Lounge Underwear Review: *Pros and Cons* Should You Buy It?

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Lounge Underwear is a brand that specializes in the retails of loungewear, swimwear, and underwear to give customers a great sense of comfort, style, and a sexy look. Read more to learn about this brand and what they offer.

As a Female, there is an ultimate desire to look sexy and great, in terms of their body and how they appear, but guess what? Your body is yours and needs to be appreciated. This is the goal of the brand to beautify, give you comfort, and have your sexy look.

The energy and mental strength required to look wonderful and also have that perfect look for your body start with the knowledge of appreciating oneself and uniqueness coupled with knowing the best suitable brand for your underwear, swimwear, and loungewear, thus; Lounge Underwear is your preferred choice or selection.

If you are confused about how to know more about this brand before you start buying their products and designs, then you can read this review. It aims to explain everything about Lounge Underwear as a brand and every other relevant information you will need about them. This will enable you to know if the brand is worth it or not.

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Lounge Underwear Review

Lounge Underwear is a brand that specializes in the retails of loungewear, swimwear, and underwear to give customers a great sense of comfort, style, and a sexy look. With over a million followers on Instagram, LoungeWear has the goal of boosting customers’ confidence about themselves and how they feel and look all over the world.

Melanin Marsden and Dan are the founders; they brought the idea of Lounge Underwear from their lounge or sitting room, By 2017 they had gained momentum and height, they had the first-ever warehouse in that year. Their HeadQuarters in England. 2020 was a different year. Due to the pandemic, The Brand had to create means and adapt to the season, The adaptation was swift and the kept growing stronger and better.

This review on Lounge Underwear will dive into the essential things you need to know about this company such as the best sellers products, the things customers are saying about this brand, the advantages and disadvantages of this brand, my decision about the worthiness of this brand. Some other information like discounts, how to contact Lounge Underwear etc.

Lounge Underwear Pros

Lounge Underwear Cons

Why We Like Lounge Underwear

They have a lot of underwear such as bras, pants, thongs, etc. They are mostly sporty and sexy. Most of them are made from polyamide, spandex, etc. They can stretch to fit your shape so perfectly. The bras come with straps that you can adjust and there is no padding whatsoever. They are different kinds of sizes for different women. They have a wide range of attractive colors such as white, red, black, pink, green, etc.

They are made to fit you comfortably. You can get most of their products at an average price of $30. some of the best-sellers are Lounge Underwear ReviewLounge Black Mesh Bra & Thong, Lounge Red Balcony Bra & Thong, Lounge Blue Charmed Balcony Bra & Thong, Lounge Embroidered Triangle Bra & Thong, Lounge White Basic Bralet & Briefs, Lounge Emerald Luxe Balcony Thong, Lounge V Detail Lace Cheeky Brief, etc.

Customer Review

This review has found out that this brand is a very popular brand among other underwear-producing companies. It has earned a lot of reviews from its numerous customers on the internet. This customer review also made findings that the majority of their customers are very pleased with the brand and the product they are offering. This is a great factor that can help boost their customer base.

In my review, I made use of the Trust pilot to know what customers think about this brand. On this review website, there is a 4.8-star rating with over 85 excellent reviews on this brand. This further tells you that most customers derive maximum satisfaction from patronizing their products. Customers hailed the quality of these wears, their good customer support team for prompt responses most of the time.

I had a little issue with the underwear I ordered, I picked the wrong size. It was my fault, I contacted customer care, it was resolved almost immediately. A return was made and I got a replacement. So wonderful.

Where to Buy Lounge Underwear

You can buy Lounge Underwear on the official website

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Is Lounge Underwear Worth It?

The review gotten in the thoughts and feelings of customers on this brand is already a pass mark. They are having a high rate of positive remarks all over the internet. This is a good thing as it helps the brand grow in popularity, customers, and even confidence. The brand is worth it and you can try to invest to enjoy premium quality. You can also enjoy the affordable price for high-quality underwear. It is not easy to keep millions of customers happy. You can give the brand a trial.

Lounge Underwear Discount

Currently, there is no sales category or section for the brand, on the website, but you can enjoy the following as discounts.

Lounge Underwear Contact

For more information that you cannot find in this review, you can reach Lounge Underwear using the following methods, You can also contact experts on the brand via


Q. What is the shipping policy of Lounge Underwear?

The brand is located in Solihull England. The shipping time varies and from the customer review you can get more information about your shipping item via info@loungeunderwear.com Orders from Canada will attract a cost of about $12, Australia goes for $10, the US goes for $3, and for the UK about 3 pounds, to the rest of the work attracts a cost of about $20 thus the days for the shipping varies from 1 – 14 days.

Q. What is the return policy in Lounge Underwear.?

From the review, this brand has developed a method of making return policy easy and stress-free. They allow returns and give further directions to speak with the brand expert to know what fits you. A gift card can be given to you if a product is sold out completely for you to purchase later. You have to meet some requirements such as makeup must not stain the items, you cannot expect a return for a half item return, you must return the labels and tags, etc.

Q. Where do they make Lounge Underwear?

All items of this brand have been designed and produced in-house, to give the product a universal fitting and not an approach that is in one dimension.

Q. Where is the Lounge Underwear brand located?

Lounge Underwear is located in Solihull England. The brand has moved its warehouse and headquarters in the 3 years of business after experiencing tremendous growth, high demands for the brand's items, the former Headquarters is in Bromsgrove,Worcestershire. The current Headquarters in Solihull is far bigger and wider.


Appreciating your body and as well having self Confidence about how unique you are is key. This is what Lounge Underwear aims at giving its customers. Lounge Underwear helps in creating fantastic designs that are comfortable and sexy. This review will assist you to make your decision.

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