Lulus Dresses Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth to Buy?

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Are you curious to buy or know more about Lulus Dresses and the other clothing products they offer? Then read our detailed article on the brand. Then, we will share the best-selling products and gauge if the brand is legit.

Lulus is one of the growing clothing companies many people online have been buying from it for a long time. But the newbies in the industry are asking where to start from. So don't worry or waste time asking that friend where they order their clothing.

With improved technology, you can go to the market and purchase your favorite clothes without going to the market. Instead, you can place an order online and receive it at your doorstep. Lulus is one of the brands to start with; you must know it deeper before taking the next step.

Let us find out in our article if the company is legit, what the best-selling products are, and what customers have to say about the quality and return or shipping policy. We will start with the company overview in the next section.

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Lulus Dresses  Review

Lulus is an online brand that offers women luxury wear that fits any occasion all day long. However, something funny is that the company did not start as a regular retail store. In history, Lulus first appeared as the California Vintage shop in 1996. After that, it broke from its root mother to become what it is today.

Though Lulus started to offer contemporary fashion as well as create the tastemaker community, it shifted and went digital in 2008. Today, the company has an impressive customer base on social media platforms. It has become the destination when you want women's clothing based on modern trends and stylish designs. Still, it has been featured in popular publications like business insiders and Forbes. It offers clothing from contemporary to sophisticated dresses or fashion.

Even though this is an online store, they offer numerous clothing items with unique options such as animal print shoes, weddings, etc. This review will cover some of the best-selling items and many more. This is based on the customer rating online. The company also has lucrative deals to save on your budget.

For online retail stores, pros and cons are surrounding the operation, quality, shipping, and return. This will guide you and prepare you for what you expect once you purchase. So, without wasting time, here are some of the pros and cons of the Lulus Dresses.

Lulus Dresses Pros:

Lulus Dresses Cons:

Why We Like Lulus Dresses has a wide selection of brands. But for these reviews, we will only major on the best-letting Lulus dresses. Sweaters, prom dresses, shoes, and wedding dresses are all under one roof. Their best seller, quality, and style are the wedding and prom dresses, specialized in the label.

Best-Selling Lulus Wedding Dresses

The company is famous for its stunning dresses. And affordable wedding dresses for customers make the brand unique. The company has all the dream dresses for any occasion but only comes at a considerable price. Some of the prominent best-selling dresses in this, which are maxis and risque or classic silhouettes, are Lulus Wonderstruck White Glitter Lace-Up Embroidered Lace Maxi Dress.

This can be summed with two words, sexy and intricate, and comes with glan elements and stunning bodice highlights, among others. The second in this is Lulus Make Them Marvel White Beaded Mermaid Maxi Dress Which is perfect, hassle-free, stretchy, and classy for women who crave, have art nour, and need simplicity. What does the talking about is the shimmery beading?

Best-Selling Lulus Bridesmaid Dresses

If you have a wedding planner, Lulus helps you with the bridesmaids' dresses. The best-selling items are Lulus Ode to Romance Slate Blue Pleated Sleeveless Maxi Dress which makes you look flawless. Lastly is the Lulus Sweetest Forever Rose Swiss Dot Surplice Ruffle Maxi Dress, which is sleeveless.

Lulus Prom Dresses

This is the perfect dress to end your high school life in style. It is suitable for teenage girls that are looking for perfect prom dresses. Some best-selling Lulus graduation dresses include Lulus She’s Gorgeous Blush Pink Lace-Up Rhinestone Maxi Dress and Lulus With All My Heart Slate Blue Pleated Strapless Maxi Dress.

Lastly, we have the Lulus sweaters. You can add them to your closet and make them complete. There are multiple varieties of softer colors though feminine. The brand is ranked as the bestseller in the Cardigan and the top style. The famous weather you grab includes Lulus Layer It On Mauve Pink Long Cardigan Sweater and Lulus Getaway Weekend Cream Loose Knit Sweater Top.

You still get the Lulus shoes with plenty of prints, colors, and styles. They have shoes for everyone

Customer Review

Lulus is one of the most amazing fashion brands on the market. Even looking at the customer reviews, we were amazed at the feedback.

If you go to the Trustpilot website, the brand has a 3.5 stars rating after a whopping 3579 reviews. Though average but worth it. 73.% of the customers gave it 5 stars, and people are satisfied with the brand. Some customers complained about the quality and return policy, but many were impressed. One of the happy and verified buyers on the Trustpilot spoils the truth, saying:-

  “ The dresDuchess Ivory Lace Bell Sleeves Maxigown  was exactly as shown in the photos, and it was so well-made that I was surprised at the low price! It also came with a closet outfit bag. The shipping to Norway was surprisingly fast. The gown is incredibly beautiful!! I wholeheartedly recommend this store."

This indicates how happy the customers are with the quality, collections, price, and many more.

We will continue with the platform. Here, there are 751 total customer reviews on the girl's items. Based on this, the brand obtained a 2.0-star rating. Most people have claimed dresses from the brand on particular clothing items. Besides the drawbacks mentioned, still, some customer rates it with fantastic statements below

"Thank you for honoring your special offer for me, who lives in Pacific time rather than Eastern time. Finally, I was able to obtain the items I required for my..."

And on the Trustpilot and Sitejabber, there are bad reviews. To start with, Trustpilot has a rating of 1.2 after 2001 reviews. Most customers were annoyed with the quality, the return policy, and the shipping charges.

But on and Influenster, there are excellent ratings. From the Chick Advisor, there are 4.0-star ratings after 7 reviews. Most people here, 86%, were impressed with the items. The author of praises the massive collection of options and high-quality items. Then, in the end, the author remarks with conclusions saying:-

"This festive period, Justice is THE go-to destination for stylish tween girls." Justice makes it simple to shop for tween girls' clothing whether it be in, online, or on Cyber Monday.”

But, of course, this says everything about the brand.

From the above, there is mixed customer feedback from different platforms, but generally, the brand has it all. Most customers are satisfied based on multiple reasons.

Where to Buy Lulus Dresses

You must be looking for a place to make an order for Lulus Dresses or clothing. Therefore, we will make things easy for you. You can get Lulus clothing on the platforms like Nordstroms, but a few particular items can only be found at Therefore, anytime you wish to order the item for the Lulus, visit their website and place an order with simple steps.

Does Lulus dresses sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Lulus stores on Amazon.

Is Lulus Dresses Worth It?

Yes, we agree that the Lulus brand has many negative reviews online. However, there are specific items that are worth your money. from the vast collections; we recommend items like the Bridesmaid dresses and the bridal collections. These are not just of high quality but also affordable.

Still, you can purchase items like sweaters or tops from their stores in person to avoid the sizing issues as complained about online.

While the styles are not distinctive, the brand sells its items at a low price. But generally, we like the brand looking at the extensive collection of items, from clothing to shoes and many more. So you can go for it, but you need to be careful; with the sizing.

Lulus Dresses Discounts

Besides the Klarna installment payment option, the Lulus brand offers you plenty of discounts and promotions. First, there is free US shipping on orders from $50 and above, as well as free returns. When you download the Lulus app, you enjoy free US shipping regardless of your order.

The other discounts you can enjoy involve the sign-up discounts, which are 15% off on your orders. Also, when you sign up for the newsletters from these guys, you can enjoy 15% off, .and if you are a student with a verified ID, you can also get 10% discounts on the items. The first time you checkout with afterpay, you can save $20.

Keep checking out the site or subscribe to the newsletter for the latest updates. This is because they always have flash sales and coupon codes. The brand even offers sales on items upto the 70% off, and you can filter them to a particular dollar item so that they all fall within your budget. Subscribe to the test by texting the term LULUS to 54858 to get the 15% off on the orders.

Lulus Dresses  Contact also has many means through which you can contact their support team. That is if our reviews still need to answer your question. Therefore, you can contact them via phone at 1 (866) 918-5858 or text at 1 (530) 203-6882.

They also have the email address with which you can reach out to them. This is You must understand their operating hours as well.

If unavailable, you can still engage with them on their social media handles, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, anytime.


Q. What country is the Lulus brand from?

Lulus is a fashion brand from the US. It was founded in North Carolina.

Q. Where are the Lulus items made?

The research shows that the brand needs to mention where its clothing items are made. However, they have a warehouse in the US form where they ship the items. The company is so emphatic on using intermediaries or suppliers with zero connections with the enslaved person or child labor.

Q. Does Lulus run small?

This is based on a particular clothing item and the materials used in manufacture. You need to check out the sizing chart and find out what you are impressed with, or you can contact the representative and consult in fittings using the chat button.

Q. Who Is Lulus For?

Lulua Company mainly targets fashion influencers that have the contemporary ideal. The brand is meant for women that are in the 30s of their age and below. Therefore, there is no age limit on who the brand is meant for, but the collection varies from where you can select your favorite. The company has something for any woman, regardless of age.

Q. What is Lulus’s Shipping Policy?

For any US customer who orders $50 and above, Lulus offers free ground shipping, including Hawaii and Alaska. The delivery time varies from 2 to 3 business days.

In the US, there are different shipping options.

Ground shipping on orders below $50 charges a flat rate of $5. The 3 days shipping charges a flat rate of $9; however, you must place an order before 10 am PST. There is 2 days shipping, and it charges $18 if you place an order before 10 am.

But if you want to look at international shipping, channel your inquiries to the platform. This is because the delivery time and shipping cost varies for every country.

Q. What is Lulus’ Return Policy?

The return policy is only applicable within 30 days of delivery. And when your items arrive damaged, the company charges you the shipping cost to cover that damage.

And when your order is delivered, the brand starts the exchanges online for the next 30 days. Immediately after you start the exchange, you only have 10 days to return the item. When they mark the item beyond 10 days, Lulus will charge you $7 as the flat rate shipping cost.


Lulus is the best online store to shop cute new outfits and trendy dresses for women despite their ups and downs. The company has a vast collection of women's clothing and shoes, which are well-priced. Although compared to fast fashion retailers, Lulus has high-quality pieces, the benefits of purchasing dresses from outweigh the drawbacks. They offer excellent designer and fashionable and modern clothing and shoes for women.

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