Lumin Review 2023: *Pros & Cons* Does It Worth to Buy?

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Skincare products for men are becoming more and more popular nowadays. As a high-luscious guy, you've probably heard of Lumin. If you're hesitant to use it, look at our honest review.  

It is very common to find a skin product that takes care of the female skin. However, if you are looking for a brand that helps improve the skin of men through its products, it might get very difficult trying to find a good product that will help glow your skin, remove some unwanted spots, improve skin smoothness, and enhance skin dryness.

Lumin is a brand that helps take good care of men’s skin through the delivery of quality and positive results products. If you are finding it difficult to get a skincare product for men with high-end results and quality, you might want to take a very close look at Lumin and its product to get full information about the company. Read this review on Lumin to know more about the brand and how it works.

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Lumin Skin Product Review

Lumin is a skincare-based company located in Los Angeles that ensures men find an easy and effective way to take good care of their skin with high-performance products. Customers can easily sign up to get a plan for their daily routine. This company was founded in 2018 by Darwish Gani and Richard Hong. This company aims to bring new improved ways of taking care of the skin to solve the challenges around skincare.

The company has been able to showcase its quality and innovations despite how hard it is to break through the skincare industry. This review on Lumin aims to showcase customer reviews, the reason why I like using Lumin products, the pros and cons, promotions, discounts, FAQs, and other relevant factors to consider. The review will enable you to know if this brand is worth it.

Lumin Pros

Lumin Cons

Why do We Like Lumin?

Modern Bathroom Set

Lumin has some special products that cover your bathing or shower needs. They have shampoo and conditioners that are used during the shower or before the shower to help your skin. The shampoo and conditioners help your hair follicles stay strengthened.

They also produce the body wash that is used during the shower which makes sure your skin stays moisturized always. This is also needed to avoid skin breakouts. The charcoal cleanser helps to remove dirt and they also have the moisturizer balm to keep your face smooth like a baby. You can get these products within the $11 and $12 range except the moisturizer balm that costs almost $23.

Advanced Repair Scalp Treatment

Just like the shampoo and conditioners produced by Lumin, it also helps to repair hair follicles. However, this time, it goes beyond that by giving support to the scalp. The main ingredients for this formula came from tea tree oil. It helps to prevent the build-up of oil on the scalp. This formula also fights fungal infections. You can get this product for around $12 for a 1.7 0z bottle.

Age Management Set

In this set, you are open to three main products to make it very effective. Moisturizing balm, dark circle defense, and anti-wrinkle serum are what make up the age management set. It is more expensive than other products with each costing $23, $23, and $15 respectively. It helps to reduce inflammation and strengthens the skin, it also helps prevent environmental stress, and make sure you have an even skin tone. It contains antioxidants that are good to fight free radicals in the skin to avoid aging your skin.

Charcoal Pore Strip

This product is just like what you use to wax off the dirt from your face. But this time, it is less painful. You just place the strip over your nose, thereby allowing it to dig deep into the pores of your nose. This will enable it to pull dirt from the nose.

Customers Review

This customer review reveals the exact experience of consumers of this brand and its products. After I did some analysis and research, I found that the official website of Lumin has a lot of positive reviews. However, to be able to carry out a complete customer review, I used Trust Pilot as my top review website for this review. I made use of this website so that I would be able to know the things customers are saying about this product positively and negatively.

On TrustPilot, Lumin has a 4.1-star rating. Most customers talked about their satisfaction with the brand based on its subscription, effectiveness of the skincare products, and affordability. However, some customers complained of the difficult cancellation process. But this is what I have to say about the brand.

I ordered some products but it got past the delivery time, I sent emails to customer support and they responded to my email quickly. I had a nice experience with customer service. For the products like a moisturizing balm and charcoal cleanser that I purchased, I saw changes within 2 days when I started using it.

Where to Buy Lumin Skin Products

You can buy Lumin skincare products directly from the official website and also online retailers like Amazon

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Is Lumin Skincare Worth Buying?

When it comes to skincare products, it can get very difficult to find the right now. Most times, you will have to make use of several brands before making a conclusion on the best and right one for you.

This review reveals those unique things that make Lumin stand out from other men’s skincare product companies. Aside from the positive reviews that this brand has been getting from customers, there are other benefits while using it. In the skincare industry, the cost of the products is one of the challenges. However, Lumin has been able to cut the price to make it affordable for its customers.

If you are looking to take your skincare to the next level, then you may want to try out Lumin. The products are high-performance skincare solutions with many testimonies about the effectiveness of the products. With this, I will boldly recommend Lumin as a good skincare brand that is worth a trial from you.

Lumin Discounts

There is a free trial for the first time signing up and subscribing, you receive a month free. They also offer Lumin Heroes program in form of discount code to the following people;

Lumin Contact

You can access Lumin customer care through the official website by clicking on support. You can also click the contact us button on the website.


Q. How can I get in touch with Lumin customer care support to make a complaint?

You can always get in touch with Lumin if you have any complaints about your order. You can also contact them within 90 days of your purchase. If you want to make a return, you have to contact them within 90 days, they cannot guarantee a return after 90 days.

Q. If I create an order, can I adjust or update the order?

Because of Lumin's logistics and shipping process, they might be unable to edit or change what you ordered once the shipping process commences. You can reach out to their customer support for more information.

Q. How can I edit or modify my subscription?

You can edit your product’s subscription, shipping address, renewal date, and payment information. What you need to do is log in, select your subscription, and view details.

Q. Can I get a refund when I am on a free trial?

Please note that a free trial cannot be refunded. This is because the free trial comes with you getting a free product but you pay for the shipping.


Your skin is an important part of your body that you need to pay attention to all the time. Getting a daily routine to help your skin glow might be quite difficult. However, Lumin skincare products can come in handy to help you take care of your skin at an affordable price with positive results within a short period.    

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