Prose Hair Care Review: Does It Make Your Hair More Tangled or Smoother?

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Prose hair care is a brand that offers custom hair care products, they use a different kind of formulation to create unique hair care products for each customer. But are these bespoke products really work?  Let's take a look!

Care for your hair is a personal journey that everyone does consciously or unconsciously. Hair Care is not only essential for your physical appearance alone but also for your overall health. Having healthy hair allows you to look awesome and at the same time ensures that your scalp and hair are healthy.

The best or most efficient way to achieve this is to make use of a high-quality hair care product or even the brand. When you don’t use the right product or brand, the hair you are trying to care for may end up causing serious harm like hair loss and other hair-related ailments. No matter how you care for your hair using only the natural way of hair maintenance by brushing, you will need to apply hair care products to look after the state of your hair.

Prose hair care is a brand that offers custom hair care products, they use a different kind of formulation to create unique hair care products for each customer. If you are confused about how to go about with this brand, read this review to understand everything about this brand, the unique products, and the services they offer.

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Prose Hair Care Review

Prose Hair Care is a brand that offers custom hair care products, they use a different kind of formulation to create unique hair care products for each customer. Everyone's hair care needs vary from one another, this is why this brand sees this need and tries to create a mechanism that will individually. According to them, they believe the care of the hair is a personal process unique on its own.

The formula that works for you might not work for me, this is why they tend to start something that will help in that aspect. This brand was founded by Arnaul Plas in 2017 in France. But as of today, they are operating from Brooklyn, New York. They have a certification on B corporation and they have the dedication of staying transparent.

They also reduce their carbon footprint in their processes by paying their staff a fair salary and use of sustainable materials. This review aims to discuss everything that has to do with the brand, the pros, and cons attached to prose hair care, the different thoughts of the customer concerning this brand, etc

Prose Hair Care Pros

Prose Hair Care Cons

Why We Like Prose Hair Care

Their Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask

The pre-shampoo hair mask is one of the best sellers of this brand. It aims to add moisture to lifeless and dry hair. This depends on the kind of moisture your hair needs, the tailors of prose use this mask to repair and hydrate your damaged hair. They have ingredients that are nourishing included in this product.

These ingredients are to provide antioxidants, hydration, deep nutrition, cuticle nutrition, and anti-breakage to your hair. The special ingredients for this include, lilac extract, mango butter, castor oil, sunflower oil, and silk proteins. You can get the pre-shampoo hair mask for $38.

Their Prose Conditioner

The prose conditioner is also among the best sellers of this brand. It is ready to rock as it is sulfate-free. You still can make this conditioner into a lighter lather because it is free from sulfate. You can use it to boost your curls and minimize frizz. Using the conditioner will help boost the shiny look of your hair and lock in moisture. You can get it for $25.

Customer Review

This customer review will be analyzed from a reliable brand review website influenster. This will aim to you to know what the thoughts of customers are towards this company their products. While I was carrying out the research, I also went through the official website for review, but I was not convinced with the review I got because it was more of positive remarks, comments, experience, and testimonies there.

However, it was almost the same as Influenster because it was more of a positive review. In summary, there is a 4.2 average star rating having about 63% 5-star rating. With this, there is a justification why there is an abundance of positive remarks on the official website. Most customers praised the products for the fact that they are all unique products based on each client’s needs. They also have excellent customer support, a quality shipping policy that meets up their promise.

My hair smells so great now, my hair is soft, very healthy compared to before, It is so shiny. My friends are now asking me what magic I have been doing on my hair. All thanks to prose hair care.

Where to Buy Prose Hair Care

For you to create that custom or unique formula, you must have to purchase from the official website.

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Is Prose Hair Care Worth It?

Giving my verdict on this brand is an easy task for me to do, but before doing that, I will have to give a summary of why I am recommending this brand. One good aspect of this brand is the degree of help their customer support renders if there is an issue. For example, you may want to file for a return or an exchange, they have been having a series of positive feedback about them.

The brand has also seen positive remarks on its shipping policy. Customers term them fast and reliable. This is a result of how the brand processes your order. The fascinating thing about this is that each product is a custom item, they must have been putting in a lot of hard work to achieve this.

I can also talk a lot about natural products. E.g Free from cruelty, free from paraben, non-GMO, sulfate-free, alcohol-free, and phthalate-free products, etc. They are also an ethical brand and make use of sustainable material. I can say this brand is worth your trial.

Prose Hair Care Discount

When you sign up on their website you can enjoy the following;

Prose Hair Care Contact

If you want to contact this brand for more information or further question beyond the scope of this review, you can fill out their contact form on the website.


Q. How long does it take for them to ship my prose hair care product?

Firstly, you should know that they do not offer international shipping. Any order they deliver using the USPS is termed priority. They are delivered or shipped to their destination between 2 to 3 days. However, if it Is a regular delivery using our service, it will take between 10 to 15 days

Q. Can I make a return on prose products?

They offer 100% satisfaction assurance and guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product you ordered, you can return it within 60 days after the order has been shipped. For dry shampoo and hair care oil, it cannot be adjusted, you can only request a full refund.

Q. Do they ship internationally?

Unfortunately, they do not offer international shipping services at this time.

Q. Is their product cruel?

No, their product is cruelty-free. Here are some other things are product is free from; free from paraben, non-GMO, sulfate-free, alcohol-free, and phthalate-free products


There are different kinds of hair care products all over the market. However, it is hard to get a custom hair care product in demand. Prose hair care knows fully when different people with different hair require a custom formula to help care for their hair. This review will help you make your decision.

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