Master of Malt Review: A Deep Dive into the Quality and Variety of Their Spirits

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Are you curious if Master of Malt, through their long-time experience, gives you a taste of high-end whisky and fine spirits? Get to deeply understand the Master of Malt before committing to their products. Learn from our honest review.

When you ask the whisky enthusiast about the best and most reliable online shopping experience, everyone has different points to prove right and wrong. In this sector, you must have come across the Master of Malt brand while doing your research. That is so good of you, and it reminds us that, before committing to any whisky and fine spirit brand,  the first step is to conduct research and understand the brand you want to commit to.

We are here to give you a fair and honest analysis of different brands, and today, we are delighted to present you with the Master of Malta review. The company boasts positive and 5-star ratings with an extraordinary reputation in the industry. We will also give you our verdict based on the customer rating and our experience.

Thus in this Master of Malt review, we will explore the company's history, some of its best-selling products, customer support contact methods, and promotions, and lastly, use the customer ratings to give our conclusion. Read along with us.

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Master of Malt Review

Master of Malt is a company specializing in producing and selling fine spirits and whisky to customers worldwide. They boast over 25 years of experience in the industry, specifically whisky retailing. In the collection, customers can access multiple rums, whisky, gins, single malts, vodkas, cognacs, etc., regardless of your needs; the brand has something to enjoy while you sip from the collection.

If we go deep into history, Master of Malt is based in Kent and found in England. This company comprises various individuals who have joined to share a common vision. They aim to make the memorable online drink experience simple but more accessible and easy. The company was founded by 3 individuals who are childhood friends.

That is Ben Ellefsen, Tom McGuinness, and Justin Petszaft. These 3, through their effort, made the company what it is today. However, the brand was initially established in 1985 and came into the market as an independent bottler. But it went beyond to fulfill one of the single Malt whiskies needs from famous Distilleries to the world through mail deliveries.

The history is captivating, and you might be interested in joining the partnership. Master of Malt offers any open-minded individual chance to partner with them and ensure that customers enjoy the benefits to the fullest. Head to the trade section on the site for guidance and requirements.

Otherwise, we have also done the research and categorized the highlights of Master of Malt into the pros and cons for easy comparison. Skim through before heading to the best-selling whiskies and fine spirits in the next section.

Master of Malt Pros:

Master of Malt Cons:

Why We Like Master of Malt

On top of the extensive alcohol collection, Master of Malt also offers other products from its website. In this section, we targeted to give you as many convincing facts as possible. Master of Malt has also ventured into the mixology section, and they are investing in the skills to offer you a perfect sip after work. Besides one-time purchases, the brand also gives you a subscription plan. We are here to set things straight for you to make an informed decision.

Master of Malt Dram Club Monthly Subscription

If you want to explore the world of spirit and whisky, Master of Malt gives you a perfect opportunity to receive the packages in the comfort of your home. This monthly subscription allows you to access at least 5 unique 30ml samples of the whisky, Rum, or gin monthly. The brand also allows you to try out their single malt whisky in the collection sourced from the famous and finest distilleries. You can stock the whisky set collection monthly at only an affordable subscription package.

Regardless of your needs, they also give you the gin poison. The entire world of Jupiter is treated by designated producers, from the earthly to the robust and citrusy or light drinks. If you do not prefer the above, you can go for the package of the fantastic Rum that features white Rum, Rhum Agricole, or rather rich in spirit.

For every first delivery monthly, every user is entitled to the welcome pack containing 2 tasting glasses and bonus gifts with consistent delivery. However, this Dram Club subscription is eligible for the UK-based customer alone.

Master of Malt Dram Club 6-Month Subscription

This is another subscription plan that Master of Malt gives customers to try on. It involves half a year of tasting sets that feature whisky totaling about $100. but when you want to expand the alcohol-tasting horizon, the company allows you to venture into this norm as it is specifically designed for you.

Customers are entitled to 5 delicious drams ets in every delivery, costing $41 monthly. And in the pack, it also comes with the two tasting glasses as a welcome pack. You qualify for the bonus gifts that sometimes include the 20-year mortgage. The 6-month subscription actress has different flavors based on your preferences. These include seamless flavors, blends, dignified, light, vibrant, youthful, and irresistible. The package ensures you reach your spiritual goal.

The Best-Selling Master of Malt Spirits

Besides the subscription plans, Master of Malt also offers you many alcoholic drinks that you can buy with the bottle. The brand is well known for its bestselling liquor and guarantees full enjoyment with only a single malt scotch. Others are going for the perfect paper plane cocktail alongside gin. The company is here to elevate your happy hour with no issues.

Therefore, the brand features Buffalo Trace in terms of the best-selling spirits. This is made using corn blended with malted barley and rye, which are aged using the new oak barrels. It falls among the award-winning bourbon, and currently, the spirit includes barrel char, spicy complexity, and vanilla. To an extent, it also contains rum spice, sweet caramel, and creamy toffee eclair notes with many other ingredients.

Second is Rumbullion! which contains warm, rich, and numerous spices. In reality, it features orange peel, cassia, cardamon dash, cloves, and creamy Madagascan vanilla. Outcomes present perfect Rum accessible online. The Rum is well known for its maritime inspiration, which features a hand-drawn navy grog tub label illustration.

Bathtub Gin lastly is designed through the traditional cold infusion method. The drink contains high-quality copper pot gin featuring juniper; then it is infused with 6 botanicals to attain their unique, delicious, and smooth gin drink. Through your nose, it is inviting and sweet to taste. It is a hit when you match with the amateur or mixologists.

The Best-Selling Master of Malt Samples & Gifts

In this category, we will explore a few of your favorite samples as well as gifts perfect for you. The two main sellers in this section include the 24 Days of Rum Advent Calendar. This one contains 24 unique 20 ml rum miniature bottles.

Every bottle is sourced from unique countries, allowing you to taste different Rum from different parts of the world. It all comes with tasting glasses to help you sip in your comfort. The flavors include smooth, woody, fruity as well as sweet based on the adventure preferences. This presents you exotic experience from home.

Second, is the Regions of Scotland Whisky Tasting Set. This incredible set is sourced from Scotland. You can get an overwhelming experience. In the sample, you will have 5 3CL bottles from Scotland, each highlighting different tastes and flavors from fruity to smoky islay.

The Best-Selling Master of Malt Wines

Podere Sapaio Volpolo 2016 is one of the wines you will find in the store. It is an Italian red wine with 15% Petit Verdot grapes, 15% Merlot, and 70% Cabernet Sauvignon. Thebeldn takes time while making form barrique rest to the battle for six months. The wine contains orange zest, cumin, damson, and strawberry note, then finished with oaky tannins.

The last option on the favorite list of wines is Chapel Down Bacchus 2018. The wine is not just fragrant but also aromatic and fresh. It is designed with the Gen Z English style. The fruit aroma includes soft peach, strawberry touch, apple, and cantaloupe.

Customer Review

This Master of Malt Review would not be complete without looking at what customers have experienced shopping and having these alcoholic beverages. Thus, we have taken our time to analyze the online customer reviews, and here is the summary of what we found.

Starting with Trustpilot, Master of Malt has a 4.9-star rating with a whooping 33162 customer feedback. Of this feedback, 94% were impressed and recommended the brand with 5 stars. Many appreciated the exceptional packages, customer support, delivery, and shopping experience. Here is a proof:-

"Excellent organization to buy from; the item arrived promptly!" I bought a Father's Day gift for my spouse & thought it wouldn't arrive in one piece because Evri was the courier. The object inside was well guarded! Although Evri dented the packaging box, Master of Malt has excellent inside security."

On the website, the brand also has amazing feedback and praise from experts and returning clients worldwide. Most of these reviews are obtained directly from the Trustpilot. Heading to the Whiskey Bon, the brand scores well on the roos editor, praising the offers, an extensive collection of alcoholic products, reliable delivery, and simple UI.

The same compliments are also found on Indeed site. Looking at the 14 customer feedbacks on the site, the company scores 3.2 stars above average, and most customers are satisfied here. Reddit features a detailed thread on the Master of Malt reviews. Different people have different views, mostly loving the offer and bonus products.

On Yelp, you also get 11 feedback with a total rating of 4.7 stars. It is impressive for such a brand to gather a perfect and strong reputation. sums up everything with its 4.9 stars rating. The site covers 9 customer testimonials mentioning the impressive shopping experience, range of products, and friendly pricing.

Where to Buy Master of Malt

Master of Malt is a unique brand. Their product should not give you a headache about where to get it. This alcohol retailer firm gives customers a large collection of drinks. This means a perfect place to order the Master of Malt products is from their website

However, based on our knowledge, you can grab a few Master of Malt products from online retailers or purchase them in-store. 

Does V Shred sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Master of Malt stores on Amazon.

Related Amazon Store You Maybe Like,   

Is Master of Malt Worth It?

Is this brand worth your money? Thus, from the experience, customers' feedback, and the fact that the brand has a huge collection of alcoholic products, we are delighted to state that it is worth giving them attention. If you are an aficionado of drinks such as wine, whisky, Rum, gin, etc., then this is your go-to brand with no doubts. The company offers you access to a favorable and guaranteed refund and return policy.

From the numerous 5-star ratings online, many reasons explain why the brand has gained popularity, and most people opt for it. First, they have many alcoholic beverages to select and enjoy. They have something for every targeted customer, from the pros to the novices in the industry.

Considering things like the accessibility of the products, openness to a partnership with the finest distilleries worldwide, and their competitive pricing approach makes the company top-notch and unique in this sector. That is enough points to convince any potential alcoholic beverage enthusiasts to navigate through the products. The company also presents you with complex and numerous layers of presence based on your lifestyle.

Infact., all these leave customers going for extra drinks. They have subtle and sweet,  rich and austere collections to choose from. However, we advocate for responsible drinking, sip without gulping. Otherwise, the brand is worth paying attention to for alcoholic beverages.

Master of Malt Discounts

All online companies understand that customers need better treats while ordering products from the store. The same also applies to the Master of Malt. The firm offers customers many discounts and promotions to save on budget. Among these includes free delivery on orders from $99 and above. There are many discounted products, especially the best sellers.

The company gives you the perfect gift idea for your friends and loved ones. You can join and become a trade customer to earn passive income. Their detailed tutorials are among the promotions to customers.

Master of Malt Contact

Just like other brands, there are many ways in which you can have your inquiry addressed. The same also applies to the Master of Malt firm. Therefore, if you have any pending concerns requiring help, we are happy to let you know to contact the company's technical staff for further assistance. However, the choice of method depends on how urgent you need clarification and your preferences. If not, then, first of all, you can connect with the team through a phone call.

The number varies from one region to another. For instance, US customers can call 888-255-8181, and UK customers can reach out for support through freephone at 0800 5200 474. Still, the international and Uk based customer can call the company using +44(0)1892888376. If your concern is related to international trade, thus contact the team using  +44(0)1892882555.

That was a phone call, Master of Malt also has an email support option. For general inquiry, send your mail through, while trade inquiry is addressed using You need to note that the company gives you access to the support team 24/7. They have a live chat service on the website targeting to give you all you need.

You can also visit them following their address which is  Master of Malt Unit 1, Ton Business Park, 2-8 Morley Road, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1RA. The website data shows the company is also active on social media accounts. Follow them, engage, and see clarification with access to live updates on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


Q. Who is the owner of the Master of Malt brand?

ZX Ventures, the Growth & Innovation AB InBev unit, own this alcoholic beverage company. These groups bought the firm for an amount that remains undisclosed in 2018.

Q. Are Master of Malt products sold in the US?

From the above review information, it is clear that Master of Malt doesn't ship their products to the US region. However, these guys are trying hard and are determined to expand their reach in the US as soon as possible.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Master of Malt firm?

For customers to be able to check out the shipping destinations and other charges, they have to use the virtual shopping basket. Select a few products and process them to the checkout to access everything, including the costs, approximate time, and destinations. Navigate to the shipping as well as delivery section on the website to get more about the shipping destinations.

As of the moment, Master of Malt offers free shipping when you place an order that totals $99 and above. The customer based in the UK incurs the flat rates for a bottle of beverage shipped to a single destination or address. The rate starts as low as $7 for the UK mainland location. There are also extra charges for particular shipments, and refer to the site for detail.

Otherwise, the delivery period depends on the destination as well as the shipping service you choose. The company sends you the tracking link in your main to follow up on the order while in transit. All orders shipped outside the EU are subject to customs taxes. The custom agent contacts you to make payment upon delivery. The brand does not add VAT for the products shipped outside the UK upon purchase.

Q. What is the return policy of the Master of Malt firm?

Master of Malt shows that if a customer changes their preferences or mind upon purchase or gets issues with orders, you can return the package and request a refund. The brand will incur the costs and refund you all the charges, including packaging as well as postage.

To initiate the return, mail the support team and notify them of your intention using the above email address. In the mail, ensure you include the name as well as order details to enable an efficient process. Thus, you can return the order to the address Master of Malt Returns, Unit 3, 2-8 Morley Road, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 1RA.


From the company's background, best-selling products, materials, customer feedback, and promotions, our Master of Malt review has explored everything you need to know if you are an alcoholic beverage enthusiast. The brand has been praised as the leading online retailer of whisky.

In the above review, we have seen that Master of Malt guarantees customers great prices and an extensive collection of beverages, both bottled and subscription-based reliable delivery at your comfort. Order Master of Malt products confidently and enjoy a few promotional, samples, and bonus gifts with two free tasting glasses ready to sip today.

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