Manos Wine Review: What Should You Know Before Buying It?

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Do you want to customize your wine bottle for that special celebration? Read on as you learn more about Manos wins, their products, and other services they offer.

For any event or moment, you find yourself, there is often a bottle of wine to celebrate that special moment with. Wine has been in existence as man develops. You will agree you will always find wine in every home all the time. If you are looking for the best way to celebrate a birthday, thanksgiving, wedding anniversary, or for any special moment by creating a custom design on your wine bottle, then you are making the right decision.

However, you need to choose the best wine that suits the activity. If you are looking to get a custom logo or design on your wine bottle to mark a special event buy you don’t know how to spot a good brand, then relax because this review will introduce one of the best brands that offer great wine. Manos wine is a brand that produces custom hand-painted and etched wine bottles for special moments that you want.

If you want to get a great wine from Manos but you don’t know how to go about it, then you need to read this review because you will get all the necessary information about this brand. Reading this review will help you know if the brand is worth it or not.

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Manos Wine Review

Manos wine is a brand that produces custom hand-painted and etched wine bottles for those special moments. This brand is known for designing a lot of logos for many organizations. They offer to create a special design on your wine bottle to mark a particular celebration or moment. They have gotten well-known clients such as Kansas city chiefs, Pittsburgh, etc. They have been featured in so many publications.

This brand has been in existence for a long time now. It was founded by Sharon Resenhouse. After a while, this brand decided to start selling wine too. You can get quality wine from them as well. To cut your expenses short, you can request a custom bottle with their quality wine at a cheaper rate.

This review will look at the customer review and ratings for this brand, and the reasons why we like using this brand. We will try to give a verdict on this brand based on the information obtained from this review, the pros and cons, discounts, promos, and much other relevant information about this brand.

Manos Wine Pros

Manos Wine cons

Why We Like Manos Wine

There is something unique about this brand, aside from the brand helping people get customized bottles for their wines, they also go a long way in producing premium quality wines. They have bestsellers just like other wine companies. Some of the bestsellers are Mano’s wine LA Lakers, Mano’s wine KC Royals, Manos wine Chicago Cubs, etc.

Customer Review

If we did not check on what customers are thinking about this brand, this review will not be complete. The testimonials from a customer are very necessary because they will help you as an intending customer to know the exact kind of experience you are expected to go through. If you have been wondering how customers are reacting to the products and services of this brand, then you need to keep reading so you will get all the necessary information.

We checked several websites to know what customers are saying all over the place. This review is impressive by what we have seen so far. The brand has been able to win the hearts of its customers. What you will see on these review websites is high positive reviews all over the internet.

We made use of Mano's official website to carry out our analysis. The brand was rated by the services they offer and the products. These products were rated separately. However, we were able to ascertain the average of their rating. The rating they got on their website was complete 5-star ratings. This means the excellent remarks they got were all 100 percent without any negative reviews.

I was happy when I got this gift. I can call this perfect when I opened my business. I still have the bottles in my house and office showcasing my company’s logo. They offer great services and create memories for us. Thank you.

Where to Buy Manos Wine

The brand products cannot be gotten elsewhere, you will need to locate their online website.

Does Manos Wine sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Manos Wine stores on Amazon.

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Is Manos Wine Worth It?

If you are wondering how genuine this brand is, then you should not be too worried because this review has been able to dig up the right information about this brand that will help you know if the brand is legit or not. The brand has a very high positive review for all products. It is fair to say that the customer rating obtained for this brand is perfect.

The customer enjoyed maximum satisfaction. Commenting on the memories this brand helps people to create is very impressive. You know how awesome it is to drink wines but making it a customized wine to mark that special occasion makes it more than unique.

We found out that you will need to be in some selected states before you get access to their products and the shipping cost is high. The cost of shipping is greatly influenced by the policy on alcohol in the US. The brand offers customization and you can even return within 30 days. I will recommend this brand at any time because the brand is genuine.

Manos Wine Discounts

You will always find discounts or promotions offer going on with this brand

Manos Wine Contact

If you want to make an inquiry or ask more questions, you can reach out to this brand via the following


What is the return policy of Manos Wine?

When you buy items from Manos, you will enjoy a return policy of 30 days. When you buy, you can request refunds within 30 days after purchase. The brand will not refund any shipping cost. So if there is any shipping fee attached to it, they will have to deduct the shipping fee before refunding you. If you have made a custom order, you will not be eligible for returns. If you have received the wrong bottle that you ordered for, when it has been established that the error came from the brand, you will be refunded in full (including the shipping cost if available). you contact the brand for assistance.

What is the shipping policy of Manos Wine?

The brand always makes use of FedEx for its delivery. However, the brand does not ship to all states within the US, they just have some selected states that they ship to. As a result of the alcohol policy in the US, they ship for about $15. You may pay more or less depending on your location too. When you ship your items, make sure you are 21 years or above so you will be able to sign the shipping manifesto. One good thing with shipping with Mano through FedEx is that they will try to deliver your shipment three different times. If you fail to accept it after these three trials, they will have to take your order back to the warehouse. If you like to ship it back, then you will have to pay for a new shipping service.

Where do they make Manos Wine?

This review has found out that their head office is located in Kansas City in Missouri. They produce the wine and bottles at this location.


Getting customized bottles for your wine for special occasions can go a long way to creating great memories for loved ones around you. If you want to make that celebration the one that will last in the mind of your loved ones, then you can go ahead to request the service of Manos. They also offer great wine at good prices. Their discounts are also enticing always. This review will help you make the best decision. a    

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