Solly Baby Wrap Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Safe for Your Baby?

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Is Sally Baby a no-brainer brand for all baby wrap cuddles while you travel? This review will dive into details and present you with the in-depth and honest Solly Baby Wrap review to save you time and resources.

Recently, there has been an increased population, which goes hand in hand with technological advancements. This has played a vital role in the fashion industry. When we talk about the fashion industry, this covers everything from adult clothing to babywearing and accessories.

While babywearing has existed for a long time, most people do not consider it a great practice in your country and worldwide. However, because of the increase in the cases of attachment parenting among people in Western countries, there has been a shift in how people view the babywearing industry. The products have been in the spotlight, sponsored by multiple famous celebs showcasing their babies in the wraps and many other products.

With That in mind, it leads us to our brand of interest. Thus, in this article, we will base our on the Solly Baby Wrap, and we are going to evaluate the brand, tear it apart, go deeper to find out if they offer discounts, their best-selling baby wear products, and also listen to the customer's ratings to guide us in making decisions. If you are searching for Baby wrapping items, let us know if this brand has something for you.

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Solly Baby Wrap Review

Solly Baby is a brand founded by  Elle and has operated since 2010. Thus, the firm offers Baby wraps, which target bringing the family together by keeping infants and parents calm, connected, and relaxed. The brand has been featured on multiple famous media outlets such as Mother Mag and The New York Times and is named the best baby wrap brand.

The founder of Solly Baby is instead a hugger than a handshake, as you might confuse. This means Elle is a hard-working woman, a humble, loving mother, and a warm woman based in California. She started producing the Baby wraps out of Carlsbad, and she had a challenging transition through the motherhood journey. From the challenges, she got inspired to try to bring together the families by introducing items that make them feel happy, empowered as well as connected.

While through the development phase, the founders believed in their things, established small products but offered big love, remained thoughtful, and kept everything simple. Her first Baby had severe reflux and colic because she used to hold the Baby close, though with back aches and headaches, which was not perfect for a hard-working mom. Thus, Elle has a mission to establish a product to help nurse her second-born; therefore, she began earnestly while pregnant and launched the simple warp for Solomon-her son, who is now Solly from the brand.

These baby wraps presented almost a magical connection and intimacy between the son-solely and Elle. From the experience, the founder wanted to share the wraps with the world. This gave rise to the current famous baby wraps that are globally recognized. The products are worn by the current favorite mama and dads worldwide, including Anne Hathaway. The wraps are comfortable and secure for the parents and siblings as they undertake their daily routines.

While researching the Solly Baby wraps, we encountered multiple overwhelming benefits of these wraps. Among them are; these wraps are silky and lightweight, feature a simple and beautiful design, can distribute the weight on your body evenly, promote bonding since they are hip health certified, come in a  comfortable custom fit, also mimic the womb condition hence reducing infant crying, etc. still, the wraps are effective in improving the baby sleep because they prevent the flat head while aiding the vascular development and above all, ht baby wrap has made traveling simpler for parents.

The above data sounds encouraging, but before deciding if the brand is a no-brainer for the baby wrap needs, we have also gathered the pros and cons for you to evaluate. Go through the comparison before heading to the next section.

Solly Baby Wrap Pros:

Solly Baby Wrap Cons:

Why We Like Solly Baby Wrap

Solly Baby is a famous brand, especially among nursing moms. It is well known to offer not just baby wraps but also customers can access the complete collection of the products such as mini crib sheets, swaddles, and crib sheets. On their website, you can also access sleep gowns, knotted hats, and sleepers under one roof. What a blessing!

The collection consists of items that only come at an affordable price. They aim to offer infant support, promoting the parent and infant connection also vital in the development of the kids. There are multiple benefits to becoming a member of Solly Baby. Besides the vast collection, we would like to help you by breaking down the collection and highlighting the best-selling items under each category. Let us get started.

The Best-Selling Solly Baby Wraps

The company claims to have an organic feel and natural and soft Baby wraps in the collection, which is all neutral. The selection is impressive, and it is effectively simple to blend the wraps into the daily routine through motherhood. On top of that, these wraps are beautiful and match any outfit while giving you infant support.

They are designed to help while on movement as it promotes the natural beauty of the mother and Baby while they glow. Hence, rest assured of the relaxation and ease with the option to select from over 20 lovely versions. However, we only have popular to kickstart your journey in this section.

Neutral Stripe Wrap leads the way and is effective in managing postpartum depression. From the data, it is also clear that these wraps have reduced the infant crying rate by 43%. That gives mom an easy time carrying out other tasks. The Neutral Stripe Wrap is breathable and made with lightweight and divinely soft material; customers can use it for hours. The item is health certified and made with the custom of managing reflux and calming infant gas.

Solly Baby Wrap Basil comes next and aims to strengthen the parent and infant bond. The wraps are made using sustainably sourced TENCEL, meaning they are comfortable and soft and guarantee relaxation. Like the first one, this wrap reduces postpartum depression and infant crying rates.

We have Baby Wrap Animal Spots, which create protective instincts through donning the wrap. The wraps are speckled through the black spot featuring a canvas background, and the nifty sling facilitates a secure connection. IOt is made using a lightweight material with relaxation and comfort for the infant and parent. That is enough for today as baby wraps are concerned.

The Best-Selling Solly Baby Sleepers

looking at the babies, they consider the sleepers to be their jammies. The Solly Baby sleepers consist of the hand cover alongside the feet cover, promoting comfort and warmth while infants sleep. The foot-tie sleep gowns are perfect while targeting the middle of the night diaper change. When the baby poops often, this is the ideal option. Like the wraps, the baby sleep is available in a natural one-tone, patterned, and striped style. This section will highlight a few sleep gowns and sleepers for ease of understanding.

Solly Baby Sleeper in Oat Dotopen the list as an adorable baby sleeper. Enjoy the hassle-free baby transition at night with his outfit, which is made with no fuss process needed. It features a wide neck and pull-on style perfect for handing in your home, casual outing, or even when sleeping. The two pieces feature high-waisted pants above the infant's umbilical stump. This is because it is soft and lightweight.

The last item is the Baby Sleep Gown in Marengo, for time's sake. This comes with overloaded cuteness. It is made using silky soft wrap materials. Still, it features a knotted tail, making managing your kid easier than changing diapers. The gown blissfully swaddles the Baby because of its breathable and lightweight nature.

The Best-Selling Solly Baby Beddings

On top of the wraps and sleepers. Solly Baby also offers baby bedding items in the collection. These beddings are made with irresistible material and are soft, and the crib sheets effectively fit through the nursery shade scheme.

The mini crib sheets are on top of the swaddles to make your Baby's bedding soft and comfortable. Nap your Baby all night if this is your ultimate goal. Among the best-selling baby bedding from Solly Baby are Crib Sheets in Neutral Stripes. It is also made with soft materials like wraps to compliment the pair.

Accustom your infant to these comfortable beddings and make the condition sound like a ritual. This classic style is available to stay and serve you with guaranteed lightweight, machine washable, and breathable features.

They also have the famous Crib Sheet Coastal. These sheets are designed using the TENCEL fabric; thus, rather than having nightmares, parents will also start getting dreams. They are also compatible with the relevant mattress sizing. To help soften the bed, you can even add a pillow.

The last bedding here is Baby Wrap Swaddle Marengo. During the baby shower, there is a registry of gifts. Thus, try out the Wrap swaddle Marengo and roast the occasion rather than go for the sippy cups and bib. It is made with delicate TENCEL fabric, and through its snug fittings, the swaddle is perfect for maintaining the infant's temperature. From the information, the item has been alleviated, proven, and able to reduce the SID cases. They are available in stores to choose from in gorgeous stormy gray shades.

Make an informed decision today and create a conducive environment for the parents and infants with the above baby wraps and other accessories. They are worth checking out.

Customer Review

Solly Baby wrap has created a strong reputation online that we cannot end our review without looking at them. As part of the brand review routine, we also decided to go the extra step and seek customer feedback after purchasing these Solly Baby wraps. Many customers sing the brand, moms are happy, and bonds between infants and children have grown stronger.

Through the research, we analyzed multiple external sites. From the Champagne and Coffee Stains, the blog's author highlights the details of the experience of using these Solly Baby wraps. In reality, she appreciates these baby wraps' softness, high quality, compact nature, and breathability.

On the Bless Our Littles website, the blog also covers multiple reasons that you need to understand before getting this Solly Baby wraps. The review rotates around the neutral color of the wraps, praises their lightweight fabric material, and explores the productivity before highlighting the three main tips [s to always remember while using these wraps. After a detailed procedure on how to use these items, the author concludes with a firm stand:-

"There are numerous choices for different baby-wearing products out there, but I've discovered that this one is the simplest to use all day!" It's comfy for me and the Baby, and I hope you appreciate it just as much as I do!"

From the Bellewood Cottage, it is evident that all nursing moms need these baby wraps. On top of the promo codes on the site, the author praises multiple features of the Solly Baby wraps and ranks them as one of the must-haves for a growing family.

Then Little Baby Gear wraps up the review blog by exploring the brand, highlighting the vital features and benefits to expect with these baby wraps. In the end, the author gives it a 5-star rating. Thus in the verdict, the author provides a summary of everything;-

"The Solly Baby Wrap is created of lightweight fabric that is sufficiently durable to keep the infant in an ergonomic position, but you should discontinue use when the baby weighs over 25 pounds or begins to feel less comfortable in it." This wrap enables the Baby to be carried in one position: front holding, facing inward, and not back carrying or facing outwards."

There are also detailed review blogs on the Upside Dad, Carly Riordan, and Mom Informed websites, which give you a reason to smile with these baby wraps without breaking the bank. Mom Tastic sums up everything. Still, if you prefer watching or listening, head to the Youtube video reviews. They are satisfying, customers are impressed, and infants are always smiling and comfortable.

Where to Buy Solly Baby Wrap

You can purchase the Solly Baby Wraps and other accessories in numerous places. But to simplify things for you and have a vast collection to select from, we recommend placing an order from their official store at Here, you can enjoy a few discounts and promotions from the best firm.

However, besides their store, they also have partnered with online stores. We noted many retailers with the Solly Baby Wraps and other products. Here is a number of them though not limited to these stores:

Does Solly Baby sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Solly Baby stores on Amazon. But here some

Is Solly Baby Wrap Worth It?

First of all, before we conclude here, consider that the founder of Solly Baby Wrap had one vision: to be thoughtful. From the second mission, she aims to keep everything simple. Thus, the products made with the luxury soft modal fabric material aim to keep the infant and parents feeling cozy, which makes them evade sweat. Therefore, it keeps everything in a staple pattern and simple.

Thus, Solly Baby is a firm that has been reputable online for considering the physical benefits to parents and infants by manufacturing baby-wearer items. Therefore, the brand aims to help keep your life safe and infants feel connected and comfortable. This is one of the basic targets of the newborn.

Elsewhere, babywear comes with numerous benefits. The first is that the wraps strengthen the bond. It plays a vital role in a Baby's development, reduces the SIDS and infant death syndrome causes, increases milk products, and lets parents carry out their daily routine while with their infant.

To an extent, Solly Baby Wrap is made with sustainable and eco-friendly material. The company remains sustainable as its mission, which makes our environment safe and promising. Countless cheerful customer reviews praise the brand with a vast collection of babywear items and accessories. Besides the promotions and discounts,  the products and the brand's culture are worth attention. Their baby wraps are absolute to have in your infant wardrobe and strengthen connections with your kid.

Solly Baby Wrap Discounts

This review also opted to present you with the deals on the Solly Baby website. First of all, we were able to locate the promo codes target indifferent products. When writing this review, the brand was offering a discounted price of 20% off on the next item when you purchase the one wrap. However, you must use the promo code WAP20 to activate the offer.

There is a free 2-days shipping service when you place an order from the official store, which adds up to $50 and above. If you are a dedicated customer and purchase any item from the Sheep collection or Agnes's store instead, you qualify for the discounted price on the book at 20% off. If you feel stuck, we assure you that the brand offers you the option to schedule a free consultation with professionals.

From other sites, we also noted that with the Code SLEEP, you could purchase the mix-and-match sleepers, standard-size crib sheets, and sleep gowns alongside the other 2 for only 60 bucks. Still, the site claims that you can get the 2 swaddles which will cost you only 40 bucks when you use the promo code SWADDLE.

Thus, the company has multiple great deals for you. Make sure to place an order and enjoy them. For future promotions and discounts, make sure you subscribe to the newsletter or the mailing list.

Solly Baby Wrap Contact

If you still have questions about the Solly Baby company and its brand and think it's beyond this review, we recommend you connect with the support team. What we are only guiding you through is the way to join them. Thus, we have highlighted multiple methods here. The review found that you contact the team through a phone call at 760-707-3243 or write them an email with the question and then share it with the email

When the above means are not the absolute option, consider visiting them at the address of the Impala Dr. Carlsbad, CA 92010. But remember that when you have a concern about the exchange, shipping, or return challenges, you can channel your inquiry through email To get personalized tips about using the above babywear products, contact professional support through

These guys are also active on social media platforms. Thus, consider following them and engaging with the team through their Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or even TikTok. Follow them and get all the updates.


Q. What are the materials used in the manufacture of Solly Baby Wraps?

The data indicates that the Solly Baby Wraps are made using the soft and silky material the company sources from Austrian Beechwood trees. Thus, materials are not just excellent or soft to the touch but also get softer with time and are lightweight. However, the warps are robust enough, which makes them capable of holding the infant. They are dried using low heat and have no fabric damage cases.

Q. Can Solly Baby Wraps fit well in diaper bags?

The wraps are flexible and fold to fit in any bag. The user can easily store it in the diaper bag or even a small pouch using one of the fabric ends. This babywear is small and fits well in diaper bags without congesting your bag in space.

The company comes out clearly and doesn't recommend wearing the wraps while facing forward or for the back infant carrying. This is because the two conditions expose your infant to pressure on the joints as well as the spine. There is also a possibility that the Baby might fall from the wrap. Still, forward-facing exerts pressure on the babywear, causing wear and tear.

Q. How can I use my Solly Baby Wraps?

This is a question most new moms ask. These wraps make the infant wrapping very simple. The significant marker on the wrap is the tag section in the middle that signals the center of your wrap. Then looking at it keenly, you will see a whole wrap at the end of the pocket, which you can easily stuff the entire wrap. After achieving about five to six goals, the next step is to raise the learning curve and pass it through muscle memory. From there, follow the below step:-

Ensure you feel the tag section before pulling over to the legs and heading to the neck nape. However, note that no fabric should be left covering the air passway of the infant. Also, think of peeling an onion when taking out the Baby. The process is simple, and if you find any difficulties, contact the customer support team for help.

Q. What is the Solly Baby company shipping policy?

Solly Baby guarantees shipping service to customers in all 48 continental states. The company uses the UPS 2nd Day air delivery services. However, orders sent to Alaska, as well as Hawaii, are shipped using USPS priority mail. This option takes from 2 to 3 business days to arrive. Each shipping method will cost you a fixed rate of $5.95

However, for the other shipping services, the delivery and charges depend on the destination, and the duty taxes are also included; thus, the customer must incur any fee when the item arrives at your destination.

Still, Solly Baby offers international shipping. Their delivery time ranges from 2 to 3 weeks. However, it would be best to remember that all the orders take about 2 business days to process before transit.

Q. What is the return policy of the Solly Baby brand?

Solly Baby offers an attractive return policy. Customers have up to 30 days from the date of purchase to return the wraps and other babywear items to the store. However, to be eligible, the item must be unused, in its original condition, and not washed. Also, while sending a package, the company insists you include the intact registration card in the box.

However, when the time pushes you beyond the return window, you can always contact the support team as an order challenge for help. These guys understand that there are many life challenges and they can review any order based on the case basis to give a reasonable judgment.


In the above article, we have deeply reviewed the Solly Baby wraps from the brand's history to the best-selling babywear items and promotions, and based on the customer rating, we have also evaluated the brand as a versatile option to offer high-quality baby wraps. Besides keeping you connected with the Baby, these wraps have multiple benefits. For the summer month, consider the Solly Baby Wraps because they are breathable and made using lightweight, sustainable materials.

Solly Baby Wrap has recorded a good number of positive reviews online. Most customers were impressed with the purchase, highlighting the complimentary shipping and return policy, high-quality material,  and top-notch customer support team.

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