perfect option for preserving cherishable occasions and moments as well as generating wall arts.

Mapiful Discounts

Like other brands online, Mapiful also offers excellent discounts. Among them is when you purchase over 3 products from the online stores, you are entitled to 25% off the order. Still, upon subscribing to the newspaper, you are also guaranteed 5% off on the final order you make from them. That is not all, they also have referral programs, and from that, you can have $10 off on the next order when you have a successful referral. And from the Facebook page, you can also see that they have a great discount which accounts for the 50% off your second deal and 10% off on the frames during the summer deals. That looks lucrative.

Mapiful Contact

Regarding the contact addresses, Mapiful provides multiple methods through which you can reach out to them. one is using the message form available on their website. Secondly, they are also available on social media platforms you contact through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Then lastly, they also provide the email address at, where you can get them anytime.


Q. Does Mapiful ship products to Canada?

The company offers to ship to Canada. Besides, they also provide shipping services across Australia, France, Belgium, the US, and many other countries worldwide.

Q. Where is Mapiful based?

From our reviews, we have found out that the company Mapiful is headquartered in Stalkhold in Sweden.

Q. How long does the Mapiful shipping service take?

First, Mapiful offers free shipping from the reviews online. That is, they offer delivery around the world from Germany to Sweden. However, the delivery time is based on your location, which can take up to 10 business days from 6 for you to receive the package. Still, the company has other shipping alternatives like Express as well as priority delivery. They give customers a tracking code that is relevant to tracking the status of the orders through email addresses.


Mapiful is a reputable company that offers not only maps and print but also wall art and other custom p[oatsers for any occasion, mainly to keep beautiful memories. The company, though based in Sweden, delivers products across the world. With Mapiful, you will never go wrong with prints regardless of the occasion, as it offers an excellent way to celebrate and display memories based on the location.

From our review, though the brand has a downside, its products are high quality, environmentally sustainable, and affordable. Check out their website and place an order to enjoy multiple discounts.

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